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Heidi Lily Potter: Book Seven
None - Words: 40,964 - Rated: T - English - Adventure & Drama - Chapters: 20 - Reviews: 9 - Updated: 25-07-2018 - Published: 21-03-2018 - Complete - by LacytheRomanWerewolf (FFN)

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Lacy here with our next chapter of Heidi. Last chapter, Heidi saved some major lives that were lost in the book. Namely, Remus, Tonks and Fred. Percy was injured in Heidi's effort, but I think he'll find it worth it, since his brother is still alive. Now we're on to a death I couldn't find a way to avoid, no matter how many times I wrote and rewrote it. Heidi won't be there for it, but she will be there when Harry views the memories. That's right, I'm talking about Severus Snape. And the light note we had at the end of the last chapter? Yeah, it's not carrying on to this chapter. Read on, if you dare.

Disclaimer: I own only Heidi.

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Heidi grunted as she helped Fred move chunks of wall from Percy's leg. Harry, Ron and Hermione stood around them, shooting off spells at anyone or anything that came near them.

"Last one," Fred groaned as they dropped the chunk to the side. "Alright, Perce, grab on." Heidi and Fred ducked down, letting Percy drape his arms over their shoulders. Carefully, they lifted him from the remaining rubble and onto his good leg.

"We gotta-"

Hermione's scream cut Heidi off and caused the others to turn. The reason for the witch's reaction was obvious. A monstrous spider the size of a small muggle car was trying to climb through the huge hole in the wall. Clearly one of Aragog's descendants had joined the fight.

Harry and Ron reacted as one, their combined spells blasting the monster backwards. It vanished into the darkness, legs jerking horribly.

"It brought friends!" Harry called out, looking through the hole towards the forest. He shot Stunning Spells down at them, only for curses to be volleyed back at him. "Let's move, NOW!"

With Heidi, Fred and Percy right behind Ron, who was in the lead, the six ran together away from the fighting.

"Get Percy to the Great Hall!" Ron shouted at Heidi and Fred. "That's where they're patching people up!"

The two nodded and separated from the trio at the next turn in the hall. With their wand hands free, Heidi and Fred were able to counter any curses that came their way and block them with Shield Charms.

They nearly skidded to a stop outside the Great Hall and the three ducked one final spell.

"Heidi! Fred!" Tonks and Remus appeared, holding Sirius between them, as Heidi and Fred held Percy. Only Percy was conscious.

"What happened?" Heidi gasped, shocked by the blood covering half her godfather's face.

"Bellatrix." Tonks answered as they entered the Hall. "She was aiming for me. Sirius pushed me out of the way."

"Over here, Nymphadora!" Madam Pomfrey called out. "You as well, Miss Potter. Lay them both down."

Once Heidi let go of Percy, Tonks and Remus caught her in a tight hug.

"What happened?" Remus asked.

"Rookwood," Heidi answered. "I saw him running from the scene. He blew out the corridor. I managed to blast apart the bigger pieces, but Percy got pinned. Looks like his lower leg might be crushed."

"But you saved Fred." Percy croaked from his place in front of Madam Pomfrey. "I saw what was headed for him, Heidi. You saved my brother."

Heidi smiled, tear shining in her eyes, once more. "I couldn't very well watch him die." she shook her head. "He's your brother, he's my everything."

Fred moved to embrace Heidi. "And you're mine."


"You have fought valiantly." Voldemort's voice filled the Hall. Heidi stood alert with her family, Fred at her side, looking around. "Lord Voldemort knows how to value bravery. Yet you have sustained heavy losses. If you continue to resist me, you will all die, one by one. I do not wish this to happen. Every drop of magical blood spilled is a loss and a waste. Lord Voldemort is merciful. I command my forces to retreat immediately. You have one hour. Dispose of your dead with dignity. Treat your injured.

"I speak now, Harry Potter, directly to you. You have permitted your friends to die for you rather than face me yourself. I shall wait for one hour in the Forbidden Forest. If, at the end of that hour, you have not come to me, have not given yourself up, then battle recommences. This time, I shall enter the fray, myself, Harry Potter, and I shall find you, and I shall punish every last man, woman and child who has tried to conceal you from me. One hour."

Eyes wide in horror, Heidi looked at her aunt and uncle. Both had paled dramatically, clutching to each other.

"H-" Heidi coughed. "He won't do it, will he? Harry won't actually turn himself over?"

"Heidi!" Harry ran over with Ron and Hermione. The two split from the Potters, circling the Weasleys as they sat with Percy. Hermione all but collapsed into George's arms while Ron hugged his mother. "Are you okay?"

Heidi hugged her brother tightly. "We got Percy here just fine. Padfoot-"

Harry turned and saw their godfather. The Marauder had yet to regain consciousness, but Madam Pomfrey wasn't fretting over him as she was others. They took that to mean he was going to be alright. His head was bandaged and his clothes had been cleaned of blood.

Harry shook his head. "This has to stop."

"Harry," Remus stepped forward. "You can't honestly listen to what He said."

"He's killed too many already, Uncle Moony." Harry said. He held up a flask filled with a silvery substance. "He killed Snape."

Heidi stared, eyes wide, as Harry's words hit her. "W-why would he do that? S-snape was his."

"I don't know." Harry admitted. "But he wanted me to have his memories. I guess, maybe, they hold our answers."

Heidi stepped away from Fred. "Let's go."


Entering Dumbledore's office was something Heidi never imagined doing again. The office was the same as always, but with one glaring difference. All the portraits were empty. Not a single former Headmaster greeted them as they walked through the door.

"Grandpa Phineas?" Heidi touched his portrait. "Are you there?"

The aging Black actually appeared. "Heidi, Harry, what in Merlin's name are you two doing in here? It's not safe. Sna-"

"He's dead." Harry said. "Voldemort killed him."

Phineas nodded slowly. "So, that's what it's come to. That doesn't explain why you two are here."

"He left memories for Harry to see." Heidi explained. "Snape, he wasn't always a good man, but he was my friend."

"Very few can say that, little one." Phineas said. "Count yourself lucky." he nodded. "I'll stay and keep watch while you use the Pensieve. You know where it is, Harry."

Working together, the siblings got the stone Pensieve from the cabinet and set it on the desk. Heidi watched Harry pour the memories in, the memories swirling like liquid mercury.

"Ready?" Harry asked.

Heidi shook her head. "No." she held out her hand. "But we're doing this together."

Without hesitation, the pair dove into the Pensieve and were quickly falling into sunlight, their feet finding warm ground.

"Where are we?" Heidi asked, looking around. There was a playground nearby, basically deserted. A single, huge chimney took over the skyline in the distance.

"Mum," Harry breathed. Heidi turned and saw two girls on the swings.

"Is that Aunt Petunia?" Heidi asked.

Harry nodded. "And look," he pointed to a boy hiding behind a clump of bushes. "Snape." The boy was wearing too short jeans, a shabby, overlarge coat that might have belonged to a grown man, and an odd smocklike shirt.

The two watched Lily and Petunia as they argued over Lily doing magic, even if they didn't know that's what it was. When Snape stepped forward to explain what Lily was managing, and insulted the girl while he was at it, and causing the sisters to storm away.

The next several memories were the building of Lily and Snape's friendship. Heidi watched, amazed at how forgiving her mother was of the things Snape would say or do. Until their fifth year.

Having already seen the memory of what their father did to Snape, that led to him insulting Lily in the worst way, the siblings stayed back so they couldn't hear the events, again.

The next scene, Lily was in a dressing gown, standing with her arms folded in from of the Fat Lady portrait outside Gryffindor.

"I only came out because Mary told me you were threatening to sleep here."

"I was. I would have done. I never meant to call you Mudblood, it just-"

"Slipped out?" Lily's voice was void of pity. Of anything, really. "It's too late. I've made excuses for you for years. None of my friends can understand why I ever talk to you. You and your precious little Death Eater friends - you see, you don't even deny it! You don't even deny that's what we're all aiming to be! You can't wait to join You-Know-Who, can you?" Snape tried to speak, but nothing came out. "I can't pretend anymore. You've chosen your way, I've chosen mine."

"No, listen, I didn't mean-"

"-to call me Mudblood? But you call everyone of my birth Mudblood, Severus. Why should I be any different?"

The next memories, Snape pleading with Dumbledore to save Lily and the aftermath of James and Lily being killed, flashed before Heidi's eyes unseen. Dumbledore's cruelty was already known to Heidi, she didn't need to see it, again, towards another person she had cared about.

They watched as Snape spoke to Dumbledore of Karkaroff and how the former Death Eater planned on fleeing if his Mark burned with Voldemort's call. They saw Snape treating Dumbledore's blackened hand, informing the Headmaster he had maybe a year left to live. And agree to step up when Draco failed to kill Dumbledore and do it in his place.

And then came the truth about Harry.

"So, the boy...the boy must die?" Snape asked, quite calm.

"And Voldemort himself must do it, Severus. That is essential."

Snape was silent for a long moment before speaking once more. "I thought...all these years...that we were protecting him for her. For Lily.

"We have protected him because it has been essential to teach him, to raise him, to let him try his strength. Meanwhile, the connection between them grows ever stronger, a parasitic growth: Sometimes I have thought he suspects it himself. If I know him, he will have arranged matters so that when he does set out to meet his death, it will truly mean the end of Voldemort."

Snape was horrified. A look Heidi hadn't seen since he first saw the bite and claw scars on her neck and shoulder.

"You have kept him alive so that he can die at the right moment!"

"Don't be shocked, Severus. How many men and women have you watched die?"

"Lately, only those whom I could not save. You have used me."


"I have spied for you and lied for you, put myself in mortal danger for you. Everything was supposed to be to keep Lily Potter's son safe. Now you tell me you have been raising him like a pig for slaughter-"

"But this is touching, Severus. Have you grown to care for the boy, after all? I was aware of your affection for his sister, but-"

"For him?" Snape shouted. "Expecto Patronum!"

From the tip of Snape's wand burst a silver doe. She landed on the office floor, bounded once across the office, and soared out of the window. Dumbledore watched her fly away and when the silvery glow faded, he turned to Snape and his eyes were full of tears.

"After all this time?"


Heidi honestly couldn't say what the last few memories were. Her mind kept playing Dumbledore's words over and over again. Dumbledore, one of the people Harry trusted above all, used him like a tool, like a weapon, to defeat Voldemort. Only a handful of times did he refer to Harry by his name, the rest of the time, only the boy.

Before she knew it, Heidi was back in the Headmaster's office and her knees gave way. She saw Harry fall beside her and the siblings just laid there.

"Harry? Heidi?" Phineas was still there, looking down on his kin with concern. "Children, please, talk to me."

"You weren't there." Heidi choked out. "Dumbledore told Snape that Harry," she sobbed. "Harry must die for Voldemort to be defeated."

Phineas shut his eyes. "Merlin's beard. Harry," he focused on the boy. "Harry, listen to me."

"There's no other way, Grandpa Phineas." Harry said, his voice shaking. "Part of him is inside me. I'm another Horcrux."

"Bloody bastard!" Phineas glared up at Dumbledore's portrait. "Were he here-"

"You're not alone in that," Heidi admitted. She sat up, looking at Harry. "You're not going alone."


"No." Heidi fought back. "This is the last time I'm ever going to see you, Harry James Potter," she sobbed out her words. "You are not going without me."

Harry nodded. "Okay."


"I am about to die."

The words leaving Harry's mouth had Heidi covering her own to muffle her sobs. They were deep in the Forbidden Forest, headed towards where Voldemort was waiting. Harry had pulled out the Snitch Dumbledore left him and uttered the words against the golden metal of the ball. It broke open and Harry lit his wand to see what was inside.

The black stone with its jagged crack running down the center sat in the two halves of the Snitch. The Resurrection Stone had cracked down the vertical line representing the Elder Wand. The triangle and circle for the Cloak and Stone were discernible.

Heidi watched as Harry closed his eyes and turned the stone over three times. Then she gasped as she looked around. Walking towards them, not quite solid but not ghost like either, James and Lily Potter had loving smiles on their faces. The appearances were the same as the night they were killed.

James was exactly the same height as Harry. He was wearing the clothes from that night, his hair was as messy and ruffled as Harry's and his glasses were lopsided.

Lily's smile was widest of the two. She pushed her long hair back as she moved closer to her children and her green eyes, eyes that matched both Harry and Heidi, searched their faces hungrily, as though she would never be able to look at them enough.

"You've been so brave." Lily said.

Neither could speak. They were transfixed by the sight of their parents, so close and looking so alive.

"You are nearly there." James said. "Very close. We proud of you. Of you both."

"Does it hurt?" Harry asked.

"Dying?" James questioned. "Quicker and easier than falling asleep."

"And he will want it to be quick." Lily said. "He wants it over."

"I didn't want you to die." Harry told them. "Either of you, I'm so sorry."

"You have nothing to be sorry for, Pup." James smiled. "It's a parent's duty to protect their child, no matter what. Even if that means giving our lives. You and Heidi are more than worth it."

Harry cleared his throat. "Can you promise me something?"

"Anything." the Potter parents echoed.

"Get Heidi out of here." Harry requested. "Once he's taken me, I'll leave her with the cloak and she needs to get back to the castle safely."

"Give her the stone." James said. "She'll have to hold it for us to stay."

Heidi shook her head as Harry pressed the stone into her hands. "Pup, no. Please."

"You have to go on, Heidi Lily Potter." Harry said sternly. "It's me he wants, me he fears. Me that needs to die so he will." he kissed Heidi's forehead. "You'll never be without me, Ladybug. I'll always watch over you."

Heidi jumped as Lily laid hands on her shoulders, but easily turned into her mother's hold.

"You'll stay with me?" Harry asked.

"Until the very end." James promised.

"They won't be able to see you?"

"We are a part of you and Heidi." Lily explained. "Invisible to anyone else."

"Stay close to me."


Standing between her parents, Harry's cloak keeping her concealed from Voldemort and his Death Eaters, and the captured Hagrid, Heidi watched as Harry stood before the Dark Lord. Thanks to a Silencing Spell from Harry, Heidi's grief couldn't be heard as Hagrid shouted and pleaded for Harry to leave.

Voldemort watched Harry, his head tilted to the side, considering the boy before him. And a singularly mirthless smile curled his lipless mouth.

"Harry Potter," Voldemort said very softly. It was almost lost among the spitting fire. "The Boy Who Lived."

Heidi clung to the hands Lily and James offered her, tears streaming down her face. She watched Voldemort raise his wand, his head still tipped like a curious child. Moments grew long as Voldemort prepared to cast his spell.

And then it happened.

"Avada Kedavra!"


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Not gonna lie, I made myself cry. But I knew that would happen. There's only two chapters left after this and...I can't think of anything else to say. This was one hell of a chapter and I know the rest will be the same. Let me know what you think, flame policy stands and thanks so much for reading.

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