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Georjaina & the Boy
OC & Sirius B. - Words: 67,373 - Rated: M - English - Drama - Chapters: 24 - Reviews: 59 - Updated: 14-05-2018 - Published: 24-01-2018 - Complete - by SoftStep86 (FFN)


Georjaina awoke early the next morning and, as soon as she pulled the covers back to get out of bed, she felt her hands began to spark. Swearing under her breath she hurried across the room and grabbed a jumper from the back of a chair. She had just enough time to grab her slippers off the floor when the floor tilted and she flew forward towards the bed…but instead she landed in familiar feeling grass. Her head was spinning but she was able to look around and see that she was once again in the field in Wessex.

'Why are you in your pajamas?' Sirius' voice asked from behind her. She turned quickly and then fell back into the grass, unable to keep from laughing at the look on his face.

'I…I didn't have a chance to change,' she replied in between chuckles, grasping her stomach as she managed to sit up again. 'Look at you! You're older.'

'Older than when…' he asked a little suspiciously.

'Than the…well, the last time I saw you,' she replied, finally calming down. He stared down at her for another minute before finally sitting in the grass beside her.

'I'm eleven,' he said, grabbing a strand of grass and beginning to pull it apart with his fingers.

'And this is what…summer?' she asked, looking around, and he nodded. 'So you'll be starting school this year.'

Again he nodded but he was still more interested in the grass in his hands than looking at her.

'Are you nervous?' Georjaina asked after a few moments and he finally looked up.

'What if I'm in Slytherin?'

'Why do you think you will be?' she asked a little hesitantly.

'Because everyone in my family has been, for generations. And if I'm not…' He ducked his head with a sigh.

'It's expected of you,' she summarized and he nodded. She sighed and reached out, placing a gentle hand on his back. 'It's not…an achievement to be put in to a certain house, Sirius. I don't understand why anyone acts as though it is.'

'Because you're supposed to act a certain way, especially in public, no matter how you feel inside. That's what my mother is always saying,' he replied, looking up at her again. 'She says the sorting hat will understand that and place me where I belong.'

She had to stop herself from rolling her eyes. 'The sorting hat will see who you are, not how you act.'

He suddenly looked hopeful and she smiled.

'What do you want?' she asked quietly.

He hesitated, looking around them even though he knew no one was there. 'I want to be in Gryffindor.'

Georjaina smiled. 'Well, the sorting hat does take your want into account, you know.'


'That's what I was told,' she replied with a shrug. 'And you know, Slytherin isn't all that bad. Not really.'

She could see curiosity blossom in his dark eyes.

'What…you're not...?

She grinned back at him but didn't reply. 'Whatever happens, promise me you won't let it define you.'

He nodded as she ran her hand over the top of his hair affectionately, and as she pulled her hand back it sparked.

'Listen, you'll see me again soon, at Diagon Alley. Can you deliver a message to me?' she asked quickly. He seemed confused but he nodded anyway. 'I'm not going to understand what's happening when you see me but it'll be alright. Just remember to tell me your age and who you are.'

'Will it be our first time meeting?' he asked without thinking and she shook her head.

'Just for me. Obviously you know who I am already,' she said as they both stood. Her left hand had begun as well. 'Oh, and one more thing. Tell me that it's about you, that it's always been about you.'

Sirius' face broke into a genuine grin and the image of his smile followed her as she tilted back into her bedroom. She took a moment to steady herself and then she ran into the kitchen, grabbing her journal from her table.


Georjaina dressed as soon as she awoke. It had been humorous at the time but she didn't like the idea of always jumping in her pajamas. She caught herself smiling in the mirror as she washed her face and she realized for the first time that she was starting to get on top of this. She still had no idea what their connection was or why she was relevant to his life, but she was happy and even grateful for the first time in her life to have this bizarre gift.

She tried not to think about it too much as she continued to get ready for the day but it was hard to stray from the memories. The more she saw him the more she wondered about his life and what would happen to him. He had been anxious at the last meeting, more than ever before, but she knew deep down that once he got to school and made the friends he was boundless to make he wouldn't worry so much about his home life.

In the afternoon she grabbed her things to head to the park and, as a last minute thought, slipped the journal into her coat pocket. Perhaps she would start carrying it with her, just in case.

She had a feeling it would happen once she got to walking amongst the trees today and she felt overwhelming calm when it did, as if she had some control over it. She gave in completely and thought of nothing but his face, and she landed upright once more.

She was in the field in Wessex again but this far from bothered her. It was easier than landing somewhere that she might be seen and she knew deep down that this was one of his favorite places in the world. Shielding her eyes she looked around the tall grasses but didn't spot anyone. It was much warmer here so she slipped her jacket off and folded it over her arm before heading down toward the woods. The leaves crunched beneath her boots as she walked and she easily found her way back to the bridge, but as it came into view she suddenly stopped and stared.

There was a young boy sitting on the bridge, his feet and arms dangling over the side. He was small, very small, but still it was definitely him.

'Hello,' she called softly as she approached. The boy looked up quickly, seemed to be appraising her, and then he offered a smile.

'Hullo,' he replied, his feet still swinging.

'Sorry, I was just passing through to the village,' she explained as she came onto the bridge. 'I didn't think anyone would be out here.'

He stared up at her with his all too familiar dark eyes and she smiled down at him.

'This is such a lovely spot. Do you mind if I sit with you?'

The boy shrugged and moved over, though there was plenty of room beside him.

'My name is Georjaina,' she said after a few moments.


'No, Geor…Jaina works,' she said with a sigh, though she was still smiling. 'What's your name?'


'And how old are you?' she asked and he held up all the fingers on one hand. 'I see.'

They both turned to stare down at the water together in silence. So this was it, his first time meeting her. He seemed so young, she could hardly believe that he remembered it, but he did. Though he didn't seem to know much about her personally he definitely knew that she jumped and it didn't come as a surprise every time she had met him this far.

'Sirius, can I tell you a secret?' she asked suddenly and he looked up with a nod, his eyes alight. 'I'm from the future but I travel in time.'

His little eyebrows went up but he didn't respond. 'I have no control over it, though. It just…happens.'

'You're a witch, right?' he asked and she chuckled.

'Of course. But this has nothing to do with that. Normal witches and wizards don't travel in time.'

He nodded and turned back toward the water. She watched him for a little bit until she felt her hand prick on the railing.

'I have to go,' she said as she stood quickly. 'But I'm sure we'll meet again soon.'

He nodded but he wasn't really looking at her any more. She hesitated before moving away.

'Sirius, please be careful on this bridge, alright?' she said before running toward the trees, a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach. It conflicted with the excitement she felt at having met him for his first time.

I didn't realize these two days were so short until I went back to read them. Eventually they will get longer but there is purposely no consistency to them.

If you're still reading thank you so much! It means a lot to me to tell a story like this and know that others are enjoying it.

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