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Not The Only Werewolf
James P. & Peter P. & Remus L. & Sirius B. - Words: 13,184 - Rated: T - English - Friendship & Supernatural - Chapters: 17 - Reviews: 21 - Updated: 19-12-2018 - Published: 09-05-2018 - by Alaya Jenkins (FFN)

Chapter 8

We were greeted by a huge man with a bushy beard. I got the feeling he wasn't completely human. He looked like a storybook giant.

"Gather up, firs' years!" he called, and we all swarmed around him. "I'm Hagrid, groundkeeper here a' Hogwarts. He led us to a dock filled with boats. "Yeh've all been assigned yer places in the boats. Yer names should be on the seats. Let's go!" Hagrid clambered into his own boat, and my eyes scanned the seats in front of me. I saw my name next to one Remus Lupin, which I was glad about. My smile dropped when I saw the other two in our boat. Lily Evans and Severus Snape. Great.

We sat in a sort of awkward silence. Lily avoided making eye contact with me, but Severus wouldn't stop staring at me. After a long period of me trying to ignore him, I finally broke. "Enjoying the view?" I snapped at him. He sneered at me.

"Do not mistake my disdain for admiration." Lily elbowed him yet again.

"Severus!" She exclaimed. "I'm so disappointed with you! Why are you being so rude?" Severus just sniffed in response. I turned away, and attempted to engage in quiet conversation with Remus.

"You nervous?" I asked. He continued staring at his hands, which were folded in his lap. I nudged him, and he looked up suddenly, as if startled out of a daydream.

"Huh- um, what?" He asked.

"You nervous?" I repeated.

"Oh, uh… yeah." He let out a timid laugh.

"Me too. Dumbledore's kind to even let me go here." Remus's head snapped up and he narrowed his eyes at me.

"Why's that?" he inquired, suddenly very interested. I realised what I'd said. How could I have been so careless? My brain was telling me that this boy was a friend for some reason, that he was trustworthy, but nobody could be trusted with this secret.

"Oh, um, just because, you know, I'm… muggleborn." I said, a little too quickly.

"Yeah, but most people here are at least part muggle. Purebloods aren't as common as they used to be. You deserve a place here just as much as anyone else." He seemed very impassioned, as though he was trying to convince himself of this fact.

"Are you muggleborn?" I asked, then realised that that question might be considered intrusive. "You don't have to answer that, sorry. I'm not used to all these terms!" I let out a nervous giggle.

"Nah," Remus said, sniffing in the cold air. "I'm halfblood. My dad's a wizards, but my mum's a muggle. It was her first time on platform 9 and ¾ today, as well as mine."

"My parents didn't come with me. My brother did though."

"Oh, you have a brother?" Remus sounded interested, and I figured he must be an only child. "Was he jealous when you got your Hogwarts letter?"

"No, why would he be?" I asked.

"Well, because you're a witch and he's a muggle."

"Oh no, he's a wizard too."

"Seriously?" Remus asked, amazed. "Two magical children with muggle parents? That's like, really rare!"

"So I've been told."

I rubbed my hands together in the cold, attempting to warm myself up a bit. The boats turned a corner, and suddenly Hogwarts loomed over us. It was beautiful, a huge castle with stained glass windows and the flickering of fire from inside. My eyes widened in awe as I drank it all in.

"Wow!" I breathed. Lily had the same reaction. The red head seemed likeable enough, she just chose questionable company. Mind you, I was questionable company too, given the fact that I turned into a monster every full moon.

"Alrigh' firs' years, welcome to Hogwarts." Hagrid boomed. The boats docked themselves on a gravelly sort of beach. "If yeh'll follow me," Hagrid began, "It's time for the sorting ceremony."

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