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Explorations, Trials, What I am doing next ?
Harry P. - Words: 6,765 - Rated: T - English - None - Chapters: 4 - Updated: 17-02-2018 - Published: 12-02-2018 - by Marama Potter (FFN)

What you will be doing if you were in Harry's shoes ?

Wreak the time line! Have fun ! Taking nothing at face value! First Life with your memories and knowledge from your precedent life before being reincarnated in Harry Potter Universe as Harry!

Wreak the plot ! Be Gray ! A consequence for retaliating against the Dursley in 2nd Life !

If this is a curse, maybe doing it more seriously in 3rd Life !

Part 1

Chapter 1

The first conscious thoughts you have is 'Oh this so hot ! So tight !',then ' Where I am ? Why I do not see ? I am blind ? (…) What time is it?' Then you sleep.

The second conscious wake up is when you feel an energy wraps yourself in a warm cocoon, you're feeling love, acceptance, power, harmony. Your soul is singing. 'What beautiful land I have landed ?', 'It's like magic. Am I magical now ? Am I dreaming ?', 'I feel myself, I think myself, no touch, no hearing, no sight, I'm breathing… or I think I'm breathing. Why am I this calm ? What's this scent ?... What do I have this sense and not the others ? What a mystery ? Lol. I am a mystery person !' You're feeling like laughing at your reference to some anime. 'So I have my memory, or more likely some memories from my past when I kept reading mangas and watch my second or third favourite anime of all time.' You're smiling fondly. ' So what's my name ?' That when you blank yourself a moment, searching in your mind. That's when you're realized that maybe you're in next life. That's when you fainted.

The next time you're there. You realize that you're in a womb. You're eating. 'It's bizarre.' You know intellectually that it's natural. 'That's Life.' But because you're conscious and knowing that you were in adult body before, you're weirding about it. Then you think to yourself in a mixture of multiple language without realizing it: 'D'ailleurs, the baby in the womb, est-ce qu'il est conscient normalmente ? Is it all knowing avec ses memoires except su nombre ? Y then il oublie ? Will i forgot moi aussi ? Evidemente, i will. Pero, je veux pas ! I don't wanna ! S'il-vous-plaît Goddess, au nom du Great Spirit, faites que je garde my fortune : my precious memories con mi conciencia ! It's a force ! En plus, si je suis magic like Harry Potter or in fairytopia, quiero kept ma magie, celle de l'esprit, de l'imagination y del corazon !' With determination, i will it with my mind, body and soul. And then I know no more for a long time.

'Don't know my age, it's like an eternity I've been there. Maybe I'm a time lady in baby form ? An another specie like in Doctor Who, an alien ? Will I be human ? Will I be a born vampire with what I feel all the time in me and around me ? This energy that pulses and cloaks me. I know where I am, in what not who. I really think I'm magical. I know with my imagination in my previous life, thinking about this is normal for me. I can certainly say that I want to be magical like in fairytale in my next life if what I feel now is not magic. Maybe it's chakra like in the manga-anime Naruto ? Or the force in the Star Wars sagas ? Or my spirit manifesting around me like in my Shaman King 's twin bro Hao ? (…) I think I'm beginning to hear what on the other side, multiple voices (one feminine, one masculine that I know deep down are my parents, the parents of this new life, it's my instinct talking), there is music in the background, something peaceful. Maybe it's an invite ? For me. Thanks dada, thanks mama !'

You're in blissfull daze. Then, it's chaos.

You wake up. You're cold. You're feeling like fainting : you're out, naked, energy buzzing. You're crying next like no tomorrow. Someone touches you. You go crazy. Energy sets free. Your mind analyzing an overload of senses. You hear noises like a machine going down, scuffing, yelling, crying. You smell ozone with flora scents, salt water, wood, metal. 'Is this normal ?' You see blurry forms.

It takes time but you settle in some arms, going on, going out. You're not remembering much.

You're conscious 'finally!' You are in some arms, a woman with fire hair is cooing at you. You do a noise like baby laugh. She says : "My little one, you're beautiful baby boy! You're a mama boy, isn't it ? Yes you'll be ! Oh my Harry, what gorgeous eyes ! And this mop of hair ? Already like your daddy !" I hear all but stop to think about being a boy.

'What did she say ? I am a boy. A baby boy but a boy. What ?! Oh this is rich ?!' I laugh hysterically. 'I was a girl even a woman before and now? I was sensitive, a sage kind child with many interrogations, rebelling in my mind in adolescence with dark thoughts like suicide to stop my deep feelings or like Armageddon to stop humans from destroying Earth, then a slow adult who sought understanding, thruth and harmony, who felt love at some times, who pardon some, who tried many jobs before choosing her path. I am her. I am me, even as a boy, now I'm that person. In this life, I'll relearn to be a child but this time this will be fun. I want to experience new feelings and things. And I will be! What with new parents, new family, new friends, new schools, new life. This will be d'enfer!'

I reconnect with the present. 'Now it's my dad, he's a black haired man. He's big or I am too small. Oh he says my fawn! Cute !... Oh I'm Harry lol. Not Harry Potter certainly. What a laught. I have been obsessive about this fandom for years : since childhood when this was still unknown to adults years when I decided my path where I first started to write fanfictions about it and not just resume and data. Oh I think I'll be in Morpheus 's arms soon, I am tiring. Don't know when I will be conscious next time. Bye!"

Author Notes :

The passage in mixed languages that are French, English and Spanish means : 'Besides the baby in the womb, is it normally conscious ? Is it all knowing with its memories from past life except with its name ? And then, it's forgotten ? Will I forgot to ? Evidently, I will ! But, I don't want that. I don't wanna ! Please Goddess, in the name of the Great Spirit, make me kept my wealth : my memories with my conscience. It's a force ! Moreover, If I am magical like Harry Potter or in fairytopia, I want to kept my magic, that of mind, imagination and heart !'

It's my first time writing a fanfiction in English. My first time trying in this category as self-insert soul in a character of fiction.

I know I can improve. But what do I change ? Is the grammar, syntax alright ? Do I develop more something ? I know it's short but doing little by little appeal me.

Until next time, see you soon.

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