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Explorations, Trials, What I am doing next ?
Harry P. - Words: 6,765 - Rated: T - English - None - Chapters: 4 - Updated: 17-02-2018 - Published: 12-02-2018 - by Marama Potter (FFN)

What you will be doing if you were in Harry's shoes ?

Wreak the time line! Have fun ! Taking nothing at face value! First Life with your memories and knowledge from your precedent life before being reincarnated in Harry Potter Universe as Harry!

Wreak the plot ! Be Gray ! A consequence for retaliating against the Dursley in 2nd Life !

If this is a curse, maybe doing it more seriously in 3rd Life !

Part 1

Chapter 3

You're in pain. You try to move your limbs but nothing. 'Kuso! (I) Quelle idée aussi de vouloir explorer le grenier un dimanche pendant que les Dursley sont à la messe ? Zut, je parle en français. So, ah oui, I wanted to see if mother left something for me in the attic on the off chance that some theory of fanfiction was right. I effectively found something. But I spent too much time there and by the time I went down, Vernon was here and was furious. (…)Well, I hope I have not fry my chance to move indetected soon. With what I discovored.'

You went in dreamland. You can see yourself move throught shadows anywhere you want. You can see yourself creating water from the air : 'no more dry throat, less dirty, practicing soul washing. Dunno, if the last can heal my horcruxe scar. Qui ne tente rien, n'a rien.' (II)

You can't help yourself, first there was this duffel bag 'yes, not a classic trunk' that was like Mary Poppins magical bag. Then there was interesting things that seem out of some fantasy book. 'Yeah, I find, a freaking alethiometer, you know that mystery golden compass from the trilogy His Dark Materials of Philip Pullman with which the heroine learn to read truth intuitively.I tried it asking "Will I find how to escap The Dursley without alerting the Old Man (Dumbledore) ?" The needle fell on chameleon three times / idem on thunder. That mean, according the book I found with, patience, chance and there were others symbols but do not know enough to interpret. Because, there was an infinite number of answers, not all written in the book, subjected to interpretation. C'est passionnant, really but I will have time to learn later. At last, there was an explication book!' You shuddered.(III)

So there were, in the bag, mundane things that you can see using like a thermos flag & jug, two camouflage sleeping bags in different color (green, brown), a dark purplish bean bag chair, a transistor, various wigs and sunglasses, make-up, a pencil box, pencils and fountain pens, some body oils, two oil lamps (one oriental, one occidental), multiple fans (some for normal use, some for combat), five lighters, a sewing case… 'really this was done for me ! There was even plant pots too. I saw lemons in one ! Miam !'(IV)

But the must of the must : there is this set of books entitled Magical Arts : The Secrets of Shadow (1), Magical Arts : The Secrets of Thunder (2), Magical Arts : The Secrets of Water (3), Magical Art : The Secrets of Stone (4), Magical Arts : The Secrets of Flamel(5) 'You had be intrigued by all, but for this why not flames or fire? According to the book there Was a Nicolas I who was a flames mage who discovered all proprieties and abilities of different fires and flames existing, and two of his descendants were for one a metal mage, for the other the most famous one with this name a Nicolas II was the designer of the first fire soul stone in existence but the date of its conception predated what It's know in the mundane world. I will have to cross referencing with Wizardry Book on the issue, maybe that's not common knowledge so there'll be nothing. Or maybe there is a Nicolas III who recreated the first stone using The past Note/ Family Grimoire of his predecessor, or someone with another birth name have been utilizing the name of the first famous Flamel of Ancient past, and create somewhat the present known Philosopher Stone ', Magical Arts : The Secrets of Aeris (6) 'Aeris is the last descendant of a forgotten civilization existing on Earth before the Age of humans, who lived among humans in an ancient time teaching them magic'(V), Magical Arts : The Secrets Of Void (7), Magical Arts : The Secrets of Soul (8), Magical Arts : The Secrets of Time (9).

'This is a treasure trove ! How in the name Merlin it's here ? Why in the name Gaia I find it ? Is it because I am Harry Potter ? But Harry did not had it in the Story, nor in any read alternate universes ? Oh he had sometimes a magical trunk from his mother in the attic (that was the reason I went there) or from the Potter in their family vault. Is it because of me ?

You are hungry but there will be no eating because of your problem of mobility. What you find strange in this universe is that you're not starved by the aunt family except when they hurt you too physically like this time and forgot you there. "You can't gorge yourself, that's a wast" Petunia said all the time to them. She seems to make an exception for others to anniversaries, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter, New Year Eve & Day. I rarely eat sweets or fruits (sauf apples, pear, banana, oranges). 'Oh I soo want to taste avocado, strawberry, cherry, raspberry, white grape, grapefruit & pomelo, almond ,coco, greengage, lemon. Test others to see if this palate like it. Will it like fish fingers dipped in custard ?' Rit. 'Home custard cream biscuits for me ! Or some ginger bread with cheese herbal cream on top ! You want to drink lassis & smoothies, lemonade and fruit cordial (kiwi, strawberry, lemon, raspberry-violet mix, peach, citrus fruit), rosé cider and red wine (not yet for the body) ! Taste some blood ?! Lol my mind left me, my imagination taking me in the fantasy world. Je délire, c'est la faim ! Oh là là Je m'envole !' (VI)

You didn't have time to return to the attic for long time. What's with the chores they order you to do : ironing clothes, cooking three times a day, tidying, washing up, watering plants & gardening.

Then there was school. That was a divergence too. You were placed in a different class because of a placing test first thing you arrived. You're been placed in the B class for Good Students in maths, English, others trivias. The Excellent went in A+, Very Good in A, Average in C, and Dudley was placed in D for the Poor – the remedial Class. But to not make displease people (family and pupils), we were assigned by the following nicknames : The Lions (for the Poor, 'Oh the irony is not lost! For Dudley will see the King of Playground, Me the lazy-idle male cat'), The Wolves (for the Average), The Birds (for the Good), The Apes (for the Very Good), The Dolphins (for the Excellent).

'This is actually recess. I am observing Dudley rough playing with some boys. They have not noticed me or the little girl with her book opened on her knees in the left corner.'

"Classes ! It's time to assemble!" Said some adult, the others gathering children.

You go to PE with two others classes The Lions and The Dolphins. The Main Teacher said : "We will split you in three mixed group for the year, one who will be doing swimming for 1st semester, one who will be doing running at the same time, and one who will be doing aikido. We will rotating with the two PE assistants. I will take the running. Watanabe-Sensei the aikido. Laura the rest."

'My luck, I'm with Dudley in Aikido.'

"Hello Children. You will address me as Sensei or Watanabe-Sensei. The Aikido is a Japanese Art. I will be teaching you to respect each other, to be in self-control and companionship for this year. The first phase is the training. The second phase is the learning. The third and last phase is the sharing (you will express yourself with each other, you can come to me to if you want, you can be evaluated there too) before we salute and depart. Do you have questions ?" Said with serenity & elegance a black haired asian male. "Yes ?"

Dudley just pushed me. I didn't hear his last question and the beginning of her answer.

"…. Sensei, you said this year. Will you be here next year ? And why learning at all? Some of us don't like art or sport." Said the brown little girl that was with a book earlier.

"Yes, the school have decided to implement this program to help the students find calmness and serenity, you'll develop better concentration, anticipation and quick-wittendness in the long term. This will help for your normal class too and in your life. So each year, one semester with me."

"This is an art of mind, body, and soul." You told them. 'Dans un corps saint, un esprit saint, et l'âme s'en porte mieux.' Supplied your mind.

" Absolutly, mister ? "

" Harry Potter, Watanabe-Sensei. "

" Alright, another one anyone? "

" Won't this be difficult, nya ? We're only children, cha " Asked a boy with a brown braid and blue-purplish eyes named Daniel Maxwell.

"Oh no, do not worry, this will be fun. I adapt to my pupils age."

Some time later in the class, Sensei told off Dudley for violence. At the end, you become aquaintances with Daniel Maxwell and Harmony Peacecraft.

'I was happy. What a good first week at school. I hope this will continue.' You think walking home.

Only just back, and your aunt is on you : "Freak! Go to your room without diner ! No one outsmart my child ! Certainly not you !"

'Et ça recommence ! Quand c'est pas l'un, c'est l'autre ! Vivement que je me casse !' (VII)

Author Notes :

I - Kuso = Japanese language for Shit

II - Qui ne tente rien n'a rien = French proverb meaning : With no try, no gain

III - If you want my reference for the symbolic, i can help you (French link, i translated of French to English for the story, don't know the actual name Just the images and the how to develop the futur meanings)

IV - Miam = French word that you say when you see something yummy to eat/taste

V - Aeris, is a character inspired by Aerith (Aeris in French) from the game Final Fantasy VII

VI - Because of hunger, my perso revert to her home world natural language. She said : I'm delirious, it's the hunger ! Oh la la I'm flying !

VII - And that's starg again, when it's not one, it's the other ! I can't wait for going !

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