Harry Snape: The Golden Snake
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Harry Snape: The Golden Snake

Chapter One: Shopping in Diagon Alley

Harry Snape was an ordinary boy. ordinary wizard boy. He didn't have parents since they had been killed by a dark wizard named , he didn't mind, since he had been adopted by a man named Severus Snape who was his godfather. The event had given the boy a lightning-shaped scar on his forehead, for some reason, and it was the only thing (besides his large, round glasses), that made him abnormal; but nobody seemed to mind too much. In fact, he was quite famous.

They were so much alike, at times Harry thought he was his father.

The two looked very similar, too. Harry had jet black hair, just like him, a long nose (again, like Severus), and they even shared a spindly frame. Severus had told him he was indeed, not his father, but Harry always hoped that it was a lie, and Severus was his true father.

The two were in Diagon Alley at the moment, doing their usual bi-weekly Thursday shopping. Harry had been very excited to go, as the new school year for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was about to begin, and many children his own age were piling into the alley like ants wandering back to their home.

"Please go to the Apothecary for me and acquire some Gillyweed, Harry. I'm running low and I need some for the new school year." His godfather instructed kindly, smiling down at him.

Harry nodded stoutly and went off to his chore, smiling back at Severus as he did so.

He knew Diagon Alley by heart now and had learned very quickly to only go into the shops he needed to go to, or else be tempted by the shop's many magical items and tempting displays.

The Apothecary was always practically empty on weekdays, with only a few witches and wizards inside; on a good day. Today there was a couple and their young son inside, looking at some of the displays.

Harry had never met these people before, but they looked a bit fimallair.

The man was tall and very fair, with silvery-blonde hair and a steely expression, even though he didn't seem angry. The woman was fair too, and her hair was almost blonder than her husbands was, but it had streaks of white throughout it.

The son looked about the same age as Harry, and looked almost identical to his father, but had a bit of a longer face, like his mother. His eyes were a bright blue and looked at him curiously as he walked by them.

"Father, who is that?" The boy asked in a whisper, just loud enough for Harry to hear.

The man looked at Harry up and down and his eyes widened slightly. He smiled tightly at him and nodded at Harry, who smiled back.

"Hello. I'm Harry. Harry Snape." He greeted amiably, reaching for a handshake for the boy.

The boy looked at him skeptically, but gave him his hand anyways and they shook, the silver-haired boy smiling now. Severus had always taught Harry to be polite to people who knew of him.

"I am Draco Malfoy." Draco said proudly.

Harry nodded again. "It's very nice to meet you." He said.

He could've sworn he had met this boy before. It was just there, on the brink of his mind.

Draco's parents looked pleased. "What a well mannered young lad. What a pleasure it is to meet you." Draco's father drawled out.

"The pleasure's mine, ." He said with a smile.

The wife smiled admiringly at him.

"I believe we have seen each other before...if I'm not mistaken?" Mrs. Malfoy asked curiously.

Harry thought about this for a moment. Perhaps it was at that one Christmas Party at one of Severus' friends' house. He had been too young to remember who had hosted it.

"I think so...I haven't the best memory, though." Harry said, mumbling the last part.

Draco laughed a little.

"Harry! I remember you, you were at one of our Christmas Parties we had when I was little, and we played together, remember?" Draco prompted, finally remembering where he had seen the darker haired boy.

This set a light-bulb off in Harry's mind. "Oh yes! Draco! I'm so glad to see you!" He exclaimed.

He hugged Draco, and the other boy looked shocked, but then happy. He smiled and hugged him back.

Harry beamed back as Draco released him. Draco looked at his parents questioningly and asked, "father, is it alright if I do the rest of my school shopping with Harry? I'd like to catch up."

His parents both smiled, Lucius' being smaller than Narssica's.

"You may." Lucius replied, still smiling thinly.

"Thank you!" Harry replied and Draco nodded. "Yes, thank you father." He parroted.

Harry and Draco looked around the Apothecary for a while more, and Lucius and Narcissa left them, before Harry remembered he was asked to grab some Gillyweed for his godfather.

"Oh no! I almost forgot the Gillyweed!" He gasped.

He rushed over to the counter where he knew the item was and grabbed the large bottle. Harry always thought Gillyweed was kind of gross, it was swimming in some sort of green liquid and it looked like dead seaweed.

"What? Why do you need it? For Severus?" Draco asked curiously.

Harry nodded. "Yeah, he says we're running low." He explained. Draco nodded back.

"I was confused for a moment. We don't need Gillyweed for our first year...That's in our second years list though." He said with a smirk as Harry paid for the item.

"Thank you very much, ." The Apocherary's merchant said.

He grinned, taking his change. "You're welcome...Hey, I was you have any items for first years? I might as well stock up now, since I'm here." He thought, feeling quite clever for doing so.

The shopkeep smiled again and nodded.

"Of course, young sir, it's all in on the display over there." He said, showing Harry the display he mentioned.

"Thanks." Harry replied.

He grabbed what he needed and Draco did the same. The two smiled at each other as they paid.

After giving the Gillyweed to Severus, and getting the okay to go shopping with Draco, the two rushed off on their way happily.

Draco and Harry chatted pretty much the whole walk down the long alley towards the stores they were going to.

"I suppose you'll be the best at potions then...Since you live with the potions master, after all." Draco said with a smirk, sounding slightly jealous.

Harry smirked a little.

"I hope so. Sev has tutored me in potions and I feel pretty confident about it. Of course, he also taught me all about the other subjects too." He explained.

Draco nodded and said nothing. He looked very impressed though.

"With that attitude, I'm sure you'll get Slytherin with me. I'm pretty much guaranteed to get in. What, with my family and all." He reassured him confidently, a somewhat smug expression on his face.

"Isn't Severus the Head of Slytherin House?" Draco asked.

Harry nodded happily.

"I guess I'm basically in the house already!" He said with a laugh.

Draco laughed too.

They made their way to Madame Malkins Robes for All Occasions robe shop.

Draco had said he still needed to buy his robes for school.

The Alley was getting a little busier now, and more families were making their way into the stores. Harry could see a big family, all with shockingly bright red hair and ratty looking clothes standing near the shop.

"Ugh, it's the Weasels." Draco sneered in a whisper to Harry.

Harry nodded slightly. He didn't know the Weasleys, but Severus had told him all about the twins, Fred and George Weasley, and their incessant, very annoying pranks in his classes and otherwise.

He didn't know the Weasleys, but Severus had told him all about the twins, Fred and George Weasley, and they're incessant, very annoying pranks in his classes and otherwise.

"I heard the twins are a royal nuisance." Harry mumbled back, rolling his eyes.

"They pull so many pranks, they blow up their potions half the time, and get so many detentions, it's amazing they're still in Hogwarts." He gossiped.

Draco nodded in agreement, sneering at the family with Harry.

The mum walked by them then, and seemed to hear Harry's gossiping. She scowled a little at him and pulled her only daughter closer to her

The two decided to stop staring at the Weasleys and went inside Madame Malkins. Draco smiled at him.

"I'll wait here, you can get yours first since your smaller than I am, it won't take as long." He explained wisely.

Harry agreed silently, smiling at Draco. That made sense.

He walked up to Madame Malkin and she smiled softly at him a little.

"Hello there, young lad. I've been very excited to make your acquaintance." She said kindly.

Harry smiled back as she shook his hand politely. "Thank you." He replied.

"Here to get some robes?" She asked casually, "off to Hogwarts this year?" She questioned.

Harry nodded. "Yes, I'm looking forward to going. Me and my friend Draco are getting our school supplies today." He explained.

Madam Malkin didn't looked surprised at all at the realisation that Harry and were friends, considering their parents and Harry's guardian.

"Oh yes. How nice." She replied, smiling brightly.

She noticed Draco and waved cheerily to him, he waved back and kept looking at the Quidditch robes.

"Alright then, If you'll follow me." She motioned to the dressing rooms and Harry nodded, going with her.

Their fittings had gone on swimmingly.

Draco had insisted on getting green trimmed Hogwarts robes, but Madame Malkin told him it was against the rules; and she gave them both plain robes.

"Such a disappointment. I'd rather just skip the sorting altogether, since I know for a fact I'll get Slytherin." He mumbled sadly.

Harry laughed a little at his friend's expression. Draco shoved him, but smirked a little.

Draco looked a little miffed, but after going towards the broom store; he perked up. The two boys rushed over to the store's large broom display with a bunch of other noticed a couple of red-headed Weasleys in the crowd and avoided them.

"Wow!" Harry gasped in awe.

The broom was gorgeous. It was a sleek, deep brown oak broom with dark bristles and silver claps on the ends, keeping the broom's dark bristles in a nice, neat, straight cone.

"It's the newest racing broom! The Nimbus Two Thousand!" A boy's excited voice exclaimed as the two walked closer to the display.

Harry wished more than anything that he had his own broomstick. He loved Quidditch. His dream was to be play on an official team one day, he didn't care which one. Heck, he'd even settle for Scotland, if he had too.

"I wish my father would buy me a broomstick." Draco said softly.

Harry nodded, looking dreamily distracted. He hoped one day he'd be able to buy his own, or Severus would buy him one. He had told his adoptive father figure for years how much he wanted one.

"It's too bad first years aren't allowed broomsticks." Harry mumbled in disappointment as they left the display.

Draco nodded glumly. "Ah well, maybe we should buy something to cheer us up?" he asked, hopefully.

Harry grinned. Draco had quite the sweet-tooth and he pointed to Florence's. Harry laughed. He knew that was coming.

"Of course!" Harry exclaimed.

Severus met the two boys at Florence's ice-cream shoppe. He had a sneaky suspicion the two would be there after they had finished most of their shopping, and indeed, they were.

Harry was happily licking a rather large half-and-half ice cream and Severus smiled a little.

"Always one for a snack, eh Harry?" Snape asked, chuckling a little.

Harry grinned and waved at him as he ate. Draco beamed at Severus who sat down with them.

"Hullo, Uncle Snape!" Draco greeted cheerfully.

Snape smiled and nodded as a greeting at his step-nephew. He sat down on one of the stools and smiled a small smile at Harry again, who smiled back.

"Thank you for the Gillyweed, Harry. I didn't get the chance to thank you before you rushed off with Draco." He explained.

Harry grinned. He had felt a little bad for just rushing off like that, but apparently Severus didn't seem too annoyed with him.

"Sorry, Sev. You're welcome. It was pretty easy to find." He said, after a rather large lick of his ice-cream.

"It's alright." Severus replied, pretty much voicing Harry's thoughts of him not being angry or annoyed. "I've noticed you've gotten all your shopping done." He said, nodding towards the boys' large, overflowing bags.

Draco nodded, "yeah, we even got our robes." He said.

Severus smiled. "Very good, Draco your parents told me to let you know to meet them at Flourish and Blotts in a while. Harry, you and I can go get your birthday present if you'd like." He said.

Draco nodded and smiled at Harry who looked very excited at this.

Harry gasped, "wow! Really!? Yes, I'd like that very much!" Harry exclaimed.

Deep inside, Harry hoped he would get a broomstick, but he knew Severus would never bend the rules just for him. So he decided to ask for sweets instead.

"Very well." Snape drawled. "We shall leave shortly then." He said.

Harry nodded and the three of them talked until they finished their ice creams and parted ways.

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