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Step by Step guide to becoming a cursebreaker
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Harry had no idea what so ever what to choose for her third year courses. She was running out of time to make a decision and she wasn't entirely sure what they even involved. Ron was pushing the simple classes, care, divinations and muggle studies, at the same time Hermione was making it seem like there was no way she could manage the others. She found that very statement offensive, she could do anything she wanted to do and was tired of her friends putting down the thought.

That still did not tell her what she should take though, she had no idea what so ever which would be best for her, so she chose to ask the only two people who ever made her feel like she was not stupid. She asked the Weasley twins to meet her in private, Hermione would be against asking them, as would Ron but she wanted someone she knew could help her. They were the first people she considered. "What can we help you with green eyes," Fred asked since her asking them to meet in private was unusual.

She bit her lip uneasily hoping she made the right decision, "I don't know what electives to take and I was hoping that you would help me."

They sat down honored that she would trust them to help. They both knew most people would not even consider them both as people who would be useful. "Well, that depends Harry, what do you want to do with the rest of your life? Do you have any interests for jobs," George asked as she looked at him surprised?

"You don't need to be completely sure, your 12, no one knows exactly what they want to do at twelve but it helps to have some ideas of what you want to do," Fred added, "we wanted to open up a prank shop at 12, so for our electives we chose to split them up, I took Arithmancy and muggle studies, George took Ancient ruins and Care of magical creatures. So, we have a better chance of understanding the best ways to create our products."

She was silent for a moment before admitting, "I don't even know what sort of careers are available beyond ministry worker, healer, teacher or aurora."

"Damn, they cancelled the second-year career thing because of the attacks," Fred said cringing, they should have continued it. It was one of the most important aspects of second year and extremely useful in course selections, "Well, there are a lot of options in the wizarding world. You could become a master in a subject and work directly with it, so like potion master and making potions for Mongoes, infirmary's, apothecary's as well as creating new potions."

"The same works in all subject, creating charmed objects to sell, that sort of thing, herbologists work in greenhouses growing plants for potions, just to have, that sort of thing."

"Ministry workers is not just a group, there is secretary's, head of departments, hundreds of jobs available, dad works on muggle objects, to keep track of charmed objects that are often used to attack muggles, to adapt things."

"There are the unspeakable who work in the ministry but not for the ministry, I'd say that's a bit like muggle spy's as well as inventers, researchers."

"there are people who work with animals like dragons. Our brother does that but also with hippogriffs or any sort of creature."

"You could own your own business, work as a clerk for an existing business."

"Curse breakers, warders, ward breakers both under the ministry and under Gringotts."

"There is also journalists, photographers, editors, writers, musicians, theatre actresses, directors, bankers"

"Literally everything in the muggle world and then some," they finished together.

She looked at them shocked having never realized there were that many job options available. Everyone had seemed to push her towards aurora force but never really anything else. "Merlin," she said finally, "How could anyone ever decide between all that?"

"You don't have to decide immediately," Fred stated gently realizing how overwhelming it sounded, they had always known what they wanted so they didn't have to worry about it. "You can look into areas you are interested in, keep your options open. Do you have any thoughts?"

Ron and Hermione had mocked her on it but she had a strong feeling that the twins wouldn't do the same. "I want a job that will let me travel the world, see new places but also help people. I don't really want to work under the ministry, but I really like the goblins I know."

The twins weren't at all surprised, only Harry could say that so easily, she liked the goblins she knew. Most people never got close to knowing goblins. "Well, that's a lot of options, you can do a private travel journals or do it through a current journal. Warding, Curse breaking, ward breaking through the goblins allows travel, so does more advanced herbology collection," George stated.

"The electives available are Divinations, Mugglestudies, Care of Magical creatures, Ancient Runes and Arithmancy," Fred reminded, "Muggle studies is pointless for a muggle raised student, Divinations is useless as well, no point in that class the teachers a fraud. If we were you we would choose Care, Ruins and Arithmancy. It will give you a lot of options."

She grinned seeing how useful their suggestions were, "Do you think I will be able to manage three though?"

"More then, you're a bright lass, you're not like Granger, she regurgitates information, you try to understand it, that will help ye, you can even drop one if you find you don't like it," Fred returned with a grin.

"You can preorder the introductions to ancient ruins and introduction to Arithmancy books on Owl Order, read ahead. It's the best way to begin the class. Just read into it, research them. it's a good kickstart to your classes," George suggested. He pulled the owl order out of his bag since he had one for prank books he wanted. It took him a moment of riffling through them to pick it out. He laid it out on the desk, "to see what you think about it, I would get the introduction books, plus the books that the third years use which are these two. Care, you will have to wait since they are getting new books."

"Thanks," Harry said gratefully, "I'll do that."

"Glad we could help," they said together.

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