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The de Noir Twins
Draco M. & Fred W. & George W. & Harry P. - Words: 3,936 - Rated: T - English - Family & Friendship - Chapters: 3 - Updated: 13-02-2018 - Published: 03-02-2018 - by changeofheart505 (FFN)


"Good morning m'lady!"

Narcissa couldn't stop the smile from appearing on her face. She looked up to see her young hostess, a girl with silvery white hair and violet tinted blue eyes.

"Good morning Sakura," she greeted. The young girl beamed at her, turning to the kitchens. Narcissa followed, and sat at the table, not surprised to see the darker skinned woman embracing the fairer one. It was a common sight between the "sisters," and it wasn't like they did much before her. Yet.

"Yami," Sakura prodded the other with her wooden spoon, "what are we gonna do today?"

The other put on a face of deep thought, resting her chin on her lover's head. "I was thinking a day of relaxation. I heard the twins would be returning to England, is it true mudflower?"

At first, the nickname seemed insulting to Narcissa. Of course, that was years ago, when her children were only roughly three years old...


She had lived in France for roughly three years, but it wasn't far enough away to calm her. Her children were now three years old, and she knew they would need to go away. So it was time to leave...again.

Why was this so difficult? She didn't even know where to go...

She smiled down at her children both of whom smiled back before turning back to chatter with one another.

"-very lovely! The cherry blossoms were to die for!" Narcissa paused and listened in on the conversation nearby. "I'm telling you Liane, Japan is a beautiful country. And..." the woman leaned in, though Narcissa could still make out what she said thanks to some charms, "rumors have it, there's a special island there, hidden in the forests. An angel will guide you to it, and you will live in peace."

Narcissa fled as quickly as she could. Rumors or not, that sounded too good to be true.

But even so, Japan would do for a year or two.


She should have known better. Narcissa grumbled as she looked around. Draconis and Orion stood next to her, holding onto her soiled robes.

She had decided back in France to simply apparate to Japan. Anywhere would do. And low and behold, they landed in the middle of a forest after a rainy day. To add to insult to injury, she was the most soiled. The twins honestly looked fine aside from their dirty shoes and socks.

"Mama," Orion tugged on the skirts of her dirty robes.

Shooting her son a look, Narcissa simply said, "What is it?"

The young boy, in return, simply pointed. Narcissa felt her eyes widen.

"'Rumors have it, there's a special island there, hidden in the forests. An angel will guide you to it, and you will live in peace.'" was true...

She couldn't stop looking at the child in front of her. Her raven colored hair and violet and blue eyes were pretty enough, the glow around her made her seem like she was ethereal.

"Hello." She said softly, as if not wanting to scare them.


The girl smiled brightly. And walked forwards. She held her hand out expectantly. When Narcissa made no move, the girl huffed and simply took the older woman's hands in her own. And in a flash, they were gone.

Narcissa felt oddly sick once they arrived...where ever they were.

The colors seemed odd...everything seemed muted...

The girl was quick to lead them up a set of stairs.

"Sakura Yami," the girl paused and turned around slowly. As did Narcissa, the twins were too busy looking around to notice they had stopped.

Narcissa wondered how much more she would be surprised. A tall, regal looking, woman stood right before her. Her golden eyes pierced into her silvery blue ones, and the thing that was most outstanding, were her extra appendages, a pair of fox ears and nine tails. A kitsune.

"Sakura," the kitsune spoke again, "what have I told you about bringing people into this haven?"

Sakura, as the girl seemed to be called, looked down, the glow around her dying a bit as she replied softly, "To not to, Miss Yu."

The other woman nodded, and softened her gaze, "Brighten up little moonbeam. You did nothing wrong. I would just like it if you asked first. Your guests may stay with you."

Sakura beamed and thanked her rapidly as she took the twins hands and began pulling them in.

"Who are they?" A new voice asked. Narcissa turned and saw another girl, this one so transparent she couldn't help but wonder if she was a ghost child.

"Zahra, your light brought these guests. I have yet to get their names."

"My name is Narcissa. Narcissa Black. The twins are my children. Draconis and Orion."

Zahra simply blinked and floated over. She looked the woman over and said, "Welcome to our home Mudflower," and followed her light and the twins.

Narcissa however, felt her eye twitch. Mudflower. Mudflower?!

Miss Yu chuckled, "Lady Black, I am Setsuna Yu, you can call me Setsuna, Suna, Miss Yu, or simply Yu."

Narcissa nodded.

She was quiet for a moment before she said one thing, "Mudflower?!"

Setsuna let out a chuckle. "Zahra is an Egyptian shadow demon and ancient spirit. She lives off the energy of her Light, Sakura, but the girl hasn't gotten her full powers, so they often switch who controls her body. Zahra was often called Mudflower. The term was used for beautiful women of slavery. Zahra, however, was a thief at the time, so..."

Narcissa's eyes widened and she looked down, some of her jewelry were missing. She didn't feel or see her do it...

Setsuna sighed bemusedly and approached her. She took the stunned witch in her arms and lead her inside.

"You and your children are welcome here. Rest, and we'll see what we can do in the morning."

End Flashback

The island...their new home, was odd but accepting. She had met the few inhabitants of it. And they were so different than what she could have ever known. A young woman from the stars and the moon who accompanied her, a pair of twins, a girl and boy, who came and went, telling tales of the future, the past and different worlds. The mermaids of precious gems who lived the lake, who would mourn the loss of their youngest every summer's eve. And many, many, more.

"It's true," she replied, "they'll be joining Beauxbatons in their journey."

The other nodded and moved away from the position she was in.

"Are you concerned?" She asked as she sat in front of Narcissa, knife held loosely in her hand.

Narcissa eyed the knife for a moment, but paid it no attention. She was never struck with it, but she was still cautious with the Egyptian spirit.

"Well Zahra," she said as Sakuda began to place food before the two, "I do have some, I just hope no one makes the connection to..."

"Your husband."

Narcissa nodded. While the twins did get a good education in both the Isles of the Lost and at Beauxbatons, in neither did she sign them up as a Malfoy or a Black. They were signed up as Harper and Lyra DeNoir.

She hummed as she thought of them. Orion and Draconis were doing well in their studies, both excelling in Potions and elemental magic, Orion with fire and Draconis with water.

Zahra set the knife down in favor of the drink before her. She let out a hum herself before turning to Narcissa, "what if we go with them? Sakura can travel with them and I'm always a shadow away."

Narcissa thought it over. The two girls had been more than generous with her and her children. Sakura becoming the older sister the twins never had, and Zahra someone who would comfort them when she was too exhausted to do so. It may have been due to the fact the young woman was several millennia older than her, but Zahra knew how to comfort the twins. She remembered the first time it had happened.


It had been a month since they arrived. A month since they found their new home.

Narcissa wasn't sure if they would stay. Part of her wanted to keep moving. Another wanted to go back home. Back to Lucius and hope everything would be fine. And the last part, the one she was currently listening to, wanted to settle down.

She sighed as she made her way back inside the home of the angel who had brought her and her children to the Isles of the Lost, as she had learned it was called, and almost dropped the basket in her hands when she heard sobbing. Draconis.

Setting it down quickly on the table, she sprinted to her daughter's room, and quickly pushed the door open.

She stopped in her tracks as she made out the other figure in the room. Zahra Re.

She hadn't been noticed and she watched on as Zahra rubbed her daughter's chest, murmuring in a language she didn't understand. Draconis was flushed, her face red in the dark, and Narcissa took a mental note to get her healing potions and salves.

She continued to watch and knocked when she saw her daughter had calmed down, "How long..."

Zahra stared at her, her blood red and Nile blue eyes shining in the darkness of the room.

"A while now Mudflower."

Narcissa pursed her lips at the name but made no comment about it. She walked over, flicking her wand and her healers bag came to her. She kneeled next to her daughter, pausing when she saw Orion sleeping in the bed with her. She smiled softly and began to check over them both. It was possible whatever Draconis had, Orion had now due to him sleeping in her bed.

"Thank you," she whispered, eyes turning to small spirit next to her. The girl was obviously using Sakura's energy in order to have the solid body she had. But it was fading, meaning it was a temporary thing. "May I ask, what were you telling her."

Zahra shook her head as she sat on the small dresser in the room.

"It was Ancient Egyptian, so you wouldn't have been able to understand if I repeated it. But I was telling her the night was watching over her."

"The night?"

Zahra nodded, "I always felt comfort from the night. In the day, I was running for my life, it was easy for people to see me. But at night, I felt safe. Like the darkness was shielding me from the ones who wanted to hurt me. And I eventually became one with it, and I hate it when anyone passes me off as something to be afraid of, because I'm not. The dark is necessary, the night is important, the moon and stars are just as important as the sun and white clouds."

Narcissa said nothing as she took that in. She turned to reply only to see Zahra had gone. She looked around but nothing. She sighed and picked her son up after making sure Draconis would be okay. She made her way to Orion's room and paused at Sakura's door, which was open. She saw Zahra embracing the younger girl, back in her transparent. She smiled as Zahra opened her eyes and smiled back, her embrace tightening slightly.

"Thank you," Narcissa whispered once again. Zahra nodded and motioned for her to close the door.

Narcissa nodded and gently shut the door. She made her way to Orion's room, set him down in his bed, and checked him over. Seeing he was fine, she kissed his forehead and made her way to her room after she exited his.

She looked back to their hostesses room and smiled. They would be fine. Just fine.

End Flashback

"Both of you go with them, keep an eye on them, please. I trust you."

The two nodded.

Narcissa sighed with relief. She would see her children off in a few days. They would be going to Hogwarts. The school they would have gone to, had she stayed back in England. Who's to say they'll want to return, or if someone recognizes them as Lucius' children. She jumped when a hand touched her. Sakura smiled gently at her and the mother smiled back. Her children would be fine.

At least, she hoped they would be...

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