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Two Sides Of A Coin
Fred W. & George W. & Harry P. & OC - Words: 4,398 - Rated: M - English - None - Chapters: 2 - Reviews: 2 - Updated: 16-05-2018 - Published: 03-04-2018 - by SilverWolf18458 (FFN)

AN: Hey there world of FanFiction, I'm new to this writing thing entirely, I was hoping that if you decide to read this you don't judge me too harshly. I'm not brilliant at this whole English thing, due to being a late diagnosed Dyslexic, but I'm working on it. Any way feel free to comment, if you're trying to say something that isn't too nice do what my relatives do and sugar coat it.

James and Lily Potter were your average school sweethearts, although there was a slight difference. They both had magic. While James was a pureblood in the wizarding world it did not mean he liked to follow their traditions, James fell head over heels for Lily Evans, soon to be Potter in his mind, the first time he saw the muggle-born witch. Now although his family did not believe that blood status effected anything, he still had to deal with the condescending looks from the other purebloods of the sacred twenty-eight.

Lily Evans however, had different ideas when it came to romance and one James Potter. She wanted to avoid him as a boyfriend, but did not mind being just a regular friend. It was only when her best friend whom she was very close to pushed her away that she fell into the arms of James Potter during their fifth year of Hogwarts. However, they did not start dating until their seventh year at school, when they were head girl and boy.

They married within the year of leaving school, as they did not want to die in the current war without being bonded to each other, heart and soul. After the wedding it was almost immediately they started to try to leave an heir to the Potter family name to. It was only on Halloween 1979, that they finally realised they had succeeded and Lily was pregnant with not one, but two children. James and Lily Potter spent the next 8 months preparing for their twins to arrive, during this time they could have been told many times what the gender was of the obviously fraternal twins, but they did not want to know as then they would buy single gender items and they wanted everything to be fair to both children. It was around 10am, and all that could be heard in the Potter household was a bloodcurdling scream, why I hear you ask Lily Potter's waters had just broke and is now in labour. This is where our story begins.


'Oh God! What do I do now?' were the only thoughts running through on James Potter's mind 'My wife has just gone into LABOUR! Okay, let breathe and think. I can't apperate to the hospital, so I'll have to drive. Let get Lily to the car.'

After driving Lily to St Mungo's wizard hospital, he found Midwives waiting for them as well as his two best friends, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin, and Lily's best friend as well as her specific midwife, Severus Snape. Once they arrived Severus rushed Lily into a private room and told everyone, but whoever Lily wanted to stay to help, to get out. While most people would have chosen their husband Lily decided to pick his more level headed friend, Remus.

Two hours and a half later the first of the twins was ready to be born. "Now Lily I need one more big push and that means the first will be over." Severus explained. Lily did as Severus asked, but she also almost broke Remus' hand in the process, "Careful Lily, I like my hand in one peace." he exclaimed, "Oh shut it Remus, it's only gonna get worse." Lily shouted at him as he paled. One minute later the loud screams of a tiny child filled the room. "Congratulations Lily, your first is a girl, I think she has your eyes." Lily started to weep with joy but another contraction ripped through her. "Here comes the second." Remus said enthusiastically. Lily screamed "No shit, Remus never would have guessed, thank you Captain fucking Obvious." Severus Just laughed at the interaction. Another half hour later Lily and James Potter's children were both born and both beautiful little girls.

Finally, James and Sirius were brought into the room, after both girls had finished crying and Lily had been somewhat cleaned up. James came up to the cribs next to the bed and look down at his children, "They are beautiful, and to think they are both half you and half me Lily, this is wonderful" he whispered so it was only just loud enough for her to hear. "I know James. Both our little girls are." Lily replied reassuringly. "Two little girls to be daddy's princesses" Sirius said to James who seemed to have become too shocked to speak. "Remus, Sirius, I think we should leave these two new parents alone for a bit so they can figure out names and godparents." Severus suggested knowing if it were him he would want something similar. "Your right, Severus" Remus agreed just as Sirius looked like he was about to argue. "Fine" he exclaimed.

"James I know you want Remus and Sirius to be the godparents, but I also want Severus to be one, what are we going to do?" Lily asked once they had been left alone. James thought for a moment, "Lily have you ever heard of a magical child with two godparents?" He said after thinking for a while. "What are you suggesting James?" his wife asked curiously. "I was thinking the older of the twins could have two magically godfathers, while the other had a magical godfather and godmother? You could have Alice since she had you?"

"Oh James that's a wonderful idea so which out of Remus and Sirius are you going to pick for her?"

"Well, seen as though she is getting the closer of your two friends, I thought the other should have the closer of my two friends." He sheepishly replied.

"James, you do that that then means on child has both the responsible ones and the other has the more immature ones, right?"

"Yes Lily I do but think it's only fair considering."

"Alright then, as long as your aware. Now what shall we name our baby girls?"

"Well, I thought we could stick to your family tradition, and name them after flower… but I also want to name them Catherine and Margaret, since my family have traditionally royal names."

"What flowers were you thinking James? And of course we can have Catherine and Margaret they would make great middle names!"

"Lily, I thought Holly and Ivy would work?"

"OK, I like them James I thought of Holly to but not a second one. So let's have Holly Catherine and Ivy Margaret Potter?"

"Sound perfect let's go get those lads and tell them what we have decided."

Once Sirius, Remus and Severus were all back in the room Lily and James told them their idea, "We want all three of you to be their godfathers, now before you say that's not possible it is as two of you will be godfathers to one of them and say the naming ritual together, while the other says it on their own." James informed them as Lily back up that it would work with facts and evidence she then said.

"Severus, Remus we want you to be godfathers to the oldest of the two."

"But Lily isn't it unfair? She will have two while the younger will only have one." Severus asked trying to be careful about his wording.

"She will have Alice Longbottom once she is able to come over here and say it with Sirius." Lily said, she then continued in a tone that screamed 'don't you dare try me'. "You are not talking your way out of this Severus so get ready to say it with Remus."

"Alright, Lily what are we calling her?" Remus asked

"Holly Catherine Potter" James informed them.

"Alright then, you ready Severus?" Remus questioned

"As I'll ever be." Was Severus' Reply

"We name you Holly Catherine Potter, we swear to keep you from harm and lay the word at your feet." Remus and Severus chanted together. Once they had finished a scroll appeared in front of them stating Holly's name, her date and time of birth, her parent and her godparents as well as what her features would be in the future. The scroll duplicated itself and one disappeared while the other floated over to James outstretched hand.

"Looks like I was wrong Lily," James exclaimed "It says she'll be more or less me in female form without glasses but she will have your eyes!"

"oh James I can't wait to see what our other babe will look like as she grows older."

"There's no need to wait!" a voice from the doorway said.

"Alice!" Lily exclaimed excitedly, trying to get out of bed.

"Oh no you don't, you just gave birth you are not getting out of that bed to go anywhere but the bathroom!" Severus reprimanded.

"Fine." Lily said caving any attempts to get out of the bed. "Shouldn't you be reprimanding Alice as well Sev, she only gave birth yesterday?"

"Nope, if her midwife has said she can come see you, then she can." He countered.

Lily huffed, "Fine, Alice I was wondering if you would like to be my younger baby girls' godmother?" Lily requested hopefully.

"Do you think I'd even say no!" Alice exclaimed dramatically while grabbing her chest. "I wounded you might even suggest something like that."

"Well then that's that sorted." Lily said happily. "Sirius, Alice we want he to be called Ivy Margaret Potter."

"Holly and Ivy that's cute, you'll always know which was born first, do you remember when we used to sing that Lily?" Severus reminisce.

There was a moment of deadly silence. The next thing anybody hears is Sirius' and Alice's laughter.

"Snivellus… sang … muggle … Christmas … songs" Sirius laughed out.

"Yes Black, now can you two calm down and name James and Lily's other child please."

While wiping away a tear of laughter Alice said, "You ready Sirius?"

"Yep." He responded.

"Well then…"

"We name you Ivy Margaret Potter, we swear to keep you from harm and lay the word at your feet" as Sirius and Alice finished, a scroll almost identical to her sisters appeared before them the big difference other than time and godparents was her description of how she would look.

"James, she's… um she's supposed to look like me just with your eyes!" Lily said in utter disbelief that her two babies would look so different.

"Well, I guess we'll always be able to tell them apart." James mentioned while rubbing the back of his neck.

"Right then." Severus exclaimed shocking everyone out of their silence "Now both girls are legally named, Lily needs to go to sleep and so does Alice probably, so with that said. Everyone out so they can sleep!"

"Alright" was the unanimous response. As everyone was leaving they hugged each other as they left Lily and Alice return to her own bed and son.

10 Minutes later.

Everyone, but Severus and Dumbledore, were unaware of the prophecy that could only mean Lily's two girls or Alice's little boy, as they were Magical Britain's only new born babies from July. It went like this…

'The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches … born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies … and the Dark Lord will mark the child as his equal, but it will have a power the Dark Lord knows not … and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives … the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies …'

Or so was believed.

Another AN:

P.S - Updates will be speriodic and as an when I have the time and effort to be able to follow through on my vision.

Wolf Out x

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