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Fire, Ice, And Blood
Harry P. & Sirius B. - Words: 8,423 - Rated: T - English - None - Chapters: 3 - Reviews: 1 - Updated: 13-02-2018 - Published: 22-01-2018 - by demisexualdemigod (FFN)

Synopsis: From a young age, Harry could never understand the differences between the way he was treated by the Dursleys and the way the other boy in the house was. But he never thought it could change. How will the re-emergence of one lost godfather alter Harry's little life?

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter

Warnings: Child abuse, probably slash in later chapters, lots of Dumbledore bashing.

From Chapter 2:

Just as the clock chimed for ten, Sirius and Harry left the Dursleys house with every item that belonged to left the house, arm in arm, apparating away to a house far away from the pristine houses of Privet Drive, leaving the residents to go back to their now perfect little lives.

Sarah Pevensey knew there was something... Off about this whole Sirius Black business. She had began a campaign after reading into Black's case file and discovering his lack of trial and proof of guilt. They had just sent him straight to Azkaban. It disgusted her.

The information had been posted in the Daily Prophet and it was announced that Black was to be brought in unharmed for a trial. If he was determined innocent, he would be compensated for his time in Azkaban and help his rehabilitation into society.

The Wizard Rights Activist Society had even taken up the case and were putting pressure on the Ministry. It was truly amazing how much fuss could be made over injustices to a wizard.

It was fantastic. Everything was going to plan. Within a few hours, she had gotten clearance for a Ministry wide sweep for injustices and modified memories which would lead to the release of anybody not deserving to be in Azkaban. And she would be waiting to welcome them back to the Wizarding World with open arms.

She stood to the side, watching as one Arthur Weasley was dragged off for further investigation. Pettigrew would be found and that Sirius Black would be as good as a free man. And free men were always grateful...

She couldn't keep the grin off her face as she tapped her 'new' wand against her leg, watching the masses be tested upon. She was back, for good.

Sirius looked up at the house in front of him, wincing slightly. This was a bad idea. A very, very bad idea.

But it was the only one he had, he supposed.

He gazed steadily up at the house of his old friend Remus. He had nowhere else to go, this was his only oppurtunity to get Harry and be able to keep his godson. Away from those... Monsters. He couldn't come up with a better word to describe them.

Harry pulled away from Sirius' touch quickly, only confirming Sirius' darker thoughts about how he had been treated, and he made a point to smile at the too small boy before going forward to knock on the door, his hand coming to rest automatically at Harry's back protectively.

The door was thrown open and Sirius was met with a wand in his face. Harry hid behind his godfather, looking up at the man holding the stick in confusion.

"I didn't do it." Sirius rasped, his throat having gone dry the moment he saw his old friend.

Remus' eyes were a striking amber, brighter than usual, almost glowing in the morning sun, his hair thinner than Sirius had last seen it and greying, his skin pale and gaunt, covered in scars. He looked ill and half dead and it pulled at Sirius' heartstrings. He looked so different and yet the same as the last time he'd seen him. He only wished they were reuniting under better circumstances.

"Give me one reason I shouldn't kill you right now." Remus demanded, voice cracking slightly.

"Moony, I-"

"Don't call me that!" The werewolf snapped, eyes flashing dangerously.

Sirius remained quiet for a moment, staring at Remus in barely concealed shock. He was never the one to snap, not at Sirius, not at James or Lily, not at the rat, not even at Snivellus on his worst days, and especially never in front of Harry.

Harry was pushed to the forefront of his mind in that moment as he reached behind him to grasp his godson's hand tightly, feeling the slight tremor with a stab of sadness.

"Remus," He reasoned, lowering his voice, "Please. For Harry. Just listen to what I have to say."

Remus blinked, his eyes going down to the hand gripped in Sirius', having apparently not noticed the small boys presence at all. Weird, Moony always seemed to know where Harry was when he was a baby. Harry had been a little rascal and Moony was the only one who could ever find him when he went toddling off on an adventure.

Those had been good times.

"Come in," The werewolf finally murmured, almost dropping his wand as he moved out of the doorway to allow Sirius and his charge through.

The conversation that followed the invitation to the house was a long and painful one that resulted in Harry running off in fear twice, Sirius being hit over the head with a rolled up newspaper a staggering and record breaking eleven times, and Remus sighing an earth shattering, world shaking, record destroying thirty times.

Any onlooker to this conversation would be duly impressed. And any onlooker to the current scene inside the cottage would be equally enamoured with the cuteness of an eight year old Harry Potter snuggled underneath the arm of his Uncle Moony, finally fully healed physically and exhausted emotionally and magically.

Several shocking epiphanies had occurred during the conversation that were currently battling it out for the top spot in the 'WTF' factor.

The first of these was that fake memories about Sirius and Harry had been implanted into Remus' mind by an unknown person. Their magical signature was off for Dumbledore, it felt like an older, more powerful presence, so claimed Sirius after the reluctant werewolf had finally put a modicum of trust in the framed con. These memories incriminated Sirius and made Harry appear to be in a happy and caring home, not with the Dursleys, in an untraceable location under the influence of a powerful blood ward.

The second of these revelations was the reason Harry came with Sirius so easily and considering Harry's past, not too baffling but was not taken well by Sirius or Remus. This was that Harry had been encouraged by his so called 'family' to go off with strangers willingly and to talk to strangers too. This revelation is notably the least to qualify for the top spot.

The third of these revelations was the fact that the way to prove Sirius' innocence was so simple it made absolutely no sense. He was Harry's godfather, bound by magic not to harm Harry, directly or indirectly. Crisis averted, innocence explained. But why had nobody figured this out? Becuase anybody who did know the inner workings of magical bonds, at least in England, were Purebloods with no incentive to get a Blood Traitor out of prison. The rest was made up of the rest of the wizarding world outside of England, where such things were usually taught in school. But nobody outside of England wanted to mess with the steaming pile of manure that was the British Wizarding World, so they simply paid them no mind and limited use of international Portkeys despite being perfectly able to make them.

The fourth was more a curious working theory. Sirius had noticed that Harry's infamous scar, the lightening bolt from a child's drawing, was not in fact just a scar or just a lightning bolt. The scar was a physical representation of death. Or more appropriately a physical representation of the Killing Curse, in the shape of crude bolt of lightning for the simple reason that this was the necessary wand movement for the Killing Curse. Looking at it from a side of magical theory, Remus pondered, it was a mark of Death himself and maybe a clue to the potential of Harry being the legendary Master of Death, since the Killing Curse was essentially pure Death Magic. But it was only a working theory.

The fifth was the most shocking according to Sirius, but then again what was more shocking than having your jacket catch fire? And then finding out your innocent little godson is not only to blame but fully in control of the fire. Tiny bastard, Sirius couldn't help but think. His godson was a pyromancer! Who had accidentally set alight Sirius' new favourite article of clothing catch fire because he had apparently said something wrong. He had no clue what. Maybe it was something about the dirty Muggles... Mystery solved.

The sixth and final of the Marauder Mind Blowers was the most shocking according to Remus. It occurred when Remus and Sirius insisted upon performing a full physical examination on Harry after Sirius had revealed he had Harry. Sirius was a great healer but he had just gotten out of Azkaban and gone crazy on some muggles, Remus highly doubted he would have gotten every injury and documented them. Remus had trained to be a healer with Madame Pomfrey while at Hogwarts, but couldn't continue after he left as Poppy was simply too busy. He was stumped however when he found what appeared to be a tattoo on Harry's back that Harry didn't even know he had.

It was intricate and beautiful, both Marauders had to note, a bird resembling a phoenix woven out of runic sequences and ancient symbolic designs. Sirius and Remus combined could only decipher a few of the mess of meaning, but what they did recognise was truly amazing.

There were symbols for fire - obviously the origin of Harry's pyromancy - and earth, on the head and tail of the bird respectively.

On each wing was another symbol, larger than the rest, standing out, that took the consulting of a runic dictionary for them to decipher. They represented lightning and darkness respectively.

In the middle of the bird, the largest symbol of all, read ominously Death.

It wasn't until Sirius traced the symbol with his wand that the final shock was delivered.

The bird moved!

It's wings stretched out and the beak moved to nip at the wand. Harry had gasped, apparently feeling something as it happened. The bird's colour changed from black to a quickly brightening orange-red before the bird began to gain dimension, giving off a large amount of heat as it did, causing Remus and Sirius to back up in bewilderment, eyed widening as the head of the bird peeled away from the boy's heavily scarred back before the full bird did break away.

The runes were not as obvious now, a shade more yellow than the rest of the bright bird, who flapped in the air for a moment before perching on Harry's shoulder.

While both Sirius and Remus looked on in shock, a grin spread across the boy's face as he chirped at the bird, "Xi!"

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