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Carrying His Baby
Albus D. & Cedric D. & OC & Severus S. - Words: 29,736 - Rated: T - English - Adventure & Romance - Chapters: 21 - Reviews: 15 - Updated: 08-02-2019 - Published: 02-05-2018 - by HeatherGrey07 (FFN)

I am back with another hopefully great chapter your guys will enjoy! And I just want to say how CRAZY it is that I now have a 20 chapter story (what?!) When I posted the first chapter of this story years ago I would've never thought I could've gotten this far. I actually would've been positive that I would've given up by now. Yet I am still here, with great readers who inspire me to not abandon it! And for that, I am forever grateful! Remember to comment, favorite, and follow this story! Enjoy! -Heather

It must've been at least 11:00 that Friday night when I began my trek to the Hogwarts gates, butterflies fluttering in my stomach all the way there. Just like they had ever since he asked me in the first place. There was just something about him, the idea of us being together, or maybe just the thought of a repeat performance of our last unofficial date made me jumpy with anticipation.

But this wasn't like them, it wasn't just a drink in some random bar that may or may not end with sex. This was different, this was real, and I couldn't help but be optimistic.

I saw Severus waiting by the gates of Hogwarts, standing in his long black cloaks like always. I gave a small squeal of excitement before running up to his stone figure, tugging on his sleeve with a small laugh.

"Wow, Evelyn." He said without emotion as he gave me a condescending look.

I rolled my eyes at his reaction, trying to imagine how much more pessimistic could be. "Don't say that!" I snapped back, practically stamping my foot in the process. But soon after my small outburst, the sour mood faded away. Leaving me with the giddy with the same energy that was there before. "I…am just ultra excited for our date today. Did you know I have never been on a date before, like a real date, with another guy."

"Oh." Severus just responded, a wave of shame crossing his face for just a second.

"But don't worry about it, Severus. I am so glad I get to go on my first one with you, the Father of my children."

My comment brought a smile to his face, a small one, but one nonetheless. "Well," he began, "I am glad you feel this way." And that was all he said before grabbing my hand and pulling me close to his body, giving me a twirl before sending us straight into a side-along apparition.

I just let out a small gasp before feeling my feet touch a hard, concrete ground. I looked around and proceeded to look up at Severus in surprise. "Muggle London!" I exclaimed in a whisper. He just nodded as he released me from against his chest, keeping my hand still in his. "I can't believe it, our date is in muggle London!"

"I wanted to surprise you, I hope you like it. I was able to get the Headmaster to let us leave for a night because I just thought it would be fun to get dinner together. Without fear of being seen or discovered by people who would care."

"What a wonderful idea Severus! But, I must ask, where are we going tonight? I am starving!"

Severus just smiled some more, and even let out a small chuckle. Which, for him, is a rare occurrence. "There is this muggle place, a small pub, that I frequented as a child. Whenever my Mother would take me into town we would eat there together. Just her and I, and I loved it. Some of my fondest childhood memories happened there. So, I just thought, it would be a good place for us to go. Even though if you prefer something different, I am sure there are many other opti-"

"What are you talking about Severus? Of course I would love to go to that restaurant and see just a snippet of your childhood and of your Mom. That would be amazing, and don't ever doubt that!"

He just smiled gratefully at my outburst, an amused glint in his eyes. Proceeding to wordlessly grab my hand and lead me to the restaurant that was just around the corner.

I looked up at the hell hole in front of me, spying the sign barely hanging on to the roof and the cracks in the windows. "This it?"

"Yes," he began "I hope that is okay. It doesn't look quite like I remember it."

I just proceeded to put a smile on my face, nodding still. "Lead the way." And he did.

We were seated at the back corner table, the restaurant having more people than I ever would've expected. Severus ordered a beer, I just ordered water.

"I never would've pegged you as a muggle beer person Severus… well… I guess I wouldn't have pegged you as muggle anything." I began as soon as we placed our beverage order.

"Under normal circumstances, you would be correct, but something about this restaurant, my memories here, make it really the only muggle thing I don't despise."

"You hate all things muggle?"

"For the most part, yes. It reminds me of my Father, the bastard."

"Sometimes I feel that way too. You know, because my Dad was a muggle and my Mom was a witch. Just like yours." I began as I sipped my drink, looking at him expectantly.

Severus gave me a playful smile as he replied. "Even though, from what I understand Evelyn, your Mom was more than just a witch. She was the last living member of the Burke family. One of the quote on quote 'Sacred Twenty-Eight,' and therefore that makes you the last living person in a pureblood line. There are some that value that very highly, and that puts you in a unique position. Especially with you carrying the now heirs to the Snape line."

I laughed at the comment, not noticing how serious his face had gotten. "Oh please, I could care less about the bullies you surround yourself with Severus. I swear they can do and inflict nothing I haven't already been through." He looked as if he was going to disagree, but I just continued to speak. "And don't dispute that Severus, I have a very good idea what happens at those meetings. Thanks to what I would hear my Mom talking about when I was younger. I am very familiar with all of those 'beliefs' and those 'actions.' But most importantly how wrong they are."

"I am more worried about them." Severus replied, gesturing to my large stomach.

"Well, I don't know about you Severus, but I don't ever plan on introducing them to your 'friends.' As far as I am concerned they will never ever meet."

"That is very idealistic, isn't it Evelyn? Unrealistic?"

"It shouldn't be. They will never live anywhere close to the life me or you have had to, and that is a fact." I said as my face lifted and a hand went protectively to my stomach, giving Severus a nasty look.

Severus held off on his response as our drinks were delivered, and even after the server walked away hadn't replied to my comment. It was only several minutes afterward that anything came out of his mouth. "I love that you think you can protect them, you know, our children."

"I love that you call them our children."

"Well, they are. Are they not?"

I paused. "No, they are. It's…it's just that you can sometimes you can feel so distant, so far away. Which makes complete sense, especially since the nature of our relationship is so forbidden. But, just when I begin to lose hope, you say things like that, or do a thing like this. And that makes it all the more while."

"You know, sometimes that is hard for me too. To try and look past all of my guilt and shame for our relationship. But, moments like this, with you, help me with that as well."

We ordered dinner, with both opting for the greasiest pub food you could find. And both of us enjoyed it immensely. Yet, something still stayed on my mind. So, after several minutes of silence I spoke to the man across from me. "Hey, Severus, can I ask you something?"

"Go ahead."

"What does my, you know, situation mean for us after Hogwarts." I said with a gesture to my stomach. "How will that go for them, and us."

Severus was silent for another minute, a contemplating look crossing his face. "It doesn't have to mean anything major. But, I obviously want to be a part of their lives and a major part at that. Yet, I don't want to force you to be with me permanently, or even move in with me. After all, you are still so young with so much life ahead of you. I can't intrude, but I mean…"

I cut him off, giving a slight chuckle at his obvious nervous rambling. "Even though I don't really know what I will be doing for the rest of my life. I can definitely tell you that as of right now being with you and living by your side sounds extremely appealing. Because I, like you, so badly want their Dad to be such a big, positive, role in their lives. And even regardless of that, I have no one else besides you. No real family, besides my brother, and no friends, besides Cedric. I am almost equivocally alone."

Severus' shocked faced turned to a generous smile, a slight blush appearing on his pale face.

"And, I don't know if I can say that I love you yet, but I can definitely say that I really like you. I want to raise my children with you, and I want to live with you. If you would allow it."

"Of course." Severus breathed out before grabbing my face from my across the table, pressing his lips to mine. I gave a slight moan as they moved in sync, counting my lucky stars for whoever blessed me with him.

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