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Four Broken Boys
James P. & Peter P. & Remus L. & Sirius B. - Words: 49,832 - Rated: T - English - Angst & Friendship - Chapters: 31 - Reviews: 15 - Updated: 23-01-2019 - Published: 13-04-2018 - by HufflepuffleMarauder (FFN)

"I can't do it!" Peter exclaimed, throwing one hand up in the air and throwing his wand onto the desk in front of him with a clatter.

Remus picked up the fallen wand. "It's ok if you can't do it." He said gently. "Just... keep trying!"

James walked over to them, holding his wand in front of him like a torch with a small beam of light protruding from the end. Peter scowled at the sight of him and muttered something about how 'this stupid charm won't help me in life'.

"Nox!" James said proudly, waggling his wand in Peter's face as it returned to normal. "Cutler says I've got this charm, now I should be able to move onto," he waved his arms expressively. "Lumos Maximo!"

Remus frowned. "Isn't it Lumos Duo?"

Sirius rolled over to them on a cushioned chair with wheels and a smirk across his face. "Lumos boys." He said seductively (even though he looked exactly the opposite).

"Where'd you get the chair?" Remus asked with a nod of his head.

"Nicked it from Cutler." Sirius gestured towards the elderly lady currently helping one of the Hufflepuffs.

"How could you be so heartless as to take a chair from a little old lady?" James faked a pout.

"Help me? Please?" Peter pleaded, ignoring their current conversation.

"Sorry Petey, you're on your own." Sirius grinned and started to roll away.

But Remus was quicker, and he kicked the chair (with Sirius still on it) into the stone wall. Sirius toppled off and flailed pathetically to try and grab Lily's and Marlene's desk. The rest of them erupted into laughter while Lily glared at them.

"You idiot Potter!" Lily yelled at him.

James heaved a sigh. It got irritating how much she hated him, for she would be angered by frivolous things and always assumed it was either him or him and Sirius when something went wrong. At first he didn't mind, the hate that Lily held for him was mutual, and they had a good laugh at making her angry. James closed his eyes and braced himself for the upcoming scolding.

"Oh come on Lily." Marlene said, turning to her friend in annoyance. "You could plainly see it wasn't James."

James stood up in triumphant glee. "Yeah Evans."He sneered her last name vigorously.

"Stop being so mean Evans!" Sirius chimed in from the floor.

Lily looked round at them all, face distraught. "Just shut up!" She screamed, stunning them all into silence.

She burst into tears and ran out the room loudly.

"Miss Evans! Is she alright?" Cutler asked worriedly, flapping her hands and she hobbled over to the door.

Sirius scoffed. "What's up with her?"

Marlene glared at him. "It's none of your business you insensitive prats." She wacked Sirius on the head with her textbook for good measure.

"Calm woman!" Sirius shrieked, pushing the book away and turning to James. "I think they're all in a bad mood today."

"Oh come on Marlene, look on the bright side! Now we don't have to hear her annoying voice the entire time!" James twisted his face into a snobbish pout and stuck his nose in the air. "I'm Lily Evans and I'm good at everything! Lumos, Lumos, oh shut up Potter!" He mimicked in a funny voice that sounded nothing like Lily.

Sirius burst into laughter and congratulated James. "Remus, Peter? Why aren't you laughing? That was so accurate!" He asked.

Remus pursed his lips. "I think you were being a little insensitive."

"Maybe we shouldn't gossip about her?" Peter suggested.

"Nah, she's a bitch anyway." Sirius smirked.

Remus shot him a disapproving look and threw another textbook at him. James erupted into another fit of giggles.

Although, a teeny, tiny part of him felt a little bad for Evans. He was being a bit of a prat.

But no. He hated Evans! Always did, always will. Then... why did he feel like comforting her?

The bathroom door had shut with a slam and the Gryffindor boys dormitory was empty except for one.

Remus could distinctly hear Sirius singing under the steaming water flow, with James providing accompaniment. Peter yelled at them to "shut up and let me shower in peace" while secretly using Sirius' conditioner to make his hair nice and shiny too. Even though he had to leave, the temptation was too much to just let this opportunity go.

Remus quietly opened the door and snuck in, being reassured when he saw three pairs of feet in three different cubicles. He didn't really know if it would work, but it was worth a try. He turned on one of the sink taps just for a second and the effect was too good. Loud shrieks emitted from each cubicle as boiling water shot out from the shower heads. Remus ran out laughing, it seemed like Hogwarts still hadn't sorted out their shower system.

Giggling loudly to himself, he walked down to the common room and out towards the Hospital Wing. He was in such a good mood that it gave him quite a fright when Severus Snape stepped out from behind a suit of armour.

"Lupin." He growled.

Remus froze in his tracks. "Err, hello Severus." He attempted a friendly smile that turned out more like a grimace.

Snape scowled at him and took a step closer. "Why did you and your stupid friends make Lily cry." He growled.

"Ok, let's set this straight." Remus put his hands up in surrender. "I didn't make her cry. James and Sirius may have gone a little too far with the teasing, but I've talked to them about it. But Peter and I did nothing."

Snape didn't look satisfied with this answer.

Realising that the moon would be up in less than an hour, Remus started to slide away slowly. "I think we can just leave it here."

Snape pulled his wand out and uttered a spell in fury. "Alarte ascendare!" He shouted.

Remus screamed as he was thrown about five feet off the air and tumbled to the ground. The pain was immediate, and to his aching bones, it felt like agony. He swore loudly, gritting his teeth to stop himself from crying.

"That was supposed to make you go higher." Snape said, looking at his wand thoughtfully, smirking. "Guess you and your stupid friends will be target practice."

Lying on the cold stone floor, Remus heard his footsteps echo, getting further and further away. With a shaking hand, he mustered all his remaining strength and pushed himself off the ground. The journey to the Hospital Wing was unpleasant, and he almost didn't make it in time.

"You're late!" Madam Pomfrey yelled, pulling him out the castle to the Whomping Willow. "We need to get you in the shack!"

Remus followed her in a blind daze. He crawled through the tunnel and tore off his clothes in a rush, discarding them in a small pile.

Then it hit him.

How could Snape know that spell?

Astronomy was useless. It did nothing that would ever help him in life. It was such a pain to have to get up in the dead of night just study the stupid stars. Peter told himself this but, he knew his hate for that subject was mostly due to how bad he was at it. To be fair, he was bad at most subjects, but this one would never come in handy.

This is the reason Peter was standing on the astronomy tower at midnight with a telescope and a messily drawn chart. He yawned widely and looked around at the rest of the class, eyes glued to their telescopes. Yawning again, he begrudgingly peeked through the lense. When all he could see was the inky black sky, he resumed to trying to sleep standing up. This proved to be a very hard thing to do, and woke up by falling into James.

"Watch it!" James yelled, steadying his telescope.

Peter rubbed his eyes childishly.

Sirius stuck his head out to see past James. "You didn't fall asleep did you?" He asked.

"It's bloody midnight!" Peter shouted back to him, a little too loud.

"You shut your mouth right now young man!" Came the airy voice of professor Milton. "Five points from Gryffindor."

A collective groan went round the room at the loss of points. They'd already lost fifteen the last week because Sirius and James had been caught out past curfew ("It's not my fault we forgot the invisibility cloak!")

James tutted. "Peter, Peter, Peter." He shook his head. "Whatever shall we do at our terrible loss of points!"

"Sod off." Peter muttered, squinting his eyes and leaning forward to, once again, look at an empty sky.

Milton pointed up. "Look at the sky children." He breathed. "Tonight is perfect night for star-gazing. Does anyone know why?"

Evans, of course put her hand up. "Is it because there's a full moon sir?"

"Quite right child." He stared off into the distance. "Quite right." He muttered.

By second year the class had stopped giving each other odd looks everytime he did this. They were now accustomed to his rather strange tendencies, and shrugged it off. Once, one of the Ravenclaw muggle-borns had suggested something called "drugs". To this, the purebloods were confused but everyone else were none the less amused. Really, it seemed very accurate. Professor Milton had a habit of staring out into space and losing himself just a little. Peter wondered if it was because of staying up in that wretched tower all day, or he really was crazy.

Mary gave a small gasp. "Does that mean there will be werewolves sir?" She asked in a scared voice.

As if on queue, an echoing howl tore apart the relative peacefulness the class contained. Milton seemed to stumble slightly, losing his footing. A few girls screamed and Sirius swore quietly. Peter snapped his neck round at the Forbidden Forest and looked at it through wide eyes.

Daniel Harding just scoffed. "That's obviously not a werewolf." He said, as if they were all crazy. "This school would never let a creature like that get on the school grounds."

Daniel was ignored by Marlene. "How do you think it got in?" She asked him defiantly.

"Maybe it's a classmate." Toby Moore, one of the Ravenclaws, said quietly.

A shudder went round the class, shocking them into silence.

"Who in this school would be that crazy to let in a werewolf as a student?" Daniel said again.

"He's got a point." Peter muttered.

Another howl broke Milton out of his reverie, and he hurriedly ushered them out of class.

Pushing his duvet down in frustration, James wracked his brain for possible reasons Remus could have for going away each month. They knew he didn't live in an abusive home, McGonagall established that much. But they still didn't know why he went or where he was going to. He could wonder...

James' mind zoomed into overdrive. An image appeared in the back of his head of a large, round table with many different men and also a few goblins plus Remus. They all had stacks of cards each with a few laid out and some casino cash James had once caught a glimpse of in a muggle newspaper. "I'm all in men." His imaginary Remus said, pushing all his casino cash in the middle.

Possibly, James pondered.

A different scenario placed itself in his head of the opening of a cave in the middle of nowhere. Imaginary Remus walked up to the bear and started wrestling it furiously. The bear growled loudly at being pushed back in the cave. "I'll get you one day, Mr Bear." Imaginary Remus said.

Unlikely, James thought, as there was another howl in the distance.

A much stranger image was conjured up, in the living room of a comfortable little house. Imaginary Remus stood there, waiting with a smile. A young boy, only around six or seven, ran into the room energetically. For some reason, this boy had turquoise blue hair, but James ignored that part. "Daddy!" Yelled the boy, running into Remus' arms. "Remus JR!"Imaginary Remus hugged his supposed son.

James sat up straight and shook his head to remove the slightly disturbing image. That's just plain weird what the hell Potter, he told himself. Another howl in the distance made him sigh in annoyance at the very loud Forbidden Forest. Pfff, werewolves, James scoffed, the thought of a werewolf at Hogwarts was laughable.

AN - Side note: about the hot water coming out the shower thing, with old and poor quality plumbing, when the shower is running and another form of water flow is turned on, the water goes boiling hot for a second. I don't know why, I just know I found it funny.

As for the last part about James' imaginary Remus situations, those ideas are all property of Fleamontpotter, cartoonist on Tumblr. I would link the cartoon it was on, but I can't find it.

Thank you to all who leave reviews, it means so much to me *gives virtual hug*

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