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Explorations, Trials, What I am doing next ?
Harry P. - Words: 6,765 - Rated: T - English - None - Chapters: 4 - Updated: 17-02-2018 - Published: 12-02-2018 - by Marama Potter (FFN)

What you will be doing if you were in Harry's shoes ?

Wreak the time line! Have fun ! Taking nothing at face value! First Life with your memories and knowledge from your precedent life before being reincarnated in Harry Potter Universe as Harry!

Wreak the plot ! Be Gray ! A consequence for retaliating against the Dursley in 2nd Life !

If this is a curse, maybe doing it more seriously in 3rd Life !

Part 1

Chapter 2

You spend your time with your new family. Your sight is not totally here. You have met another couple, a black haired woman and a black haired man. You felt something, like this was family. You met a massive dog which was there a lot. There were two others men : one that you feel a connection, the other one seems slimy. And one day, you met another baby.

He is blond. You send your energy to him. He smell good. The boy felt right. You try to talk to him but hear only gibberish. You feel a tendril reach you, ask you something. 'Oh this him! Is it instinctual to him like me ?'

You met him a couple of time. Each time, you try to use your energy consciously to great him, to lift some toy. You wish to change the color of your hair to entertain him. Then one day, you really do it, in one adult. That when you understand you're in a mystery universe with seemly humans with extra abilities. So you pay more attention to anything unordinary.

'So to resume I am Harry, a mystery person. My mother's name is Lily and my father is James. There is a dark dog around. There is sometimes a stag. Yeah really! I know because I rode him many times.' A thought cross your mind. ' Deux marauders… Nope that 's just a coincidence.' 'Then there is this extension of me, this energy that feel like living that my imagination translate as magic. I can read others with it, my mother is associated with images of tiger / lily / cauldron / wand, my father is linked to laugh / stag / transformation, a new visiting man is wolf / old books / ink / pain, the regular man is associated to the color black / a Grim, that's a mythical massive black dog / pranks / a constellation, the slimy one is linked to rat / lie / slimy, I read in the baby blond boy: life / earth / trust and in a new female child : chameleon / fun. I can lift things & beings, will them to me or away, change colors… generally I'm very sleepy after all that and then hungry. I was never hungry as a baby. My past parents liked to say I needed others to feed me because I didn't ask, didn't cry like the others babies, was like a plant and slept all the time or because I was silent that was like it. Now I am an adventurous experimental gal. Girl in my mind, boy in my body. I know that culture and label. Boy can be touchy feeling too. Girl can be loud and boisterous. Will I be like a cliché boy in adolescence ? A hormonal young man ? A self-disciplined being ? Can we say I will be a precocious child ? What with my adult soul…'

And one day, the lively atmosphere is broken.

We were together, mum reading a tale about three brothers who met the entity Death on a river, each asking for a boon, the most powerful magical wand for the elder, the power to call back the dead to life for the mid brother and something to leave this place without the possibility for Death to follow him for the younger. There are gifted with an eldern wand, a magical stone, an invisibility cloak respectively. Your mind supply you with the title : The Tale of the Three Bothers by Beedle the bard. ' This is a childlike traditional wizardry story from the mind of the British writer from her past life J. . I am in the 90s or early 2000 maybe if the time line is the same.'

Suddendly we hear a gong, there are flashs. I hear my father said with worry : "Lily ! It's him ! Take Harry and go !" He then transforms multiple objects around him in animals.

My mother take me upstairs. Trace something on my forehead, kiss me and said : " I love you, Harrisson James Potter. Don't ever forget that. We will always be with you. You're protected. Have faith." She hugs me, place me in the crib and face of the door waiting. The door is blasted, an ugly smirking man with powerful negative energy advance toward us.

Mum said : "You're will not have him !"

The bogeyman laughs and said : "You don't have to die. You're a mudblood but you're talented. You can still join me. Don't be like Potter !"

She replied : "I will not join you ! You're a mad wizard ! You and your kind are sick. You just killed my husband ! You want to kill my baby boy. Never !"

"For the last time, stand aside silly girl !" The now angry and impatient no-man said.

"No, take me in his place !"

"Avada Kedavra !" A green light, and then mother falls, not moving at all.


He turns his wand to me and said the same thing another time.

'Bloody hell! I am Harry Potter !'

A green light hit me. There is a surge of power from inside me who met it. There is pain centered on my head. I cry. I cry for my lost world, my lost parents family and friends, realizing that I'm in bloody hell Harry Potter. 'This is now my reality but this will be my playground, Harry Potter 's destiny or not, I will have my fun! The best revenge is to living well !'

'Oh that's my godfather Sirius Orion Black, a marauder who is a prankster at heart, the best man of James, my dad at his marriage. What do I do ? Can I interfere with his destiny ? Hello Padfoot ! I love you ! I want to go live with you ! Or the Granger ! I can be a sister to Hermione, because her and Harry were lonely in childhood. If I go to the Dursley like in the mainstream Harry Potter, I will be abused except if I am in an alternate universe. I will have to wait to see and to recharge my magic to try teleport myself elsewere.'

The next time you're you. You wake up in an unfamiliar room next to a boisterous boy. A girafe woman stands near and said something like "Dudleychounet". So that's confirm it, you're at the Dursley's home, in a Harry Potter's Universe.

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