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Colors of Us
None - Words: 3,224 - Rated: K+ - English - Romance - Chapters: 6 - Updated: 13-02-2018 - Published: 13-02-2018 - by sugarfreecakes (FFN)

A/N: This is the last chapter. I know they were short, but I hope you enjoyed reading!

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As the girl twirls around the platform, it is the color of the little boy's hair chasing after her. When their mother looks around the crowd, it is the color of her eyes that tactfully avoid his own. It is the ruffled feathers that belong to the owl his son is cooing over, a gift from his Grandmother Narcissa. Gazing at the mother across the way, he realizes that it is still his favorite color sixteen years later.

Early Fall, 2017

"Alright, Scorp, you owl us as soon as the Sorting Ceremony is over," Astoria said, smoothing their son's bangs back from his forehead. Draco hated the way she slicked his hair back; it reminded him entirely too much of the way his father had liked his hair styled as a young boy.

A sudden squeal of delight caused him to turn his head in time to see a redheaded girl about Scorpius's age spinning around, a little boy who must have been her brother, following. The adults standing near them with some other children were not strangers. Hermione stood with her hand in Ron's, watching the two children that had caught his attention. His chest panged a little when he realized they must be hers. He swallowed and looked up at Harry and Ginny, who he hadn't spoken to in a very long time. Their three children were standing with them, talking animatedly. The younger boy looked nervous, so Draco guessed it must be his first year too.

The adults noticed Draco and all looked his familys way. Hermione's eyes did not meet his, but Ron's and Harry's did. He gave them a curt nod before turning back to his wife and son. Scorpius' face shone with excitement as he chattered happily about what he was going to do with the decorations he'd brought for the area around his bed. "I'm going to hang my Tornadoes poster up first," he said, grinning up at Draco.

He smiled down at his son and nodded. "That's a good plan, Scorp. Know what house you want to be in?" he asked. He'd made it a point not to make his son think Slytherin was the best choice. He'd complimented all the Houses as Scorpius grew nearer to Hogwarts age and he'd be happy wherever his son ended up.

"Slytherin, like you and mum. I want to see where you lived and hung out when you were at school!"

"But you won't be disappointed if you end up in another House?"

"No way! I think it would be cool to be in any of them. I'm just hoping for Slytherin."

Draco smiled again, looking down at Scorpius and then at Astoria. While he and Astoria might not have had the loving marriage Draco had envisioned for himself, he was happy. He loved their son very much and he would do anything for his family. The train honked to signal that it was time to board before they left for Hogwarts. Draco helped Scorpius get all his luggage on the train, reminded him not to be afraid of Hagrid or the boats, and gave him a final hug goodbye.

As he rejoined Astoria, he noticed Hermione look at him from the corner of his eye. And as they left the station, he fingered the end of the brown scarf around his neck.

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