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Not The Only Werewolf
James P. & Peter P. & Remus L. & Sirius B. - Words: 13,184 - Rated: T - English - Friendship & Supernatural - Chapters: 17 - Reviews: 21 - Updated: 19-12-2018 - Published: 09-05-2018 - by Alaya Jenkins (FFN)

Chapter Three

"Follow me." Aiden said, gripping my hand tightly so that I didn't get lost in the London crowds. "We're almost there." He added.

We came to a stop outside a small, unassuming pub called 'The Leaky Cauldron'. "Just through there, then we'll be able to get to Diagon Alley." Explained Aiden. I nodded, and he pushed open the door. We received a couple of nods from some people that were drinking in there, but nobody seemed to care too much about us. Aiden led me out the back, to a brick wall. He tapped on a couple of different bricks, and a whole new world opened up to me.

There were people jostling up and down the street, and so many shops crammed together into one place that it was a wonder they all fit. "Come on then Mar, let's go get you a wand." He stepped into the crowd, and I followed.

It was amazing. People wearing all manner of colourful clothing, some with pointed hats, some with capes tied around their necks were hurrying up the street. I was almost overwhelmed. Aiden drew us to a stop outside a small, archaic looking shop called 'Ollivanders'.

Inside, it smelt musty and old, and slightly like shoe polish. An old man looked up from behind the counter and narrowed his eyes. "Willow, ten and a half inches, phoenix feather core. Aiden Cana?" He asked.

"Yes, sir." My brother replied. I stood there, gawping.

"Is that your wand?" I asked. Aiden hmmed in response. "That's impressive." I breathed.

"Thank you." The old man replied. I blushed. I thought I'd said that quietly. "And I'm guessing you are his little sister?" He asked. I nodded. "Right." He said, and disappeared between the shelves. I looked at Aiden, wondering where Ollivander had gone.

"He's gone to find a wand that he thinks'll suit you." Aiden explained, without me even having to ask. We stood there, me shuffling from foot to foot, and waited for about a minute and a half before Ollivander's head came back into view. He held an open box, and withdrew an elegant looking wand. The wood was dark, almost black, and it had a knot a quarter of the way up. He handed the wand to me.

"What do I do?" I asked.

"Just give it a swish." Ollivander said. I did so. I set a pile of papers on his desk on fire.

"Crap, I'm so sorry!" I yelped, and went to put it out. But it was already gone.

"It's not a problem." Ollivander said, kindly. "I'll be right back." He took the wand off me and disappeared again. Again, Aiden and I waited. As we were stood there, another boy came in with his parents. He had wavy black hair that went to his jaw, and a slightly Middle Eastern look to him. His mother, I guessed, sneered at us as she pushed us out the way.

"We require a wand!" She called to Ollivander.

"Just a second." Came the reply.

"Just a second?" The woman repeated. "Mr. Ollivander, the Blacks are not a family to be kept waiting." Her son looked at the floor, blushing hard, obviously embarrassed. I felt bad for him. "Sirius needs a wand, and he needs it now."

"I'll be right with you, right after I've served Miss Cana." Ollivander said, as he popped back into view. He handed me a wand made of a lighter looking wood. It had two knots at the end of the handle, and was carved with intricate patterns. I gripped it tightly, and gave it a gentle swoosh. Yellow sparks flew out of the end, fizzing like fireworks before they disappeared. "I do believe we've found your wand!" Ollivander chuckled. "This is willow wood with a phoenix feather core. 13 and three quarter inches long, with quite bendy flexibility." I grinned, and Aiden patted my back. "That will be seven galleons please." Aiden handed him a palm full of golden coins, and we turned to leave. As we walked past the boy, Sirius I guess was his name, I introduced myself under my breath, out of his mother's earshot.

"Hey," I whispered, "I'm Amaris." The boy looked straight ahead, and I didn't know if he'd heard me, but then he opened his mouth. He was still looking straight ahead, but he breathed out his name.

"Sirius." He said quietly. "Sorry about my mother." I smiled at him and rolled my eyes, and the corners of his mouth twitched.

"See ya later, Sirius." I mumbled, and me and Aiden left the building.

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