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The de Noir Twins
Draco M. & Fred W. & George W. & Harry P. - Words: 3,936 - Rated: T - English - Family & Friendship - Chapters: 3 - Updated: 13-02-2018 - Published: 03-02-2018 - by changeofheart505 (FFN)




Lily looked up from her spot in the kitchen. She wasn't expecting mlre company outside of Sirius, his cousin Andromeda, who had brought her daughter Nymphadora over to meet Harry, and Alice and Neville Longbottom, whom she has had a few visits with. The group was currently in a family room James had recently finished. The room was adjacent to the kitchen, so she wasn't surprised to see a small head pop around the corner.

"Who is it Mrs. Potter?" Nymphadora asked. The young girl was bouncing on her heels.

Lily shrugged and went over to the door, wand in hand just in case, and opened it. She almost let her wand drop at the sight of her childhood friend with younger sister of one of the woman inside. And just to add to her surprise, was the two bundles in their arms.

"Lily," Severus Snape murmured, his eyes reflecting how much he still loved her, something she wished could be shared with another. Yes, she cared for him, but not in the way he did for her. However, she couldn't deny that she still enjoyed being his friend.

"Severus, Narcissa Bla-"

"Malfoy. Though, it may as well be Black again..." the blonde beauty next to Severus said.

A whimper came from the bundle Narcissa held. She gently bounced it, murmuring softly as she did. Lily lowered her wand slightly, and moved aside. Accepting the silent permission to enter, Severus nudged Narcissa, urging her to go in.

As soon as they were inside, Lily closed the door and locked it. Turning to the two new guests, she told them she would lead them somewhere to talk momentarily.

She quickly lifted three trays from the kitchen counter and motioned the two to follow her as she walked into the newest family room. She wasn't surprised to hear the following:





"Hello again Mrs. Potter!"

Lily chuckled, "hello Dora."

She lowered the trays to table before her and gestured to the empty seats available. One by Andromeda on the couch, and a chair next to Alice.

Narcissa sat next to her sister, and Severus sat in the chair. Sirius shifted away from the man, returning to the two baby boys before him.

Andromeda glanced at her sister, "I didn't know you had children. Is Severus the father? Cissy, I thought you knew better than to have an affair on your matter how much I detest him."

"Yes, the twins are mine. No, Severus isn't the father. He is the Godfather, if you must know."

"Why are you here Narcissa?" Sirius asked looking up. Sure, he and Narcissa didn't always see eye to eye, but she was fun before Hogwarts and Lucius Malfoy got to her.

"I had to get away...Lucius, he's not the same...he's gone mad." She shifted in her seat, hesitating, before setting the child she held on the floor. Severus set the other down as well. The children looked at their mother, who smiled gently and nodded. Seeing they had their mother's okay, they moved closer to the other two toddlers.

While they played, their laughter filling the air as Dora made her hair flash bright colors, the adults began to speak.

"Congratulations, I guess," Sirius murmured glancing at the two newest additions to the crowd of children.

"Thank you. The boy is Orion Harper and the girl Draconis Lyra." Narcissa said fondly. Andromeda snorted. Narcissa shot her a look. "What, may I ask, is so amusing dear sister?"

"That our family never changes with the silly astrological names. But where did you get Harper from?"

Narcissa shook her head with amusement, "Music Andy. Music. The harp and the lyre." ..

Andromeda nodded. She smiled at her baby sister, happy to have a moment like the one they were in.

Alice bit her lips. She didn't know much about the youngest Black sister, the new Lady Malfoy, she hardly ever interacted with her outside of classes, the occasional detention give-outs, but other than that, they didn't talk. It was odd, to say the least, to see two people she had heard nothing but negative things about, in the same room with the people who spoke ill of them. Sirius for obvious reasons, Andromeda who was always torn, Lily who cared for one but never really for the other, and herself, who didn't know what to think.

"I just wanted to say goodbye to my favorite cousin..."

Alice jumped at those words. 'Goodbye?'

Sirius felt his jaw drop. Goodbye? She came to tell him goodbye?

"Why? And how'd you know where to find me?"

Narcissa smiled bitterly, "I'm leaving. I'm taking my children and leaving Britain."

She looked at the two blonds on the floor. She could feel her eyes water. She didn't want to do this. She wanted to stay home. Stay with Lucius. Be a proper family. But the Dark Lord...he was a cruel man. And he took her husband from her. Driving him as mad as her eldest sister, Bellatrix.

"As to how I it intuition."

Sirius snorted but said nothing. He looked at his cousin's children. It was hard to tell them apart. If it were for the single ribbon one wore, he wouldn't be able to tell them apart. At least, he hoped the one with the ribbon was the girl...

He wasn't sure what to feel about this. It was so sudden. And if he were to be honest to himself, it hurt. He didn't know why, but it did. It hurt to hear those words.

Silence befell the group, only broken by gurgling and laughter of the five children. Narcissa sighed and looked at her children again. Draconis, wearing a single bow in her pale hair, and Orion her oldest child. They looked so carefree. But she just couldn't let them stay. So they had to leave.

"Where will you go?" Andromeda asked breaking the silence.

Narcissa shrugged, "I was thinking France, but...oh, I don't know..."

She smiled slightly when Orion made his way over, putting his hands up, motioning her to grab him. She took her son into her arms, brushing his light hair, and keeping her gaze going from him to his sister.

They would have to leave soon. Where, she still wasn't sure. But she had tried so hard, to have the family she has now, but after so many attempts, it was still left incomplete. Not because she lacked the children, it was because she couldn't bring herself to leave Lucius. She couldn't bring herself to bring a new father into her children's lives. They had a father. He would get, she wasn't sure. But he'd fine. He had to. They would be a proper family again...


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