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How to Break a Soulbond

Harry had never felt more secure than in their arms. Draco Malfoy and Severus Snape were his mates and he loved every second of it. That he was the Submissive in their relationship didn't bother him that much since Draco Malfoy could be counted as a Submissive one as well. He was a Beta, would one say. He toped Harry and Bottomed Severus, who only played the Dominant part.

But still, Harry loved the both of them.

It had come as a shock when he found out that he had two Soulmates. He had disliked it the moment he found his Soulmates and tried to find anything on how to break a Soulbond and, even though he had been successful in finding a ritual that would block his link to his soulmates and let him have a different partner, a different lover, he had still tried out a relationship with the Slytherins.

He was glad that neither of them had known about the ritual and still didn't know about it. They were the same opinion as all the other witches and wizards that came from pureblood families, some Muggleborns too, though, that a Soulbond was unbreakable.

Harry snorted at that thought. He was sure that if they had known about it, they would have had done the ritual immediately.

Smiling softly, Harry looked down at the meal he had finished, waiting for his two soulmates to arrive after they had finished their work. Severus was still a teacher at Hogwarts, still a Potion Master and one of the best in the whole of Europe. Draco, not surprisingly, was working in the Ministry as the undersecretary of Minister Shacklebolt.

Harry had started working this week as well. His two mates had asked him to try it out, to work somewhere and do something with his free time and Harry had given in after some time. Now he was working in the Muggle-World as a florist and a part-time cook in a five-star hotel. Thanks to his previous life, he was perfectly capable of doing both things, just as he was good in cleaning, though the house elves were the ones which looked after their house in Godric's Hollow. Why Severus had wanted to live there, he didn't know and didn't want to know about it either way.

" Harry, your shift will be ending soon. Do you plan to do this fine evening? ", asked Lucinda, his boss, as Harry was rearranging white roses that had came with the evening delivery. Delivered to Lucinda's flower shop were always made in the evening, strangely.

Her reasoning was that she had more time to prepare for the next day that just being hurried to arrange her flowers in the morning before the first customer came.

Harry grinned at her question: " Of course I do, lovely Lucy. I plan to surprise my boyfriends today. I have everything I need to surprise them big time! "

Lucy, as Harry called Lucinda, smiled knowingly: " Something along the line of more freedom for them? "

Even though Draco and Severus had been pardoned in their trial, they were still watched strictly. Every step out of line was met with disapproval and angry faces. It had been the thing Shacklebolt demanded when he had freed them and they had agreed. Everything was better than to be for ten years or more in Azkaban for the crimes they committed.

Harry's smile got brighter and Lucy knew that she was right. She was a Witch, just like Harry. A Half-Blood that had fled the wizarding world in Harry's first year and went into hiding. After Harry defeated Voldemort for good and things started to calm down, she opened her own shop and, with a little bit of magic, was now one of the best sellers in London.

" If you want to, you can go now. Though that will mean more hours of work for you tomorrow! "

Harry nodded thankfully at his boss and friend, said goodbye and left early. He had now more time with his bonded and loved people...

He couldn't wait to see their happy faces when the Aurors at their door were gone, thanks to him. Tomorrow it would be all over the papers that Harry supported them and that they had played a huge part in the war last year which made it possible for him to defeat Voldemort.

The public would stop of being hateful around the both of them and life would be easier.

Smiling once again, Harry apparated to Godric's Hollow, opened the door and was surprised to find both of his mates already home. They had said that they were coming home late in the evening...

But he had said the same thing before going earlier. Maybe they did the same thing?

Taking out the written statement of the Minister with their signature, Harry happily walked into the living-room, only to step at the noises that were coming out of the room.

He heard Draco moan.

Severus panting.

Flesh hitting flesh.

Harry looked into the mirror that hung in the hall and watched surprised at his face that had a look of hurt in their eyes. He squashed it immediately, both of them had the right to only shack themselves if they wanted-

" Finally... without... Potter. ", moaned Draco and Severus grunt of approval at Draco's words brought back the hurt feelings. It hurt more hearing Draco saying his surname and not his name...

A cry told Harry that both of them were finished with their business and he was ready to slowly creep away when the both of them started to talk again.

" Yes, it had been a surprise to find out that he is our mate. Life would have been better without him ", snarled Severus, no, Snape.

" But you must admit, having him in bed had been rather good ", said Snape after lying down beside Malfoy.

" It was. He is such an annoying brat! He was always here when we wanted to have some time alone. It's good that we have vacation now and he can scarce himself in this Muggle-Shop of his! ", mumbled Snape.

Every word they said was like a needle pierced into his heart. Hurtful. They didn't want him, never wanted him and had just played him like a violin waiting to be tuned. Seeing himself in the mirror, he watched as tears appeared and made their way down his cheeks.

They never wanted him.

It hurt. He had loved them, gave them his virginity... He had given them so much! And what got he back? Their scorn, their hate.

Walking slowly and as quietly as possible into the kitchen, Harry laid the documents down, took his wand and used wordlessly a spell to summon all his things. He was leaving. They didn't want him, so he wasn't going to intrude on them.

His trunk came flying to him and with hurried steps, he was out of the house and apparated away, just as Severus Snape and Draco Malfoy looked out of the window to hear where the apparating had come from. The only thing they saw was the robe. A green robe that Draco had once given to Harry Potter...

Horror was seen on his face when he realised that Harry had heard every word. Severus didn't look better.

" We need to find him and explain it to him! He doesn't know that our feelings changed! We still may not love him but we surely will! ", said Draco, running to his room and changing his clothes. Severus Snape sat quietly for some time, not knowing what to do.

" And where will you search him? ", asked Snape and Draco faltered when he came back down.

" The Weasleys? ", he asked unsurely.

Harry appeared in a landscape that he had visited many times. He walked out of the dark alley, down some roads and found himself before Lucinda's flower shop. With hurried steps he opened the door, hearing the familiar ring.

" Sorry, but we are closed! ", he heard Lucy say and she walked out of the storage room, only to stop when she spotted him.

" Harry! What happened!? ", she took his trunk, closed the door and whisked him away to the top of her shop where she lived.

" I... I don't want to talk about it. Can I live here for some time? Not long, only until I found a new house to live in. "

" Oh, Harry. Of course, you can live here as long as you need. "

" Thank you ", mumbled Harry, washing away his tears.

" I'll bring us hot cocoa and then we can talk. Or read something. Maybe go out and watch a movie? ", came her suggestion and Harry smiled.

" That would be lovely ", Harry said, smiling thankfully up at her, new tears forming in his eyes.

Three weeks later, Harry felt better than before. He could now smile more often and worked longer with Lucinda in her shop. He knew that his Soulmates were searching for him, though he did not want to confront them ever again. And so, with the plan of breaking the bond, Harry went to Diagon Alley disguised as a commoner. His long hair covered his scar better than before, his eyes were now a dark brown and he wore clothes as if he was Muggle-born... Which he was, of course.

" Hey, Harry ", greeted George Weasley him with a smile on his handsome face.

" I need to talk to you ", mumbled Harry quietly and George nodded.

" Lee, will you please look out for the store? I need to do something! ", called George to his friend Lee who was working part-time in the shop since Fred Weasley, twin brother of George Weasley, died at the final battle.

Lee gave George a thumbs up and went his normal way... Whatever he did in a shop selling joke articles.

Following the Weasley, Harry found himself in the back shop where George waved his wand and put on a strong privacy charm.

" So, with what can I help you? ", asked the redhead.

" Do you know how to break a bond? ", was the first thing Harry asked George after 5 minutes of silence.

" I do. A bond breaks when one of the Bonded dies. "

Harry saw the pain flash through George's eyes. A pain that he himself had felt the last three weeks... And was still feeling, though their reasoning was different.

" There is a different way on how to break a bond. A ritual. "

" You want to break the bond that holds you, Snape and Malfoy together, don't you? "

" I do. "

" It will probably be painful. It will feel like someone grabbed your hurt and was trying to pull it out with brute force. It's more painful than the Cruciatus will ever be ", warned George.

" I- I know. "

" So? What do you need me for? "

Harry tried to read George before he laid down his offer, or request since he wouldn't give George anything of him...: " To break a bond I need to interact sexually with someone in the ritual. The ritual needs the blond of my previous soulmates and mine... "

" You want me to get the blood of Snape and Malfoy? ", asked George, already planning on how to achieve it.

" I.. I want for you to be my partner. The ritual will break the previous bond and establish a new one... With the one I interact sexually... "

George looked up in surprise, his eyes wandering up and down of Harry's form.

" I will think over it. Give me three days and you will know my answer ", said George before leaving Harry alone in the room. Harry sighed. Well, it could have been worse...

Three days later George found himself before Harry once again, accepting his request and taking on the new role of being the Soulmate of Harry Potter. When the next full moon rose, there would be no Soulbond between Severus Snape and Harry Potter, neither will be there one between Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter. There will be one with George Weasley and Harry couldn't have been happier with the outcome.

Both of them were sure that, with time, they will come over their hurt of losing someone and love each other dearly.