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Heidi Lily Potter: Book Seven
None - Words: 40,964 - Rated: T - English - Adventure & Drama - Chapters: 20 - Reviews: 9 - Updated: 25-07-2018 - Published: 21-03-2018 - Complete - by LacytheRomanWerewolf (FFN)

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Lacy here kids with the prologue for Heidi Book Seven. It's the final book, so let's start with the recap! Here we go:

Heidi Lily Potter is Harry Potter's younger sister by a year. As easily guessed by that one sentence, her life is anything but easy. She and her brother are being raised and cared for by Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks Lupin. Harry's first year we watched as Heidi dealt with her brother going through his first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Heidi's year was by no means a cake walk since she was living at the school along with their guardians as Sirius was one of the teachers. And it seemed every time Heidi helped her brother do something that was against the rules, she got in trouble.

Book two was Heidi's first year. We watched her get sorted into Ravenclaw, Sirius's reaction was humorous, we also saw Lockhart be, well, Lockhart. Sirius was right, the wall paper would have done better. We saw her deal with the school being attacked by an unseen force and her brother being blamed. Yeah, that worked her temper.

Book three we saw more problems for the kids. Pettigrew and Bellatrix had broken out of Azkaban and were after the kids, dementors, which had a great negative effect on the Potter kids, were stationed around the school and Sirius was in full freak out, over protective mode. The only upside to their year was Remus being their Defense teacher.

Book four, well we had the Quidditch World Cup, the Triwizard Tournament, Mad-Eye Moody as a Defense teacher, dragons, the Black Lake and a maze beyond any nightmare you can imagine. As for personal stuff, Harry got his first girlfriend while Heidi gave Seamus the answer he'd been waiting for all summer and while Harry had nightmares about Voldemort, Heidi was still fighting off her own nightmares about her torture at the hands of Bellatrix from the year before.

Book five, yeah, that was a blast, (watch the sarcasm drip from the word). We had Umbridge, *pauses while readers and writer shudder* Dumbledore's Army, trouble with Quidditch, trouble with relationships, mainly Heidi's and another show down with Voldemort. Yeah, we're all enjoyed THAT one. And to answer the question I've been asked several times over the course of Heidi, no I did not kill Sirius. My manager would kill me, I'd kill me, you guys would. It would be a big killing fest that would make it impossible for the rest of Heidi to be completed and posted. Plus, save the murder for next book. *coughs* You'll need it.

Book six was Heidi's dark year. This was where you had so many rights to murder me, I offered to hand out my address. This book saw Heidi losing all faith in Dumbledore, and for one simple reason; his mission for Remus involving Greyback's pack. Yeah, that didn't sit well with her. On top of that, Snape was suddenly DADA teacher, an old teacher was back to take over Potions, and Heidi was not a fan of his playing favorites, and Draco was acting even more squirrel-y then normal. After that, the usual; disappearances, Death Eaters, Fred and George's joke shop and Remus and Tonks were back at school now that Umbridge is gone! Or, that was the plan before the Order mission. And Christmas break saw the worst change for Heidi. She was bitten and turned by werewolf Fenrir Greyback, changing her life and the lives of those around her forever.

And now we've reached book seven. The final book in the series and what will quite possibly be the saddest to write. I'm not giving anything away, just be prepared. Welcome to the seventh and final book of Heidi Lily Potter.


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