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Hello and Goodbye
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13 years later:

It was with great regret that Hermione put her finger on the shining side of the worn copper pan. She sighed and looked over at the form of her husband, Draco, who also had his hand on the pan. He was helping their 8 year old daughter, Narcissa, Cissa for short, grab onto the pan, ensuring that she would not get lost when the portkey left.

After the death of Draco's mother 9 years ago, they had named their daughter after her. Hermione had fond memories of Narcissa, she was a great mother in law, and had even moved to Paris to be with her and Draco, after the birth of their first child, Scorpius.

"Are we all ready to go, everyone, have we all got our bags?" Draco called to his family, who were all clutching bags, everyone but Scorpius had a hold on the pan. Everyone nodded, excited looks on the faces of the kids, while Hermione and Draco were somewhat reluctant.

Hermione looked down at her watch, and barely stifled a gasp, seeing that it was only a few seconds until the portkey left for London.

"Quickly Scorpius! Get the portkey!"

Scorpius looked at her and then darted out his hand, barely touching the pan side before it was in the air, on the way to London.

The family had lived in Paris for the last 12, almost 13 years, but now that Scorpius was 11, and it was time for him to go to school, they were moving back to London, so that he could go to Hogwarts. Draco and Hermione had been fine with him simply going off to Durmastrang or Beauxbatons, but it was at his own insisting that they moved back to London. It was lucky that Hermione and Draco had had the foresight to teach their children both english and french.

As the family's feet touched down on London, they looked around. For the kids, it was their first time in London, and for Draco and Hermione, it was coming back to the place that they grew up in, and were born in.

They were on the grounds of Malfoy Manor, which had been deserted since Narcissa moved to Paris, and then died, years ago. Scorpius and Cissa ran ahead of their parents, laughing all the way, overjoyed at being at the house that they had heard so much about.

"What do you think about this?" Hermione asked Draco. They had discussed it before, but she knew that Draco had prefered not living in the place that had been Voldemort's headquarters. Hermione could guess that he didn't like being back, and that seeing it would bring back a lot of bad memories for him.

"Oh… I don't like it, but he really does want to go to Hogwarts."

"Hardly surprising, considering how much you told him about it." Hermione smiled up at Draco lovingly, taking his hand as they walked.

"Hurry up mum!" Scorpius yelled back to his parents, he and Cissa had already reached the door and were waiting. Draco and Hermione's wands were coded so that only they could open up the locks and wards that had been put into place when Narcissa moved.

Draco and Hermione exchanged a look before they hurried up the hill the last few feet, and Draco pulled out his wand.

After several moments of Draco murmuring under his breath, the locks clicked and the wards that protected the door from touch dropped. Hermione smiled and stepped forward taking Cissa's hand in hers. She opened the door and walked inside.

Narcissa had left a group of 3 house elfs there, in the house when she moved, so that the house, which was huge, would still be taken care of.

"Pippy, Nift, Grock." those were the names of the three elves, and when Draco called out the names, they appeared. All of them were small, thin and dressed in rags, but they looked overjoyed to have people back in the house. It had been years since anyone had lived there, and the elves had probably missed the comfort of having people to serve.

"We need you to cook the meals, in a few weeks it will only be needed for three of us. Also if you could get a three rooms ready to be used. Preferably close together." Draco said in the commanding, but kind voice that he reserved for house elves, and sometimes his kids.

As the family got settled in the rooms that the elves had prepared for them, Hermione and Draco planned out what they would do in the week left before the first term at Hogwarts started.

"We need to go to Diagon Alley, at least once." said Draco

"Yeah we need an owl." since they couldn't take the owl that they had in France, they gave it to a friend before they left.

"We arranged to meet George tomorrow, in the Leaky Cauldron."

"Yeah… I forgot. How are George and Angelina?"

"Oh their fine, looking forward to seeing us. It'll be good to see them."

After Hermione and Draco moved, they kept in contact with George, and then Angelina, who Hermione knew from school (Angelina had been on the Gryffindor quidditch team) when they got married. Hermione and Draco had been at the wedding, but in disguise so that they wouldn't cause a ruckus with everyone who was there.

The two lapsed into silence, until Draco hesitantly broke it.

"I want to go and visit my father."

Hermione didn't look surprised, but reluctant "Why?"

"It's been years, if he was ever going to change it would be now that he did. I just need to see."

"Does he even know about the kids?"


"If the visit goes well, then we should bring the kids."

"You want to bring the kids to Azkaban?" Draco looked incredulous and regretful.

"No… but they should meet him at some point in their life."

"What is his sentence?"

"25 years."

"So over halfway there." It had been 19 years since he was first put into Azkaban.

"Yep… but why does it matter."

They were both thinking the same thought: he was old, who knew if he would live to make it out.

"We could always… if he takes well to the kids, and us..." Hermione trailed off, looking at Draco.

"We could bail him out, I'm sure that the minister would agree with us, and maybe even just shift him to house arrest." she continued, wondering what Draco would say to that.

After the war, the minister had changed only once, first directly after the war, a politician had taken over, but a few years later, Kingsley Shacklebolt stepped back in (he had been the minister for a few months after Voldemort fell). Hermione was in regular contact with him, and it was his doing that Scorpius had even been able to go to Hogwarts even though he had been on the list to go to Durmstrang.

"Do you even want to do that? He didn't exactly take to you great."

"No… but its like you said, he may have changed, and the kids deserve to know their grandfather."

The nest day, the Malfoys were in Diagon Alley, getting some of the things that Scorpius would need. Hermione had the list in her hand, and was constantly consulting it, not wanting to miss anything. They were almost done with the day's shopping just one more thing.

"Just the wand." Hermione commented, and Scorpius smiled and pulled on the hands of his parents, trying to get them to go faster. It was going to Ollivander's that he had been looking forward to the most. So the family headed to the wand shop, luckily they were only a few stores away.

As the family entered, they saw that they would not be the only people getting their wands. Inside, there was 2 redheads, one older and another young, looking about Scorpius's age. The older red headed man was one that Hermione recognised. With the two of them was a woman that had long blond hair, and a heavily makeuped face, Hermione recognized her as well.

"Ron, Lavender." Hermione heard her voice, and was surprised that it didn't betray all of the emotions that she felt at seeing his face. Her voice was hard, as if laced with steel, no emotion showing through.

The small boy who must have been there to get his wand, must have been Ron and Lavender's son.

After that day in court, Ron, as an esteemed war hero, and the best friend, and brother in law of the boy who lived, had gotten of with a light sentence of only 2 months. Who knows when he got back with Lavender.

The proud smile that had been on Ron's face as he looked at his son, fell off when he turned and saw his childhood friend turned enemy and one of his biggest childhood enemies.

"What are you doing here?" his voice held only surprise, but Lavender on the other hand, had a rough, mean expression on her face when she studied Hermione, Draco and their children.

"We're getting our son a wand, Weasley. What else would we be doing in a wand shop, a week before term starts." Draco said, giving Ron and Lavender a hard stare, not yet being hostile, wondering what would happen.

"Your son?"

"His name is Scorpius, he's going to Hogwarts in a week." Hermione said, starting to hope that, after years of cooling off, maybe their friendship could be recovered. She had missed both of her friends dearly, and while she was still resentful towards them, hwe would be open to recovering their friendship. If and only if he was also willing. While Hermione highly doubted that her, Harry and Ron could ever reach the same level of friendship they had had while growing up, she would be happy to tyr.

She slightly shoved Scorpius in front of her, gesturing at him with her hand.

"Hi." Scorpius sounded uncharacteristically nervous.

"Hello." Ron didn't sound hostile, maybe fatherhood, and Lavender had made him more understanding to her.

Draco took a step back, silently telling her that he didn't mind if she tried to get their friendship back, and that he would not interfere. Looking back at him and smiling, Hermione couldn't help but notice how much he looked like his father. Not in a bad way, but imposing and slightly scary if you didn't know him. His blond hair, his thin face, dangerous eyes, and black cloak and robes all made for an imposing figure. Hermione smiled, finding it ironic, that he could look so mean, but really be kind, if you knew him.

"This is my son, Hugo." Ron nodded to the young boy, who was over with Ollivander, who was handing him various wands, none of which were working.

Hermione nodded, smiling tentatively at Ron, noticing that Lavender was on her way over to her son. Hermione was encouraged when he smiled at her hesitantly.

Draco grabbed Scorpius's and Cissa's hands, and pulled them over to Ollivander, thinking that Scorpius could try out wands at the same time as Hugo, and Cissa, who wasn't getting one yet, would watch. Effectively giving Hermione privacy to talk frankly, as Draco must know she wanted to do.

"And that was my daughter Narcissa, but everyone just calls her Cissa." Hermione looked closely at Ron, and was satisfied when she only saw surprise, and no hostility.

There was an awkward silence that Hermione broke after only a few moments.

"Is Hugo going to Hogwarts in a week?"

"Yeah… We were just doing his shopping, and then have fun the rest of the week, before he leaves."

"Is he your only son?"

"Yeah, he will probably be an only child though. That is probably fine with him, he's pretty close to his cousins."

"Oh, which of your brothers had kids?"

"It was Ginny actually, she had three kids, the oldest of which is the same age as Hugo."

Hermione smiled, "Her and Harry?"

"Of course who else." Ron laughed slightly, shaking his head, his eyes still focused on hers.

"How is Harry and Ginny these days?"

"Fine… happy, they settled into domestic life really well. How is Paris, do you still live there?"

"Oh yeah, we did for the last… 12 years. But then Scorpius wanted to go to Hogwarts, like his parents did, and so we moved."

There was a short silence, before Hermione smiled and asked him a question that was obvious if you looked, but Hermione wanted the story.

"Are you and Lavender married?"

"Yeah," he looked over at Lavender and smiled fondly. "We got back together..11 years ago, and married when she was pregnant with Hugo."

Hermione smiled at him, genuinely happy for him, he was obviously happy with his life.

A silence was over them, but it wasn't tense, both of them were studying the other cautiously.

Hermione looked at Ron. He looked happy. There were smile lines around his mouth, and lines at his eyes that hadn't been there the last time she had seen him. From the way he looked at Lavender, it was obvious that he loved her. His hair was slightly thinning out and she figured that he might be balled in a few years. On his arms, there were jagged scars, most of which were faint, but still some were still pink, being newly healed. They were obviously caused by magic, and she wondered how she had got them.

It was Ron this time who broke the silence.

"Do you want to go get a coffee or something and catch up? I think the wands might be a while."

Hermione looked over at where the group was huddled, watching the boys try wands and immediately dropped them, as varying degrees of chaos erupted from the wands. It did look like it would take a while, the boys just couldn't find a suitable wand, Ollivander looked joyed at the challenge.

Draco and Lavender were talking politely, but both were distracted by the afterevents of an unsuitable wand, none of which were pleasant for the shop or its inhabitants.


Hermione and Ron both walked over to where their significant others were.

"Draco, me and Ron are going out for a coffee or something, will you be okay on your own?"

"Of course… just be safe, do you have your wand?" Draco was worried for her safety, but he also knew that she had missed the close friendship she had with Weasley and Potter. He also knew her well enough to know that if she didn't go now, she would always wonder at what might have been. If Draco asked her not to go, to stay in the shop with him, then she would do what he wished, but he how could he want to hold her back.

"Yes, I just hope that I won't have to use it."

Draco leaned in and kissed her, wrapping his hands around her, and she put hers on his shoulders, before pulling away and smiling at him.

"Bye. Love you, meet my in the Leaky Cauldron when you are done here?"

"Yeah we'll go and meet George. Love you too." he smiled at her.

Hermione went over to the door, and waited for Ron to join her, he and Lavender were talking. After a minute, Ron and Lavender kissed, and Ron walked over to her.

"Where do you want to go?" he asked breathlessly.

"I don't know, I haven't been to DIagon Alley in years. Over 13 in fact, probably more like 15."

"Yeah, I don't came to Diagon very often, not really much of a need."

"Do you want to go to that little ice cream shop that me you and Harry would eat at when we were kids." he sounded oddly reminiscent.

Hermione thought back, and then nodded.

The two headed off, Ron slightly in front, as Hermione had only a vague idea of where it was. They walked in silence, not really knowing what to say, and figured that what they did have to say should be said in private, or at least when they were face to face.

When they got into the shop, they were surprised to find that it was nearly empty, which they were both thankful for. They went up to the counter, ordered and sat down at an empty and secluded table in the corner, next to the window, to wait for their drinks to arrive.

"What do you do?" Hermione asked, realizing that she didn't know this basic information.

"I work as an Auror."

"Really, does Harry?"

"No. He keeps saying that he wants to go into quidditch, but he never does. I think it's really Ginny who is stopping him, shame really. He only got better with time."

"Why an auror, still after all these years?"

"Why not, I like it, and I'm good at it."

There was an awkward silence, as neither of them knew what to say. Then Ron spoke, tentatively, unsure of himself.

"I'm sorry, for what happened, all those years ago, not a day goes by that I don't regret it."

Hermione studied his face. It was genuine, and she could tell that he did really mean what he was saying.

"I moved on years ago, my life is so far from it that it doesn't affect me anymore."

It wasn't Ron that she was angry at, it was Harry. Though she did think that she could forgive him, with time and effort on his part.

They talked happily for the next 20 or so minutes before the parted ways, Ron saying that he had to go home in time for supper, as he had told his wife he would. Hermione knew that her husband and kids were in the Leaky Cauldron, waiting for her, and talking to George.

40 more minutes later, her and Draco were at the extravagant table, eating the even more extravagant meal that the house elves had made for them. An hour later all of the people in Malfoy Manor were asleep.

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