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James Potter and the Spirit of Rome
Lily Evans P. & Marauders & OC - Words: 33,265 - Rated: T - English - Adventure & Friendship - Chapters: 12 - Reviews: 16 - Updated: 17-07-2018 - Published: 10-02-2018 - by isabellecarter137 (FFN)

James Potter and the Spirit of Rome

Disclaimer: I do not own a stinking thing. Only disclaimer I'm going to do, but if I write on then I obviously don't own the book/movie/series or whatever other sh**.

A/N: Hiiiiiiiii! I'm back with the 4th book. You didn't think I would forget, did you? Ye of little faith. This 4TH book is a tiny bit different and I've also changed a couple things so I hope you guys don't mind.

Ronnie Diggory is now 11 years old. So, she's going to Hogwarts this year. Literally, ignore the six-year-old in your head. I hope you're okay with the change. Anyway, into the story…but first…


Previously on James Potter and the Knights of Walpurgis:

Jenna sighed, "Look, your father –" He finally got tired of the standing around and just blurted it out, "Hi, my name is Romulus Lupin. I'm your long-lost half-brother."

July 17, 1974


The halls of Potter manor were eerily quiet, the floorboards creaked as the cat meowed and stretched herself. The cat purred as she heard the door to her owner's door creak open. She looked in confusion as the tall boy slipped out. The boy had been staying here and he intimidated her. She followed him to the sitting room where the light was on. She meowed softly as she entered the sitting room, hopping on to the closest sofa to Mr Potter. Mr Potter chuckled, "Oh my dear, Jennifer. Couldn't sleep, I suppose?"

The cat purred in response. Mr Potter scratched her fluffy head and turned his attention to the shadow at the doorway. "We must stop meeting like this Edward? Something the matter?" The tall boy stepped out of the shadows and stalked over to them. He was wearing pyjama bottoms and a loose white t-shirt. Edward ruffled his hair, "I'm worried."

Mr Potter raised an eyebrow, "I never would've guessed." Edward's eyes shifted to the end table in front of the sofa. Two tea cups were placed. Edward frowned, "You heard me pacing?" Mr Potter shrugged, "James' room is right above the sitting room." Edward nodded absently, "Thanks. For the tea, I mean." Mr Potter gestured him to have a seat, "Go on. Speak wat troubles you, Edward."

Edward sighed, "Remus isn't responding to my letters. Not even one of them. He hasn't even responded to James' invitation to stay for the rest of the holidays." Mr Potter shrugged, bringing the tea cup to his lips, "Maybe he's just busy." Edward scoffed, "Doing what? Homework? Playing the piano? What is he doing with his time?" Mr Potter smiled, "You're worried." Edward nodded, "Of course I'm worried. Remus always answers his letters." Mr Potter smiled, "In the short time that you've known him, how many letters have you written to him?" Edward shrugged, "I dunno."

Mr Potter set his tea cup down, "Maybe, just maybe, you think he might forget about you this year." Edward looked down at his feet, "What if he does? I'm not there. I won't be a constant reminder. I won't be there." Mr Potter shook his head and prompted Edward to drink his tea, "You won't have to be. He will remember the reason his third year was so exciting. Plus, Ronnie will be there. I hear that she wants to meet Remus quite badly."

Edward shrugged, "I guess." Mr Potter smirked, "Why don't you come with us? To drop the kids off at the station?" Edward shook his head quickly, "I can't. I have Auror training. Moody will have my head." Mr Potter waved it off, "Alastor's a close friend of mine. He won't mind if you miss one day." Edward licked his lips and sighed, "I do want to see Ronnie and Remus off." Mr Potter smiled, "Exactly. It'll be great."

11:00 AM, James' Room

Hey Remus,

This is the tenth letter we've written. Umm, we just want to know if you're okay. Edward's going out of his mind with worry and we would really like it if you could just respond. A hi would be nice, maybe even a: I wish I could come but I can't, excuse. Mum's upset that she can't spoil you with chocolate and candy, I've also got to tell you about this brilliant idea. Umm, Ronnie's here too. You know, Edward's sister. She really wants to meet you. Just, just owl me when you can.

Your friend,


Tying it into a tightly bound scroll, he attached it to Ash before watching his owl fly away. James sighed and turned to see Peter and Sirius deep into a game of Wizard Chess. Sirius was winning.

Peter grunted, "S'not fair. You got to choose the better side." Sirius grinned and watched as another of his horses kicked the queen out, "You got to choose who you wanted, Pete. Don't blame me for not being smart." Peter glared at him and Sirius had the decency to smile apologetically. Peter's acne looked redder than usual but most of his baby fat had gone away. However, his round face and round belly remained. Sirius had gotten stronger, Quidditch does that to you. His hair had been cut shorter until his shoulders. James' muscles had developed and with puberty, their voices cracked more than usual.

"Checkmate," Sirius declared. Peter threw the board back in frustration, "Ugh! This game is so stupid!" Sirius sniggered, "Voice cracking hasn't really settled has it?" Peter rolled his eyes, "I hate puberty." James grinned, "The acne is a pain in the arse." Edward smiled from his spot on James' bed, "Tell me about it. I had so many pimples that I had to look down for two weeks as the pretty girl that liked talked to me." James rolled his eyes, "Let me guess, you had one pimple. On your forehead and it was small." Edward scrunched up his eyebrows, "How'd you know?"

Sirius barked out a laugh, "Yeah, Mr Perfect here can't seem to get a break. Puberty sure was a bit –" A head popped into the bedroom. Ronnie was cute. Her brown hair was tied into a messy bun and her shirt and jeans were decorated with glitter, "Watch your language, Sirius." She admonished. Sirius grinned and winked at her, causing Edward to throw a pillow at him. James raised an eyebrow, "What's with the glitter?" Ronnie grinned, "Scrapbooking." Edward stood from the bed and walked over to his small sister, "Are we in it?" Ronnie rolled her eyes, "No, you prat. Only ones in it are me and my friends from the old neighbourhood."

Edward pouted, "And here I thought that you loved me more than your friends." Ronnie scoffed, "Please, you boys stick around in this room all day. Scheming." Sirius grinned, "Au contraire, Veronica. It's not scheming, it's plotting." Ronnie rolled her eyes, "It's the same thing, black." Sirius flinched at the last name, Ronnie, however had moved on, "Anyway, I just interrupted because Mrs Potter says the breakfast is ready."

James nodded, placing a hand on Sirius' shoulder. His friend's eyes were clouded and lost. Ronnie shrugged, "Come down when you're ready." She turned on her heel and the boys watched as her hair flipped against the door.

James stared at Sirius, "Sirius, come on, Sirius. Snap out of it, come on mate. Please." James' hand remained firmly planted on his shoulder. Edward sighed, "Come on, Pete. Let's go." Peter shrugged and followed after Edward in haste.

James sighed and knelt in front of Sirius, "Hey. Look at me." Sirius' eyes seemed to focus on James, "Yeah?" His voice was croaky and James knew it wasn't because of puberty. "Let me see the letter, again," James said. Sirius bit his lip, "You still think I should tell your parents." James nodded, "Remus would say the same thing if he was here. It's dangerous and they can protect you." Sirius looked away, "It's not the protection I'm worried about, James. What if my family's right? I was raised to be like them, and what if I end up like them no matter how hard I try." James shook his head, "You won't. I won't let you." Sirius swallowed, "You can't control that." James grinned cheekily, "Course I can. I'm James Potter. I can control everything."

"I never really apologised for the whole dad thing," Edward said quietly. Peter looked down at his feet, "It's alright, you didn't do anything." Edward shrugged, "Still feel guilty. What's the matter?" Peter shrugged and sighed in frustration, "I don't know. I'm glad that you didn't kill him because Remus would never forgive you and you're good for him. But, when we thought you were the one who murdered my dad, the attention was focused on me for awhile. I don't know, I miss the attention and I know that sounds conceited. I just know that they usually wouldn't care much about what happens to me. Just as long as the mystery is solved."

Edward nodded his head, contemplating the thought, "I should thank you." Peter swirled to meet his hazel eyes, "What?' Edward nodded, "Yeah, I mean, the reason Remus and I began to hang out was because of the mystery. So, without you, I wouldn't have a little brother." Peter shrugged, "A little brother that is MIA." Edward sighed, "That too. But, I'm serious, Peter. They care about you, a lot. Why else would they risk their lives for you?" Peter grinned, "Yeah, you're right." However, through the fake smile, Peter feared the dark thoughts settling in his mind.

13:00 PM, Spinner's End

Lily Evans focused on her appearance in the mirror, fixing her hair for the policeman's ball wasn't something she greatly enjoyed but it was necessary. From the corner of her eye, she saw her schoolbooks and wand on her desk, surrounded by regular mathematics and English. Her parents had insisted for her to continue her Muggle education. They said that Hogwarts started far too young and that she would never be able to do advanced mathematics. Lily sighed and braided her red hair that had gotten longer over the summer break.

The red hair reached her waist, and when it was braided it only reached the middle of her stomach. Her room was quaint but extremely decorated. Posters of Muggle and Wizard bands, a small board to hang pictures of her, Alice, Sev, Marlene, and Emily. Her bed was pushed against the pink grey wall, her sheets were a pale pink with small red roses decorating the sheets. The entire room was girly and perfect, not a single thing out of place.

An abrupt thought brought Lily out of her thoughts. Lily sighed in frustration, this was the tenth time Petunia had knocked. Lily groaned and slapped the door open, "What now, Petunia?" Petunia huffed at her and crossed her arms, "I need the curling iron." Lily narrowed her eyes, "Why can't you just use yours?" Petunia glared at her, "Cindy Benkelman took it for the weekend. Just hand it over, Lily." Lily crossed her arms, blocking Petunia's entrance of her room, "No. Why do you even need the curling iron. Your hair never stays curled!"

Petunia scoffed, "At least mine doesn't frizz up the minute I get out into open air." Lily rolled her eyes, "Yeah, the only think your hair does is stay limp around your horse-like face." Petunia's cheeks were coloured purple and her eyes flashed with anger, "I swear to God, Lily. One more word about my hair and I'll tell, mum."

Lily pushed her hip out, "Go ahead, let's see what mum will do." Petunia stomped her foot before stomping down the stairs to the kitchen. Lily sighed and followed after her in anger.

In the kitchen, Petunia had dramatized the entire thing. She even included that Lily had threatened her with magic. Mrs Evans raised an eyebrow, "Lily, just lend your sister the curling iron." Lily was aghast, "Why should I? Her hair goes limp the minute she gets into the car!" Mrs Evans sent her a stern look, "It doesn't matter, let your sister get dolled up." Petunia grinned triumphantly, "Ha." Mrs Evans then turned to Petunia, "And Petunia dear, stop making your sister sound like a demon."

Lily stuck her tongue out at her, "Ha." Petunia rolled her eyes and turned to go upstairs but not before muttering, "It's not making her sound like a demon if she really is a demon."


Hey, guys. I hope you enjoyed the first chapter. It's unedited but just correct me if you see something that you don't understand. I'm so happy that the 4th book is starting. The next update will probably be next week. Have a good weekend you guys.

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