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Four Broken Boys
James P. & Peter P. & Remus L. & Sirius B. - Words: 49,832 - Rated: T - English - Angst & Friendship - Chapters: 31 - Reviews: 15 - Updated: 23-01-2019 - Published: 13-04-2018 - by HufflepuffleMarauder (FFN)

Miraculously, all the Marauders woke up on time with no one having to be dragged out of bed in an unpleasant manner. They all made it down to breakfast with enough time to take their sweet time eating and examining their new timetables.

"I remember that being us in first year." Peter smiled at the five small students who'd come in late with faces of relief at finding the Great Hall.

"Poor midgets." James laughed.

"Don't say that James!" Sirius exclaimed in mock shock. "They're only just the size of Peter!"

They all laughed at Peter's blushing face. "I did grow half an inch over the summer." He announced proudly.

"And I grew a whole one." Sirius responded to Peter's annoyance.

"Street lamp." Peter muttered.

James took a handful of toast as Remus groaned and hung his head.

"What?" They asked.

"We've got potions second!" He moaned.

"Glad I'm good at potions then." Peter grinned happily.

"Yeah but that's the only classhefails at." James pointed at Remus with a piece of toast.

Sirius opened his mouth to ask something but James silenced him by throwing a slice of bacon at his face.

"Don't talk with your mouth full!" He scolded, sounding uncannily like a mother.

Sirius swallowed and talked. "Is this like a 'Remus fail' or a 'Peter fail'?"

"A Peter fail." Peter happily said. "And I've got a Remus pass."

"Count yourself lucky it's not with the Slytherins." Sirius said to Remus.

"It is!" James gave him an annoyed look. "And that greasy haired git has it in for our friend." He scowled in the direction of the Slytherin table, where Snape was sitting, talking to Mulciber.

Remus had now noticed that the table around them had grown empty and dragged the other three away from their glaring.


Defense against the Dark Arts was first. It was a complete mystery to the second years who the new teacher was. They didn't turn up for the feast the day before, so the second years wondered if he hated kids.

"I really hope this one is less strict than our last teacher." Peter said to himself more than the others.

"But our old teacher was great!" James protested.

"You only thought she was great because she looked cute." Remus pointed out to James' annoyance.

Sirius laughed. "You never know Jamsie, this one might be even hotter!"

"I wouldn't get ahead of yourself there." Peter muttered, eyes on an incoming figure.

Heavy breathing and a slight limp, causing a small drag of a foot. A gruff face with balding yet greying hair. It seemed like he had a permanent scowl, causing wrinkles all round his eyebrows and beady eyes.

"What are you doing!" He barked at them. "Get in the classroom!" They all flinched involuntarily and hurried into the classroom.


Their new potions teacher was late.

Rumours were that their old teacher (A pasty, middle-aged man with a droning voice and the same set of robes to last him a year) stayed at Hogwarts over the summer but died suddenly. Some more ridiculous rumours said that he haunted the girls toilets on the third floor. At this Remus had just scoffed, saying that if he did die that he wouldn't haunt a girl's toilet.

Their new teacher was quite different. He was a stout, fat man with a booming voice and a friendly face. He was also the new head of house for Slytherin, bearing rich, emerald green robes. Arriving late, he ignored them all and unlocked the door. The class have each other apprehensive looks as no one dared to come in. Eventually Sirius and James waltzed their way in, arm in arm followed by an embarrassed Remus and Peter.

"Well come on then!" Their teacher said, beckoning the rest of the class. "Might as well start the lesson."

The students hurriedly filed in, Lily taking a seat in the front row with Snape. Their teacher took out a register and started calling names, occasionally peering over at the students in question. Finishing the register with a flourish, he put it away and grinned at them all.

"Professor Slughorn!" He beamed cheerfully. "Your new potions teacher."

Slughorn started writing on the blackboard, telling them all to take notes because "This will come up in your exams" A few Slytherins slumped over their desks, bored out of their minds at this 'unimportant' lesson. James and Sirius were furiously writing, quills racing across the parchment they were passing between them. Remus frowned and elbowed Sirius hard in the ribs, glaring at him pointedly and ignoring the small cry of pain he emitted.

"We're talking notes!" He hissed.

Remus raised his eyebrows skeptically and snatched the parchment they were writing on. Sirius and James seemed to be having a full blown conversation over how you could sneak doxy eggs into someone's dinner and wether or not it could leave them hospitalized. Sighing, Remus wrote a reply.

Lay off Severus,andwhere are you goingtoget doxy eggs anyway?

He slid it back towards them and continued taking notes. Muffled laughter ensued and Remus found out why when it was slid back towards him with a rough drawing of a male genitalia labelled 'Snivellus'. Remus muttered something that vaguely sounded like 'immature little twerps' under his breath.


Throughout the lesson it was blatantly obvious Slughorn showed extreme favouritism towards Sirius and James. He exclaimed that he was "proud and honored to have a member of the black family in his class" to this Sirius scowled moodily. Upon noticing James he congratulated his father for creating Sleekezey's hair potion, commenting that maybe he should have better hair. Lily appeared to be quite annoyed by this so she repeatedly put her hand up in order to get on his good side.

"Right again Miss Evans!" Slughorn exclaimed happily as Lily bore a satisfied smirk. "Who can tell me the properties of a bezoar?"

"It can cure the consumer of any poison if swallowed, sir." Snape answered smugly.

Sirius flattened his (now considerably longer) hair onto his head to mimick Snape's greasy locks and used a piece of parchment to look like his long, hooked nose. "It can cure the consumer of any poisonsir."He repeated in nasally voice.

James sniggered and threw a hard knut to the front of the classroom that collided with the back of Snape's head. Him, Sirius and Peter erupted into muffled giggles while Remus looked at them disapprovingly.

"Why did you do that?" He asked quietly.

"Heexists!" Sirius said as if it were an obvious answer.

"Oh come on Remus." James said with an enticing smile. "Have some fun."

"Yeah have some fun!" Peter repeated.

Remus looked at Snape, who was massaging his with an angry scowl and Lily who was glaring at his friends. "This isn't exactly my idea of fun." He replied dryly, eyes on Snape.

"Well, your loss."


The moment they left the potions classroom James threw a soaking wet, scrunched up ball of parchment at Snape. Lily instantly rounded in James in defense of her friend.

"What's your problem Potter?" She growled.

"What are you talking about Evans?" Sirius replied in mock shock. "James here was just washing ol' Snivelly's hair!"

"Not that it needs washing of course!" Peter added sarcastically.

"Nice one Pete." James sniggered to a beaming Peter.

"You four think you're so funny." Sneered Snape.

"Well we are famous for our comedic act." Sirius said, straightening an imaginary bow tie.

Peter giggled and Snape glowered at him. "You're not much better Pettigrew, your fat arse fails every class." He smirked as Peter quickly turned a dark shade of red.

"He beat you in potions last year!" James retorted.

"You're both as stupid as he is." Snape continued, ignoring James. "Don't you know what Lupin's up to?"

Remus, who had been edging away slowly, had now frozen and he paled considerably, his scars a strong contrast to his paper-white skin.

"Stop it Severus!" Lily shouted. "Remus has only ever been nice to you!"

"Listen to Evans, she's right for once!" James shouted, ignoring Lily's pointed glare.

Snape turned to Remus and spoke with an evil grin. "Come on Lupin, tell us where you got all those ugly scars-"

Snape couldn't quite finish his sentence, however, because James and Sirius had both roared simultaneously and jumped on him, wrestling him to the ground. Snape gave a strangled yelp as Sirius had him in a choke hold while James punched every inch of him he could get to. Peter watched with fearful eyes, too scared to move. The fight had turned ugly, now Snape had a bloody nose and Sirius had a bruised neck.

"Stop it!" Marlene screamed at them, she'd been watching the fight from afar but never thought it would turn violent.

Lily and Marlene tried to pull them off, but it just filled the boys with rage. James was knocked unconscious as everybody gasped.

"PETRIFICUS TOTALUS!" Remus roared, wand pointed.

There was silence as Sirius and Snape were now lying on the floor, stiff as boards, motionless. Everyone stared at Remus as he was breathing heavily.

"WHAT IN MERLIN'S NAME IS GOING ON HERE!?" McGonagall came running down the corridor, her emerald robes billowing behind her.

All the students, including Lily and Marlene, stepped away from the scene, careful to not be roped into it. McGonagall gasped at the sight of Peter tending to an unconscious James lying next to a Sirius and Snape who were both under the petrificus totalus spell. She looked over and saw Remus, pale as a ghost, frozen to the spot with his wand still pointed at the two boys. She performed the counter curse non-verbally for Snape and Sirius and used another spell to bring James back to consciousness.

"Mr Pettigrew, support Mr Potter please, Mr Black and Mr Snape, no fighting." She ordered sternly before looking at Remus. "Mr Lupin, you must come too." She added gently.

The five boys followed her silently while the other students quickly made themselves scarce.

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