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Harry Potter and Apollo's Light
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Harry Potter and Apollo's Light

Chapter 1

Harry Potter. Raven haired, emerald eyed 15 year old wizard was currently bed ridden with a fever that had sky rocketed, ending up with him in the Hospital Wing after a disastrous 4th year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry that had ended with being a witness to a friend's death.

The recently completed Triwizard Tournament had been a complete disaster for Harry, at least in regards to his social life. He was seriously contemplating why he tried to be friendly to the most gossip mongering group of teenagers he figured existed in his generation. He was before his fever anyway.

Lying in bed was all he had managed to accomplish in the 2 days he had been back in this prison. He was going stir crazy from simply lying there with nothing to do. At least when the tournament was on he was able to read or fly but now, well now there was little to no choice under the stern gaze of The Matron.

He turned to lay on his side with a groan as a spasm rocketed through his body and his palms started to glow. He didn't notice though as he was curled up in a ball with only his head above the blankets. He put the spasms down to the torture he went through a few days ago and grimaced as he involuntarily recalled the events that had happened.

As Harry lay on the bed with a plaque that stated that it was the bed specifically for him, a beam of light slowly made its way up the bed until it was directly in his eyes. Harry started cursing as he could barely lift his arms and here he was struggling to block the light from blinding him. Oh how he wished the sun would shine anywhere but his face.

With shaking arms he heaved himself up until he rested his back against the headboard and dropped his arms down on top of the covers. He stared at the result of his change in position before calling out to who he hoped was in her office.

"Madam Pomphrey!"

A middle aged woman came out of a door in the corner insufferably slow in Harry's opinion, with his brain only just starting back up along with his panic.

"What is it Potter? I've told you before, no visitors for at least 3…"

Whatever she was going to say died on her lips as she stared at the glowing palms of her patient.


That was not reassuring Harry in any way. Any way at all.

"What do you mean what? Do something!?" His voice sounded a bit too high for his liking at that moment but what else is he supposed to do when his hands were glowing. Honest to goodness glowing. If he looked at it from a certain way it was almost as if the sunlight was curving into his palms. As if it wanted to be released.

With that idle thought all the pent up energy that had been slowly dammed inside his body shot out of his palms and up into the ceiling. The two of them looked at the twin holes in the roof then back at each other before they each grabbed a pillow, with one attacking and one defending.

"Now really Mr Potter?! Holes in the roof? Even by your standards this is ridiculous!" Madam Pomphrey shouted at him as she tried to whack the cowering boy with the pillow in hand.

"It's not like I did it on purpose! Honest! In what way am I supposed to know that I can shoot beams from my hands? As my Healer isn't that the sort of thing you're supposed to tell me I can do?" Harry's muffled yell came from behind the pillow he was using as a sort of head guard.

Pomphrey merely sighed and waited until he raised his head, clearly giving off the impression that the danger was over before doing an elegant twirl and nailing him in the throat with her pillow.

"You can sit there while I go and repair the ceiling and then we'll see what happened."

He was about to protest but thought better of it when his recently whacked throat began to twinge once more. He placed the pillow behind his back once more and settled in for a wait, knowing she would move slower the more he rushed her.

He took a deep breath and released it as he sagged into his pillow before frowning and taking another breath. Harry looked around in confusion and continued to take deep and exaggerated breaths as he tried to figure out why nothing hurt. Adding twists and bending into odd shapes to his breathing proved to make no difference except one which he realized when he heard someone, a female, cough delicately trying to catch his attention.

Startled, he looked up from where he had bent his torso to the side while still lying on the bed with his legs straight, giving him a sideways view of who had just coughed.

"Greengrass." Harry spoke, still tilted to the side. The thought of straightening up hadn't occurred to him just yet so there he was, bent in an odd way, staring at the elegant year mate standing before him.

"Potter. What in the name of Merlin are you doing?" Her voice was strangely blank, as if she was trying to reign in all her emotions that gave her the 'Ice Queen' moniker but the bizarre sight before her was too much for her to handle.

"Breathing?" His voice was confused as he pondered why she was asking something so obvious.

"Breathing?" She deadpanned at his tone. "Are you absolutely sure you're breathing?"

"Yes…?" Harry was starting to get woozy, and the cramp in his side was starting to hurt.

"Oh for Merlin's sake. Get up before you hit the ground. You'd think you would take better care of yourself after what you've been through but obviously not. Also have you seen Madam Pomphrey?" Greengrass rattled off as she rushed forward to push him up once more.

Harry looked at her oddly as he accepted the help up. It was odd, he decided, getting help from another person after a year in near isolation. The only people that had helped him in the year were Hermione and Pomphrey. The former helping him with the tasks and the latter patching him up from the formers help. As enthusiastic as Hermione was, she didn't hold back, whether it was verbally or magically.

"She's in her office. Should be back out by now but no… It's just Harry so let's take our time since he isn't going anywhere. It's not like he has anything to worry about." He tried to scowl as he said all this but all he managed was a sulky looking pout as he looked up.

Greengrass, also known as Daphne, followed his gaze and looked into the twin holes in the ceiling that had slowly covered his bed in plaster. She looked down at Harry and back up a few times as if confirming something in her mind. There was no doubt in her mind that he caused this and upon reaching this conclusion walked over to the far side of the next bed over, covered her mouth with her hands and started giggling. The quirkiness of Harry Potter finally getting to her.

Harry looked at her in confusion, simply unable to understand what was so funny. He caught her gaze as she turned to look at him once more, with a sad puppy pout before what was left of her restraint cracked and she was cackling merrily on the bed before rolling over and landing on the floor with a thud that did nothing to stop her laughing, if not provoking it even more.

'Girls are weird…' was the only thought running through his mind as he listened to the breathy wheezing that came from where he couldn't see and the rustle of cloth as the sound rolled on the floor before there was a meaty thud.

It was at this point that Madam Pomphrey came back with her wand in hand, having decided that Harry had suffered enough.

When she saw the blonde slytherin girl on the floor, wheezing and holding her forehead she merely sighed and started waving her wand over Harry, having decided that he was the cause in some way or another.

"When you are finished Miss Greengrass, kindly join us so I can figure out if I can help you or not…" Pomphrey deadpanned, as the gently giggling girl slowly rose to her feet and took a seat once more on the bed, this time facing the pair.

Harry focused his attention on the waving wand of wood and wondered if this was what it felt like to be on one of those comedy shows that Dudley enjoyed watching.

"So…" Harry started, wondering just how the matron was going to break the latest news in the wacky world of Harry Potter.

"So indeed, Mr Potter. From what I can tell from your results, this can only be a result of a unique set of circumstances that could not have happened to anyone but yourself."

"You have no clue then?"

"Not a bit." She was oddly upbeat about this and the cheery atmosphere of chirpy healer, giggling girl and blasted sunlight that would not go away infected Harry in the way it infected everyone else. "On a side note, your fever seems to have gone and you have little to no bruising from what happened in the tournament."

There was a brief pause as Harry digested that piece of news before deciding to try his luck.

"Can I go then?" He asked in a hopeful manner with a gaze that reminded the two females of a puppy wanting a treat.

Pomphrey contemplated this for a moment before deciding.

"Let me check on what Miss Greengrass wants and then I'll let you go, but not until then!" Her tone was warm as she had said this but had chilleded by the time she finished as he had already thrown off the covers of the bed.

Under her steely gaze he slowly pulled the covers back up to avoid her wrath and held still as if she wouldn't see him if he didn't move a muscle.

When she was satisfied with his response, she turned to Daphne and her voice took a more welcoming lilt to it.

"Now what seems to be the problem Miss Greengrass?"

Harry made a partly choking, partly offended and partly whiny sound that was cut off when she turned her attention back on him and raised the pillow that she had still carried for some reason. It did its job as he feared her skills in pillow-fu that was spoken about in the more accident-prone circles of Hogwarts, namely the Quidditch players, but no one paid attention to who had started the rumor, only that she was highly skilled.

"I'm fine Madam Pomphrey. I had a headache but it's gone now. It must be the sunlight since I was down in the dungeons before I came up here."

All three of them noted the jab at Harry who still had the blasted beam of light in his face, only it had shrunk until it was a small dot that rested in the middle of his glasses. It was no longer shining directly in his eyes but he could still see it when he went cross-eyed and by Merlin was it infuriating him.

"Freedom?" Harry's voice could not sound more hopeful as he pleaded with his eyes to the matron.

She sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose before agreeing.

"Yes Potter. Freedom."

He wasted no time in escaping the prison of two or three days as he threw off his covers, grabbed Daphne's hand and pulled her so hard and fast her feet left the ground.

"Thanks Madam Pomphrey. See you next year and all that jazz. Hope you have a good holiday." Each thing he said became softer as he moved further away, leaving the matron to shake her head before spinning twice in a circle and throwing the pillow away, letting it bounce off the opposite wall, closing the curtains before falling to gently land on the head space of the bed she had taken it from.

"Potter! POTTER! PUT ME DOWN!" Daphne's voice echoed throughout the halls, causing the few people who were walking around the corridors to look over at them to see what was going on. When they noticed that it was merely Harry, making his most recent attempt at escaping from the Hospital Wing, as one turned away and carried on their business. Potter's quirkiness was contagious. Enough said.

Said escapist slowed, turned and caught the girl in a bridal carry in a single smooth move that had the girl in question and the few other girls in the vicinity blushing before he did something that caused a simultaneous face-palm to everyone except the two in question.

"Okay!" Harry chirped, too hyped up from being released from the Hospital Wing before literally dropping her like a sack onto the floor. The thud of Daphne hitting the ground covered the sound of the face-palms but caused Harry to look around in confusion at the echo but everyone had continued to move on as if they hadn't stopped to see what he did. He could hear the snickers though.

"Did I miss a joke?" He mused aloud while stroking his chin, before feeling an almost literal wave of cold terror that set his hair raising, quite literally in fact.

"Potter." A single word stopped him cold before he slowly began taking steps backwards, attempting to look anywhere except the lone girl who stood there with hands on her hips, blonde hair cascading down her back, stopping short just above the small of her back.

Daphne's stance was cold, her demeanour in terror mode and mask firmly in place as she advanced on the quirky, absolutely terrified adolescent who promptly turned and sprinted away, screaming at the top of his lungs to the safety of Gryffindor Tower.

He was gone before her fifth step and so Daphne was left there, mentally screaming about revenge and how dare he drop her and the fact that she had spent time with Harry Potter, not the Golden boy of Gryffindor uninterrupted.

After everything that happened Daphne couldn't help herself and started cackling like crazy in the hallway, before turning and humming cheerfully as she had reached her quota of terrifying a single person each day as she went to tell her best friend and little sister everything that happened in the most likely weirdest hour she had ever had.

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