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Hyacinth Potter was a very happy go lucky easy-going girl. It was a challenge for people to see through the sweet mask to the horrors she lived with. Most who grew up as she did would not have kept the happy going outlook. In some ways she did not either. She was good at faking it, but she was also just a very happy person who trusted everyone and always wore a bright smile. She very rarely lost that smile even during her uncle's punishments. The Dursleys found it unnatural but it was just the way she was.

Which is why those who had met her would be surprised when she was sorted. The people who met her on the train especially. She was kind and encouraging, smiling joking laughing...nothing that was often placed within the Slytherin house. Nothing that people expected when they looked at the house of green.

So, when she stepped forward and the hat practically screamed Slytherin they were shocked. The girl who lived a Slytherin. Hyacinth Potter a Slytherin. The happy bright girl a Slytherin. She however never lost her smile even when people were too shocked to clap. She just continued grinning happily as everyone was sorted. Not the least fazed by her unexpected sorting.

She entered the dark and dreary common room happily, giving some of the students a excited wave as she greeted them.

Her happiness irritated many of them especially as they got informed on how to properly act like a Slytherin. She kept her bright smile and just grinned at them all, talking happily. A child of the death eaters was the first to make the mistake of commenting that he would wipe that smile off of her face.

She turned to him, the smile never leaving her face though it had taken a slightly more menacing turn. "Oh really, why would you do a thing like that?"

Nearly the entire common room went silent looking in their direction. Some shook their heads knowing the half blood girl stood no chance. Others just grinned waiting for the bloodshed to begin. "You're a filthy half blood, you don't belong in the Slytherin house."

She blinked at him as he stood over her menacingly. She however wasn't the least fazed. "I belong wherever I think I belong. You're not very should be nicer."

Everyone shared looks thinking she was insane. She had just told one of the scariest Slytherins in the school he should be nice. "Oh, should I blood traitor. Why don't me and you go have a talk."

She grabbed him by the tie pulling him into the closet. "Poor kid," someone muttered.

It was silent for a good length of time. Everyone just looked towards the door. Finally it opened and the new first year Slytherin skipped out happily. Everyone waited for Marcus Flint to come out only he did not. "That was fun..." she said grinning "This is going to be a lot of fun. We are all going to be such good friends."

Some of Flints year mates investigated the closet horrified. Everyone had expected the first year to come out crying so they didn't know what to think when she exited the room with a bright grin. "Whatever you say Potter," one of the ones who looked in at their friend said having lost all color in his face when he saw a blubbering Marcus Flint in the corner of the closet, tears streaming down his face, "Whatever the hell you say..."

"I can't wait to see our room," She said skipping to the first-year girls. "Shell, we go see which beds are ours. This is exciting."

"Al…alright," Daphne said speaking up. "Let's go see our room."

Hyacinth clapped happily. "Brilliant."

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