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Four Broken Boys
James P. & Peter P. & Remus L. & Sirius B. - Words: 47,523 - Rated: T - English - Angst & Friendship - Chapters: 30 - Reviews: 13 - Updated: 24-11-2018 - Published: 13-04-2018 - by HufflepuffleMarauder (FFN)

Remus excitedly packed for the coming year as his parents had just bought his new school books. He couldn't wait to get back to school and see his friends. The only thing stopping him from looking forward to September was that moon. Remus hated that he had to keep lying, but it was for the good of his friends that they stayed in the dark.

He involuntarily smiled at the thought of James excitedly bringing his broomstick. Remus still laughed at the memory of James hanging from that tree. He remembered thinking that it was a miracle that when his glasses fell they didn't break.

He looked down at the contents of his trunk, the clothes folded and stuffed in to allow the lid to close. Remus frowned at the hasty organisation of his trunk.Merlin, James must be growing on me,he thought fondly.


Peter took all his scattered clothing and bundled them in his arms. Throwing them excitedly into his trunk on top of his school books that were hurriedly tossed in messily. Potter stuffed some extra socks into corners and closed the lid off his trunk. He cursed as it wouldn't quite go down since everything was so badly packed.

With a grunt of annoyance he sat on it, hoping his weight was enough to push down the piled up items. Just as he was hitting the trunk in anger Clara passed his open door holding a pile of books.

"Hey Clara!" Peter called. "Give me a hand and sit on this."

"Why?" She asked.

"You're heavy, you can help me."

Her eyes held an odd emotion, but she just rolled them and walked away.

Peter sighed and stood on his trunk, jumping until the lid finally touched the bottom and he held it down to secure the clasp. Sitting against the trunk, he sighed in exhaustion.


Sirius strode confidently towards the train, away from his cold, frozen family. Regulus trailed behind, doubtful about following his brother's lead. He realised that this was the happiest he'd seen Sirius all summer. Sirius turned to face him.

"You ready for your first year at Hogwarts Reg?" Sirius grinned, ruffling his brother's hair.

Regulus swallowed his nerves and didn't respond.

"Aww, come on, you'll be ok." Sirius reassured him. "Just remember what I told you."

"But what if I don't have any friends?" Regulus whispered in a small voice.

"You'll make them, for the time being you can stay with me and my friends, they're great." Sirius put his arm around Regulus' shoulder.

Sirius let him to a boy with messy, jet black hair and round glasses. The boy grinned upon seeing Sirius and spoke.

"Why didn't you reply to my letter?" He asked, mocking hurt.

"I got it yesterday, there was no point in replying." Sirius said.

The boy glanced at Regulus.

"Ahhh! This must be young Regulus!" He said, crouching slightly so his nose was inches away from Regulus'. "He looks just like you!"

"This is James, bit of a nutter really." Sirius said to his brother. "He's the reason first years aren't allowed broomsticks."

"I was twelve!" James said defensively.

"And you still are." A boy said behind James.

"Merlin's beard Remus!" James cried, clutching his heart. "You need to stop doing that!"

Remus stepped forward and Regulus involuntarily took a step back. He had three scars diagonally down his face and he looked ghostly pale, ill even.

"It makes for a good entrance." Remus grinned.

"Reg, this is Remus." Sirius looked down at his brother. "I swear he's a misplaced Ravenclaw."

Regulus forced a nervous smile at the two boys standing in front of him. James was messing up his hair and Remus gave him a friendly smile.

"Guys!" Called another boy.

"Peter!" James called back.

Peter ran over to them, slightly out of breath. He was short, only the same height as Regulus, and a bit plump. He had blue eyes and a very kind face. Noticing Regulus, he greeted him.

"Regulus, is it?" He asked with a kind smile.

"Yes." Regulus spoke, he liked this boy much more than the others.

"I'm Peter, Sirius has mentioned you a few times." Peter gave him direct eye contact. "Are you looking forward to Hogwarts?"

"Yes! Sirius told me about it during the summer." Regulus' face lit up. "And all of you." He added, looking at the rest of them.

"Did he include the fact that he got pulled into the lake by the Giant Squid?" Remus sniggered.

Regulus laughed nervously. This boy scared him slightly.

"It wasn't my fault it liked me!" Sirius exclaimed.

They laughed as the train hooted for the students to get on. James, Remus and Peter scrambled away to get their belongings while Sirius and Regulus boarded the train with their belongings already in a compartment. Now they were alone Sirius asked Regulus.

"What do you think of my friends?"

"I like Peter, I don't know why but I feel like we're similar." Regulus began, a smile forming on his face. "James seems really fun and a bit crazy."

"I know, he can be a bit of an idiot." Sirius said, smiling fondly. "What about Remus?"

"Well, he kind of-" Regulus started uneasily but was interrupted by the compartment door sliding open.

Sirius whipped his head round and was greeted with a familiar but not pleasant sight.

"What are you doing Regulus?" Asked Bellatrix menacingly. "You said you would sit with us."

"Oh, yeah." Regulus had momentarily forgotten that he promised Bellatrix he would sit with her, Sirius' excitement and pure happiness drove the thought straight out his mind. "Sorry, I forgot."

"Well come on then."

Regulus got up when Sirius gave him a look of betrayal.

"Aren't you going to sit with us?" His voice sounded strangely small and he suddenly looked very young.

"I..." Regulus looked to Bellatrix.

Narcissa stepped from behind and spoke.

"Regulus, come with us." She said in a soft but firm voice.

"I...I'm sorry." He whispered to Sirius, who looked defeated.

"Look out for me in the sorting." Sirius said bravely, putting on a mask of a fake smile.

Regulus nodded and left with his cousins. Sirius leant his head back against the compartment wall and blinked back a few tears. The door slid open again and there his friends stood, chatting amitadly. Sirius immediately looked away and sniffed to remove any trace of his pain. Unfortunately, James picked up on this.

"Sirius?" He said softly.

"Where's Regulus?" Remus asked, looking at the empty seat opposite Sirius.

"He went." Sirius made an attempt to sound like he wasn't bothered but still seemed extremely forlorn. "With Bella and Cissy."

"But he seemed alright." Peter said.

"I thought he was..." Sirius slumped in his seat. "I'll give him a second chance at the sorting."

The other boys stayed silent, not wanting to bring up the lingering question. James broke the silence by getting out a pack of cards, grinning.

"My dad got me a new pack, wanna play?" He said to them.

Sirius immediately lit up at the mention of exploding snap. They all scrambled excitedly into the floor while James separated the cards.

"I bet you that-" James started but was interrupted by a collective groan from the others. "What?"

"Do wehaveto do bets?" Peter sighed.

"What's wrong with a little competition?" James said, with a gleam in his eye.

"You like it because you always win Potter." Sirius sighed.

"Oh come on, just a few sickles?"

"No way." Sirius backed away from James. "I've already lost six galeons and some of my dignity!"

"You never had any dignity to begin with." Remus commented with a smirk.

"He has a point." Peter grinned.


Once stepping off the train at Hogwarts Sirius inhaled the air.

"Ahhhh!" He breathed happily. "Home sweet home!"

It was like Sirius had cursed the sky because the moment he spoke the sound of thunder rang in their ears and suddenly the home wasn't so sweet.

"At least it's not raining." Peter said positively.

Another clash of thunder and a down pour of rain left everyone running for cover. James yelled at Peter and Sirius for 'cursing the sky' while desperately trying to wipe his glasses. They were so busy creating a scene that they didn't notice Remus hop into a carriage.

"Guys!" He shouted. "Get in!"

Peter took the opportunity to run after him and jump in just as the carriage started moving. Sirius quickly followed, leaving James standing there. He wiped his glasses furiously and jumped in after them.

Unfortunately, it was the wrong carriage.

"Potter." Lily sneered. "What are you doing here?"

James groaned at the sight of Lily and her friends.

"Trying to get to school?" James smiled nervously.

"Where are your friends?" Asked Marlene in a much more friendlier voice.

"They got in a carriage and I thought this was the one." James said to his shoes.

"Well that was a stupid mistake Potter." Lily jeered at him.

Karen rolled her eyes. "Ignore her, we're ok having you here." She spoke softly.

"Thank you, at leastsomeoneon here is nice to me!" James glared pointedly at Lily.

Lily turned away with a huff, as if he were a revolting slug. Mary rolled her eyes at her friend and gave James a sympathetic look. The rest of the ride there passed with Marlene and Mary chatting over the lingering tension of James and Lily.

When the carriages finally stopped to a halt James was the first one to jump out, and land unsuccessfully, face down in the mud. Unfortunately, everyone was watching. James scowled through his mud-stained glasses and the laughs of the other students.

"Nice one Potter!" Lily laughed at him from behind.

James looked up and in one furious action of rage, pulled her onto the floor. Lily screamed as she fell into the wet pile of mud next to James.

"POTTER!" She screamed at him, her face almost as red as her hair.

Everyone was laughing at the hilarious mess of the two students. James struggled to bring himself to his knees, wiping his face.

"OH NO YOU DON'T!" Lily yelled as James got up, grabbing his ankle to once again pull him down and accidentally taking his shoe off.

"WHAT THE HELL EVANS?!" James screamed and kicked Lily.

"THIS WAS ALL YOUR FAULT POTTER!" Lily screamed, her voice going hoarse as she whacked James hard on the shoulder with said shoe.

They both continued hitting each other with loud shouts while Sirius had started up a chorus.

"FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!" Everyone yelled, circling the two second years.

Lily and James, now covered head to foot in mud were furiously wrestling. The chorus stopped suddenly and only the screams of Lily and the shouts of James could be heard.

"Mr Potter and Miss Evans!" McGonagall shouted. "My office NOW!"

James heaved himself up angrily as Lily glared at him, hair a wild, muddy mess. It was deadly silent as they did (what Peter had dubbed) the walk of shame. Under the mud Lily's face now resembled a ripe tomato as she just came to the realization that she'd been watched by her peers. James spat out a mouthful of mud and muttered various insults towards Evans, the weather, Evans, Sirius and mostly Evans.

AN- I'm so sorry to people who'd read this before, I know I randomly took off a load of chapters but it's becsuse the formtting was all wrong and eithout the itallics or the breaks it's hard to know what's going on

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