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Girl Power!
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New chapter is up! I'm not sure if the Potters will appear in this one, or the next we'll just have to see. Currently, there are no pairings, since I really don't want to tie her down to anyone. Serena Potter is an independent person, who currenly looks out for herself.

Serena didn't even register when she had enetered her room door, only when she had bumped into her bed did she snap out of her daze. Her family, the ones that had died in car crash-though she knew that was a lie-were alive, and she had a twin brother.

According to the clerk, Daniel Potter had defeated the Dark Lord when he was a year old and seen as a hero. His twin wasn't seen since that night and even the Potters were hardly seen. There were books, but only some and he emphasized that they were fictional.

All her life she thought she was an orphan, alone. That she had no one, but that wasn't the case. Her family had practically abandoned her for her brother's fame.

No, she thought. They were hardly seen themselves and even then, it wasn't Daniel. They probably did it for protection, but why was she separated and they stayed with him. One parent could stay with each child, it was that simply.

There must have been something else. Something she was missing. She would hear what they had to say and then judge them. For her twin however, she had no reason to not get to know him. He had no say in any of this.

Of course she wasn't going to let any of them come out unscathed. She laughed her evil laugh she had perfected. Her cackle as she like to call it. She did, for some unknown reason, like to prank people.

She decided to put that aside for now and look at the new material she acquired from her Archeive. She whistled. There was a lot of things that she could learn and thanks to her Archieve's 'download' feature, she could get all the information in an instant, but she wouldn't.

Doing so, would feel like cheating to her. She had spent years to get where she was. Downloading this new information was cheating and unfair to all the hard work she had done. So she would do things the old fashion way.

The only things she learned immediately was the Ettiqutte books and another called 'The Basic Guide for Muggleborns.'. Apparently, it helped those without a magical background manover their way through Magical Britian and it was pretty useful.

She had learned that there was a bank called Gringotts and it was run by goblins. She would need to go there and see if she could set up an account under her other identity 'Raven Evans', after her raven hair and her mother's maiden name.

Putting that aside for now, she went through everything else, happy to get new material.


Diagon Alley was a very crowded place. Magical yes, but crowded and Serena hated crowded places. She looked through the various stores on her way to Gringotts and decided to check some of them out.

Walking into the bank, she saw two goblin guards in the front. She paid them no attention and walked to the closest teller.

"Hello Master Goblin, I'm a bit new to the magical world. Could you please tell me about your services." she asked politely, making the goblin give her a startled look. No wizard was ever kind as she was to a goblin.

"We at Gringotts proved our regular banking services, as well as inheritance test that show if a person has inherited a certain vault(s). We offer warding and medical treatment and any other information that is needed for the right price. We are sworn to secrecy, if you are worried about information leakage." he explained as slowly as he could for her, but he could tell this human child was quite intelligence just by looking at her eyes.

Serena nodded. That was good, better than that it was great. She could do a lot of things without getting caught by her family.

"Alright then. I'd like to take an inheritence test as well as a full medical check up." she said and he nodded. Yelling for a goblin in his language, she was escorted.

"Thank you Master Goblin. Would you mind telling me your name?" she asked and he gave her what looked like a feral smirk.

"Ripjaw young child and you?"


She waved and then followed the other goblin, who also had a shocked expression. They came upon a door that said 'Inheritence test' and walked inside as her escort left. At the table was another goblin who beckoned her in.

"Hello Master Goblin. My name is Serena and I'm here for an Inheritence test." she said and he nodded.

"It will be 35 galleons." he said and she nodded.

"I have some muggle money that would be exchanged." she said and he accepted. Taking out a paper he passed it in front of her.

"Three drops of blood will be significant." he said and she nodded. Ignoring the blade given to her, she bit her thumb and and dropped it on the paper. It glowed and words started to appear.


Serena Dorea Potter


July 31, 2010 (age 8)

Magical Gifts:

Parsalmouth, Metamorphmagus, Mage Sight, Mage Sense






Black-applicable candidate

Slytherin-right by conquest

Serena and the goblin stared at the paper in front of them. Serena because she had no clue what the vaults meant and the goblin because he knew what the vaults meant.

"Do you mind explaining what 'right by conquest' is?" she asked and that snapped him out of his stupor.

"Call me Ironclaw. It means that you've earned the vault by defeating its previous owner. The Slytherin vaults were own by Voldermort." he explained.

"Wait isn't he like the guy my brother defeated? Isn't he suppose to have taken it?" she asked, puzzled.

"It would seem you're the true defeater of Voldermort and not your twin. Our magic doesn't lie." he said.

They both stared at one another and then laughed. All this time the stupid wizards thought Daniel Potter was the hero when it was his sister. Ironclaw never laughed so hard. It was refreashing really and the girl wasn't stuck up like most wizards.

"Now, for the magical gifts. A parsalmouth is a wizard that can speak to snakes. Its generally seen as something 'dark' by wizards in Magical Britain. In other magical communities however, it is a revered gift that also extends to dragons. A metamorphamagus is a person that can change their appearance at will. Mage Sight is the ability to see magic in its pure and raw form and Mage Sense is the ability to sense magic itself." Ironclaw explained.

Serena nodded. She knew she had these abilities, but not that she could speak to snakes. That was a new one.

"When you said its seen 'dark' in Magical Britain and not the other Magical communities, why is that?" she asked.

"You have to understand Lady Serena that Magical Britain is the laughing stock of the Magical world. The rest of the Magical world has advanced and is in the modern era, but these wizards here simply want to stay in their medieval times. Although its not as advanced as the muggle world, they at least accept new ideas, where as the people here are all about blood purity." he said with disgust and she shook her head.

She had read about the bigotry in Britain. She was considered a half-blood in their eyes, even though the Potters were the oldest line, simply because of who here mother was. It made her wonder how much inbreeding had they done over the years just to keep their lines 'pure'.

"I see. Thank you for your time. Can you direct me to the Slytherin Vaults? And is there an account manager for the account?" she asked.

"There currently isn't any account manager for the Slytherin accounts. We would assign one for you. Are you not going to claim the others?" he asked.

"Oh I will. I was wondering if you'd like to be my account manager? That is if its alright with you." she asked, getting a gobsmack reaction from the goblin.

"Are you sure?" he stuttered.

Being an account manager was one of the highest honours in the goblin nation, especially for the founders. He would practically be royalty if he managed three of the four and the Peverall accounts.

"Of course. You've been most helpful. Will you accept?"

"Thank you for bestowing me with such an honour." he bowed, but she waved him off.

"Don't do that. We're friends now." she grinned. "Now, there are a couple things I need you to do for me."

Gringotts was definitely her favourite place.


By the time she was finished, Serena was defiantly satisfied with their service. Not only was Raven Evans-her alias that had short raven hair and black eyes that was in her twenties-completely foolproof, but she had gotten a passport and driver's license under that name.

Her medical check up had the goblin healers shake their heads. The Durselys earlier tender care was still a problem after all these years, but a quick ritual and she was one healthy wizard. It also removed a soul shard that was embedded in her scar that belonged to Voldemort.

Ironclaw, her new manager for the Gryfindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin and Preveral vaults had advised her to get a house-elf, as it would make things easier for her, especially since she said she was going to travel. He had also given her a list of stores to go to for books.

She had gone through all four vaults and was impressed by the amount of gold they contained. She was sure her fourth generation decendants didn't have to work at all. With the gold were tombs and books, but the ones she loved were the ones in parsalscript.

Contrary to people's belief, parsal magic dealt with healing and protection magic, which oddly reminded her of Wendy's Sky Dragon Slaying magic. Also, spells in parsal magic could only be detected and broken by another parsalmouth, which was amazing in her books.

At the end of her trip in Diagon Alley she had a house-elf, a trunk full of books, wizarding robes, some parchment and quills to practice with a couple other knick-knacks. She was quiet satisfied when she returned home to her bed room.

"This is Mistress's room?" her new house-elf, Flora gasped as she looked around. She knew it wasn't ideal, as she had to change most of the things with magic.

"Is there something wrong? And what did I say?" she added, making the elf blush.

"I is making this better place for you Serena." she added her name shyly.

She didn't know why the witches and wizards treated them as slaves, but the number one rule Serena had told Flora was to call her name and not Mistress. That and she was going to teach the elf how to speak proper English as well as a bunch of other languages. It was easy as she had simply scanned a dictionary in another language and downloaded it to her brain. She'd do the same to Flora soon.

"Really? Then I'll go downstairs and watch some TV while you work your magic." she waved the eager elf goodbye. The Dursleys hadn't returned yet.

Flora smiled at her new Mist-no friend. Serena was a very kind person, kinder than any magical person she had encountered. So she was going to serve her to the best of her ability. Not to mention she was very strong magic wise. Yes, she was very happy with her new Mistress/friend.

Serena got to work in making a plan. Although her parents might have had a reason to leave her here, but that didn't mean she was going to let that go lying down. No way. She was going to see if they truly cared for her, or if it was all an act.

Also, she had finally found a way for her to the weapons she wanted. She wasn't going get full armor like Erza, only the weapons. Ironclaw advised her to go to Japan as they had the best weapon masters and might be lucky enough to be taught by one.

For armour, she decided to wear simply and similar one to the Scarlet Mage, but mix and match it up a bit. Flora had said she knew how to make clothes when she was interviewing her, so that took care of that. Example, once she got her metal bending down, she would wear an attire similar to the Police Force and the Metal Clan.

For the weapon forging, the goblins had apparently been doing so forever. When she had shown them her ideas as well as her drawings-she was good at drawing if she said so herself-they were impress, and asked if they could forge some for themselves, to which she agreed, for a fee of course.

Another thing was Hogwarts. Was she going to go? She wasn't sure. She might, she might not. Only time would tell really and she had plenty.

Right now, she had a plan to make that included preparation, mind magic, and one Rita Skeeter.



That's right ladies and gentlemen! We've heard about the Boy-Who-Lived, but what about his twin sister who no one has heard of? Well this reporter did some digging and found out that she was left on the doorstep on a cold November night with nothing but a letter and blanket. Worst off, she was sent to live with muggles!

Serena Dorea Potter was at first seen as an odd girl, a delinquent by the neighbours but that all changed when she was four. Having won two national championships, the Potter girl has already finished both her primary and secondary education.

The neighbours only had kind things to say about the intelligent girl. Not only was she smart, but polite, king and well-mannered.

When interviewing her guardians-the sister of Lily Potter nee Evans-it seemed like they had quiet a while trying to 'beat the freakishness out of her' as they called it. People of the Magical world, it disgusts me how the poor girl was treated.

Thoroughly abused, not only did they neglect and beat her, the poor girl lived in a cupboard under the stairs! Only recently, when the neighbours started asking questions did they move her to one of their spare bedrooms. They had two ladies and gentlemen. Two!

Petunia Dursely, sister of Lily Potter, had informed me that the young Potter had already left, probably due to the abuse she went through. Not to mention, that the woman didn't even know the Potters were alive!

Has the fame gotten to the Potters head? To the point where they'd abandon their own flesh and blood? Where ever you are Serena Potter, I hope its somewhere for the best.

~Rita Skeeter

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