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Unexpected baby
Harry P. & Remus L. & Sirius B. & Voldemort - Words: 16,117 - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 5 - Reviews: 27 - Updated: 26-06-2018 - Published: 27-02-2018 - by gracelions (FFN)

Harry Potter was having the worst summer holiday of his life. His relatives were still treating him like the dirt under their feet. It felt surreal that only a couple of weeks ago he had been fighting for his life and eating three whole meals a day. Now he was back to doing chores throughout the day and writing his homework at night with his family making rude and mean comments all the time. His cousin had wanted to go back to beating him up every time he felt like it, but the young wizard had been sick since he came back. Harry had been throwing up every morning, got dizzy spells multiple times a day, was tired all the time so much that it was a fight to get out of the bed in the morning, and couldn't stand the smell of curtain things. He didn't know what was wrong him, but didn't have the energy to try to figure it out or keep on a lookout for Voldemort. His friends didn't send him meaningful letters, they only wrote a couple of sentences every time so he didn't read them anymore or answer them instead he traded letters with his godfather and adoptive godfather talking about his parents and things like that.

One day his aunt and uncle left the house because their son hadn't been home for his curfew which they took seriously unlike any other thing he did. Harry was sleeping in his bed when an owl flew through his open window with an official ministry letter. He took it and read then reread it two more times, his brain couldn't comprehend it. How could the Ministry kick him out of Hogwarts for using the Patronus charm on the streets in front of a muggle when he hadn't left his home for the summer since he got back from school, the farthest he went from the house itself was the garden. He got up from bed wrote a short letter to Madam Hopkirk telling her that he had been at home the whole day and didn't use his wand since he left Hogwarts.

"Hedwig!" called the boy. His snowy owl flew over and settled on his shoulder taking the letter in her beak. He caressed her breast feathers while giving her instructions. "Give this to Madam Hopkirk. Don't let anyone else take it from you." She bobbed her head then flew out on the window. Once she was out of his eye sight he went back to bed.

Fifteen minutes after the young wizard fell asleep a series of soft pops were heard around his house signaling the arriving of people. On the street of Privet Drive appeared 8 magic wielding person. Five of them were aurors, the other three were high standing officials of the British Ministry of Magic. Cornelius Fudge, the Minister of Magical Britain looked gleeful and sure of himself just like his secretary, who resembled a pink clad toad more than anything else, the third person was the Head of the DMLE herself. Amelia Bones was wearing her trademark monocle and work robes. She had been really angry when the minister came in her office and demanded the destruction of a teenager's wand without looking through the case itself. She had always been known to be strict, but fair so she would make sure the wand will land in her hand before anyone could do anything and she would hold onto it until she knows the truth for sure. The wizards and witches went to the door where the Minister rang the bell. After waiting for half a minute the Minister lost his patience.

"Break it down!" ordered Fudge one of the bulkier aurors. Kingsley did as he was told with a sinking heart thinking it will mean the end of them once You-Know-Who got wind of it and he will know about it pretty soon.

The Ministry team looked around the dark home dumbfounded, the place looked so clean that it was basically sterile. Madam Bones took out her wand, placed it on her upturned palm and whispered a simple charm that points in the way the child you want to find is, in this case her wand pointed upwards. She followed the directions her wand was giving her with the others behind her. They were shocked with the outside of the door with the six padlock and cat flap on it. Amelia opened the door only to be faced with another surprise. She was shocked, the boy was sleeping peacefully without a care in the world in a small and uncomfortable looking bed. Before she could step forward to wake him up softly her ass of a boss opened his big mouth and ruined it.

"Get up Potter!" shouted Fudge at the top of his lungs. He was angry that the boy hadn't been running around the house in fear with the knowledge of aurors coming to snap his wand. He couldn't believe the guts of him to think he the Minister of Magic wouldn't go through with his threat.

The messy-haired boy jumped awake then promptly got sick and threw up what little his stomach still contained. Once he was done emptying his stomach he looked up at his uninvited guests, but he didn't see more than dark, blurry figures. Reaching over to his nightstand he grabbed his glasses and clicked the switch of his bed side lamp lighting his room up. He blinked owlishly at the people as he looked them over he was met with strangers only being able to put name to one face. Someone he didn't want to see anywhere near him ever again and certainly not in his summer home. The Minister looked just as pompous as ever if not more. Beside him stood a short woman, who was clad in pink from head to toe with a toad like face. The other witch was the complete opposite of her with her tall, lean form, curious, unjudging eyes. Her clothes seemed to be the perfect combination of comfortable and elegant for work. The others wore some kind of uniform fit for fighting. Harry's eyes swept over them noting their negative emotions directed at him. Fudge stepped forward straightening his back on the way and began to demand something from him. The problem was that the boy's ears were ringing so loudly that he couldn't for the life of him figure out with he wanted.

"As the Minister of Magic I'm ordering you to hand over your wand for the official snapping for breaking the Restriction Law of young witches and wizards by casting a Patronus charm in front of a muggle." said the Minister with palpable glee in his voice. When no reaction came from the boy he repeated the sentence, then his undersecretary opened her mouth and began to rip into the boy verbally.

"The Minister told you to hand over your wand Potter. How dare you dismiss his order!" asked the toad in her shrilly girly voice. Her talking got a reaction from the boy on the bed, but not the one they hoped for. For her talking was followed closely with the window's glass blowing up raining millions of splinters on them as Harry buried his aching head in his pillow with his hands on his ears, because the sound of her voice triggered the small head ache he has had for days now suddenly escalated into a full blown migraine, which made him revert back to accidental magic to protect himself from the source of the pain. The adults in the small room were shocked into silence by the fast and powerful magical reaction that had no conscious intent behind it only the emotions and pain coursing through the teenager.

Fudge looked at the Potter boy fearfully. It was the first time he saw him perform magic and frankly it scared him how strong the boy was knowing full well that accidental magic can only access 50% of the persons magic at the most and small instances like this relied on no more than 5-10 percent of power. That's why parents were so proud of their children when they did bigger feats with their magic. From what he saw just now the boy has enough power in him to fight even Dumbledore off if he wants to that is. Now he understood how the boy had been able to beat the greatest Dark Lord that ever existed.

Umbridge watched the brat in cold fury. It bruised her ego to be silenced by accidental magic from a fifteen year old who will have his wand snapped in moments. Her face darkened as she regarded the scrawny little liar. If he somehow slips out of this punishment she will make sure his life will be hell on earth.

Madam Bones analyzed the scene and the happenings around her calmly while her aurors stepped back from the bed in reaction to the accident. They knew when not to fight someone and just like she expected them none of them went for their wands so as not to aggravate the emotional and clearly sick boy, who could kill them accidentally going by the reaction he had to a slightly louder, shrill voice. The Head of DMLE carefully went over to the boy's head bypassing his puke. She carded her fingers through the messy hair comfortingly until dull, tired green eyes blinked back at her. She gave him a kind smile and in a soft whisper began talking to him asking about the Patronus charm he conjured a couple of hours ago.

"I didn't cast anything since leaving Hogwarts." whispered the sick teen. "I haven't even left the ground of my relatives' house since I came back. The farthest I was from the house itself is the garden around it. I have already told Madam Hopkirk in an answering letter that I was at home when the charm was conjured by someone."

As if on cue a pop was heard as Madam Hopkirk apparated onto the street. Then they heard hurried footsteps as the Ministry Official was nearing them. The team watched with baited breath as the respected, aged witch came in with papers in her hands she was clinging to tightly. She looked the situation over then in a no nonsense voice that was only heard when people interfered with her Office's work making her be seconds away from hexing someone.

"I'm withdrawing the expelling and wand snapping from this boy on the ground that someone charmed our sensors to give us the signal of him using his wand." intoned the witch with a clear, strong voice without raising over the normal volume. When Fudge was about to fight over this she regarded him with a cold glare that reminded him that she had been a master duelist and high ranking curse breaker for Gringotts before coming to work for the Ministry. The Minister stepped back with an audible gulp and his metaphoric tail between his legs in the face of danger posed by his employee, who had always been the type of woman you don't mess with. "Leave!" ordered the enraged witch while she moved over to Madam Bones' side to look over the teen, when the team didn't move she turned back to them raising her right hand, which had, somewhere along the line, gained hold of her sparkling wand. The others in the room left with this clear warning hanging in the air unsaid. Once the room was emptied the witches turned back to the boy looking him over and asking questions about his health. Upon their inspection they concluded that he contracted a case of flu, but seeing as they were no experts they advised him on seeking professional medical help if it doesn't go away in a week or so.

"I will ask Madam Pomfrey once I'm back in Hogwarts if doesn't go away." promised Harry. This got the women attention.

"Why would you wait for so long dear?" asked Madam Hopkirk. Harry, who had been slightly delirious from throwing up every day answered honestly without thinking of the consequences.

"'Cause my relatives won't take me to a doctor, they never did when I was sick or hurt so I don't know any doctors around here and the only healer I know is Madam Pomfrey, who I obviously met through Hogwarts." The adults looked at each other and nodded as they came to a mutual understanding of taking up this case of child neglect that could easily be a case of child abuse. Amelia cleaned up the room and fixed the window with a couple flicks of her wand then they left the boy to sleep his sickness off. Unknown to them a minute after they left a rescue team appeared on Privet Drive to collect and protect the boy.

Remus Lupin, who had been tasked with getting the boy safely to the orders Headquarters, had a determination painted across his face as he went up to Harry's room, where he met the sight of the boy sleeping soundly. Before he could walk over to the bed he heard scratching from the window and saw Hedwig. He let her in then silently slipped over to the bed to wake his honorary godson up. He shook his shoulder softly only to have the boy moan and complain about not wanting to throw up again. He blinked uncomprehendingly as his wolf took over and sniffed his cub only to pull more control from Lupin as he bundled the boy up in his blanket and lifted him in his arms keeping him as close as he could. The ex-Professor was surprised because his wolf side never before took control when the full moon wasn't up in the sky to force it, but now the wolf was in full control without pushing the human side under it completely rather it was as if it was trying to convey something about their cub to him that it smelled on him.

The rest of the rescue team was in the kitchen looking around the disinfectant smelling house, there was nothing out of the order. They were still familiarizing with the muggle environment when Lupin came down with the teenager in his arms. Tonks tripped over to them to ask about the wellbeing of Potter, but the words got stuck in her throat in the face of the werewolf's glowing yellow eyes. She stumbled back away from them for fear of angering the animal side of the otherwise gentle man. The other wizards was instantly on alert from the not normal happenings.

Mad Eye Moody stepped up to the wolf, who regarded him calmly, but suspiciously cementing the ex-aurors beliefs about the Potter boy's role in his pack. The scarred man proved again why he had been an auror for so long with his quick understanding of the situation as he ordered the Metamorphmagus up to gather the boy's things. Once the young trainee auror was on her way up he switched his attention back to the werewolf. "Take Potter back to Headquarters safely! I'm sure Black will help you look after him." The wolf one jerky little nod then popped away.

Lupin felt strange. He knew what was going on and the wolf gave him nearly complete control when it came to appareting the only thing that stayed in the wolf's control was the strong, protective hold on Harry. After they arrived on Grimauld Street his wolf side pushed the control into a fifty-fifty standing. He woke the teenager up to read the paper for him to be able to get inside the Headquarters, then let him lay his head back on his shoulder.

Harry watched transfixed how Number 12 Grimauld Place seemed to grow out of the ground between Number 11 and 13. It was fascinating how much one can do with the help of magic that he wouldn't have been able to think up on his own, but was natural for everyone, who grew up in it. "Where are we?" asked the fifteen year old not really caring about the location itself, but more about the role of it. He knew his honorary Godfather knew full well the real meaning of his question and he hadn't been disappointed because the man answered as soon as they were safely inside the house. "We're in the Headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix. It was funded by Dumbledore during the last war to fight against You-Know –Who." whispered the man as they were standing in front of the portrait of the last Lady Black. As they left the entrance behind they were met with Molly Weasley, Sirius Black and Arthur Weasley. The three adults has surprise written on their faces as they watched the ex-Professor with the boy in his arms. It was Molly, who snapped out of it first.

"Oh, Harry! Are you alright dear?" asked the fretting mother. Before he could answer the woman continued talking. "Come here dear!" exclaimed Molly while she tried to pull the boy out of the werewolf's arms, which began a chain reaction. Lupin pulled the scrawny body closer to his chest and let out a deep warning growl. Sirius seeing the glowing eyes was already on the move around the couple, when he heard the growl so he fastened his steps, grabbed hold of his friends arm stirring him towards the staircase away from the prying, demanding mother. Mr. Weasley stood in place calmly as he watched his wife was scared back from Harry and the others left the two of them behind at the bottom of the stairs.

The ex-convict led his last living friend to his own room to put the werewolf at ease. The red and gold room woke the feelings of familiarity and safety inside the wolf making him go over to the bed and lay his precious burden on it under the blanket without pulling the bundle apart. Once the wolf was sure that the pack's cub was safe he gave the control fully back to the human side.

"What happened?"

"I don't know. The wolf in me smelt something on him and took the lead. Before that he said something about throwing up." he thought a little bit, but couldn't come up with anything else.

"That's more than nothing at least." said Sirius consolingly. He kneeled down next to the bed with Remus at his side. "Harry!" called the black haired man then waited for godson to look up. "How do you feel?"

"Tired. Weak."


"I have been sick for some time now. I can barely keep anything I eat and I get dizzy spells."

"Since when?" inquired the werewolf. Dull green eyes stared at him as the boy was thinking.

"Since I got back to my relatives, but I didn't feel too good when we were getting back to Kings Cross from Hogwarts."

Remus laid his hand on the teen's forehead to see if there's a fever going with this sickness, but there wasn't. He shook his head at Sirius' questioning look.

"Can I have a bowl of fruit salad?" asked a timid, scratchy voice from the bed.

"Of course you can." agreed the two men readily.

"I'll go, get it." said Sirius before Remus could react, he left with a meaningful glance to his friend.

Having lived here in this gloomy house for years he knew the placing of all the creaking floorboards meaning he could walk around without anyone of the wiser. It had come in handy many times in his youth and it proved to be a great asset again. None of the order members knew where he was because he was the only one who could move around silently. Not even Snivelious could do it after him. He had heard some really interesting stuff from the others conversations. One of those things was about a marriage contract for Harry. He didn't say anything about these things to Remus, but he made protective measures for his Godson's sake. He had never been happier to have a good relation with the goblins. As it turned out they had been trying to get him a trial for years, but for some reason they had been ignored by the Ministry even though they told the incompetent fools that they have proof of his innocence. It had warmed his heart to know they didn't give up on him and held all of his assets out of other people's greedy hands. He had to go behind Dumbledore's back to talk to the goblins and make arrangements. He made a new Will that only favored three people instead of the original dozen or so favored, activated his Godson's status as the Black Heir, and put up an unchangeable stipulation on the Black Vaults. The goblins wore frightening grins as they read over it. When he asked about it they didn't give a straight forward answer, but were generous enough to tell him that they had a suspicion about someone, but they won't say anything without proof. As he went down to the basement he heard talking coming from the kitchen.

"Are you sure you can solve this problem Albus?" came a female Scottish-accented voice. It could only belong to Minerva McGonagall.

"Yes Minerva, I'm sure of it." answered the grandfatherly voice of Albus Dumbledore.

"What happened?"

"Someone sent Dementors after Harry. He was able to drive them away, but they are onto him now. I'm sure Cornelius will try his hardest at carrying out the expelling and wand snapping they issued upon the casting."

"They can't do that the law states clearly that they could use magic for their own protection."

"I know that, but it will take some time to get the Wizengamot to see that."

"I hope you can get through to them."

"Do you know the date of the trial?" inquired Arthur.

"Not right now, but I will know in by tomorrow evening." the Headmaster's words were closely followed by the flames in the floo network going off.

Deeming it safe to enter he went over to the counter and began gathering what he needed while Molly was trying to send him away.

"Give that to me!" demanded the Weasley matriarch. "Dinner will be ready soon so you can't eat any snacks now."

Sirius, who had been taking her bossing him around quietly since it began, didn't react to her words in any way. He silently took out a cutting board, a knife, a bowl, and all types of fruits. Mrs. Weasley made a move to get a hold on the knife in the ex-convict's hand, but the man having been an animagus for the better part of his life and spent twelve years in Azkaban where he used it for long hours every day without a fault so his senses were heightened giving him an advantage. Molly was dumb founded upon only grasping air. She swiveled her head right and left to locate the man, who was still at the counter after he moved to the left with all his stuff cutting up an apple. He removed the core and seeds then cut it up into small bites. The apple was soon followed by a pear, half a dozen strawberries and a banana. Once they were in the bowl he poured blueberries on top of the other fruits then proceeded to mix them all up.

The ex-convict put everything away while he made sure the ginger haired woman couldn't reach his Godson's dinner. He wouldn't let her force her will on Harry because he won't let her. He knew all too well what it could to a child to have controlling adults surrounding them all throughout their life. They become subdued, naïve and meeluable. These characteristics made him stop for it fit his Godson. He had showed all these things to him just last year with everything that was happening with him and around him. He realized himself when the weight of the bowl disappeared from his hand.

Molly Weasley was walking to the trashcan with a triumphant look on her face. She had been cowing everyone around herself for years now and she won't give up on it for anyone. She had been the one, who made sure her children's acted the way they should. She kept order at home by punishing any of her children, who didn't do as she said. That was the sole reason her two oldest sons moved out of the family home and the twins were already making plans of following in their footsteps, but until then they walked on eggshells when it came to the Weasley matriarch. She had her family in her strong grip when it came to how they act. It wasn't to wear the metaphorically pants at home with a weak minded man like Arthur around for her to rule over and lead wherever she wants to.

Arthur Weasley watched the happenings in front of him as his wife and the man who lets them live in his house fight over something trivial. He had never understood why her wife has to take the food away from the younger wizard. He had seen him smuggling food out of the kitchen every time they eat. At first he didn't get why it was so important for the animagus to have food with him between meals so he cornered him after a dinner in an empty and remote corner on one of the floors.


It had been a week after they moved in and two weeks since the summer holiday began. Mr. Weasley had been curious about the House at first, but with only meeting dark magics and artifacts he lost interest in it, but a new mystery came his way in the face of Sirius Black. The first night he came across the food smuggling was at the end of their first week in the Ancestrial Black House.

He hadn't flat out see how the ex-convict took the food from the table and where he hide it, but he saw the disappearing food. At first he didn't say or do anything thinking it was an only time, but it happened again the next day at breakfast and dinner too, just like the two days after that. He had still been working so he never ate lunch with the others. On the fifth day's night he followed the Azkaban escapee up the stairs to a floor he never before ventured to on his own. The black haired man suddenly twirled around surprising the red haired father.

"Why did you follow me, Arthur? came the suspicious question.

The Weasley patriarch knew from the tone of voice that any kind of lying would be immediately punished. So he stuck with the truth not knowing the questions he will have after this conversation.

"I just wanted to know why you smuggle food out of the kitchen?" he was met with silence and a questioning look. "I mean you could just come down to the basement to eat if you're hungry." at this Sirius Black let out a cold bark like laugh, which made him shiver in fear for in that moment he looked just as wild and insane as his picture in the Daily Profet made him look. It was a harsh reminder of this innocent man's twelve years served in Azkaban without a trial.

"Because your dear wife, won't let me remove food from my own kitchen, that's why. Some guest she is with walking around bossily and acting as the Lady of this House." growled Black with a dark look on his face and extra measure on the word house to make sure the ginger haired man understands what he means exactly. Seeing the protests forming on his guest's lips he shut him up with a simple truth then left him to ponder on it on his own. "You can't exactly tell me how she acts since you're not home most of the time, while I have to endure her all day long." Sirius didn't know how much the simple truth had made the red haired father think, but he will for sure see the consequences of it.

End of flashback

Thinking back he still didn't have the complete answer, but at least he knew why their provider smuggles food. Standing up he moved over to his wife, took the bowl from her hand and gave it back to the ex-convict, who nodded his thanks then promptly left the kitchen.

The animagus went back up to his room with the fruit salad in his hand. His face brightened considerably as he caught sight of his Godson resting comfortably in his bed with Remus at his side holding one of his hands to keep him close by and reassure him of their support and love for him. He stepped up to the bed smoothing the unruly black hair back. "I got your dinner." whispered blue-grey eyed man.

The teenager sat up with the help of his ex-Professor leaning back on the big pillows, which were placed behind his back. Accepting the healthy meal he requested he lifted the full spoon to his lips. He ate his dinner slowly and silently without any disturbance.

The Marauders sat on either side of their charge quietly making sure he ate all his dinner before letting him go to sleep. After Harry was done eating he sat there calmly. He felt better than ever before throughout this summer. He had finally had energy so he turned his attention to his father's friends.

"How was your summer so far?"

"It was as good as I expected it." answered Remus Lupin while his friend mumbled something under his nose that he hoped his cub didn't hear, but that wasn't the case.

"Why was it horrible?" asked the green eyed boy with his eyes locked on his Godfather.

Sirius stalled for a minute hoping the boy will drop this conversation theme, but the determination on the young face promised no such thing so with a sigh he answered. "It's just that I don't really get on well with Mrs. Weasley."

"Why?" came the inevitable question.

"Because she orders me around my own house and doesn't let me remove food from my own kitchen and she's bossing me around even though she has no right to do that!"

"Than do something about it, don't take it silently. If you want to be from this you have to fight back and put her in her place. It 's your house so you're the one to make the rules." came the heated advice. It gave the two adults a taste of the boy's strong will. As they smiled at him with warm love and proudness. It turned to amusement as the boy let out a big, sleepy yawn.

Sirius helped his Godson back under the blanket, where the teen fell asleep as soon as head hit the pillow.

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