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Ungentlemanly Thoughts of a Gentleman
None - Words: 11,940 - Rated: T - English - Humor & Romance - Chapters: 13 - Reviews: 51 - Updated: 05-09-2018 - Published: 15-02-2018 - by Emcnary (FFN)

The kitchen door swung shut behind Ron and Hermione. Moments before, the teenagers had asked Remus to run an errand to Honeydukes for birthday gifts for Harry, sparking what he thought was a brilliant idea. Remus turned to Tonks and hoped he could summon some of his supposed Gryffindor courage and ask if she'd like to accompany him to Hogsmeade. Time alone with the woman whilst not tending to Order duties was incredibly appealing.

He opened his mouth to speak, praying his brain would be able to communicate his thoughts better than a fifth-year asking for a study date. With the words on the tip of his tongue, his mouth went suddenly dry as Tonks let her head tip back, eyes closed, as she gave a low moan of approval deep in her throat at the mention of Honeydukes chocolate. The unbidden image of Tonks starkers on his lap with her head thrown back in the same manner—the low moan in response to their activities, of course, not chocolate—slammed its way into his consciousness and made the blood leave his brain and surge to the lower half of his body so quickly he was sure that if he'd been standing he'd have hit the floor.

"Honeydukes chocolate and I have a long-standing love affair. I haven't had any in ages," Tonks said with a sigh.

Ignoring thoughts of what he hadn't had in ages, Remus swallowed roughly, hoping his voice wasn't shaking as he asked, "Fancy a trip to Hogsmeade?"

"Oh, I wish I could."

Remus failed to hear the reason behind why should couldn't go because as soon as she stood from her seat, Tonks raised her arms over her head in a stretch that pulled up the hem of her Hufflepuff Quidditch tee to expose a couple of inches of creamy skin and a perfectly round belly-button. The brief glimpse of her smooth abdomen did nothing to dampen his sudden arousal—it fueled it, really.

A brief conversation between Tonks and Sirius gave Remus a moment to close his eyes and take a deep breath-which proved rather unhelpful as he couldn't stop the earlier image running through his head.


Chudley Cannons.

Mad-Eye in a dress.

Even with Tonks' fingers running through his hair as she cheerfully bid them goodbye, the last thought did the trick and quelled his desire enough that he would be able to stand from the table without embarrassing himself. Determined to leave the kitchen before Sirius said anything clever, Remus drained his tea and rose, his friend's sniggers following him into the hall. Without the distraction of Tonks' presence, Remus was able to recall one tiny bit of what she'd said. Quickly calculating what he could spare, he decided that he would deny himself his chocolate fix and use his meager funds instead to buy her the best piece of Honeydukes chocolate he could afford.

A/N: Hello and happy Friday! I'll just leave this little update here to tide you all over while you await chapter 2 of "Friends to Lovers: There and Back Again". Today begins spring break for my herd of children, so cross your fingers that I can find time (even if it means I have to hide in the laundry room with my laptop...they'd never follow me there;) to write in between keeping them entertained for the week.

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