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Semper Amare
Hermione G. & Salazar S. - Words: 6,004 - Rated: T - English - Adventure & Mystery - Chapters: 7 - Reviews: 14 - Updated: 13-06-2018 - Published: 04-03-2018 - by Soulmatelover4life (FFN)

Authors Note: only the story line belongs to me that and any characters I've made up along the way. I will try to update this at the very least every two weeks, I'm aiming to update every week. If you like the story, which I hope you do, please leave me a review. They help me so much. As always hope you enjoy!

Chapter 3

Ughh I think as I slowly lift up my eyes. What happened? I wonder as I look up and notice I'm in the hospital wing. I'm surrounded by Sirius, Lucius, Lyra, James, and Remus.

"Children! I told you all to leave Ms. Black alone! She needs her rest!" Madam Pomfrey scolds the group surrounding me. She then notices my eyes open.

"Good heavens child you gave us all a fright!" She says scanning me over with her wand. "What do you remember before you fainted?" She asks.

"I was getting ready for bed and then all of a sudden I felt a presence behind me...a dark presence... it wanted to kill me." I whispered hoarsely and frightened.

"Shhh shhh it's alright now Mione we checked your rooms there was no one else in there other than you." Sirius says trying to comfort my rising fear.

"I know what I felt! And what I saw! Someone was in the room with me. I'm not crazy!" I scream frustrated.

"No one said your crazy Mione it's been a long and stressful day. It's normal that you are frightened, you're in a new environment with new people. Your mind was just playing tricks on you sis." Sirius says as he hugs me.

"You are free to return to your room now Ms. Black." Madam Pomfrey says with a motherly smile.

"Yes Madam Pomfrey. Thank you." I said smiling up at her appreciatively. I then stand up and with my little group return to my rooms.

"Sorry to scare you." I say solemnly as I turn around to face my group of friends and my brother.

"We're just glad you're okay." Lucius and Lyra say with Sirius,James and remus nodding their heads in agreement.

It's already almost time for classes to start. I think to myself as I tell my group goodnight.

As I lay in my bed I think back to what made me faint. With that last thought in mind I slowly drift off to sleep.

In my dreams I see a man. He's getting closer to me. "Hermione..." he whispers as he begins to fade away.

"Wait! Don't leave me." I yell to him in panic. Now feeling as if I'd die if he left me.

"Go to the girls bathroom on the third floor whisper my name in parceltongue and you will find me..." he tells me, but the words begin to fade along with him.

I jump awake breathing heavily. I look around and I'm in my bed alone. It was just a dream, I tell myself but if it's only just a dream why do I feel this way? I ask myself.

Tomorrow after classes I shall go to the girls bathroom and see if there's any truth to my dream or if it was just that, a dream.

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