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wisteria blooming
Alice L. & Frank L. & Rowena R. & Salazar S. - Words: 54,583 - Rated: M - English - Friendship & Romance - Chapters: 98 - Reviews: 42 - Updated: 29-07-2018 - Published: 08-02-2018 - by halcyon epochs (FFN)

The sunrise paints the sky a myriad of gorgeous hues. Reds and oranges fuse together to make a stunning portrait.

Remus wakes up with the sun's bright rays hitting his face. Opening his eyes, he shifts his body around to inform his boyfriend of this nuisance.

But he finds the other side of the bed empty.

His hands grope around, panicky, as if he thinks Sirius is hidden within the recesses of the bed, which is quite stupid. His hands meet air.

Trepidation rising in his stomach, he gets out of bed, yanking on a pair of (discarded, in the previous night's haste) boxers and a raspberry cardigan from his dresser.

(Yes, it's a hideous shade of pink, but he's short of garments, since it's Sirius's turn to wash them.)

He can hear the stove hissing in the kitchen when he enters the foyer and he breathes out a sigh.

Thank goodness.

(In times of terror, it's never wrong to be very cautious.)

"Good morning, Remmy," Sirius says, his voice cheery. "Enjoy your scrumptious breakfast of bacon and eggs, made by your favorite person in the universe."

"We're going to have to see about that," Remus responds, "and if you burnt the eggs, nothing on Earth can stop me from jumping you."

Sirius smirks. "I'm on board with that."

Remus suppresses a snort. Of course he says that. "Don't get your knickers in a twist," he says, his voice smooth.

Sirius smirks. Remus picks the coffee pot and tries to pour some coffee into his cup - just as Sirius decides to wrap his arms around his waist - and Remus, surprised, misses the cup and the piping hot coffee hits his hand instead.

"Shit!" they curse at the same time. Sirius yanks his arms back as Remus jumps up, and thinking fast, runs and turns on the faucet and douses his hand in icy water.

Sirius is in panic mode. "What just—I'm so sorry—do I—"

"I need to go to St Mungo's," Remus says, terse. "They can treat my hand better there."

"You mean we're going to St Mungo's," Sirius retorts, recovering from his bout of hysteria. "You're not going on your own."

Remus studies his worried face. "Fine. Come with me."

"Is the burn bad? Is he going to be okay?" He paces in the waiting room, chewing his tongue. Once, a woman berates him for disturbing the peace, and he shoots back, "This is a waiting room. Most of the time, nothing good happens, or did you not get the memo?"

The woman huffs, readjusts her—he can't see what it is, but it's a type of covering— and goes back to knitting.

Once or twice, he's seen nurses come out of the doors at the other end of the room. He jumps up, but instead of hearing what he's hoping for, he hears birth announcements. Everyone cheers and there are hugs and kisses and shouts of "Congrats."

Yes, he's happy for them. But he wants to hear news concerning him.

And then, a nurse comes through those doors and comes right over to him. Sirius jumps up.

"Is the burn bad? Is he going to be okay?"

"He's fine," the nurse informs him, an amused expression on her face. "He needs to put on some medication from time to time, but for the most part, we've patched him up."

"That's good," Sirius sighs. "Can I see him?"

"Of course, right this way."

He stays behind her as they head for Remus's assigned room. It's not far.

"Right in here, sir." The nurse opens the door.

Sirius rushes inside. "Remmy, I'm so sorry, if I had never—"

Remus raises a hand to stop him. "It's okay," he says. "I'm not accusing you. more observant next time, okay?"

"Okay," he breathes. "Can I kiss you?"

Red paints his cheeks, but he says, shy, "Okay."

And Sirius kisses him and the room fades away around them. It's just them wrapped in pure ecstasy and in heaven.

666 words

Yes, I know the St Mungo's floors for births and burns are different. But this placement made my life easier.

The woman's covering is a shawl.

Written for:

Writing Club

Disney - C6. Bashful - Write about someone blushing.

Book Club - Aunt Sticky Feet: (action) hugging someone, (object) shawl, (word) heaven

Showtime - 45. The World Was Wide Enough - (time) Dawn

Amber's Attic - Slash 1. SiriusRemus

CYB - C5 - Remus Lupin


Northern Funfair - Tunnel of Love, Canoe 4 - (restriction) no letter L

Southern Funfair - Hedge Maze - (color) raspberry

Eastern Funfair - 9/11/45

Prompt of the Day: St Mungo's

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