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Albus Dumbledore's Greatest Mistake
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Albus Dumbledore's Greatest Mistake

Fifteen-month-old Harry Potter is being transported by a very large man, he is within a sling draped over the shoulder of this man riding a flying motorcycle. At the place he needs to land all the street lamps are out, he sets the flying motorcycle on the pavement of Privet Drive Little Whinging, Surrey, England.

Albus Dumbledore walks over to the large man "I have a basket to place the boy in Hagrid."

Hagrid looks at the sleeping boy with a scar on his forehead "yes Headmaster, he slept the whole way here."

Minerva McGonagall walks over to Albus "you must not leave him here Albus. They will kill the boy, Lily always said Petunia wouldn't take care of him."

Albus looks at Minerva "nonsense Minerva, Petunia will take care of the boy I've written her a letter to explain everything to her. No harm will come to Harry Potter."

"If anything happens to him I will kill you myself," she spins on the spot and disappears. Albus walks to the front door of number four he sets down the basket near the door. Albus pulls the letter out of his pocket, he placed it between Harry and the basket.

As Albus take one last look at the last Potter "good luck Harry Potter you will need it," with that said he turns on the spot with a soft pop and disappears.

That night of November first, 1981 is going to be the coldest night dipping down to minus twelve degrees Celsius poor Harry Potter never awoke to hear a scream from a person his mother is not blood too. A black smoke screams above the dead boy, no one hears it as a silent spell was cast on the basket. Vernon Dursley opens the front door to get the morning paper only to see the basket he pulls it in then get his paper closing the door behind him.

"Pet, someone dropped a basket with a baby inside it. Come over and look, there a letter inside with it," he calls out to his wife.

Petunia walks out of the kitchen "what is it Vernon she sees the kid that's blue in color and very cold."

"This letter said your sister is dead and this Albus Dumbledore wants you to take care of your nephew." Vernon read the letter to her.

She looks at her husband "go place this thing in a large trash bag, I will get Dudley so we can dump it off within at a construction site four streets over. Then we will be done with it."

Vernon opens the garage door then slowly backs his car down the driveway stopping only to hit the button on the remote for the garage door closer. After thirty minutes they found a dumpster to dump the trash quickly, it took them one hour before they pulled in the garage. No one will find out what happened to the Heir of the Most Most Ancient and Noble House of Potter until nine am July 31, 1991.

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