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wisteria blooming
Alice L. & Frank L. & Rowena R. & Salazar S. - Words: 54,583 - Rated: M - English - Friendship & Romance - Chapters: 98 - Reviews: 42 - Updated: 29-07-2018 - Published: 08-02-2018 - by halcyon epochs (FFN)

Writing Club

Disney Challenge - One Jump Ahead - Write about a close call

Amber's Attic - Druella Black

Book Club - Trashcan Man - (character) Bellatrix Lestrange, (word) fire, (word) destruction

Showtime - March of the Witch Hunters - (trait) Coward

Lyric Alley - 16. I feel my demons

A Year in Entertainment - Song: "Hey Ya!" by OutKast - (dialogue) "Don't try to fight this feeling."

Liza's Loves - Black Magic - Write about someone performing dark magic

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Serpent Day - Desert Death Adder - (character) Bellatrix Lestrange

Insane House Challenge - 308. (spell) Crucio

Genre: Angst/Tragedy/Horror

Warning for torture

Bellatrix screams, the drapes billow, and the crack rings in her ears, foretelling her of her incoming doom.

No, no, we're so close...

Not one second later, she feels an ominous presence above her head, though the rest of the room is still.

"Where is the boy?" His voice is frigid, but with an underlying tone of hope.

Bellatrix backs away, for once unwilling. Around her, the rest of her fellow Death Eaters stare at their feet. No one wants to tell him of their failure, for fear of losing their lives.

"Where is he?"

Her voice is small when she speaks. "He...he escaped, my Lord."

There is deathly silence that follows. And then, a murderous scream, even more deafening than hers. This one causes the destruction of her conscience. It shatters windows, grates their ears. The frustration of the Dark Lord being denied another opportunity because of his incompetent followers...and she's going to pay the price for it, simply because she's in charge.

"You shall be punished!" he shouts furiously, and then next thing she knows, her nerves are set on fire, and she's screaming too. She writhes on the ground, and yet, no one moves to help her, because they all dread the Dark Lord's wrath.

"Crucio!" he screams. "Crucio!"

She fights the pain, the agony, trying to quench it, and then suddenly it's gone. She sits up, dazed.

"Don't try to fight this feeling," he says remorselessly. "I need to instill some of my disappointment in you to teach a lesson. Next time—if there is one—do not let the boy go!"

And then he tortures her again, and she lets the feeling of his disappointment wash over her. She screams, screams, but doesn't repress the fire coursing through her veins. She deserves this, she's earned this retribution for her insufficiency.

The rest of room watches her suffer in silence, and their blurry faces swim in front of her eyes. They also seem to be telling her You warranted this penalty.

And then, she sees her parents' ghosts, their distressed faces, and they also seem to be chiding her. You're a coward, Bella, her mother Druella says, and her father just stares blankly at her.

And she tells all of them right back: So did you, and you will also have endure the consequences.

388 words

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