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The Rewrite
Ginny W. & Harry P. & Hermione G. & Ron W. - Words: 30,829 - Rated: T - English - Adventure & Romance - Chapters: 16 - Reviews: 67 - Updated: 08-11-2018 - Published: 02-04-2018 - by fanficreader0222 (FFN)

Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Everything belongs to J.K Rowling except the plot.

Charlie was ecstatic. He had got the girl and his mission was on track. He still couldn't sleep completely soundly but having Tonks there helped.

His mother loved her. He reasoned that it was probably due to her anxiousness for him to finally settle down.

Before he and Tonks had originally started dating during their 5th year of Hogwarts he could never imagine settling down and starting a family with anyone.

But with Tonks it was different. He felt alive. He was the happiest he had been since they were together at Hogwarts.

"Charlie", he was snapped out of his thoughts by his mum. "I'm sorry. I was just thinking".

The smirk on his mum's face said it all. "Anyway. As I was saying, Bill is going to arrive this evening and I want you to help Ron and Harry with the garden", she said before elaborating onn her instructions.

"It needs degnoming and mowing. I also want you to water the plants and feed the chickens".

"Yes mum. I'll go and get them now and we'll start working", with that he rushed up the stairs.

"Ron. Harry. We need to go and do the garden before Bill arrives".

They both looked up from their game of chess. "Okay. We'll be down in a minute". Charlie left them to it.

"So Harry. Are you looking forward to Diagon Alley. I know I can't wait to get my Auror books".

Harry was incredibly shocked by the changes he was already seeing in his friend. "Yeah. Of course I am. I want to buy my owl".

As they walked down the stairs they saw Sirius and Amelia coming out of the floo".

"Hey Sirius. Amelia", said Harry. "Is he treating you right. I for one, know my godfather can be a handful. You just need to learn how to tame him", he added cheekily.

"Don't worry. I tamed him years ago. It took a while but I must say it earned your mother's respect".

Harry realised in that moment that he hadn't told Amelia about him and Ginny or their mission.

Which he probably should of because Amelia had a big part to play in it.

"Oh Amelia, do you think me, Ginny and Sirius could talk to you later. It's quite important".

She looked intrigued, "Of course. What time suits you".

"We are going to Diagon Alley until around six so half past would be good", he checked to make sure the time was good.

"Okay, I will see you then", he said at her nod. He then left to catch up with Ron and Charlie.

They worked in silence as Ron and Harry degnomed the garden while Charlie mowed the excessive lawn and watered the plants.

As they were finishing up Ginny came outside with some lemonade. They all gulped it down like animals. "Thanks Gin", Ron exclaimed, "We definitely needed it".

She looked at her brother amused, "You're welcome. Mum wants you inside. Bill is going to be here in an hour and she wants us to be ready to go to Diagon Alley with him".

They all trodded back into the house to get changed and ready to go. When they got down Charlie was down already talking to James. "Dad hi. Where have you been. I haven't seen you all morning".

"Your mum and I went to the muggle children's home we sent Abi to. We wanted to see if she's still there. They said she was fostered two years ago", he said sorrow etched into features.

"I'm sorry dad. We'll find her and when we do we are going to bring her home. We can finally be a family".

Lily then came out of the parlour with Molly. "Harry. How are you today. I can't wait to go to Diagon Alley even if we have to be in disguise".

"I'm good mum. And even if you do have to be disguised it's still our first family outing in 10 years. Wait is it counted as 10 or should I include the others".

A look of worry crossed his mothers face until he broke out in a grin. She, realising it was a joke, relaxed.

The moment was interrupted by the floo flaring up into flames and one Bill Weasley walked into the parlour. He looked the same as ever with his pony tail, earring and dragon hide boots.

"Bill", Ginny exclaimed throughing herself into her older brothers arms. Her brothers however were a litle bit more conservative, all giving their eldest brother a manly hug.

"My little boy", said Molly with subtle tears in her eyes. "Bill Weasley", said Sirius. "I've heard a lot about you. Very fond of you is your sister".

"I'm fond of her too", said Bill shaking the older man's hand firmly.

"Bill, I'd like to talk to you tonight along with Ginny, Sirius, Amelia and Charlie if you'd like to join us", Harry said.

"Oh and Tonks too, considering she's part of the family now", he added with a cheeky grin.

His comment caused Bill to perk up, "What's this about Tonks".

Harry was genuinely shocked, "You don't know. Charlie has a girlfriend".

Bill was quiet for a moment before, "Blimey. It took you long enough". This earned him a clip around the ear from his younger brother.

The other occupants of the room were soaking it all in and thoroughly enjoying the normality despite the knowledge that thousands of lives rest on their shoulders.

Once the mirth died away Bill enquired about their plans to go to Diagon Alley. "Are we all going", he asked.

"Myself and Lily need to disguise ourselves for the day but other than that we can go in roughly 10 minutes", James answered his question.

James made his hair lay flat and changed the colour of his eyes as well as his nose and glasses.

Lily made her hair blonde and made her eyes blue. She changed the shape of her nose and lips as her features were very distinguishing.

Once the Potters were transfigured they left one by one through the Floo. Harry, as usual fell out of the fireplace in The Leaky Cauldron. That was one thing that hadn't changed in the future.

Sirius, James and Lily were soaking in their surroundings although Sirius' reasoning was slightly different. "It's nice to be able to walk the streets without worrying about being killed", he said turning to Ginny who linked her arm in his.

"It's okay Sirius. It's my first time being back too if you don't count my trip with Harry to Gringotts. I feel it too and I'm sure Harry and Charlie do too".He gave her a fatherly hug in thanks.

When they had been stuck in Grimmauld Place, Sirius and Ginny had grown close, bonding over the fact that they had both had a terrible time of it.

After the war however, Ginny was no different from everyone else. They had all experienced things no child should ever experience. Some of them had killed people at the age of 17.

Ginny was one of them. She had killed Dolohov in cold blood and she knew she would see it in her dreams for the rest of her life.

She knew though that her experience during the battle was nothing compared to Harrys. He had ended the Dark Lord and although he hadn't enjoyed it in a twisted way like his victim did, he had enjoyed the knowledge that Voldemort could never hurt somone again.

Harry being the noble git he was thought it made him a bad person.

They soon reached the barrier to Diagon Alley. Mrs Weasley had wanted to buy their school books but the Letters hadn't arrived yet.

Lily took charge as they went to Florish and Blotts. Seemingly she knew her way around a bookshop far better than her Weasley counterpart.

She was talking to Percy about what she would suggest he try out when Ron asked her to help him pick out some books.

"Of course I'll help Ron. What areas of Aurors do you ant to focus on", she asked kindly.

"I'd like to focus more on the training for now Lily", he replied.

"Why don't we get James to help. He knows more about Aurors than me so he might be more help to you".

This caused the boy to look up at her and smile. It melted her heart but was bittersweet. Her Harry wasn't a little boy anymore and it pained her that she had missed these years with her kids.

Hopefully her and James could have another child. She had loved every moment of parenting Harry and was sure she would have loved parenting Abigail given the chance.

She was pulled out of her thoughts when her husband called her to pay for the books. They had enough galleons with them to pay for he books but hey would have to go to Gringotts after.

They payed for the books and left. When they arrived at Gringotts the Goblins gave them each the option of a debit card. The wizarding world was bringing it in to make it safer to make large payments.

Both Lily and James as well as Harry and Ginny took one. They decided to go to Madam Malkins next to buy school robes.

They all got a new set, courtesy of Sirius. He was determined to spend his compensation money on the ones he loved.

They also decided to go to Ollivanders for their wands as that was a job done for when they came next to get their schoolbooks.

Charlie looked thoughtful before piping up, "Why don't you have your power reserves tested while we're here".

Harry was shocked that he hadn't mentioned this before, "This is where we can get our reserves tested". Charlie nodded his head.

"Yeah okay, let's do it". Harry was happy to do it but he turned to he Weasleys to make sure they were.

When none of them protested Harry turned to Ollivander. "We would all like to take the magical reserves test aswell if that's okay".

"Why yes of course you can". Ollivander was happy to help and the smile on his face only confirmed it.

They then moved on to getting their wands. "Mr Potter, I can sense a wand in the shop jumping out of its case. Almost as if you bonded with it before", he said going to get the wand Harry loved so much.

When Harry was handed his Holly wand he felt a rush of familiarity through his body. He would be reunited with his beloved wand.

Ron was next to get his wand as Harry had convinced Molly to let him get his own wand. It took him a bit longer than it did Harry but eventually he was matched with a Oak wand with a unicorn hair core.

Finally, James and Lily stepped up. "Ah Mr and Mrs Potter. I was wondering when I would see you again.

Harrys jaw dropped. "You know who they are". Mr Ollivander almost laughed, "Of course I do my dear boy. I have a unique ability to read peoples souls".

"They both found their wands easily enough as they both had previous wands to base it off.

James received a 12 inch Oak wand with Dragon Heartstring as its core. Lily on the other hand was chosen by an 11 inch Walnut wand with Phoenix Feather as its core.

With the wands out of the way they moved onto the blood tests. Obviously all the Weasleys would have the same relatives as would all the Potters. They decided that due to this only James and Molly would take the test. Sirius was also going to take it on behalf of the Black Family.

Potter Family Relatives

The Ancient House of Yaxley

The Ancient House of Black

The Ancient House of Malfoy

The Ancient House of Lestrange

The Ancient House of Bones

The Ancient House of Umbridge

The Ancient House of Scrimgeour The Ancient House of Ambrosius

"Wait, that can't be right. Are you sure", said Harry. "Of course I'm sure my boy. I have not once been wrong in over 70 years", Ollivander eexclaimed offended at Harrys suggestion.

"But The House of Ambrosius. Thats not possible. How can we be related to Merlin". James however didn't have an answer. He was too busy processing it himself.

Weasley Family Relatives

The Ancient House of Malfoy

The Ancient House of Yaxley

The Ancient House of Prewett

The Ancient House of Black

The Ancient House of Bones

The Ancient House of Gryffindor

"Well that's NOT a surprise", said Percy cheerfully, "It's no wonder us Weasley's are incapable of being sorted anywhere else". This made everyone laugh.

Harry liked the new Percy. Although he still thought rules were important he was more lenient. He was pulling pranks on the twins every other day.

Harry realised now that if they had paid more attention to Percy the first time round he probably wouldn't have left his family.

"Okay. My turn", said Sirius. He didn't seem fazed by it all but that was probably because as a Black he was related to half of Wizarding Britain.

Black Family Relatives

The Ancient House of Malfoy

The Ancient House of Prewett

The Ancient House of Potter

The Ancient House of Yaxley

The Ancient House of Dumbledore

The Ancient House of Weasley

The Ancient House of Umbridge

The Ancient House of Fudge

The Ancient House of Bones

The Ancient House of Nott

The Ancient House of Crabbe

The Ancient House of Goyle

The Ancient House of Lestrange

"No surprises there then", said Sirius. He sounded almost disappointed.

"Are you sure. This says that you're related to the Lestranges", Lily spoke in a matter of factly voice which reminded Harry of Hermione.

Sirius was confused to say the least, "Lil's what are you trying to say".

"Sirius. What was Bella like before she married Rodolphus Lestrange".

"She was smart, funny, kind. She always had time for others even when the rest of us didn't", as Sirius reminisced on the past a smile played on his lips.

James was next to speak up, "Paddie. Do you think it's possible that she was forced into the marriage. Think about it. She was an amazing girl before the marriage and then she changes like that. Sirius. I need you to forget about personal grudges and think about her".

"Oh my God. Prongs. You're right. It was him. I need a pensieve. Her eyes. They're different", was all he got out before he fainted.

Author's Notes: Thanks for the support I'm receiving on this story. Constructive feedback welcome. Any questions or suggestions are also welcome.

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