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Master Demense
Bellatrix L. & Fleur D. & Harry P. & Luna L. - Words: 29,299 - Rated: M - English - Romance & Tragedy - Chapters: 7 - Reviews: 61 - Updated: 21-07-2018 - Published: 06-03-2018 - by Different Dimension Demon (FFN)

If you asked Albus Dumbledore about regrets he had in his life you would find he would ask you two questions in return. The first one would be obvious to most- doesn't everyone have at least ONE thing they regret? 'A skeleton in your closet that rattles a little too loud and keeps you up if you will' he might quip with a twinkle in his eyes. The second question that follows often made the questioner leave for fear of their skin- is the answer you seek something worth sticking your neck out for so far worth the risk of it being separated from your body? Contrary to popular belief that Albus had no real regrets he was looking at the rapidly approaching island and feeling that emotion crash over him in seismic waves like the water battering the boat.

Azkaban Prison was founded hundreds of years as a way to contain the very dredges of society away from the good folks. Rapists, murderers, the mentally deficient and the handicapped- just a few of the 'dredges' sent to suffer away from the 'respectable' portions of society that had nothing wrong with them. When the British Ministry had a massive influx of problem makers become a problem a deal was struck with the then Lord Azkaban. The prison would switch from a normal 'prison' to a high risk containment facility for the very most violent offenders in exchange for a handsome fee per inmate.

A hard crash jutted Albus from his thoughts as he saw the boat crew tying the moorings. As he and the rest of the visitors were led to rooms were they could speak to their desired inmate a gnawing in the pit of his stomach began to form. It took fifteen minutes for the guards to round up and lead in the half starved and dead figures making the aged wizard visibly age at least another ten years as a guard shoved a boy no more than than fourteen or fifteen down into a booth on the prisoner side of the glass. To say Harry Potter was a sorry sight was an understatement. The last time he or the wizarding world at large had seen the Boy-Who-Lived was three years ago at his trial for the murder trials of Ginerva Weasley, Ronald Billius Weasley and Gilderoy Lockeheart.

"What do you want you sack of shit?" Harry asked with a dark snarl. His cheeks were sunken in, his skin so pale it was almost see through and the veins easily countable against the rags he wore & numerous wounds from guard beatings littered his body, even a seemingly fresh wound spilled blood down his face over what looked to be one blinded eye "Wasn't sentencing an innocent boy to life in Azkaban, snapping his wand and smearing his name as a stain on the Potter bloodline enough for a glory sniffing hound like you? Huh!? Tell me! What fucking more do you want from me?!"

Albus winced expecting this but the combination of it all was much more grim than he expected. Yes Harry had been sentenced to life for the deaths of Ginerva, Ronald and Lockeheart but not for murder. Ateast not when he had been forced to file the charges. The bodies had been found after the Chamber of Secrets had been opened and all the wands in Harrys possession as came barreling out of the chamber screaming at the top of his lungs for help. By the time they had reached the bodies placed where he moved them to be closer to the exit he found the only two survivors were dead. Harry had claimed Ronald and Lockeheart were alive when he bolted for help, unconscious but alive, but the Aurors were not hearing any of it. Ronalds wand held traces of a cutting spell that had wounded Lockeheart and wasn't found in time and bled the professor out while the professors wand held the traces of the oblivatiom charm. Not only had Ronalds mind been completely blanked but the charm had been so strongly cast it literally shut down the boys brain ceasing all brain function and the boy died as his lungs ceased up causing his asphyxiation. "Harry my boy I.."

Shackled hands like corpse arms smashed into the glass making spider web cracks appear. "Don't you dare! I was never your boy! YOU SAW ME AS NOTHING BUT A PAWN IN YOUR WAR WITH VOLDEMORT YOU FAILED TO END THE FIRST TIME AROUND! YOU INDICTED ME A CRAZED MURDER! DON'T EVEN.."

The guard buried a burly hand into Harrys stomach driving the air from his lungs before hauling him off. "You will leave now Chief Warlock and never return to this prison. The warden granted you this courtesy because of whatever reason but do not expect a repeat with our most dangerous inmate" the guard in charge said with a contemptious sneer.

Away from the visitor center Harry sneered before righting himself and dropped the glamour with a wave of his fingers. "Superb acting Bruno, very believable indeed. Now remove my shackles, there is much to do" he said raising his hands. The guard did so with a single response of 'of course Lord Azkaban' and made a complex motion with his wand making the metal manacles drop to the ground. Staring at his reflecting Harry grimaced as he rubbed the black eye shadow from under his eyes away. "Honestly women taking the time to apply makeup is ludicrous. It helps to pull off the charade but it takes forever to put on correctly" he said taking in the rest of his appearance. Well muscled from a strenuous physical workout regiment, longer hair held back in a crude ponytail by strips of gauze bandage and a scar on his face going from his temple down his left cheek midway. 'Merlin be praised the damn shiv didn't cut out my eye or blind me' he thought to himself. "Tell the warden to send the tutor slaves to the exercise yard. I have a feeling Albus Dumbledore had ulterior motive to be here seeking audience with me."

Bruno watched the young lord walk away and shuddered violently. The young man was bloody terrifying and he wasn't yet fifteen years old. 'Then again when he bears the insignia ring of Azkaban, hold the keys to keeping every single Dementor from Kissing us all to death & then running rampant on the world at large and enslaved every single convict here to serve his will no matter their former alliance.. Calling him anything but bloody terrifying is underselling it. By a massive margin' he thought making his way to the wardens office.

Wizengamot Chambers

Albus Dumbledore didn't want to do this but with the way things were going it was a necessary evil. "My lords and ladies of the Wizengamot, many of you know about the disaster at the World Cup. More are perfectly aware of the distaterous affair that was the Tri-Wizard Tournament at Hogwarts last year resulting in the revival of You-Know-Who" he began with a stony expression. The whispers did nothing to fill his confidence as he continued. "It is also my heavy duty to announce that we are responsible for a very egrigous miscarriage of justice."

Allistor Greengrass, the voice of the Neutral Alliance, stood and faced Dumbledore. For a man of forty seven he was fairly good looking man who could pass for his late thirties. Dressed in fine silk robes that made his pale skin, blue eyes and spun golden hair his appearance screamed modern conservative aristocrat. "Just precisely what do you mean by we are responsible for a very egrigous miscarriage of justice Chief Warlock?" he asked.

"New evidence has come into light in the matter of the Harry Potter murder trial." A cocophany of enraged voices raised as one immediately. "SILENCE! I SAID SILIENCE!" he yelled banging the gavel hard enough it broke the head off beaming the head of Arthur Weasley, the newest Noble Lord of the Light Alliance. "I have conferred with the Unspeakables who have done decades of research when it comes to magic of the mind & obscure dark objects of the most taboo order and pored over the evidence with them enough I can recite what I saw & read with perfect clarity every time I close my eyes. Harry Potter pled his innocence at trial the journal punctured by the basilisk fang held a dark magic that brought forth a spectre of a student we know now as You-Know-Who. Harry Potter pled his innocence that he dueled the manifestation trying to save Ginerva Weasleys life." He paused and cast his glance over the rim of his half moon spectacles at the other members of the Wizengamot watching him with hawk sharp eyes. "When he was successful in slaying the shade and the basilisk he tried to find life in Ginerva Weasley but the possession of the shade had killed her. Ronald Weasley and Gilderoy Lockeheart were found dead after Harry found an exit to the Chamber & quite literally came running and yelling at the top of his lungs for help. Mr. Lockeheart bled out from a cutting spell wound that hit a majory artery spotted too late and Mr. Weasley had been hit with an Oblivate that was overpowered it shut his mind down and his lungs had ceased up making his body suffocate" he said rehashing the statements from trial. "The new evidence combined with my time spent poring over the journal in question with the Unspeakables has proved the miscarrisge we committed. We incarcerated an innocent child in Azkaban among the monsters of our society."

"Albus you've gone mad! That monster murdered my son and daughter!" Arthur Weasley shouted in outrage.

"You will hold your tongue or lose it Lord Weasley!" Dumbledore snapped in irritation silencing the whole of the chamber at the violence implied by his response. "Without going into detail about the process of what the diary was the Unspeakables and I figured out precisely what it was. We were horrified about what we had found. To call it a vile piece of magic does not the begin go describe the necessary steps to make what the diary was. Calling it Black Magic is not severe enough. Harry Potter did not kill Ginerva Weasley nor did he kill Gilderoy Lockeheart or Ronald Billius Weasley. The Unspeakables who have spent decades working on the mysteries of magics related to the mind managed to reconstruct the final moments of their lives."

"What happened? What have we done?" asked one of the minor Lords.

"Ronald Billius Weasley was trying fighting off Gilderoy Lockeheart who was intent on Obliviating Harry and Ronald to claim credit for discovering the Chamber of Secrets. Not only discovering it but slaying the basilisk to rake in gloy for himself" Albus said grimly.

The various Lords and Ladies of the chamber looked sick to their stomach, even those of the Dark. They had sent a child, their saviour who beat voldemort, to Azkaban calling his pleas of innocence nothing but lies. Not only was it coming back to haunt them about Harry Potter being innocent but the next topic made them blanch in utter fear. "A full Ministerial pardon has been granted to Harry James Potter along with undisclosed compensation for his unjust arrest and imprisonment in Azkaban for the crimes he was convicted of but did not committ. On top of that" he looked directly at Lucius Malfoy "his criminal record has been expunged to it former pristine condition."

Murmurs passed around the chamber at the news. If Harry Potter wanted pay back for the fiasco of his trial many heads would roll in all three Alliances though the Light and Dark would take the heaviest hits. More than a handful had slandered him and his House throughout the trial & after he had been incarcerated, there would no doubt be reprisals against them. Britian might not have libel laws for the media but slander was a different story when it came to Ancient and Noble Houses like the Potters or the Blacks. The legal actions Harry could take against them could borderline bankrupt most Ancient Houses and outright strip all wealth from Noble Houses down in terms of monetary damage & STILL hold a balance they might seriously consider servitude contracts for members of their house to appease the no doubt beyond enraged teenager.

"On our next big note- Death Eater attacks in the last three years have been growing progressively and progressively worse that times are growing desperate since our esteemed minister" Dumbledore glare darkly at Conrnelius Fudge who was sweating under all the glares from the Light and Neutral Alliance Houses "thinks an underfunded and rapidly shrinking magical population is good for his poll numbers. We have been forced to cut a deal with the devil who has recently come back into the picture. This person has agreed to lend us aid in exchange for a price. Him and his were presumed dead for the longest time due to absence but his appearance, as well as blood verification as the true parchment, may very well save us all. Allow me to introduce to you Lord Azkaban."

Eyes snapped over to the door in shock. Azkaban? As in the same prison guarded by dementors Azkaban? There was no way on earth. The line of Azkaban was long dead and everyone knew it for fact.

"My my, such a... rapt audience I have." A dark chuckle escaped the young mans throat. Dressed in a form fitting three piece suit he cut the quite figure surrounded by the open trench coat placed around his shoulders. Clutched between his hands was a silver cane topped by a warped and demented skull. Skin pale as ivory topped his hands leading up into a face that shocked many. Perhaps it was looking into the cruel malicious eyes of one Harry Potter shocked them so much. Perhaps it was that his unruly mess of black hair was actually tamed though now it was more white than any other color with black streaks hanging in the bangs. "Oh, don't mind my body guards here. They won't attack you unless you try to do something stupid to me" he said carelessly motioning to the two Dementors floating behind him. "Bella, Carlyle."

The two floatings figures covered heads turned to look at their master.

"Kiss the idiots who try to kill or attack. I can't be bothered to draw my new wand to spill blood. After all" Harrys eyes cruelly cut over to Arthur Weasley who shrunk down to hide from sight "that would make me a murderer." He cackled for a moment darkly before he turned to Albus. "So the warden who I had acting in my stead did not receive the full scope of information I know you possess you lying old goat. Tell me everything you know and I'll consider lending the aid of my Dementors."

"Lord Azkaban already-"

"I AM LORD AZKABAN YOU IMBECILE!" Unholy fire danced in Harrys eyes as he glared at the bearded wizard. "Shall I have to dig out the blood and heritage test from Gringotts to ground it into your thick skull? I just bloody fucking told you I had the warden act in my stead to get information on why you need my Dementors. Insult my intelligence and thats strike three." An undignified huff escaped him seeing the members of the chamber look at hi. confused. "Strikes one and two were charging and indicting me to Azkaban of murders I did not committ. Tell. Me. Everything. Or I'll take the combined wealth, secrets to the Dementors, all of the Dementors themselves and artifacts of the Potter, Azkaban AND Slytherin bloodlines out of England to let you deal with your Voldemort problem. BY YOURSELVES! And I could give two dragon shites less who dies if it comes to that!"

Dumbledore grimaced as he saw nearly all of the chambers occuppants, sans the Dark members who were Voldemorts Death Eaters during the first war, shoot him pleading looks. Harry was Lord Azkaban, he had the real deal ring and control of the of Dementors, and if he left they would all die no two ways about it. Talk about a rock and a hard place, he was damned if he said nothing and damned if he did since Harry despised his guts.

Hovering behind Harry as their master was being informed the two Dementors shared matching looks under the cloaked hoods. Bella, the female Dementor formerly Bellatrix LeStrange, turned her head to her master and reached a hand of laying a hand on his shoulder. "The man leaves out important details master" she said, her voice calm and melodious unlike what everyone knew of her mad ranting and ravings. Silently she thanked the conversion process from freeing her from the compulsions and charms her husband, Voldemorts as well from her Dark Mark being gone now, had used on her person that messed her up. "His thoughts are scheming master. Trying to figure out the best way to get you to complete some prophecy involving you master and the dark lord."

Harrys eyes hardened considerably hearing this as he saw Dumbledore pale. "Bella, Carlyle we're leaving. This country can save it self" he said with a sneer. He turned on heel and briskly walked out toward the door ignoring the many cries and pleas for him to stay.

Dumbledore knew if Harry left all was lost. Those Dementors shouldn't have been able to pierce his shields! Now Harry knew, in part, he was still thinking of him as a pawn! "If you leave your mother will truly die!"

Harry stopped on a dime as the chamber went silent. "My mother and father died the night Voldemort attacked my parents home in Godrics Hollow." The words came in a force calm though the anger in the undertone could be heard in the grinding of his teeth. "Unless you lied to me about that as well. Which doesn't surprise me."

"Lily Potter is still alive held in a stasis within the Department of Mysteries. Her sacrifice has linked her survival with your magics close proximity to her own. If you leave the country for us to fight our battle and die in the process you will be the reason your mother died." Albus knew he painting a huge target on himself to be killed by Harry but they NEEDED the Dementors to take care of the Death Eaters. He could worry about the consequences later but he needed to secure the staying of Harry and the Dementors first.

"How do you know this Albus? And what proof do you have to back this up if it is truth? Lying is your forte. Career politicians have practice with it in spades" Harry said icily, his back still to the chambers.

"She is being studied by the-"

A loud crack was heard before Albus Dumbledore fell to the floor nursing a large bleeding head wound. Harry stalked over with both Dementors trying to calm him down feverishly. "Being studied? I'm sorry but I don't think I heared you rigbt. Did you just tell me my mother Lily Potter, genius witch of her age who figured how to fucking help me survive the Killing Curse as an infant, is no more than a coma patient being treated as a lab rat being tested on to cure a disease!?" Harry roared in fury. No one dared approach him as he retrieved his cane and pulled on the head reveal a wicked blade hidden in the shaft. "Tell me where she is Dumbledore and I won't murder you where you lay after I have my Dementors rape your mind for her location."

"You'll go-"

"Back to Azkaban? Back to my own island and prison? Please! I rule the roost there and under the ageeement signed by the minister I am diplomatically immune to laws of this shitty country BECAUSE I AM LORD AZKABAN AND THE KEY TO YOUR SURVIVAL! My one reason right now NOT to kill you is the one you hold hostage, tell me willingly and I won't murder you. Maybe I won't tell the ICW you're committing War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity by allowing human experimentation on an unknowing party that has no way to object or consent to testing- crimes the ICW itself would execute you for. NOW TELL ME WHERE SHE IS!" The gleaming blade cut the thinnest wound letting blood flow slowly.

Cornelius Fudge watched the scene with terror in his soul. He was living on borrowed time and he knew that quite clearly. He had been the most outspoken asshole to not only smear Harrys name but the Ancient and Noble House of Potter in the papers. Perhaps he could run damage control now while the boy was on the edge of murdering Dumbledore. "Harry my good lad I-"

"Silence soon to be ex minister Fudge." Eyes turnes to the second Dementor who had yet to speak. "Our master has done much reading in the weeks since his pardon and rehabilitation" Carlyle said though he snorted internally. Harry had needed no rehabilitation at all but his master was smart enough to know he needed to keep appearances. "Your rash disregard for slander laws against the Ancient and Noble House of Britian is at the very top of our masters list of people who will pay for slandering his name as well as his Ancient and Noble House who has served the British monarchy before the creation of the Ministry. 'Murderer, psycho, sociopath'. Just a few choice words you used to describe the young master. Words many here have used as all well and many much worse. You will all face your dues in time but it will be the fossil who wholds our masters mother hostage first."

Silence reigned as Harry gave the order to Bella to strip Dumbledores mind of all the information regarding the location of his mother. The screams and thrashing under the Dementor magic didn't faze him as he glared impassively at the captive audience. "My decision stands. Fight your own dark lord. Kill him yourself Dumbasadoor. Bella, Carlyle" he turned back twisting the head on the cane making the Dementors cloak glow a crimson color before they flashed blinding everyone but Harry "we're going to retrieve my mother from those neanderthals."

From the floor behind the young man two kneeling figures looked up at Harry drawing startled gasps. A youth restored Bellatrirx LeStrange looked up with something akin to loving respect for the young master who freed from the shackles of her husband and former master. Beside her looking up as respectfully at Harry was the second most vilified wizard in all of Britian Carlyle Sebastian Bachetonne. "Of course master" the two replied simultaneously rising as one following the young lord out ignoring the pleas for him to reconsider.

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