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Girl Power!
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Without further ado its the new chapter! Enjoy!

Serena looked at her new surroundings in awe. The magic in the air was so rich and rich, so much. She had never felt some much magic in one place. Perhaps she shouldn't have activated her Mage Sight, because her eyes hurt like a bitch!

Shaking her head, she looked at the rest of the people in her compartment-whether they were friends or not she didn't know-until her eyes settled on her brother, her twin. He was giving her this strange look, even when he though she didn't know.

Honestly, she was simply glad he was a stuck up rotten brat. She could work with anything else-except that. Or else she would have thrown him off the train.

Yes, she was serious.

"I don't hate you."

Those simple words seemed to release some unknown tension from Daniel's shoulder. It was quite amusing that he had actually adopted a flight of fight reaction to her. She really had no reason to hate him anyways.

She grinned as she put her arm around his shoulder, steering him to the boat area as the others followed.

"We are going to have so much fun." she said, making the raven haired boy gulp. Perhaps his sister did indeed have their father's love for chaos and mayhem.

"No more than four in a boat!" the large half-giant yelled.

"We'll see you at Hogwarts." Hannah called over her shoulder as she and Susan went into another boat.

"Okay!" Serena waved to them and got into the boat with her twin, his friend and the bushy-haired girl.

"Hey! I'm suppose to go in that boat!" a red head boy screamed at the four that was already in the boat. Daniel groaned and Neville patted his shoulder in sympathy, confusing the two girls.

"Ron just go away. We're already in the boat." Daniel bit out.

"But mate, we're suppose to be together. We're best mates!" the red head-Ron-exclaimed as if it were the end of the world.

"Fanboy?" Serena whispered to the blonde boy who nodded.

"He wants to known as the Boy-Who-Lived's best mate. Daniel hates him really. He's sister is worst." Neville explained and Serena felt pity for her twin.

"We're not best mates Ron, now go to another boat. We're about to leave." the raven haired boy finally managed to shoo the boy away.

"How rude." Hermione sniffed, but was ignored.

The boats began taking them across the water, and she could hear the different conversations around them. She didn't blame them. She was excited too.

Serena tuned out the bushy haired girl's chattering and looked around. There were a lot of students. Some nervous, others excited and others just had arrogance oozing out of them. It made her want to show them their place, but she refrained from doing so. So had an image she had to maintain if she wanted her plan to work.

"So, which house are you guys aiming for?" she asked, wanting to pass the time.

"I'm aiming for Gryffindor. The Headmaster was apart of it and makes it the best house." Hermione said and then added, "I suppose Ravenclaw isn't bad either."

"Neville and I are aiming for Gryffindor too. Our parents were there and our dads would tell us about their time there. It seemed fun." Daniel answered and the brown haired girl nodded.

"Of course you'll go there. You're the Boy-Who-Lived. You'll have to go to the Headmaster's house." she said in a matter of fact tone.

The other three in the boat just looked at her strangely, making her duck her head and blush in embarrassment. In the little time they had known the girl it was obvious she loved authority figures and facts. She also believed she knew more than others. It was wearing them down really.

"Just because he's the Boy-Who-Lived, doesn't mean he has to go to Gryffindor." Neville said quietly, breaking the ice.

"Yeah, that's stereotyping him, which is just plain rude." Serena said bluntly, but then took over, "I was actually thinking about all four houses. They're not bad, but it depends on what you're aiming for. Slytherin is out. I'm not against the house, but you'll automatically be labelled as dark and besides, I'm a half-blood, I won't be welcomed."

The boys nodded in understanding.

"Then there is Hufflepuff, which is alright really. I have nothing against it. But I'm aiming for Ravenclaw or Gryffindor. Ravenclaw because their Head House is a Dueling Champion and wanted to ask for lessons and Gryffindor, because I met these awesome twins that love pranks. We promised to play pranks together if I were sorted into their house." she concluded.

"You must be talking about the Weasley twins. Their Ron's older brothers, but they're much funner to hang out with." Daniel smiled as they talked about random things until they reached the shore.

That was when they hit another set of problems.

"I heard Daniel Potter was going to be at Hogwarts this year. Are you him?"

She recognized him. He was the snobbish son of Lucius Malfoy, another snobbish person, but at least he did it in style. His son-well he was a disappointment. She vaguely remembered him coming to her compartment before she began paying attention to their conversation.

"I am Draco Malfoy. You'll be wise to make friends with the right sort, I can help you with that." the blonde stuck out his hand.

There was a snort.

They turned to the red head from earlier-how the hell did he get there so fast?!-who had a look of distaste as he looked at the blonde.

"Think my name is funny do you? Lets see red hair, freckles, cloth rags-you must be a Weasley. Already hanging around with rift raft Potter?" Draco sneered.

"Ha, as if my best mate-"

"I don't hang out with him. He's an annoyance that I simply can't get rid of." Daniel began coldly, making Malfoy smirk and Weasley gape in horror. "Besides, its not like you're any better."

His smirk was wiped off.

"First off you completely ignored my companions, both who are either an Heir or Heiress to an Ancient House and snubbed Miss Granger with your ignorance. I would have expected more from you Heir Malfoy." he explained coolly, making the blonde gulp and step back a bit.

Serena couldn't imagine what she had heard come out of her twin's mouth. Daniel as surely nothing what she expected and she could tell that others felt the same way-except Neville of course. The guy seemed to hold back his laughter.

If she were him, she'd just laugh.

But then that was her.

She looked at the great double doors that would lead them to the inside of Hogwarts. She could barely hold in her excitement and wonder what took their guide so long. Suddenly, she saw someone in the crowd that made her squeal loudly, drawing attention to her.

"Serena are you-" Hermione began but she ran past the girl and flung herself at the boy, who thankfully caught her.

"Really now you could have gotten hurt mi amore." he said smoothly.

"Blaise, it so good to see you again! I thought you were going to Drumstrung?" she said, taking a good look at the dark boy and then hugging him again, making him laugh.

"Um, Serena?"

Said girl looked up and noticed that her brother had called out to her, even though everyone was looking at them. She grinned, not really caring about the attention, but glad her friend was here.

"Blaise, these are Daniel Potter, Neville Longbottom, Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy. Guys this is my friend Blaise Zabini." she introduced them.

"He's a slimy snake!" the red head annoyance screamed, pointing a finger at the boy. Serena rolled her eyes.

"Who is this?" Blaise raised an eyebrow.

"No one important." she waved him off, much to the red head's ire. "Anyways, I'm so glad your here. Hogwarts is going to be so much better now."

"Well it was actually Draco's mother that convinced her." Blaise smirked at her flabbergasted look.

"You guys know each other?" she pointed between the two.

"Since we were kids." he confirmed.

"How do you know him?" the blonde asked, the others also curious.

"We met when I was in Italy two years ago. His mum is amazing and became my new role model. She is so badass it isn't even funny." the others stepped back at her obvious fan-girl mode and Blaise sighed.

"You do not want to be near them when they get together. Ever." he emphasized, making them wonder what exactly had happened that made the poor boy traumatized.

Of course someone couldn't just keep their mouth shut-even after being humiliated repeatedly.

"She's just a murderer! Everyone knows that. Mate you don't want to hang out with these guys. Lets go." the ever known annoyance yelled loudly and reached to grab Daniel's arm-only to be cut off last minute by a furious raven haired female.

"Hey Weasel was it?-

"Its Weasley!"

"-You think you're something special? All I see is an insecure little boy who wants to ride the fame bus with my brother. A lazy ass that could never amount to anything." and then in one sudden movement, she kicked him right between the legs.


He fell down, howling in pain as he held his family jewels. All the boys watching held their on as well, some even feeling sorry for the boy.

"Say some nonsense shit like that again and I'll make sure you'll lose it. Permanently." she snarled and he whimpered.

The great doors opened and out came a no nonsense teacher. She looked at the scene and then began her speech, which was tuned out as Serena tried to simmer her anger. She felt a comforting hand slip through hers and smiled at the Italian boy, squeezing back in thanks.

She had met Blaise in Italy when she was nine. He seemed to have been wandering and lost track of time, only to be corner by some low life thugs. Thank Merlin she was there, for she didn't know what would have happened to the poor boy. He was impressed by her magic-for she knew he already had magic, having sensed it-and she began telling him how she had gotten it, when his frantic mother came in, worried to what had happened to her son. He told her and Lady Victoria Zabini was forever grateful towards her.

They invited her to their manor for the night, which she had accepted and she could tell she had impress them both with her magic and its knowledge. She had downloaded the knowledge of Archive Magic into Victoria's mind, leaving her to bring it out on her own, much to the woman's happiness. She stayed with them for a week and was shown the best sites in Italy. When she was leaving, she had given them her number-after giving them the rune she had for they never shunned muggle inventions-and they bid on happy terms. They still talked from time to time, but Serena was disappointed to here that Blaise was going to Drumstrung. Now though it seemed like the case and was happy that he was here.

She knew the rumors of the Black Widow. Lady Zabini herself explained to her that all the husbands that died had simply broken a clause in the marriage contract-that they would never hurt her. Many had tried to get her money, for her first husband and Blaise's father was extremely rich before he died in an attack, and adding into her fortune it was a lot. Those men wanted it-mostly rivals from her first husband so tried to marry her. She always but the clause there-in a very Slytherin way of course-and they would later died. It wasn't her fault at all. It was why she looked up to the woman.

"Hannah Abbot!"

Serena snapped out of her thoughts as she heard the name of one of the girls she had gotten to know on the compartment. They locked eyes and she gave her a wave and a smile which she returned shyly.


She applauded along with everyone else.

"Susan Bones."

"You're going to Slytherin right?" she whispered to Blaise as she smiled and cheered for Susan.

"Naturally. You?"

"You know my plan Blaise. There is only one place I can go to for it to work." she said dryly, clapping for the sorting. The Italian sighed.

"I know. I wish you'd go into Slytherin. A lot of these people from Slytherin houses act like Gryffindors that it isn't even funny." he deadpanned, making her giggle.

"Daniel Potter!"

Serena couldn't help but roll her eyes at all the whispering and gawking at her brother. They kept acting like he was a monkey in a zoo that needed to be pointed at and watched. It was quite rude and sad really. She gave her brother a smile, which he returned with a grin before his face was covered. Her eyes swept at the long table and recognized the man she spoke to the other day.

"Who's that?" she asked.

"That's the Potion Professor Severus Snape." Blaise answered and the shook must have been visible to her face because the man looked at her and smirked. She groaned as she covered her face with her hands.

Blaise looked at her in concern.

"Serena? Are you alright?" he asked.

"I've been humiliated. Just kill me now." she moaned out in defeated, making him snicker.

"Serena Potter"

This was it. She took a deep breath and walked up to the stool confidently. She heard gasped and whispers, but paid no heed to them. She looked at the no nonsense professor-she really needed to learn the woman's name-who also looked shocked and simply sat on the stool , jamming the hat on her head. She could see people's shock, she could see the red head and blonde pounce's look of realization, for they didn't know who she was and then darkness.

"Well, don't you have quite the mind here Miss Potter." a voice ran through her head.

"You're the hat aren't you?" she questioned.

"Yes I am. With this kind of mind, you'd do well in Slytherin-"

"Don't you dare! I've worked far too hard for you to undo everything. You can see everything, meaning you know which house I want to go to." she snarled.

"Yes, yes. I know. You want to protect your brother from Dumbledore's schemes. I must applaud you. Many don't see through his grandfatherly mask, yet you have at such a young age too." he said.

"A lot of things-wait are you going to tell him?" she asked suspiciously.

"Even if I wanted to-which I don't really do-I couldn't as I've been spelled to never tell anyone what I see." he confirmed and she relaxed.

"There are a lot of things that don't add up. I need to get answers and I'll only get them if I play my part." she said.

"Ah yes, the happy cheerful girl that everyone would love. I'm surprised no one but Lady Zabini had found out that hidden under your mask is a cold and ruthless girl. But then again, Victoria was like you when she was younger too." he said.

"No one will suspect a loud cheerful idiot. Is there anything you can warn me about the Headmaster before you sort me. People are getting suspicious." she asked.

"Yes. He's set up a test for your brother. You'll find out about it by the end of the feast. Good luck. It'll be entertaining at least to see a snake within a lion's den...Gryffindor!"

Serena got off and looked directly at the Headmaster, who smiled at her and she smiled back. They were worried what took so long and she couldn't have them suspicious of her. She looked at the table of gold and red and jumped on the table, silencing many,

"Gryffindor! Can I get a holler!" she exclaimed at the top of her voice, making them all scream in approval.

She could see the no nonsense professor was frowning but looked amused as did a couple other teachers. The Headmaster was chuckling and she relaxed as she was congratulated by many of her new house mates.

'Let the games begin.'

That's the new chapter. Hope you enjoy the little twist! And no, she isn't evil if that's what many of you are thinking.

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