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Hello and Goodbye
None - Words: 19,340 - Rated: K+ - English - Friendship & Romance - Chapters: 7 - Reviews: 4 - Updated: 15-01-2018 - Published: 06-01-2018 - Complete - by shadowsofthelight369 (FFN)

Hey guys, ready for the next chapter? I hope so, here it is! Enjoy...

Harry's head was eerily clear as he left the hospital. Everything had just lined up for him, and he was felt relatively unattached to reality as it was.

He had seen Hermione for what she was: a liar and a betrayer of the worst kind. She had known what he thought of Draco Malfoy, but she hadn't listened to him, or even had the decency to tell him what she was doing. He had, when they were still children, told her that Draco Malfoy was not to be trusted. Draco had, after all, been such a jerk to her and to Harry, that it would be hard for him to change, and would have taken many years. You couldn't just change overnight, that much Harry was sure of.

Once a Death Eater, always a Death Eater.

She had kept a secret from him and Ron who two closest friends for years, and a major secret at that. She was dating, had gotten engaged, and was moving to Paris, and she hadn't even wanted to tell them! It was an accident!

It was clear to him that Hermione no longer valued their friendship, and no longer heeded his advice.

So he left. His face was an expressionless mask as he strolled out of the hospital, and into the street, where the crowd of people, all who had heard of what had happened to the Golden Trio, swept him away. He took a few minutes of being pushed through the crowd, enjoying being a normal person.

Of course it came to an end.

"Harry Potter! Look right there, it's Harry Potter! The Harry Potter!" it only took one cry, and one face to flood with recognition, and the eyes of the crowd became fixed on him, or more specifically, his forehead, where his long hair, grown out for the sole purpose of blocking his scar from view was.

Harry dodged the hands, the faces and the eyes, and disapperated away. Leaving in his wake tens of unhappy people and reporters, all of whom had been hoping to get a glimpse, a touch of the legendary Harry Potter. The Boy who Lived. The one that had, in the eyes of the public and masses, saved them all from the hell that this world would have been, should the Death Eaters have won. He was, in this day and age, a legend. As were Hermione and Ron, even his fiance, Ginny (they had been engaged for about 5 months and were set to be married in 7 months time) had received some star-like fame.

Harry wished that he had never gotten the reverence that he received after the war. He was glad that he had ridded the world of the monster that had called himself a Lord, but it had come at the price of his life as a normal person.

He could no longer have basic, normal interactions with strangers. He had hardly ever met anyone that would stand up to him, ever. If he met someone, perhaps a Death Eater sympathiser of the old days, in a bar, and they were both drunk, then said man would very rarely argue with Harry, face to face at least. He had no problem ridiculing Harry after his back was turned, but the man would know that if he disagreed with Harry Potter, he would be labeled as a Death Eater or worse.

Harry sighed as his feet hit the ground of the road that lead to his, and Ginny's house. The house was more of a mansion really, the Minister of the time when the war had ended, had insisted that he give it to Harry as a gift for all that he had done in the war.

Harry had wanted to live at Grimmauld Place, to honor his godfather more than anything, or even to go and move to Godric's Hollow, but Ginny had insisted that they live in the mansion. She and Molly Weasley had taken to the house very well. And though Molly didn't live there with them, she was there for most of the day, at least 4 times a week.

The mansion was isolated, the nearest town being 18 miles away, not that that was much of a problem, they could just apparate. It was a few hours drive outside of London, but closer to the coast. It had extensive grounds on the property. 10 miles in the direction of the town, and 33 overall. The ministry had thought that giving the Savior of the Wizarding world, an expensive house would show off the wealth of the ministry and hopefully gain support from the many people that supported Harry Potter.

It was a 17 bedroom house, and the rooms were huge. It was nicknamed 'Potter Manor', and it was easily the size of a manor, but it was not referred to as that by Harry, although Ginny loved it and only called it that, as did her mother.

The wards would only allow him to get within 500 feet of the door, and strangers couldn't apparate within half a mile of the door, which is why most everyone flooed to the house. He sighed to himself, his thoughts still consumed by Hermione and her wrench of a fiance.

As he opened the door to the house, he was greeted by the sight of his fiance and his soon to be mother in law. The two of them were sitting on the couch that was farthest from the door, on the farthest wall to the left. To the right there was another room that had the floo fireplace and to the right of that a short hallway, and then a grand, obvious staircase.

"Hello dear, how was your day, your back early." said Ginny upon seeing him.

Harry sighed, he hadn't told her where he was going for the day, thinking it a bad idea with her temper, and it was, at the time, unproven.

When he didn't respond, and instead took off his jacket, and hung it up, she continued to question him, rising from her seat, "Where did you go?"

"Last week I heard from Neville that Hermione had become engaged to Draco Malfoy,"

She interrupted him, "what? That can't be true, why would Neville lie?"

He ignored her question, and Molly's shocked look. "And I had previously heard from a coworker that Malfoy had arranged for him and his, then unnamed and unknown fiance to visit his father in Azkaban." at this point Ginny and Molly were both silent and their eyes wide, riveted to him. Unsure of what to make of this.

Molly's thoughts immediately flew to Ron, who she knew still nursed a major crush on Hermione, and what he would make of this.

Ginny flat out didn't believe it. Someone like Malfoy would never fall for someone like Hermione.

"And so when I put two and two together, I got Ron and we went to the dock when we knew that they would be getting back from Azkaban. When they got there they were together, holding hands, and seeming the perfect couple."

He paused to look at them, and when he saw their shocked and stunned faces, stiffly held bodies, he continued, coming to the worst part in his opinion.

"When we saw them, Ron lost it. He wiped out his wand, and before I could react he had Malfoy on the ground under the Cruciatus curse." Molly's hand had flown to her mouth, and her eyes filled with tears, not for Malfoy, but for what she suspected had happened to her son. Ginny looked grim, and slightly satisfied, knowing what had happened to Malfoy.

"I stopped Ron, but didn't take his wand...and he went to curse Malfoy again… but Hermione jumped in the way. Ron didn't mean to, but he did hit her with the curse. Malfoy was unconscious. I stopped Ron, and apperated all of us to St. Mungo's. While the two of them were being treated, I called Susan Bones."

Molly now had silent tears dripping down the side her face, and running down her cheeks in thick globs. She sunk down to the plush couch, with her clasped in front of her face, almost as if she was praying.

Ginny on the other hand, looked furious, her face flushed with anger, and she opened her mouth angrily, but at a look from him she shut it. She stood up, and angrily began to pace.

"Susan Bones arrested Ron, as it was the only thing that she could do with so many witnesses who had seen the whole spectacle at the hospital."

He paused to see Ginny, looking almost as angrily as he had ever seen her, and Molly who looked both angry and sad, but mostly sad. It, afterall couldn't be totally unexpected that her son would wind up in jail at some point, if only because of his temper, and all the enemies he has seemed to make (mostly ex-death eaters after the war, who went uncaught and unknown).

Harry focused his eyes back on the intricate hardwood floors, and continued.

"Susan wouldn't let me come, so I instead went to talk to Hermione while Malfoy was still unconscious. She was happy with him, said that they became friends at Hogwarts, and eventually started dating. Dated for years behind our back, and had gotten engaged. Then she said that because of their shared work, they were going to move to Paris, permanently."

He sighed to himself, and moved to the couch that was closest to the door, so that he was facing the couch that Molly was on, and the one that Ginny was pacing in front of.

It was silent for a moment, before Ginny began to speak, fury evident in her voice.

"Was she under any potions, maybe a love potion?"

"No, the healers said that she hadn't been under any love potions or spells for years."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, positive"

Ginny looked resigned for a moment, before she seemed to get angrier than she had been before.

Molly spoke up, her voice trembling, though her tears had stopped, "what do you think will happen to Ronald?"

Harry stared at her for a moment, thinking to himself.

When he didn't respond for a few moments, Ginny answered. "He'll probably have a trial, and eventually go to Azkaban, if he's lucky then he won't go for more than a few months."

"He probably won't go for that long. He is an auror, Malfoy was a Death Eater, and Ron is a war hero, idolized by many… Not to mention, that with no Dementors, Azkaban is downright cheerful at times." interjected Harry, hoping that what he had said was true.


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