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Magia Imperii Alteran (EN)
Blaise Z. & Charlie W. & Harry P. & Marcus F. - Words: 131,233 - Rated: M - English - Romance - Chapters: 11 - Reviews: 66 - Updated: 11-10-2018 - Published: 29-03-2018 - by Kelorus (FFN)

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31/07 / 1987-31 / 07/ 1991

Life had changed at Potter Castle since the arrival of Charlie Weasley. The latter having changed their lifestyle, being Harry's soulmate. He was often with Harry, stroking his hair quietly, or reading with Harry books about dragons and other magical creatures that he was so passionate about. Of course, they were often watched by the guards, especially Sirius and Remus. They had confidence in themselves, but they did not fully know the effects of a soulmate bond, this case being extremely rare, and therefore preferred to ensure that everything went smoothly.

For his part, Charlie had adapted quite well to the luxurious life in the castle, not to mention all the courses he had to follow with Walburga Black. The latter had decided to teach him all that was needed as a pureblood and heir to a noble house. The Weasley family had abandoned ancestral practices and teachings of the practices and customs of purebloods, which was one of the reasons for their title of blood-traitor. As a result, Walburga decided to fix it once and for all.

However, life was not so quiet for the Potter family, especially with the publication of some of Rita Skeeter's articles.

\ Flashback /


For the first time in his life, Charlie woke up completely satisfied after a fantastic night's sleep.Never before had he woken up in a bed so luxurious and comfortable.He got out of his room but made it to the wrong door, landing in Harry's.The latter was still sleeping comfortably in his super bed. He slowly opened his eyes and smiled at the sight of his soul mate.

"Charlie? Harry asked, still sleepy.

-I went through the wrong door.I was going to have breakfast, you come?" Charlie asked sheepishly.

Harry's only answer was to reach out to be picked up by Charlie, something he did with great pleasure.So they went downstairs for their first meal of the day, drawing a smile from Remus who was having coffee, Sirius still in bed.

Harry decided to stay in Charlie's lap for breakfast, which did not bother him.Finally, Sirius finally arrived, half asleep.They chatted together quietly as one of the house elves brought in the Daily Prophet.As usual, Sirius was the first to read the newspaper, and out loud.

A Bearer Amongst Potters, Boy-Who-Lived Becomes Boy-Who-Bear!

Charlie Weasley soon Charlie Potter? A soulmate found, but that does not please everyone!

By Rita Skeeter

This is an exceptional news for the wizarding world, a Bearer is finally born.This news was hidden for a time, and not without reason.The reason, my dear readers, was that this bearerdid not really have time to be announced by his parents, expected that they were cowardly murdered by Tom Riddle better known as Voldemort, the blood-traitor.You've understood everything, Hadrian James Potter, the current heir to Peverell, Black,Gryffindor,Ravenclaw,Slytherin, Potter and Evans Houses is also a bearer, the first in the last three hundred years!

For those who do not know what a bearer is.A bearer is a wizard (man) with a very powerful magical core.This magical core is powerful enough to allow it to give birth.The Bearers are very rare, and the first bearer ever to exist was Arthur Pendragon, who, contrary to the muggles' belief, was not a Muggle King but a Wizard King capable of giving birth.I can still reassure some, Arthur was known to be the dominant in his relationship with Merlin, but when they discovered he could give birth, they did not hesitate to exchange roles.

Arthur Pendragon is also the only Bearer to have been dominant in his relationship, some believe that the reason is that Merlin was not his soul mate.

In addition, a Bearer is a person with only one attraction for the same gender, not to mention the fact that a bearer has one or more soulmates.A soulmate is an individual linked to a bearer who is unable or almost unable to feel the emotions of love and desire for someone other than his bearer, and the bond is sacred.There is, however, a potion for a soulmate to feel desire for someone other than his bearer, provided he knows that the person is a soulmate and not a sexless.This potion became illegal because it allowed evil wizards to seize the soulmates of a Bearer (seduce them) to break the bond between a Bearer and his soulmate and weaken him.It was also made illegal when a soulmate voluntarily used this potion to deceive his soulmate, the only case for the moment.

The last Bearer was Lancell Malfoy, exactly 326 years ago, who unfortunately had no children following the death of his soulmate and a categorical refusal to find anyone else.

For homosexual couples, know that there is a potion allowing men to carry a child, it costs only five galleonsand is 100% guaranteed!

To come back to the facts, we have a new bearer.And yesterday, while I was in Gringotts when I heard this news, I discovered something equally amazing.Charlie Weasley, second son ofLordArthur Weasley and Molly Weasley born Prewett, found himself as a soul mate or at least one of the soulmates of our national hero.A news that many would consider incredible, especially for a family as impoverished as the Weasley.And yet, the reaction of Molly Weasley and her daughter, her seventh child, Guinevere Weasley was not the one hoped for.I can confirm my dear readers that Molly Weasley, called the Harpy by some, was not at all satisfied, and even said loud and clear that it was not natural!

One can then wonder how a pureblood can thus criticize a natural, rare and popular fact of our society, not to mention that by this most odious comment, it insulted not only our First King, but also his companion and all families having had a bearer, including her own! Unfortunately we did not manage to get a comment from the Weasley family, what a pity!

So, would this reaction mark a separation in the perfect Weasley family?I will watch closely, I assure you.And most of all, congratulations to Hadrian James Potter and his soulmate, Charlie Weasley soon-to-be Potter?*laugh*

For more information on Bearers, go to page 3.

For more information on Arthur Pendragon and Myrdin (Merlin) Emrys, go to page 4.

For more information on the fall of the Weasley family, go to page 5.

Sirius burst out laughing at the article, just like Remus and Harry.For his part, Charlie blushed on hearing that he was in the Daily Prophet.Sirius was intrigued by the second article and burst out laughing as he read it.

St-Mungo, the hospital hub of wizarding families! In search of the soulmates.

A possible soulmate found!

By Rita Skeeter.

After the discovery of our national hero as a Bearer, it was a veritable tide of wizards who headed for St-Mungo.

Indeed, many families hope to have one of their children or even heirs as a soulmate to our national hero, and to do this, most decided to have their children tested to see if they expressed this form of characteristic asexuality of the soulmates.

It was literally a shambles because every wizarding family with a child over eleven years old came to the hospital to test their children, despite the fact that some were already in a relationship.There was almost no result.

But it would seem that there was an exception to the rule.Indeed, it is with astonishment that we have learned that Marcus Flint, son ofLordMarwyn Flint, corresponds to the traits of a soulmate, being categorized as an asexual.Marcus Flint is a student ofSlytherinatHogwartswho returned this year to second year.Could it be that he is the soulmate of our national hero?

We will try to find out more.

For more information on the Flint family, go to page 3.

Sirius's laugh stopped suddenly, and his eyes widened, horrified.He looked around to see that everyone was frozen, and that Charlie was holding Harry very jealously.

«Is it possible? Harry asked, puzzled.

-Well, yes, it's possible.Sirius answered, panicked by this eventuality.

-But I thought it was extremely rare to have multiple soulmates? Charlie asked.

-It's the case, but if Marcus Flint is also Harry's soulmate, you can not do anything about it.From what I know, normally the soulmates get along very well together, it's easier for the bearer.

-I do not like it so much.Charlie retorted, suspicious.

-I promise you I will not go looking for him then.Anyway, he'll be atHogwartswhen I get in, okay?" Harry asked to reassure his companion.

Charlie just nodded before putting his head on Harry's to sniff his hair.


In the afternoon, they received a very interesting article from the Daily Prophet, again an ArtSkeeter, special edition this time.They met to read it, and the title did not surprise Sirius at all.

Special edition: TheHogwartsBoard of Governorsgives way to the Academic Council.A reformation of education atHogwarts!

Noble families accused, with proofs, of Thief!A blow to the Malfoy family!

Heracles Parkinson Arrested for Attack on Boy-Who-Lived!

By Rita Skeeter.

This is an outstanding news that I learned today, my dear readers.It seems that yesterday, a significant change occurred atHogwartsSchool of Magic and Wizardry.Everyone knows this legendary school, founded by GodricGryffindor, SalazarSlytherin, RowenaRavenclawand of course HelgaHufflepuffa thousand years ago, and having since produced the elite of our society.Following the disappearance of the founding lines, the school was then governed by a Board of Governors whose positions could be purchased.

But this is no longer the case! Indeed, yesterday, Hadrian James Potter decided to dissolve the Board of Governors, as a direct and certified Heir to the Gryffindor, Slytherin and Ravenclaw Houses.According to the charter of Hogwarts, the heirs of the founders of the school can demand at any time absolute control of the establishment.In the case of our national hero, it is even truer that the Castle and its surroundings are located on the Duchy of Peverell which belongs to him.

According to Lady Longbottom, the reasons given for the dissolution were more than reasonable.

"The young Heir and owner of the school told us that the accounts of the school were not properly maintained, that the coffers were empty because of some governors and that, to the greatest shock of some of us, tuition fees were not the same for everyone."

She then describes the meeting.With her, another Lord, Amos Diggory, commented.

"It was a scandal when I learned that some pureblood families were paying only one-tenth of tuition fees, especially those allied to the Malfoy.Me, I remember having paid the full costs during my schooling! And I'm not even talking about duplicate fees for muggleborns, a shame!"

This revelation was really unexpected, and we received the confirmation of Lady Walburga Black, the now-president of the Academic Council, appointed directly by Harry Potter.

«I can tell you that everything that has been said is true.We have also decided to reimburse the muggleborns who have overpaid their schooling, while we will force, under pain of expulsion, families who have paid a minimum fee to pay the entire tuition.This school does not work without money, and it is not by making favors that we will obtain the funds necessary for the proper functioning of the school. »

When I asked her to explain more about the meeting, I learned a quite interesting story.

"We found out that some families, Malfoy, Yaxley, Parkinson, Smith, Rosier, and Rowle, were paid a kind of salary each month of a thousand galleons, which is huge.The most horrible thing was knowing that only they had such a salary, and that we governors did not touch anything and did not know anything about it.It's theft, and they've been doing it for years.The goblins were able to confirm it!"

We asked the goblins, and they confirmed the version of Lady Black.Thus, we can confirm that the aforementioned families are indeed thieves, a horrible mark on their names.Some families are demanding compensation, most want the head of Lucius Malfoy who was the Director of the Board of Governors, and possibly the brain behind all this vast deception.Many gave him the title of Lucius-the-Thief Malfoy, a title that will remain forever, a stain on the Malfoy family.Let's hope his son will not end up that way.

However, it does not stop there! It seems that Heracles Parkinson, the lord of Parkinson's House, tried to attack the Boy-Who-Lived after he revealed the deception.Fortunately, Harry Potter's soul mate valiantly defended him before he could suffer the slightest damage.Heracles Parkinson was taken directly to the Ministry by Bartemius Crouch.

But what does it mean for Hogwarts and the education of future generations?? Well, to do this, I was able to get an answer from the President of the Academic Council.

"According to the wishes and direct orders of my nephew, Hadrian James Potter, we decided to divide the council into several parts.As a result, my son, Lord Sirius Orion Black was chosen for the international relations of the school and those with the Ministry.Remus Lupin was put at the head of a scholarship that would aim to help disadvantaged families, whether pure-blooded, half-blooded or muggle-born by paying half of the tuition fees, knowing that the coffer will be funded independently by the families chairing the Council, the majority of whom are owned by the school's owner.Lord Amos Diggory was chosen as Treasurer of the school, and Lady Augusta Longbottom to manage the teachers and ensure that they behave properly.Finally, the Lords Mulciber Nott and Marwyn Flint were chosen to determine the courses and other specialties to add to the school curriculum."

You understand, my dear readers, new subjects will be added to the school curriculum.A list has already been established, and is divided into two parts:

Mandatory magic lessons: Us and Customs of the Magical World, Magic World Label, Magic World Politics, Duels Course, Study of White Magic, Study of Black Magic.

-Optional magical courses: Alchemy (From the 5th year), depth study of White and Black Magic (from the3rd year), Studies in Strategy and Military Development (From the 5th year for those wishing to join the Department of Magical Law Enforcement) Study of magical languages (from the 3rdyear), study of the creation of spells (from 5th grade), Study of Rites and magical rituals (from the 3rdyear) Study of wards (From the 3rd year).

But it is not finished.Indeed, it will be possible for the best students to get an apprenticeship directly at Hogwarts, giving the opportunity to spend an eighth year in this institution, thus developing a master's degree.

Another proposal, for the moment pending, is the introduction of muggle courses, taught of course by wizards.These courses would be in math, muggle history and science.According to some experts, muggles are extremely advanced in mathematics, which wouldestablish new patterns for our runes.Mathematics would be considered as fundamental courses (therefore compulsory) from the first year to the fifth year, and to make optional courses in the fifth year.

For my part, I find that all this is great news, and it will prove again our superiority over other schools.

For more information on Hogwarts, go to page 3.

For more information on the Academic Council, go to page 4.

For more information on the new courses of study, go to page 5.

Sirius burst out laughing, especially at the mention of Lucius Malfoy.

«Lucius-the-Thief! Mouhahaha! Shouted Sirius laughing.

-It's all he deserves, and I'm not even talking about Parkinson's!" Remus said, amused.

\ End Flashback /

Also, since getting these rings, Harry had decided to use his lessons in economics to exponentially increase his wealth in a very intelligent way.

\ Flashback /


Harry had finally finished his calculations with Charlie, who had his eyes wide when he saw the results. They went straight into the living room where Remus and Sirius stood to tell them about Harry's fantastic idea.

When they arrived in the living room, Remus and Sirius were surprised to see Harry's bright smile and Charlie's saucer eyes.

"What is going on? Asked Sirius.

-I found a way to increase our wealth phenomenally! Harry shouted.

-Ah good? And how? Remus asked, puzzled.

-Well, as you know, among goblins, a gallion is worth five pounds, for the moment, you follow me? Harry asked.

-Yes, we already knew, pup. Answered Sirius, jaded.

-Okay. Do you know how much is a gallion in ounces of gold? Harry asked with an amused smile.

-Hm, I'll say an ounce of gold and a half, why? Sirius asked, not seeing where Harry was coming from.

-Well, know that currently, one ounce of gold is worth about three hundred pounds!" Harry revealed.

A silence fell on the group. They had never thought about the value of gold among muggles, gold being not at all rare for wizards. In retrospect, the majority of the objects in the castle were gold, was that why muggles were so intrigued by the castle? This thought crossed the minds of Remus and Sirius. For his part, Charlie saw a solution for his family at first, because by selling a few galleons for muggle money, and then changing that money directly to Gringotts, they could become very rich. He refused, however, to reveal this discovery to his family, wary of his mother and some family members.

"Now that you have understood that a gallion is worth about four hundred and fifty pounds sterling, you understand that goblins get considerably wealthier when a muggle-born swaps his gold for muggle money with their fee. Well, the reciprocal is true, and when a muggle-born brings money to exchange it for gold, the goblins are theoretically losers, but the wizards are limited to their economy and decide to keep the gold in circulation in a closed circuit, the goblins lose nothing at all and win when they negotiate with muggles. Harry explained.

-And what do you plan to do? Remus asked.

-Well, I was thinking of changing the equivalent of one hundred million gallons into muggle pounds by melting them to create gold bars. The problem is that the scarcity of gold means that everything will be monitored, so we will have to find an excuse to introduce such a large amount of gold. However, I have already found a solution to this problem. Harry replied with a smile.

-Oh? What is this solution, my lord? Sirius asked with a mocking smile and a bow.

-It is very simple. I noticed that among the properties we have, the duchies, there is a mountain that belongs exclusively to the Duchy of Potter, so York. So I have the idea of just finding a mine. My idea is quite complex, so hang in there! Harry started.

-To start, we will have to hire prospectors to discover the mine, for that, we will simply use our own employees. The hardest thing will be to create the mine. We will have to place a very powerful enchantment on the mine to give the illusion that there are miners and that it runs at full speed. As a result, we will introduce gold bars with the Potter crest on it. In fact, the idea of the mountain came to me from a book I read. Harry said with a little blush on the cheekbones.

-A book? Which one? Remus asked, puzzled.

-Well ... Tolkien's Hobbit. I was inspired by the story of the Lonely Mountain, or in this case, the Kingdom of Erebor, you know, a huge mountain filled with gold veins running through rocks like rivers." Harry revealed.

Sirius burst out laughing as Charlie snorted, hugging Harry, who was as red as a tomato. After a few minutes they calmed down.

"It's a great idea Harry. But what are you going to do with all this money? Remus asked.

-It is very simple. My goal is to increase my wealth significantly so I can buy the muggle businesses I want to buy, trade money for gold in goblin banks around the world to not ruin Gringotts, giving them more power because I will empty the other banks, and I intend to buy as many gold mines as possible. I think I'll be able to negotiate with the Gringotts goblins in time for them to do the mining for me and in exchange they get a percentage. They will surely accept on a 75/25 basis, 75% for me and 25% for them. And then, goblins are able to go extremely far underground, having access to very large amounts of gold. You must know that there is a lot of gold underground, but very deeply. Said Harry.

-But tell me, pup. If there is so much gold available, why create this farce with the mine?" Sirius asked who had not followed everything.

A silence was Sirius's answer.

"Uncle Sirius, muggles are not stupid. If ever huge quantities of gold appear, besides I become the richest without reasons, they will suspect that there is a basilisk under a rock. We must therefore create a viable excuse for the sudden increase in my wealth. Harry explained.

-Oh I see. Okay, I'll let you do that then!" Sirius answered simply, having full trust in his godson.

The only answer he got was a big smile from Harry who got himself into Charlie's arms.



A team of squibs and wizards working for the Potter family had just been sent to the Lonely Mountain as Harry called it, for real prospecting, and the results of which they would falsify to open a false mine, and everything went as planned. What was the astonishment of Harry, Charlie, Sirius and Remus when the geologist in charge of the team ran back to the castle, dripping sweat as if he had run a marathon.

Sirius got up quickly to learn about the problem.

"What is it Robert, a problem with Harry's project? He asked, which caught Harry's attention.

-No, no, not at all Lord Black! On the contrary, even ... began the geologist before resuming his breath.

-Be calm, if there are no problems, why so much eagerness? Remus asked, worried about the man.

-Because we found gold!" Then said the geologist.

A heavy silence fell over the whole room, and everyone was speechless in the face of this revelation. Harry's mind began to run at full speed.

"Gold? You're telling me that my fake mine is a real mine? Harry asked.

-Yes, your grace. We have done the surveys, and we are unable to determine the depth of the vein, but I can assure you that it is huge, it is unheard of. We tried to use spells to scan deeply, but it's going too far! Replied the geologist.

-Well shit, but you're so lucky my pup! Sirius shouted, bursting into laughter.

-Language! Remus said, hitting him at the back of his head.

-You are unable to estimate its depth? Have you been able to estimate the width of the vein? Harry asked.

-Yes, your grace. The golden vein is more than six hundred meters wide. Replied the geologist.

-Intriguing, a vein that is about two-thirds the width of the mountain, how come it was never discovered before? Charlie asked, curious.

-Bah, the Potters are like the Black, always rich. They did not need to search every corner to find gold, so they never had the idea of prospecting for their land. Answered Sirius.

-What are you going to do, Harry?" Charlie asked.

Everyone focused on Harry, who now looked pensive.

"I think the best thing to do is to start by contacting the Gringotts goblins to finish prospecting. Ragnok should obey me without problems. I had not planned the discovery of a real mine, but it suits our plans because it will simply make more gold for us. Who knows, I do not really need to put in circulation a hundred million galleons, but only half or less. It will of course be necessary to negotiate the exploitation with the goblins, besides it will be necessary to engage squibs and other wizards for the safety of the mine, the surroundings, and especially for an image concerning muggles, and one will not be able to not to set up illusions all in all. Harry answered, seriously.

-Do you want me to contact Ragnok? Asked Sirius.

-Yes, it's a great idea. As much to invite him here, to prove our connection and solidify his vassalage towards me. We will also have to arrange a meeting with Rita Skeeter as a Daily Telegraph journalist, and she will have to be brought here. Said Harry.

-I still have a question, Harry. Why still sell several million gallons for muggle money if you do not need it? Remus asked.

-Oh yes. Uncle Remus, one of my projects and buying muggle businesses as long as they are not too expensive, so I need money. I also want to get as much gold from the competing Goblin banks of Gringotts as possible to solidify their position, so when I name him High King, no one will be able to challenge his position as he will already be the most powerful and wealthy goblin. It's quite logical." Harry replied with a smirk.

The wizards just nodded before going about their business. A few hours later, Ragnok arrived at the castle, surprised by this invitation, and agreed to exploit the mine in return for 10% of the gold only. Harry obviously accepted the proposal. They also decided to hire as many wizards and squibs as needed to give the mine an illusion. They would serve primarily security. The project to create a city under the mountain was then set up.

It was later discovered that the golden vein was descending deep, more than six kilometers deep, more than five kilometers below the mountain more than a thousand meters high.



They were quietly having breakfast, this time with Albus Dumbledore with them, when they received the Daily Telegraph, which Sirius hastened to read aloud.

Special edition : The Potter Gold Rush, the booming economy.

Exclusive : The interview with Duke of York, Hadrian James Potter

By Rita Skeeter

This is extraordinary news for our beautiful country on this day. An announcement was made about the creation of a new company, the Potter Mining Corporation. The creation of this new venture has, of course, raised questions to which the current President, Lord Sirius Orion Black has responded.

"The creation of this company is our response to an unexpected discovery on the lands belonging to my godson." He answered us.

When we wanted to know more, he then explained to us that a survey had been carried out on an unnamed mountain located on the duchy of York. The mountain has been renamed The Lonely Mountain In honor of Tolkien by Hadrian James Potter.

Geological studies of the mountain have revealed the presence of a large vein of gold and pockets possibly filled with gems and other precious minerals. Without knowing it, the ducal Potter family sat literally on a mountain of gold, which has never been exploited. The demand for gold increased more and more, so it was decided to exploit this precious resource.

Of course, this has sparked alarms on the part of environmentalists and other conservationists who are against this exploitation, believing that everything must be protected. But they can be reassured, because the Potter Mining Corporation is above all an ecological company in respect of nature. As a result, the extraction will be done without any impact on the fauna and flora. To do this, we had an exclusive interview with the current seven-year-old Duke Potter.

To do this, our team was invited into the private wing of Potter Castle, a wing in which a stranger had never entered. We can confirm the rumors about the wealth of this wing, with a lot of gold objects, paintings of great value, etc. We then joined the young Duke in a richly decorated living room in which we had tea.

Me: Good Morning, your grace, thank you for accepting me on this day.

Hadrian James Potter: Please, no need to thank me, Miss Skeeter.

Me: I notice that you are very polite despite your young age.

HJP: That's indeed the case. Be aware, however, that my young age in no way limits my intellectual abilities, something you have probably noticed with my acceptance at the University of Cambridge.

Me: Indeed, allow me to congratulate you for this achievement, if I may say so.

HJP: Thank you for that. And if we come to the questions?

Me: Exactly. First of all, can I find out how you came to the idea of exploring the mountain?

HJP: Well, you might laugh, but know that idea came to me from reading a book. Indeed, you must know that I am passionate about reading, and that I particularly appreciate the works of Sir Tolkien. You must surely know his most important work, the trilogy of the Lord of the Rings. Well, know that my favorite book is the West March Diary, though it's better known as the Hobbit.

Me: I see. And may I know how this book has given you such an idea?

HJP: When I read the book, I was particularly interested in the Kingdom of Erebor, the Lonely Mountain, and of course, the riches that roamed the mountain. I noticed then that we had a mountain, identical to this Lonely Mountain, we even have a river connected to it, like what, the coincidences exist. I then asked my godfather, who is also my guardian, to prospect the area, and he agreed to please me. We did not expect to actually find gold under this mountain.

Me: You are incredibly lucky. This explains the change of name of the mountain?

HJP: Indeed. I wanted to pay tribute to Sir Tolkien by naming this place the Lonely Mountain.

Me: Hope you will not become as crazy as Thror then.

HJP: Hahaha, I hope so too. Whatever I really like the sight of gold.

Me: Would it be possible to know more about the exploitation of this mine? Some environmentalists fear unwelcome repercussions on local flora and fauna.

HJP: I indeed noticed this little problem. Know that my family has always been ecological, and we have kept our estate in perfect condition. That's why we founded Potter Mining Corporation to avoid using a company that does not respect the environment. To do this, we used experts in the field of excavations, but also biologists and other scientists specializing in environmental protection. They have developed an interesting system that will allow the mine to operate while keeping the mountain in excellent condition. In a way, we are going to build the mountain, much like the Kingdom of Erebor in the book.

Me: But it's fantastic! I guess you will generate a lot of jobs, is not it?

HJP: Indeed, and we have already hired over a thousand employees.

Me: So many people? Is it really necessary?

HJP: Of course. We need excavators, geologists, but also a strong security, builders. You know, when I said that we would build the mountain like in the book, I was serious. We plan to create the very first city under a mountain. Of course, this city will be reserved for employees working for Potter House.

Me: Really? Could I visit?

HJP: Why not, it's an idea. I will be happy to accompany you. I must admit that it's a dream for me.

Me: You have expressed the need for strong security. Could you explain to me the reason?

HJP: The reason is simple, that's what I do not trust. Know that there is a river, and therefore I am sure that some people will try to find nuggets, or even approach the mine to get a little gold. So we decided to significantly enhance security. To do this, I made a request to the Royal Family.

Me: A request? What demand?

HJP: It's very simple. As you must know, many years ago, the ducal families had their own armies, to defend their lands. Not to mention the bannerets and other seigniorial families who also had their own militia to protect their lands and mobilize them at the call of the Duke. I asked permission to mobilize my own strength to defend my land, which is my right. In fact, according to the constitution, I am not obliged to make this request, considering that my duchy is one of the last two duchies subjected to the local justice, that is to say that of the Duke. My request is simply courteous.

Me: You want to create your own army?

HJP: I will not say that, let's see. It would be more like a Guard Corps. They will serve to protect the Duchy and maintain order. As a result, every member of the police and security forces will belong to this Guard Corps, which will answer directly to the ducal family, my family, and therefore, and being the duke, myself.

Me: I see. Do you have any other projects concerning your lands?

HJP: You do well to ask me that question. I actually planned to create a natural park, or more exactly, a reserve. This reserve will extend for ten kilometers radius around the Lonely Mountain, a total diameter of twenty kilometers. Preserving the environment is very important to me. If necessary, we will increase the size of the reserve.

Me: I see. There is only one lake missing for your perfect representation of Esgaroth.

HJP: Well, maybe I'm thinking of creating an artificial lake from the river, but hey, that's just a random idea.

Me: Can I know what you're going to do, apart from this project?

HJP: Well, I'm obviously going to Cambridge to learn all I can. If possible, I will try to obtain licenses and Master's degrees.

Me: Can I know the study path you are considering?

HJP: Of course. First and foremost, I consider an economic path so that I can effectively manage the fortune of my family as well as my businesses. If possible, I will also do a scientific course in experimental and theoretical sciences, perhaps astrophysics, but also in biochemistry for the study of the environment and the effects we have on the ecosystem. I intend, of course, to take advantage of the University's language courses, which are the best. I have already chosen several languages, which are obviously English, but also French, German, Spanish, Italian, Latin, Old Greek and Modern Greek, but also Gaelic. I consider if possible other languages such as Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and also Egyptian who interests me greatly.

Me: Well, such a course will surely put you to the test. Depending on your choices, you will necessarily become a linguist.

HJP: Indeed. I must confess that one of my main goals is to master as many languages as possible, whether dead languages or not.

Me: Well, I think I have gone around the question. Do you have other projects?

HJP: I do have a bigger project, but I can not reveal it now, after all, we would not want my competitors to know what's going to happen to them, don't you think?

Me: I see. Thank you for giving me this interview.

HJP: It's my turn to thank you, Miss Skeeter.

This is how our interview ended. He let me still observe the inside of the private wing and take some photographs that you can see at the end of this article.

However, this news is not only good for the Potter ducal family, but for the whole of our nation. According to the estimates of some economists, our economy could grow steadily thanks to this immense gold mine and the possible pockets of other minerals or precious stones. Will it propel our national hero even higher among the richest men in the world? This is a question that the whole world is asking, and we will be in the front row to watch his rise.

For more information on the Lonely Mountain and the Duchy of York, visit page 4.

For more information about the Potter Mining Corporation, go to page 5.

For more information about Potter companies, go to page 6.

For images of the private wing of the Castle Potter, go to page 7.

The article was considered a real success, and Sirius burst into laughter after reading everything, while Albus Dumbledore congratulated Harry for his intelligence, which made Harry blush.

\ End Flashback /

It was a real upheaval that took place in Harry's plans. However, the nature reserve story was actually another of his plans, a very smart plan. What the muggles did not know was that the underground city for employees was actually a city for wizards. Harry's idea was to create a Muggle-protected city, and the inside of the mountain was perfect.

He obviously had to appeal to the goblins for most of the construction, or in any case, clearing. Information about the creation of this new city went around the magical world, exceeding Harry's expectations. Never again was a city created exclusively in stone and under the mountain had been founded or even considered, some believing that such places were made exclusively for magical creatures, and the subject was quite controversial.

However, Harry, helped by Sirius, Remus, Charlie, and Dumbledore, did not let it go, so he created his town, which he simply named Erebor, again inspired by Tolkien's work. Strangely enough, the name of the city was much liked by wizards, who did not yet know the work of Tolkien, and especially the wizards of Eastern Europe. Soon, many wizards volunteered to live there, which caused some complications with the Ministry of Magic and the new Minister, Fudge. Fortunately, some more than substantial donations were enough to make Fudge a great friend of the Potter family, but unfortunately also of the Malfoy family.

In just two years, the city of Erebor fills with wizards to quickly reach a total population of over 200 000 wizards. The city was mostly muggle-born and half-blooded, with most purebloods preferring to stay away from what they called inferior. Of course, such an influx of non-purebloods did not please Walburga Black, but when Harry explained one of his assumptions, she agreed to calm down. His hypothesis was very simple, the magic would be hereditary, and as a result, muggle-borns would not exist and would only be the descendants of forgotten Squibs lines. His thesis was fortunately corroborated by the goblins who performed inheritance tests on the so-called muggleborns, and discovered links with several families considered lost, extinct, or even existing. Thus, several descendants of the Black family were discovered in relation to the squibs thrown out a long time ago.

Fortunately, Enlargement Charms, Wards and a string of runes had been placed to dramatically expand the interior of the Mountain, creating a multi-tiered city of about 300 square kilometers, the largest and only magical city. . The goal was to make it a magical capital, unbeknownst to muggles, because the existence of this city was not revealed to the muggle governments. The levels did not really have any meaning, though the highest level includes the Potter's main residence and residences made specifically for Black, Nott, and Longbottom families. , Diggory and Flint. Some still felt that each level was significant in relation to a family's wealth, and that being at the highest level meant being at the top of the social ladder. There was even a residence reserved for Ragnok and other residences for the richest goblins of Gringotts.

A bank was also set up in Erebor, however, this bank was above all a property of Harry, and surprisingly, as well as for the first time, this bank was composed mainly of wizard employees. However, the Bank was insular, serving to boost the city's internal economy, not to create a global expansion. Lastly, the goblins obtained some very prestigious posts in the Bank, those of supervisors and managers. In fact, the director of the Bank was a Goblin named Griphook, while the Deputy Director was a muggle-born who had worked in a muggle bank. The main purpose of the bank was to keep mined gold in the mountain, as well as other riches. Of course, it was decided that some of the wealth of Harry would be transferred to this bank belonging to him.

The Bank was initially a controversial subject with Ragnok, who did not understand its usefulness. Harry simply explained to him that he wished one day to put an end to the segregation of the goblins, and because of this, wanted to create a Common Bank to begin their integration. The explanation is enough for Ragnok, but it was necessary to decide on a name for this new bank. Thus was born the Potter & Gringotts Bank, which will be named later Royal Bank when the goblins would be definitively integrated into society and that Harry would be crowned.

Soon, Harry's fortune climbed up, and new articles appeared about him. Especially when they learned that Harry had decided to leave Cambridge University, having already managed to get his masters and doctorates at the biggest shock of the whole world.

\ Flashback /


Now nine and a half years old, Harry sat quietly on Charlie's lap, having just finished his seventh year at Hogwarts, finally able to live with his soul-mate at last until he entered Hogwarts. . Once Harry at Hogwarts, Charlie would continue to maintain his passion for dragons by visiting reserves.

They were alone, quietly eating their breakfast, Sirius still sleeping and Remus plunged into the books of the Library when they finally received the newspapers and the latest news. Harry began to read the Daily Telegraph, and his shout of delight immediately caught the attention of Charlie, who was reading the Daily Prophet quietly.

The richest man in the world is English! The Duke Hadrian James Potter, the first world fortune!

By Rita Skeeter.

It's official, yesterday, the 02/07/1990, the brand new list of fortunes worldwide was announced by the famous American magazine Forbes.

What was the shock of the entire editorial team and the world when the list of the first 400 world fortunes was revealed with none other than the young nearly ten year old Duke, Hadrian James Potter.

Indeed, Hadrian James Potter is leading the standings with the extraordinary wealth totaling forty-eight billion pounds (£ 48 000 000 000), and which is equal to the sum of impossible and fantastic eighty-nine billion US dollars ($ 89 000 000 000)! Second place is awarded to SULTAN HAJI HASSANAL BOLKIAH MU'IZZADIN Waddaulah with the sum of twenty-five billion dollars ($25 000 000 000), and less than a third of the fortune of the Duke Potter.

Thus was officially announced the wealth and importance of our country throughout the world, and the power of the Potter family led by the young Duke. For comparison, the fortunes of the royal family is estimated to eleven billion ($ 11 000 000 000), and about six billion pounds (£ 6 000 000 000)!

Some might wonder how did the Duke Potter to avoid the economic crisis that has affected the world and previous world fortunes, and the answer is simple. The Duke has simply invested continuously in the environment and precious minerals, avoiding as much as possible the areas of oil. The Potter Mining Corporation is known to have bought the majority of gold, silver, platinum and rhodium mines around the world, not to mention precious gemstones such as diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, the ruby, but also various concessions to obtain tourmaline, topaz, morganites, etc.

Thus for over a year now, his grace, Duke Hadrian James Potter controls the majority of precious mineral resources around the world, which is considered a monopoly. However, even the institutions cannot dissolve this monopoly expected the now lack of rivalry and the control already obtained on the resources.

According to a commission of economic inquiry between the United States of America, France, the United Kingdom, Germany and Japan, the monopoly of the Potter Mining Corporation is completely legal, and they believe that the fortune of the Duke Potter is only started.

We were able to get a simple comment from his grace.

"I may be the richest man in the world, but that does not mean I have the most power."

A sobering sentence.

For more information on the fortunes of the world, go to page 3.

For more information on Potter companies, go to page 4.

For more information on the Potter Mining Corporation, go to page 5.

Harry almost jumped in Charlie's lap as Charlie congratulated Harry on the end. It was then that Harry was first kissed by Charlie, quite innocent and pure, of course.

Then they went to the second article that seemed to concern Harry too.

A Duke of genius who has nothing to learn!

By Rita Skeeter.

It's an exciting new addition that marks the University of Cambridge and our country. Indeed, Duke Hadrian James Potter decided to permanently leave the University of Cambridge. After only three years of study, his grace earned a total of seventeen doctorates, never seen before. That makes Duke Potter the person with the most PhDs in the history of our planet.

The doctorates are: thirteen doctorates in Culture and Literature: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Ancient Greek, Modern Greek, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Egyptian, Gaelic and Latin. A PhD in Astrophysics. A PhD in Molecular Biochemistry. A PhD in Economics. And a doctorate in theory and political application.

Thus it was decided that Duke Potter would definitively leave Cambridge University, not without having received several awards from the University, including that of the best student of the University.

But what will our hero do? This question remains for the moment without answer, the Duke having preferred not to comment.

For more information on the University of Cambridge, go to page 3.

"Well, this article, I expected. And then, I wanted to have a year off before having to go to Hogwarts. Harry then said.

-You are quite right. In addition, we can spend the year together, since I finally left school. Charlie replied with a smile.

-Hehehe, for once. I feel like spending time in Erebor, what do you think? Harry asked.

-Excellent idea. In addition, you said you want to create a reserve of dragons around the Mountain, that's it? Charlie asked.

-Yup. It's your gift, so you will not have to travel to Romania to see dragons. Normally, the reserve will be finished shortly before I enter Hogwarts. Harry replied with red ears.

-I love you!" Almost shouted Charlie.

\ End Flashback /

It was then that everything changed, once again, on the eleventh birthday of Hadrian James Potter.



Harry was lying quietly in his huge bed as he heard a door open. It pulled him out of his torpor. He opened his eyes, and he saw the smiling face of his soul mate, Charlie Weasley.

"Happy birthday Harry." Then said the redhead in a cheerful voice.

Harry smiled simply before reaching out his arms to be, as usual, recovered by the redhead. Harry had kept this habit of being caught in Charlie's arms, probably his Bearer side that made him want to be in constant contact with his soul mate, and then, he loved to be treated like a baby during his anniversary. After all, he could only do it for an extra month before leaving for Hogwarts and leaving Charlie behind him.

Charlie did not waste time getting it back before taking him to one of the dining rooms. The dining room was very different, as it was not the Potter Castle. Yes, Harry and Charlie had been living in the Erebor Palace for a few months, to be quiet, away from muggles, and enjoy the last year together before Harry left for Hogwarts.

The dining room was very large, carved in stone, with a black marble floor, a table also in marble, but carved so that it looks like it is encrusted on the floor. Only the chairs were made of wood. Of course, there were tapestries and carpets everywhere, after all, a marble floor in a mansion under a mountain, and it's an extremely cold place. Fortunately, there were runes all over the mountain to warm the place.

Harry and Charlie quietly took their breakfast when they heard some noisy steps. It was none other than Sirius, accompanied of course by Remus. Sirius literally rushed at Harry.

«Happy Birthday my pup! He shouted, hugging Harry.

-Happy birthday Harry. Remus then smiled.

Harry did not really reply except that he hugged Sirius in return, glad to see his godfather. They of course finished their breakfast together, when an elf brought the wizarding journal and the letter of admission to Harry's Hogwarts. Harry started with the letter, which he opened with gusto to read.


Headmaster: Albus Dumbledore

(Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorcerer, Chief Warlock,
Supreme Mugwump, International Confed. of Wizards)

Dear Lord Potter,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.

Term begins on 1 September. We await your owl by no later than 31 July.

Yours sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall

Deputy Headmistress

Harry did not waste time, of course, and read the list of school cases directly.



First-year students will require:

1. Three sets of plain work robes (black)

2. One plain pointed hat (black) for day wear

3. One pair of protective gloves (dragon hide or similar)

4. One winter cloak (black, with silver fastenings)

Please note that all pupil's clothes should carry name tags.

Books and manuals

Each student will be required to obtain a copy of the following works:

The Standard Book of Spells (Grade 1), by Miranda Goshawk

A History of Magic, by Bathilda Bagshot

Magical Theory, by Adalbert Waffling

A beginner's guide to Transfiguration, by Emeric Switch

One thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi, by Phyllida Spore

Magic Drafts and Potions, by Arsenius Jigger

Fantastical Beasts and Where to Find Them, by Norbert Scamander

The Dark Forces: A guide to self-protection, by Quentin Trimble

Other Equipment:

1 wand

1 cauldron (pewter, standard size 2)

1 set glass or crystal phials

1 telescope

1 set brass scales

Students may also bring, if they desire, an owl OR a cat OR a toad.



After reading what he needed, Harry let Sirius read the paper as usual.

The Boy-Who-Lived celebrates his eleventh anniversary! An exceptional ball planned in Erebor!

By Rita Skeeter.

It's official. Today is the eleventh birthday of the Boy-Who-Lived, Hadrian James Potter. And of course, he will return to Hogwarts in September to officially begin his magical education.

To celebrate this day as it should, Lord Black decided to organize a big ball to celebrate the birthday of his godson. It is traditional for a family to hold a ball at a birthday or important event, however, this was never the case for Harry Potter, having remained largely isolated.

That's why it was a big shock when they announced this ball, and the place of the ball. Some people thought the ball would be held at the Potter's traditional home, Potter Castle, but that's not the case. Indeed, for the first time, a ball will be held at the Potter Palace, the newly built residence located in Erebor, the City-under-the-Mountain belonging to Harry Potter.

No one has yet been able to enter the Potter Palace, and today, tonight, the Palace will be open, but not for all. No, only those with an invitation can go to the ball, and I can proudly announce that I received an invitation. Of course, the majority of wizard families were invited except, to the greatest shock of all, six families.

Indeed, the families Malfoy, Yaxley, Rowle, Rosier, Parkinson and Smith were refused.

"This is outrageous, we should be invited for such an event." Lord Malfoy told us.

When we asked Lord Black for the reasons, he answered without hesitation.

"I refuse to have at the ball of my godson people who were rough, impolite, and what is more, tried to chant and dirty his name following the expulsion of the Board of Governors besides being of dirty thieves. Even less knowing that they were Death Eaters and that they had only for excuse, the Imperius! »

It was just as shocking to learn that the Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge, was in complete agreement with Lord Black.

This ball is also an opportunity for Hadrian James Potter to officially show the titles he will get today, but we do not know which ones. Also, this ball will be used to make a substantial donation to the Ministry of Magic to help the smooth running. The donation is equivalent to ten million galleons, it is the largest donation ever made.

So, my dear readers, and for the lucky ones, I tell you tonight in Erebor!

For more information on Hadrian James Potter, go to page 3.

For more information on Erebor, go to page 4.

For more information on the Ministry of Magic and its donors and contributors, go to page 5.

"Well, we have things to do today! Fit then Remus.

-Ah really? Asked Sirius.

-Yes sure, Sirius! We have to go to Gringotts for Harry's titles, shop for his school stuff, and prepare for the ball. Not to mention that tomorrow you will go to the Wizengamot, and there will be work. Remus replied, irritated by Sirius and his memory of a goldfish.

-Oh that's right. Well, we finish eating and we go then!" Sirius said jittery.

Remus rolled his eyes at Sirius before smiling. Harry and Charlie were very amused by the two men, who mostly looked like an old couple.

Harry and Charlie went to their respective rooms to dress properly and eventually joined the two marauders in the Floo Hall, a room reserved for the floo network. They then took the floo powder to go to Diagon Alley, this time passing through Diagon Hall, a place with more than twenty floo serving as the main entry point for the area, the Leaky Cauldron serving only as a second entry point with two floo.

Once again, Charlie, Harry, Sirius and Remus were accompanied by a small group of wizards for the protection, as usual. The latter kept themselves apart, so as not to disturb them while they went about their business.

They immediately headed for Gringotts, being docked by almost fanatical wizards wishing to welcome Harry all along. When they entered the bank, they were immediately greeted by Ragnok, who was waiting with some goblin soldiers.

"Your grace, I'm glad to see you! So are you, Lord Black, Mr. Lupin and Charlie Weasley. Ragnok welcomed them.

-We are also glad to see you, Ragnok, yet I thought we agreed about my name? Call me Harry." Harry replied with a smile.

The surrounding wizards were surprised and let out gasps of surprise at so much familiarity between their hero and a goblin.

"Ha-ha, as you want, Harry. And if we went to my office? Ragnok asked.

-Yes let's go." Harry replied with a smile, grabbing Charlie's hand as he went by.

They followed Ragnok to his office, nothing had changed since their last visit four years ago. Ragnok sat behind his desk as the four wizards sat down in front of him. The guards remained in the Gringotts Hall.

"Well, for starters, let me wish you a happy birthday! Declared Ragnok.

-Thank you Ragnok. Smiles then Harry.

-Well, well. So what lordships are you going to claim? Ragnok asked curiously.

-Well ... Harry started.

-All!" Just interrupted Sirius with a big smile.

A silence settled in the room, while everyone stared at Sirius. Harry was not supposed to claim all his lordships today.

"What? Almost shouted Harry.

-I think you're ready to take everything. My pup, you manage everything from the shadows, so do everything officially. Answered Sirius.

-But we can not definitely reveal the lordships of Emrys and Pendragon anyway? Said Remus.

-And why not? Asked Sirius.

-Would it not be possible to conceal the two lordships in the eyes of the Ministry? At least the time we put in place the Magisterium? Harry asked.

-Well, we can submit later information to the Ministry. When do you plan to set up the Magisterium? Ragnok asked, seriously.

-Tomorrow. Once the Magisterium is in place, we can easily set up the crowning and all the rest. Harry answered easily.

-I still have trouble understanding. Why not immediately reveal your lineage? Charlie asked.

-It's simple, 'lie. I should go to the Wizengamot, and frankly, I do not want to hear the screaming and the like of most Death Eaters. On the other hand, we know very well that the Magisterium will only be composed of people who are already aware, so the transition of power will be much simpler. In short, we remove the power from the hands of our enemies just before crowning me. Harry replied with a small smirk.

-And you intend to reveal your title when? Charlie asked.

-Hm, the time to finish the training and setting up the Magisterium, I will say that by the end of my first year at Hogwarts it will be good. Answered Harry.

-But nothing prevents you from claiming all your lordships if goblins can delay information, that's it? Remus asked.

-Exactly. So Ragnok, it's possible? Harry asked.

- One year delay? Yes, widely possible. Replied the goblin with a Machiavellian smile.

-Perfect. And how is this transition going? Harry asked.

-It is very simple. Whereas you already have the necessary rings, apart from that of the Black, you will only have to receive the blessing of your godfather, the Black Lord, to be able to claim your titles. Once the blessing is received, we will sign a contract with a blood-quill to validate your titles, this will update your information, which we will keep for a year. Fit Ragnok.

-Very well, do not waste time then, because time is money. Harry replied with a knowing smile with the goblin.

-Well, I'll do it then. I, Sirius Orion Black, Lord of the House of Black, godfather and guardian of Hadrian James Potter, solemnly authorize him to take control of his titles and lands, and declare him emancipate. So mote it be." Sirius said, holding his wand.

Immediately, a magical wind swept through the room and surrounded Sirius and Harry before settling down. Harry felt slightly stronger, probably due to his emancipation and the unblocking of the rings. For his part, Ragnok took out a splendid gold parchment with an enchanted phoenix feather to be a Blood-quill.

"Well, you only have to sign Hadrian James Potter on it, and if everything goes as planned, your new title and name will be displayed." Said Ragnok.

Harry hastily took the quill and signed the parchment, writing Hadrian James Potter in scarlet letters, feeling a slight pain in his hand, but there was no scar. They all observed the parchment that lit up then, and it was able to read :

Full Name: Hadrian James Pendragon-Emrys-Peverell-Black-Gryffindor-Slytherin-Ravenclaw-Potter-Evans

Previous name: Hadrian James Potter

Full title: Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Avalon and the Empire of Avalon, Grand Duke of Emrys, Duke of Peverell, Duke of Gryffindor, Duke of Slytherin, Duke of Ravenclaw, Duke of Potter, Lord Evans, Heir-Duke of Black.

Houses and Affiliations :

-Lord of the Archaic and the most Royal House of Pendragon

- Lord of the Archaic and the Noblest House of Emrys

- Lord of the oldest and most noble House of Peverell

-Heir of the oldest and most noble House of Black

- Lord of the Oldest and Noblest Gryffindor House

- Lord of the Oldest and Noblest Slytherin House

- Lord of the Oldest and Noblest House of Ravenclaw

- Lord of the Oldest and Noblest Potter House

- Lord of the Ancient and Noble House of Evans

Properties (except those of Black House): Kingdom of Avalon, Camelot Castle (Destroyed), Erebor, Diagon Alley (75%), Horizont Alley (75%), Knockturn Alley (70%), Carkitt Market (40%) ), Glastonbury Tor, Duchy of Great Britain, Duchy of Ireland, Duchy of Peverell, Duchy of Gryffindor, Duchy of Slytherin, Duchy of Ravenclaw, Peverell Manor (Wales), Chalet Peverell (France), ¾ Hogwarts (Scotland), Godric's Hollow (Wales), Gryffindor Manor (Scotland), Slytherin Manor (Scotland), Ravenclaw Manor (Scotland), Manor / Potter Castle (York), Godric's Hollow (Chalet Potter), Marauder's Cottage (York), Villa Potter ( Sweden), Potter Cottage (Denmark), The Potter's House (France), Evans House (England), 14 Privet Drive (Surrey, rented to Vernon Dursley)

Shops (except those belonging to the House of Black): Daily Prophet (75%), Mr. Mulpepper's Apothecary (75%), Slug & Jiggers Apothecary (75%) ; The Diagon Dispensary (100%), Flourish and Blotts (75%), Tomes and Scrolls (100%), Second-Hand Bookshop (100%), Bufo's (100%), Ariadne Spinners (100%), Brigg's Brooms (100%) %), Broomstix (100%), Cleansweep Broom Company (100%), Nimbus Racing Broom Company (100%), Comet Trading Company (100%), Ellerby and Spudmore (100%), Flyte and Barker (100%), Universal Brooms Ltd (100%), Concordia and Plunkett Musical Instruments (100%), Dominic Maestro's Music Shop (100%), Zonko's Joke Shop (100%), Gambol and Japenes Wizarding Joke Shop (100%), Eeylops Owl Emporium ( 100%), Honeydukes (100%)

A small silence fell on the room.

"My name is way too long!" Harry then said.

This simple sentence made Sirius laugh, and drew a smile on the faces of the other occupants of the room.

"May I know why Harry is the heir to the Avalon Kingdom AND the Avalon Empire? Is not it the same thing? Charlie asked, puzzled.

-Ha, not really. The Kingdom of Avalon is limited to the United Kingdom and French Bretagne, while the Avalon Empire represents the Kingdom of Avalon with the Commonwealth due to British expansion. Whereas the English Ministry of Magic is bound to the Commonwealth, the Kingdom has become an Empire. However, it remained a Kingdom following the renunciation of the British Empire by Muggles, which split the titles, quite simply. Answered Ragnok.

-It's not very logical. Answered Remus.

-Who said that wizards were logical?" Ragnok asked.

They laughed together at this joke.

"And now? Harry asked.

"Well, I must take you immediately to Merlin's Vault and Arthur Pendragon's Vault. That's part of the obligations. You will surely be able to see your crown, but I do not know why Arthur Pendragon wanted at all costs that his heir, once become lord of the House Pendragon, goes to his Vault. Ragnok then said, thoughtful.

-In this case, let's go!" Sirius said happily.

The group then got up to borrow the goblin transport system to go directly to the Vault N ° 2. The path was very long, and Harry raised his arms all the way, enjoying the way, just like Charlie. Sirius was laughing, but not Remus, who had become nauseated as he went.

They finally arrived at the end of a moment in front of the immense Vault N ° 2, with a unicorn engraved on the door.

"Just put your hand on the door, as Lord of House Emrys, you will be immediately recognized." Ragnok then said.

Harry nodded, and with Charlie, approached the huge door and put his hand on it. A noise was heard, and the unicorn glittered before the door opened wide. Harry did not waste time and entered the room, hand tied to Charlie. Sirius, Remus and Ragnok preferred to let them quietly discover the Vault and stayed outside.

Merlin's trunk was huge. There was gold everywhere, in the form of ingots and galleons, but also precious gems and other crystals. There was also a huge library filled with old books on magic, but that was not what caught Harry's eye.

No, what caught his eye was the pedestal in the center of the room, on which floated a splendid Tome with a rigid metal cover. The book was beautiful, the metal cover was made of an unknown alloy, jeweled, and the pages were perfectly preserved. Harry approached the Tome and decided to catch it.

Suddenly, a link was created between the Tome and Harry, and Harry finally understood what this book was. It was Merlin's Tome, but not an ordinary Tome, no, but a Tome serving as a focci, to use spells. Harry did not waste time reading the first page, which slightly worried his companion.

"What is it? Charlie asked, worried.

-According to the first page, this book was Merlin's latest creation. If I understand correctly, this book uses Arithmancy principles, runes and enchantments to serve as a catalyst of power, like a wand. By cons, it can focus much more power than a wand, and even more than a staff. But this book does not allow to cast lambda spells. From what I understood, it is used above all to invoke and bind creatures to the will of the wearer. Creatures are supposed to be made of pure magic, or else be demons. Most of the time, what I could understand are some kind of elemental creatures. Harry explained, puzzled.

-Seriously? We can do that? Charlie asked, shocked.

-Yeah, it seems. Merlin has named this art, the art of Arcanomancy. He briefly explains that Arcanomancy is intended to control the power of the Arcane, a kind of power that would be at the origin of the creation of the Universe and existence. According to him, the Arcane is a dangerous art mastering Space, Time and Reality. But according to him, it would take a considerable power, something that even I do not have, to create life, or in any case, a reality. Harry said.

-A reality? What do you mean? Does it mean that there are other realities? Asked Charlie, interested.

-Well, according to this book, there is potentially a multitude of realities, parallel dimensions and plans of existence. According to him, the Arcane would be the web of the Universe, the web of existence and the origin of magic. But he did not go to school, he certainly did not have the time. I think I finally found a subject of study that will occupy me the rest of my life!" Harry yelled with joy.

Charlie rolled his eyes at Harry's reaction. When Harry released the book to put it on the pedestal, the book flew straight to his belt to hang on magically. Both eyes widened.

"Ha! I did not expect it to bond with me. Harry said thoughtfully.

-like a wand? Charlie asked, puzzled.

-That's it, like a wand. It seems that I will never be separated from this book, but I find it a little too cumbersome. I want it to disappear!" Harry then said.

Suddenly, the book disappeared. Harry looked at the place where the book was. He thought strongly of the book, and the book appeared at his belt. Once again, he thought of making it disappear, and the book vanished.

"It is convenient!" Harry said simply with a smile.

Charlie laughed before focusing on an altar at the bottom of the vault. You could see a beautiful staff, flying above horizontally. He motioned for Harry to look at the object, and the object approached.

"I did not expect to see it someday. The famous Staff of Merlin! There are lots of legends about it, and I have no idea if they are true or not. Some say that Merlin's staff is only rivaled by the elder wand, others say that this staff has no equal. But all agree the same thing is that Merlin made this staff alone. Harry then said.

-I guess you'll take it? Charlie asked with a small smile.

-Well understood that I'm going to take it, after all, it's mine now!" Harry smiled.

He reached for the staff, and the staff went straight to him. The staff was large enough, resembling an all-metal scepter, being made once more of an unknown metal. The shaft is engraved with several runes, to solidify and protect the staff. The top of the staff was adorned with a huge blue diamond that was missing a tip. Harry looked at the Emrys Ring, and noticed the correspondence. The blue diamond of the ring was actually a fragment of Merlin's staff Diamond.

When Harry caught the staff, he felt like a wave of magic filling him, twirling his hair in all directions. Charlie watched the scene, stunned by the aura emanating from Harry, before smiling and hugging Harry, kissing his hair.

"How do you feel? He asked.

-Perfect! I feel in a perfect state! Harry then curled into Charlie's arms.

-You know we'll still have to go to Ollivander, will not we? Charlie asked.

- Well, we do not really have a choice. But I do not think they'll find me a wand." Harry answered.

They laughed together, before continuing their exploration. They eventually reached a kind of wardrobe in which they found a pretty outfit. A small message was written on it, which caught the attention of both boys.

To the attention of my heir, I leave you this outfit which I hope will be useful for you. Signed, Merlin / Moros.

Harry grabbed hold of it and lifted it up. It was actually a sleeveless blue overcoat with gold threads embroidered along the shoulders, around the neck and along the torso, all with gold buttons as well. There was also a belt also made of gold thread, probably to tie over the waist of the belt overcoat.

"It's pretty, and I love the color. My ancestor had good taste! Harry said.

-I confirm. I can not wait to see wearing it. Charlie said with a lustful look.

-If Uncle Sirius heard you talking like that, you'd be dead. Harry laughed.

-Ouaip, but he's not here!" Charlie replied with a big smile.

Harry decided to take off his robe, wearing Acromantula's silk trousers underneath the dress, a blue royal shirt, with embroidered gold threads on the sleeves, and dragon leather boots. He took the opportunity to slowly remove his dress, just to bother Charlie, before donning the overcoat and put the belt.

"So? How do I look? Harry asked, holding the staff.

-You look like an angel, a blue angel! Charlie replied with hearts in his eyes.

-No, more seriously, does it suits me? Harry asked again, smiling.

-Well, you look like Merlin, younger. And more cute too." Charlie added.

The latter took a blow of staff before being tightened in the arms of his bearer. They stayed like that for a few minutes, savoring each embrace, warmth, smell, everything. They finally parted with a smile and decided to leave the vault, after obviously summoning some house elves to bring the entire library to Erebor, in the private library of Harry.

When they came out of the vault, Remus, Sirius, and Ragnok were astonished to see Harry, dressed differently, a metal Tome in the belt that Harry had made appear, and a scepter or staff in his hands.

"Whoa! Sirius said.

-My pup, but what is all of this? Remus asked.

-Well, I present to you the staff of Merlin, who has become bound to me. Same for Merlin's Tome, also linked to me, and an outfit that my ancestor bequeathed to me." Harry answered.

It was then that he explained to them quickly what he knew about the Tome and its mysteries.

"Why not do a demonstration? Ragnok asked.

-Hm, I think it's possible, but I've never used this Tome yet." Harry answered.

He grabbed the volume and opened it, thinking of an invocation. Immediately, the book turned on one page, and Harry had only to focus his magic on the book, and the summoning page with runes and patterns glowed.

Suddenly, a kind of portal appeared before the occupants of the place, and a strange creature out. This creature resembled a fox, shining strongly, emerald with three tails and a ruby on the head. The creature looked around before focusing on Harry and standing at his feet. That's when it exclaimed.

"Carbuncle!" The creature shouted.

A huge silence fell on everyone, wizards and goblins with wide eyes and open mouths watching the fascinating luminescent creature in front of them.

"But what is it? Sirius asked, shocked.

-Well, according to the book, it's a Carbuncle. The Carbuncle seems to be a creature made of pure magic that aims to be like a pet. He will follow me and defend me, like a magical familiar, except that I do not need to feed him, and that he has no special needs, except that of serving me. Harry answered reading the book.

-We could do it all? Asked Remus, interested.

-Hm, according to the book, yes. The problem is that it takes Tomes of invocations, like mine, but mine is unique, since Merlin has never shared his art, although I have no idea where he got the knowledge. I think it comes from one of his other dimensions that he talked about. Answered Harry.

-It must surely be possible to create these tomes, no? Asked Ragnok, very interested.

-I suppose. But it would take an excellent calligrapher for that. Answered Harry.

-If I ever find the calligrapher, would it be possible? Ragnok asked.

-Why not, but first, I'll have to sort out what's in the book. We would not want to give spells that are too dangerous to some people, is it?" Harry asked.

They nodded. Harry waved his hand, and Carbuncle disappeared into the air. They decided to go then to the Vault N ° 1. Fortunately, the Vault was right next to Vault # 2, Merlin and Arthur had to create their Vaults at the same time. The Vault was very different from the Vault N ° 2. First, the metal covering the door was unknown, a dark color with bluish bursts. An immense red dragon, made of an alloy also unknown, was on the door, but the most astonishing was the kind of blue barrier covering the door, like a kind of visible barrier.

"What is it? Asked Sirius, surprised.

-It looks like a magic barrier, but it is visible. It must be very powerful to be visible. Fit then Remus.

-This Vault has always been like that. Then intervened Ragnok.

-Do I open it like the previous one?" Harry asked curiously.

For answer only, Ragnok nodded. Harry took his courage in both hands and walked towards the safe. He held out his hand to the door, the one with Pendragon's Ring, and it crossed the barrier with ease. When he finally touched the door, the dragon roared with force, making the observers jump, before spitting a kind of electric field that opened the door by lifting it like a portcullis. The room that appeared behind was completely dark, and nothing could be distinguished.

Harry stepped forward, motioning for Charlie to follow him. However, Charlie was immediately blocked by the barrier.

"I do not think I can follow you, Harry. Charlie said, looking sad.

-Do not be an idiot, give me your hand." Harry answered simply.

When he finally took Charlie's hand, he managed to pass the barrier.

"My ring seems to be the key to this room, and I guess anyone who is in direct contact with me also benefits from access to the room." Harry explained quickly.

Charlie just nodded, and they walked toward the abyss in front of them, hand in hand, not sure.

Suddenly, lights were lit all around, the walls becoming luminous.

"Fascinating! Harry then said.

-What? Charlie asked, a little lost.

-You see these walls that illuminate everything? Well, there is nothing magic. If you look more closely, it's technology, very advanced of course." Harry said full of excitement.

Charlie rolled his eyes at Harry's behavior before continuing to follow him in this rather deep place. They ended up arriving in a huge room, filled to the ceiling with gold and jewels. The place was pretty fantastic, because although there are easily hundreds of millions of galleons, there were also at least ten tons of gold in the form of ingots.

"Frankly, how rich are you? Charlie asked, amazed.

-We are rich, you mean. Do not forget that what is mine is also yours. I suppose, on the other hand, that only the galleons were taken into account, and not the rest of the gold. All the better, it will allow me to finish my little project. Harry said with a smirk.

-Which project?" Charlie asked.

For answer only, he had an enigmatic smile. It was then that Harry saw a pedestal in the center of the wealth of the room. This pedestal was crystal, but what mattered most was what rested on it.

A crown, made entirely of gold and encrusted with many jewels. This crown had nothing to do with that used by the muggle family, no, it was typically medieval, with no added above or religious symbols of any kind. The crystals were all magic, Harry and Charlie could feel it. Harry quickly made the comparison with his rings, and then realized that the jewels were simply colored diamonds, extremely rare diamonds, and soaked in magic. The diamonds were almost all red, with only one crystalline diamond. Harry looked at his ring more closely and then realized that the diamond in the Pendragon ring actually came from the crown, and that it had been replaced by a lambda diamond.

"It's really weird this diamond, while the others are red. Piped then Charlie.

-It's because the red diamond is on my ring, 'lie. But that denotes a little, we should find a more suitable gem to replace this diamond. Why not a ruby? Harry offered then.

-Like this one?" Charlie asked, showing a ruby on the floor.

Harry watched the ruby and grabbed it. It corresponded to the entrenchment of the crown, and approached it. He simply removed the diamond and replaced it with the ruby. Harry hesitated to put the crown on his head, but restrained himself. Charlie noticed it and could not refrain from snorting, which made Harry blush to the soles of his feet.

"In a hurry to be King? Charlie teased with a mocking smile.

-And you to be consort?" Harry replied with a small smile.

Charlie did not expect that and reddened, which made Harry laugh harder.

"I wonder where the scepter is. Charlie then said.

-I believe that the scepter is, unfortunately, the one who is at the Tower of London. Answered Harry.

-Ha. You plan to recover it? Charlie asked, puzzled.

-Yes of course! Answered Harry.

-And do you intend to recover all the jewels of the crown? Charlie asked, puzzled.

-No, most were created by muggles for muggles. Theoretically, their scepter too, but the truth is that the scepter is hidden under a powerful enchantment, giving it the appearance of the muggle scepter. The one who was to make the scepter in 1661 was a wizard who decided to use the scepter of Pendragon, to prevent a black wizard to have it. The secret was passed down among the Blacks as guardians of this scepter, and of course, my aunt told me everything. Harry explained then.

-And there is nothing else to recover? Charlie asked.

-Not really. There is theoretically the Caledfwlch sword, but I have no idea where it is, although it is perfectly possible that it is here. I hope so, anyway. Most other muggle objects are religious, but I'm not teaching you anything by saying that Catholicism and we are two. I prefer to continue our beliefs of ancient religions with Hecate and the other gods of the Greek and Roman pantheon, it is much simpler. Harry replied with a small smile.

-In thinking back, I never knew the gods worshiped by your families. I know mine is faithful to Hestia as the goddess of the Hearth, but other than that ...Charlie said, puzzled.

-Well, the Blacks normally worship Hecate directly, but also Hades as the god of wealth and death. I know that the Peverell are the favorites of Hades and Thanatos, the God of Death. The Potters have always worshiped Apollo as the God of the Arts, medicine and archers, which is quite amazing when you consider that the Gryffindor prefer Jupiter as the God of Roman justice. If I remember correctly, Ravenclaw prefers Minerva, Roman goddess of wisdom and culture, unlike Athena, probably because of the small side war. Hm ... For Slytherin, I think it's Pluto and Mercury, surely because one is the god of riches and the other is a messenger god who is represented by a caduceus with two snakes. Answered Harry.

-Oh! And for Pendragon, Emrys and Evans? Charlie asked intrigued.

-It's pretty amazing, but I have no idea for Pendragon and Emrys. For Evans, I think I remember that they always prayed to the goddess Juno, probably for marriage. And you, do you pray to the goddess of your family or do you prefer another? Harry asked.

-I prefer you, of course. Charlie replied with a smile, which made Harry blush.

-More seriously, 'lie, you venerate who? Harry asked.

-I prefer Venus. I know, it's pretty funny, but I'm grateful to her for putting me on your way. Charlie answered with a wink.

-Oh! I did not expect that, but I can see where you are coming from. Personally, I have no preferences and prefer to pray to all the gods, although some may say that Jupiter is my boss, since I am destined to reign." Harry said, still red.

Charlie was about to answer when he noticed a big door behind Harry.

«Where does this door lead? He asked.

-We should go see. Harry then made his way, taking the crown with him before miniaturizing it into his bag."

The two boys approached slowly but surely from the door. As they approached the door, it rose, like a wall, revealing another room. The room was very different from the previous one, because it was entirely luminous, haloed in a bluish light, with only two intriguing devices inside, as well as a kind of hole in the wall.

There was a large metal ring, with several runes engraved along it, and a small device in front with a simple button, nothing else.

"What is it? Charlie asked, puzzled.

-No idea, but I like the appearance. Harry replied with a smile.

-I wonder what's in the hole." Charlie said, before heading for it.

Immediately, a device came out of it, made of a completely black metal, which made Charlie go back.

"Wow, I did not see it coming! Charlie shouted.

- Let me take a look, 'lie. You never know, it could react badly with you, since you're not Arthur's descendant. Said Harry.

-Okay, but for pity's sake, be careful!" Charlie answered, wary of the strange machine.

Harry just nodded before approaching the strange device. He approached the hole, suspicious, to observe what was inside. The only thing he saw was colored lights.

Suddenly, two metal hands came out on the side of the device before grabbing Harry's head and holding it against the device, the lights then came near Harry's eyes. He gestured to try to get out of its grip, but he could not do anything about it. Charlie tried somehow to help him, but nothing happened, and he did not want to use his magic, at risk of hurting his companion. The situation lasted a good ten minutes, before the hands suddenly retracted, and Harry fell to the ground, gasping for breath.

"Harry, how are you?! Then shouted Charlie, lifting Harry's head.

- ... said Harry

-Please Harry, I beg you, tell me something! Fit Charlie, worried.

-I'm fine, I'm fine, and I'm fine. Harry then said, which reassured Charlie.

-What has happened? Charlie asked, his voice worried.

-I'll explain everything to you, but we have to go see Sirius and Remus first." Harry said, trying to get up.

Charlie nodded and helped him up, before taking him with him to the exit of the room, not without sending a glare at the machine. They finally left the vault, and they were immediately accosted by Remus, Sirius and Ragnok, who had noticed Harry's condition.

"What happened? Sirius asked, panicked.

-I do not know anything about it! A fucking machine grabbed Harry's head for ten minutes and released him before he lost balance! Then shouted Charlie.

-Language Charlie! Fit Remus.

-Sorry." Charlie answered simply, blushing a little.

They all watched Harry, who seemed to be somewhere else, thinking. What they did not know was that Harry was actually in his mental castle behind his occlumency barriers.

Indeed, Harry was putting away all the information he had accumulated, and it was a mess in his mind. The shelves were overturned, books scattered, so much so that one might have thought a tornado had passed in his mind. He thought of everything he had learned about his ancestors, the Alterans, or Lanteans, whatever. He then decided to completely reshape his mind, and to do so, took the example of one of the Alteran architecture. He then transformed his splendid castle into an immense Alteran city, and thus replaced his library by a room with a huge armchair in its center. Right away, he felt better, and had easier access to all the information he had gathered. He then focused on the real world.

"I'm better, do not worry. Harry then said.

-My pup, what happened in this vault? Sirius asked, worried.

-Something extraordinary, I can assure you. Oh, I have so many things to tell you! Harry exclaimed, happy.

-Would not it be better if we went back to my office? Ragnok asked.

-Yes, it would be for the best." Harry answered simply.

Before he could react, he was lifted by Charlie and curled up in his arms, while the latter took him to the wagons to return to the surface. They finally arrived in Gringotts Hall after about ten minutes and immediately went to Ragnok's office, where all sat down except Harry who stayed directly on Charlie's lap, the latter holding him against him with a certain ferocity, which made Harry blush to the tip of his ears. The Summoning Tome had disappeared again, and Merlin's staff was floating quietly to the side.

"Good, and if you explained to us what happened? Asked Sirius.

-Before all, I prefer to take the crown out of my bag, it's not appropriate to let it dust in it." Harry answered.

The others nodded, and Harry pulled the crown out of his bag, bringing it back to its normal size before putting it directly on Ragnok's desk. They all looked at the crown, in a trance.

"Can Gringotts secure the transfer of the crown directly to the Potter & Gringotts Bank? Harry asked.

-Of course, Harry. Answered Ragnok.

-Very good. However, it will be necessary to steal the scepter at the Tower of London. Harry then said.

-We can also take care of it. Should we do it discreetly? Ragnok asked with a Machiavellian smile.

-But not at all, I want a scandal to break out. It will teach them to use a scepter that does not belong to them. Harry replied with a sadistic smile.

-And concerning the other jewels? Then inquired Ragnok, very interested.

-Well, I guess I can put together a little collection, what do you think? Harry asked.

-I say they do not need it. Sirius said, amused.

-Well, Ragnok, I'll let you take care of it. Harry said with a smile.

-It will be done in the next few hours. I will personally take care of the transport of the crown." Answered Ragnok.

He snapped his fingers and a goblin approached with a mithril box in which he placed the crown before placing the box next to Ragnok. Remus frowned.

"Well, now that all of this is taken care of, can you tell us what happened, Harry?" He asked.

Immediately, everyone's attention shifted directly to Harry, who swallowed.

"Good. It is time for me to explain what happened. I'll try to keep it simple, so listen carefully. Harry started.

-We'll listen, love. Charlie then said, making Harry blush once more.

-Good. Uh ... The device that caught my head is actually a Repository of Knowledge. To better understand, see it as a kind of super pensive that besides showing everything, makes us remember everything. Harry explained, drawing nods from the occupants of the room.

-Great. This receptacle of Knowledge was invented by my ancestor, Arthur Pendragon, but I discovered that Arthur Pendragon is not his real name. Neither Merlin by the way. Then revealed Harry.

-How is that possible, pup? Remus asked, puzzled.

-From what I understood, Arthur Pendragon was in fact only a kind of reincarnation of someone else. His name was Janus, and he was an Alteran. It was the same for Merlin, who was actually called Moros. For you to understand, I will quickly explain the history of the Alteran. Harry started.

-The Alterans are actually the first species to have existed, and they were theoretically the first evolution of humans. Just like us, they had psychic powers, magic in short. However, they did not live here, but in another galaxy, on the other side of the Universe, so far away from here, on a planet called Celestis. They were a very technologically advanced people, so much so that they could travel between planets and even galaxies. They noticed, however, that no other race could compete with them, and this was the beginning of a schism among the Alterans. On the one hand, there were those who believed themselves superior to all races, and considered themselves gods who were to be venerated. They called themselves Oris. The other, there were the Alterans who just wanted to continue their exploration, and the technological development. Soon, the movement of Oris attracted more and more Alterans, and became the major faction, beginning to reduce in a form of slavery other humanoid races in their galaxy, turning them into followers. It lasted a while, but everything was turned upside down by an important event. Harry explained

-Which event? Ragnok asked, very interested.

-Well, the Alterans thought that there was a higher plane of existence, to leave our bodily forms to reach a form of existence as pure energy, immortal and omnipotent. And they were right, but unfortunately, the first ones to reach this stage were Oris. And the Oris had become completely barges with all that power, persuaded to be Gods. They began to force the Alterans to follow the Oris way, and of course, those who did not agree were hunted down. Thus a group of Alterans, only a few million, compared to the billions of Oris, decided to leave their galaxy. They created spaceships capable of intergalactic travel, these were what they called their ships of exodus .They then decided to simply go to a galaxy at the opposite of the Oris to never have to confront them again. Of course, they made stops to replenish their resources, and noticed that no matter where they went, there was no life, just resource-rich planets. Then revealed Harry.

- Spaceships? Sirius said, flabbergasted.

-Yup. In any case, they ended up arriving in our Galaxy, which they then named Avalon. Yep, Avalon, it's not for nothing that we call the Kingdom of Avalon, you understand everything. In any case, they settled on a planet named Dakara where they began to build everything again, and created a kind of hegemony, or if you prefer, a technological empire that spread throughout the galaxy. They then discovered a similar primitive race, with gray skin and plant hair. This race was called the Nox, and they were in symbiosis with nature, much like the druids. Soon, a friendship was created between them. The Alterans continued their exploration of the surrounding galaxies, and discovered the Asgards, a humanoid race that was about two meters tall, with a skull slightly larger than the Alterans, but other than that, they too looked like humans. Together, they created an alliance, the Alliance of the Four Races. Harry then said.

-Four races? But which is the fourth? Asked Remus who had followed everything.

-Hehehe, well, I think my answer will greatly interest Ragnok. Harry then said.

-What do you mean? Ragnok asked, eyes narrowed.

-Simply because the goblins were the fourth race. Well, you had another name if I remember correctly, that of Furlings. According to what I learned, you lost all of your knowledge and forget your origins. Unfortunately, there was no knowledge belonging to the Furlings in the Repository of Knowledge." Harry revealed again.

Immediately, a silence fell on the room, and all the goblins present, especially Ragnok, had their eyes wide open, almost out of their sockets, their mouths wide open.

"We do not come from here? Ragnok asked.

-No, but your planet has been destroyed. From what I understand, you had to take refuge here, and no longer having access to your technology, you have forgotten everything. Arthur must have understood that, maybe that's why he made you his vassals. Harry offered.

-But if he knew, why did not he do anything? Ragnok asked.

-I will come here, precisely. So where was I? Harry asked.

-You just talked about the alliance. Charlie said.

-Ha, thank you 'lie. Well, as I said, they created an alliance. Then, the Alterans decided to continue their exploration, but they preferred to make sure that their trips are not useless. They then created dozens of seed-ships, equipped ships to analyze planets and place Astria Porta explain, an Astria Porta is a kind of metal circle capable of creating a wormhole to connect with another one, thus allowing an almost instantaneous trip. In short, it's like our floo network, without the powder. Two thousand years later, after receiving the information from most of the seed-ships, they created the Destiny, a huge galactic exploration vessel aimed at visiting the planets equipped with Astria Porta. Understand that the seed-ships and the Destiny were not equipped with intergalactic systems, but propellers to go faster than light, the FTL engine. In any case, a team had to go aboard Destiny to explore the rest of the Universe once the ship was far away from the Earth, since it owned an Astria Porta. Unfortunately, with the ascension and for other reasons, they decided not to board. So currently, the ship is traveling through the universe, continuing its mission. I assure you, I know how to repatriate it. But the story does not end there. Harry then said.

-I see. What's next? Ragnok asked, very interested.

-Well, the Oris finally learned that the Alterans were still alive, and began to begin their ascents. They did not like it, and considered the Alterans as heretics, so they used their powers to create a plague and send it right into our galaxy. You must be aware, it was a disaster for the Alterans, who did not expect that. They soon regretted spreading throughout the galaxy, and billions of Alterans died in excruciating pain. They warned their allies to avoid Avalon, or in the case of the Nox, that they remain isolated far from them. Unfortunately, the Furlings contracted the plague, and I guess those who were not dying ended up here, but I do not know how. The Alterans, however, decided not to let it go, and then created on Dakara an immense device aiming to sow life in all the galaxy. Those who were not sick all came back to the Earth, which had become the capital, and then went up in a spaceship, a kind of flying city, named Atlantis. They immediately headed for a distant galaxy called Pegasus. Here, life was extinguished, and the device was activated to give life, thus creating various species, as well as a second form of the Alteran race directly on Earth. They had decided to recreate their race, before it becomes so powerful, even before it has psychic powers and so on. Harry explained, catching his breath.

-And after? I doubt that this is not the end. Charlie then held Harry against him.

-You are right, 'lie. In fact, the Alterans arrived in Pegasus, and they decided to disseminate life, as in Avalon. But first, they settled on a planet they named New Lantea, and renamed themselves the Lanteans, to symbolize a new beginning. The planet was mostly composed of water, and the city obviously settled on the water, hence the myth of Atlantis. Then they created and disseminated Astria Porta on all planets, recreate life, and create a new hegemony. Instead, instead of doing as in Avalon, they decided to create a fleet of city-ships to keep the Lanteans in groups, and reduce the chances that a new plague would occur. Unfortunately, after a while, there was a new problem. One of the planets they had colonized possessed some kind of vampire insects that devoured the inhabitants, and assimilated them, to give birth to a new vampiric and belligerent race, called Wraiths. The Wraiths created their own technology, based on an older version of the Lanteans, and began a war with them. At first, the Lanteans won easily, having superior technology, but the Wraiths had created some sort of cloning factory to produce mass soldiers. So as soon as they lost a ship, two replaced it. The Lanteans were not many, and the course of the war changed very quickly, and the Wraiths began to win, being hundreds of millions, devouring everyone. Harry explained.

-And I thought that there was no worse than Death Eaters, now you're talking about Bloodthirsty monsters and Oris ...Sirius mumbled.

-Yup. The Lanteans did not let themselves go, but they did not know how to fight, despite their very powerful ships, and lost a lot of life. They tried, of course, to create a synthetic technological race to destroy them, but they abandoned the project when the robotic race took the form of the Lanteans. Personally, I think it was a mistake, but it's too late. After all, these robots were faithful, but the Lanteans were scared. In any case, the Lanteans lost, and they ended up being only a few, cloistered in their last Bastion, Atlantis on New Lantea. They suffered a siege for several years, but their shield was indestructible. This did not mean that they could reply, and they ended up fed up with this whole war. They then decided to flee the City and use their Astria Porta to return to Earth and mix with humans, and wait patiently for their ascension. They sank the city and left, simply. That was only ten thousand years ago. Then most of them mixed with humans, and others simply had children before they started climbing. Having abandoned all technology, the Lanteans' children noticed that they had psychic abilities, which they called magic. This is how our species was created, that of the wizards." Harry revealed.

A heavy silence fell on the room, everyone astonished, reflecting on the meanings of this revelation. It was Charlie who intervened.

"And for Merlin and Arthur? He asked.

-Ha, I see that you followed, 'lie. Arthur, or his real name, Janus, was the most brilliant of all the Lanteans, a true genius, and was a member of the council of Atlantis who ruled their people. Merlin, whose real name was Moros, was the High Councilor of the Atlantis Council, the chief. Both were members of those who had returned to Earth, but they had no children, and began their ascension. But after a while, they decided to go back to Earth, this is called des-ascension. Why? Because the Alterans and Lanteans having achieved their ascension have created a rule of non-intervention, to avoid that the Oris do not notice them, and therefore, to be able to interact with the mortals, they must accomplish a descent and give up their ascension. Janus and Moros decided to complete their descent, and decided to take their place in the wombs of mothers. This is how Arthur Pendragon and Merlin Emrys were born. From what I understood, the two had not planned to meet, but it was the case. They ended up developing a romance between them, and well, we know the result. At this level, the stories are fairly faithful. By cons, Merlin eventually disappear, leaving Arthur alone, and the latter decided to leave a legacy to his future descendants, when they would grow sufficiently to become Alterans again. From what I understood, he created the Repository of Knowledge, but also order the creation of an immense city on a distant planet for his descendant. That's what the Astria Porta in the vault is for, it allows access to this planet. From what I understand, this gate is made to have bilateral access to the door of the other planet, but can not contact other planets. Surely a security. Harry finishes.

-Extraordinary. And you learned all that with this Repository? Remus asked, amazed.

-Yes, and even more. In fact, I learned everything the Lanteans and Alterans knew, and when I say everything, that's all. Whether it's culture, art, science, names, dates, history, I know everything. I literally know enough to fill a larger library than Alexandria. Harry said with a small, mocking smile.

-And it can be accessed? Remus asked, almost drooling.

-Unfortunately, no, it seems that I am the only one who can learn everything. I'm afraid your brains are not powerful enough to hold all this knowledge, and that may kill you. But I know that in the City left to me by Arthur, there are Repositories of Knowledge with basic knowledge, a bit like school, but faster. I think you can access it. Harry explained then.

-Even me? Ragnok asked.

-Well, since the goblins will be members of my Kingdom, I do not see why you could not access this knowledge. Of course, I will have to create Repositories specifically for you, to limit the information on Alterans as you are not, but you will have access to knowledge in general. Answered Harry.

-Perfect. When could we leave for this planet? Ragnok asked.

-Why do not go right after our session with Wizengamot, tomorrow? Harry offered.

-It seems to me possible. What do you think, Remy? Asked Sirius.

-Yes it's a good idea. Well, it's time to go shopping. Fit then Remus.

-Exactly! With that, thank you, Ragnok, and I hope to see you at Harry's Ball tonight! Sirius said with a big smile.

-Of course, Lord Black. I will not miss this event for anything in the world. I want to see the wizards faces when Harry's titles are revealed." Ragnok replied with a devilish smile.

Sirius burst out laughing before leaving the office with Remus.

"Well, thanks for everything, Ragnok. May your coffers be always full. Harry said.

-And your enemies can die at your feet, Harry. So see you tonight, too, Mr. Weasley. Ragnok replied with a smile that was meant to be friendly.

-Thank you, Lord Ragnok." Charlie answered simply, taking Harry by the hand.

Harry retrieved his floating staff just before leaving the office. When they finally reached Sirius, he watched the staff.

"Frankly, this stick will make you noticed by everyone, my pup. And it is a little too bulky, you think it is possible to reduce it? Asked Sirius.

-I do not know at all. I'm going to try." Harry said.

He focused on the staff in his hands, and that eventually reduced in size, to finally make Harry's size.

"I can not do better. Harry then said.

-Bah, at least, it is now adapted to your size. But it remains cumbersome, and it's really not funny. Replied Charlie, taking a blow at himself.

-Did you not make it disappear, like your Summoning Tome?" Remus asked.

Harry's eyes widened, calling himself a fool for not thinking about it. He concentrated on making the staff disappear, and the baton disappeared at once. He made it reappear to make it disappear again.

"There you go! Problem fixed, so let's go, we have many things to buy and I want to go home." Sirius said.

They all nodded, and went to the Gringotts Hall where they were joined by their guards, who noticed Harry's outfit but said nothing. They were not really surprised to meet Hagrid in the Hall, already knowing about the Philosopher's Stone and its safe transportation to Hogwarts. Dumbledore had wanted Voldemort out of his hole, and knew perfectly well that such an artifact would attract him, not to mention Harry. He still had difficulty convincing the Academic Council, especially Walburga, Sirius and Remus, but Harry intervened and said that the castle obeyed him and that he could easily watch the surroundings, not to mention the armor and statues that would not hesitate to defend the students.

The group went out of the bank, and decided to start with the clothes. Of course, they went to Twilfitt & Tattings to order several silk dresses from Acromantula, which they had for free.

Indeed, since his last visit a Gringotts four years ago, Ragnok had decided to follow Harry's orders and buy as much as possible in Diagon Alley, Horizont Alley, Carkitt Market and the Muggle World. Twilfitt & Tattings now belonged entirely to the Black family, and of course they did not have to pay when they went shopping.

They did not waste time and immediately went to most shops, taking what they needed, without paying anything, being the owners of the shops. They ended up going to Eeylops Owl Emporium to finally find an animal for Harry.

When Harry entered the shop, he was immediately greeted by his employee in the shop, and made him understand that he had come to find an animal, so an owl. He then went to the owls, ignoring the majority, observing the most recluse. He then noticed a golden cage, in which stood a beautiful white, snowy owl standing upright. Harry approached.

"My Lord, I advise you against this animal. Then fit the employee.

-Why is that? Harry asked, puzzled.

-The owl has been very uncooperative, and has constantly attacked other customers, and has been brought back three times already. No one wants it, it is too dangerous." The employee said.

Harry chuckled before opening the cage, smiling at the owl.

"I think a beauty like you deserves to be treated like a queen. Harry said.

-Hoot! Fit the owl in agreement.

-Oh my, can you understand me, beautiful?" Harry asked, surprised.

The owl bobbed its head quickly, from top to bottom.

"Intriguing. And what do you think of becoming my owl? Harry asked.

-Hoot? Fit the owl, seeming to ask what she had to gain.

-I see, you want something in exchange, understandable. I am a very powerful and important person, not to mention rich. Therefore, I can assure you that you will never miss food, and if you wish it you will have a perch and a cage in the matter of your choice. Silver, maybe? Harry said.

-Hoot! Replied the Owl, displeased.

- Gold then? Answered Harry.

-Hoot! Fit the owl, happy.

-I will also have to find you a name. Why not Snow White? Harry offered.

-Hoot Hoot! Replied the owl, displeased.

-Hm ... Jane? Pertite? Nigra? Whitney? Sarah?" Harry offered.

The only answer Harry had was a wing shot in the face and a dark look from the vexed owl.

"Ok, ok, I understand, you do not like it. And why not Hedwig? Like the Saint." Harry offered.

The owl seemed to think for a moment, before nodding quickly.

"Perfect! Why do not you fly to my mansion in Erebor? Everything has been installed for the movement of owls and other birds within the Mountain." Harry said.

The owl hooted quickly before leaving the stall in the direction of Erebor, not without nibbling Harry's ear affectionately. Harry heard laughter, and turned to see Charlie and Sirius laughing loudly. He blushed then, and quickly left the store, under the amused look of Remus. Even the guards smiled at the situation.

They eventually all headed for Ollivanders, because although Harry already had a wand, he had to find one that was validated by the Ministry. They finally approached the place, an old shop with a dilapidated facade and a storefront, on which was engraved, in letters of gold, the inscription: "Makers of Fine Wands since 382 B.C."

They decided to enter the shop, except the guards of course, the place being too narrow.

When they entered the shop, they could see several dusty shelves, covered with boxes containing wands, stacked on top of each other, patiently waiting for their future bearers.

"I was waiting for you, Mr. Potter." Then said a voice, which made everybody jump.

They turned around in time to see an old man with big pale eyes and a mysterious smile. The old man frowned as he watched Harry.

"Or should I say Lord Potter? Hm, no, I think there are many more titles than that, am I wrong?" The old man asked with a smile.

"You are right, I am indeed the Lord of many houses. Do you know which ones? Harry asked with a smile that was mysterious as well.

-Oh, fun, yes, very fun. Let's see, by your rings, I'll say that the Peverell, Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Potter and Evans Houses have a new Lord. But do not think I can not see there are two other rings, hidden by some concealment. Ollivander said.

-I see, the assumptions about your Mage sight are not just gossip. Tell me, Garrick Ollivander, if I asked you, would you agree to keep a little secret? Harry asked, his eyes piercing.

-Of course." Answered the old man, smiling.

Suddenly, the other two rings made their appearances on Harry's fingers, and Ollivander held his breath at the sight of Pendragon's crest. He then smiled sympathetically.

"I was wrong, it seems. I should have called you your highness. Garrick said, smiling.

-It is not necessary, in any case, not for now. Answered Harry.

-Very good. And if we come back to the reason of your presence in my beautiful establishment? Ollivander asked.

-We are here for a wand for Harry of course. Answered Sirius.

-Ha, yes, I remember, Sirius Black, 12½ inches (31cm), reed wood and unicorn hair, relatively pliable. Remus Lupin, Cypress Wood, Unicorn Hair, 10¼ inches (25.75cm), pliable. Charlie Weasley, Ash Wood, Unicorn Hair, 12 inches (27.25cm), swishy. I remember every wand I sold, even that of your parents, your highness. James Potter, Mahogany Wood, Dragon Ventricle, 11 inches (27.5cm), relatively pliable and very effective for transfiguration, and Lily Potter, Willow Wood, White River Monster Thorn, 10¼ inches (25.6cm), swishy, excellent for charms. Ollivander said.

-White River Monster Thorn? But I thought Thiago Quintana was the only one who could get these? Charlie asked, interested.

-That's right, Mr. Weasley, but fortunately for me, Thiago was a friend and gave me some of them so that I could try some tests and prototypes. But that does not explain your presence, your highness. Fit then Garrick.

-What do you mean? Harry asked suspiciously.

-You know, you know about my Mage sight, but I'm also perfectly able to see if a person already has a focci, but I see you have two. Can I see them?" Asked Ollivander.

Harry managed to hide his astonishment and nodded. He then made the Summoning Tome and the Merlin Staff appear. Immediately, Ollivander threw himself on the staff like a child in front of Christmas presents.

"Magnificent! I have never seen anything like it, and I can tell you that I saw some focci. Let's see, the metal is perfectly conducive to magic, but I do not ... Oh, I see, I should have known. Orichalcum, this explains the red highlights. However, I do not feel any heart, but instead, there is this extremely pure diamond that serves as a focal point. This staff has a formidable power, and only the elder stick could compete with. I can however feel that the size of this staff, which I consider a scepter, is adaptable to the wearer, which is a good thing. Ollivander said.

-And for my Tome? Harry asked, puzzled.

-Hm ... Merlin's famous Summoning Tome, you know, my ancestor worked with Merlin for his creation. Let's see, the book is also made in Orichalcum, and has three core, three magical gems, I speak obviously of the three diamonds on the cover of the book. From what I know, this book never misses pages, and just focus on choosing the page. In terms of power, this book is more suited for very high magic amounts, but is quite limited in spells. Ollivander explained.

-This does not prevent that I need a magic wand, the staff is too cumbersome and the volume is not suitable. Answered Harry.

-I see. However, for a sorcerer as exceptional as you, it would take a baguette just as exceptional. We will see what I can do for you." Ollivander said with a huge smile, delighted with this challenge.

So for more than thirty minutes, Harry tested all the wands in the shop, but none of them matched him, which made Ollivander even more excited. It was then that Ollivander observed Harry's ring Peverell and had a flash of genius.

"I understood! Shouted it.

-Ha? Sirius asked, tired.

-Your Highness, you are a Peverell, and the Lord of the House of Peverell, moreover. But the ring you wear is not a vulgar bauble! Ollivander said.

-What do you mean? Remus said, while Harry seemed to understand.

-The relics? Harry asked uncertainly.

-Exactly, the relics. Your ring, or rather, the stone adorning the ring, is none other than the Resurrection Stone!" Revealed Ollivander.

Immediately, a silence fell on the room. Finally, Sirius, Remus and Harry thought back to Harry's seven years and the result of the chests. They remembered the mention of the Deathly Hallows.

"Wait, would that mean that James' invisibility cloak is actually the Cloak of Invisibility, the one given by Death? Sirius asked, eyes wide.

-But why does that explains Harry's problem? Charlie asked.

-It's very simple, Mr. Weasley. Your soul mate is 100% compatible with only one wand, and that's the elder wand. Ollivander said.

-But this wand is gone! Answered Sirius.

-Not quite. Ollivander answered with a mysterious smile.

-What do you mean? Harry asked, out of his shock.

-I know the current owner of the wand, and it may be that getting it is much easier than expected. Then said the old man.

-Who is it? Harry asked.

-Well, none other than Dumbledore, obviously." Revealed Ollivander.

Silence fell on the wizards, trying to digest the information.

"Does that mean that, theoretically, Uncle Albus has two of my hallows? Since I left him the cloak for the moment.

-It would seem. But do not worry, the cloak is faithful to you because it is related to your family, and I suppose it is also the case of the ring. From the moment you claimed the title of Lord Peverell, the wand had to stop working for Albus. Ollivander answered.

-I think it would be best to see this with Professor Dumbledore tonight, he will be at the ball. Fit Remus.

-Good. But if it does not work? Harry asked.

-Well, you can do wandless magic, is that right? * Harry nodded his head * In this case, all you have to do is use any piece of wood, or reveal your prowess. As an emancipated minor, you do not have to get a wand, and you are not subject to the magical trace. Ollivander answered.

-I see. In this case, I thank you, and I hope to see you at the Ball. Answered Harry.

-If that's what you want, I'll come, after all, I have not been to a ball for a while. I will probably come with my family. Said Ollivander.

-Very good. In this case, see you tonight, Lord Ollivander." Harry greeted him then.

They then left Ollivanders stall, still shocked to learn that the Deathly Hallows are not mere myths, and headed straight for Diagon Hall to finally return to Erebor and get ready for the ball.

So, did you like it? I hope so; You may have understood, but in the next chapter, in the Bal, Harry will find another soul mate, so who do you think it'll be?

I also really need a beta for my speech xD I know my speech isn't popular amongst you, so...

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