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Albus Dumbledore's Greatest Mistake
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Albus Dumbledore's Greatest Mistake

Soul Manager Sally, just sat at her desk for the long day, she starts by looking at her souls she in charge of. As she is reading the list by lasts name she sees Potter Harry J. flashing in red, she knew he should not be dead until the year well unknown, so she calls upon fate. Fate comes to her quickly that day "I know of Harry James Potter's death he is going to be returned just before Tom Riddle hits him with the killing curse. Death does not like his champing being messed with, the last heir of Peverell. So Harry Potter will be getting a protection from being a soul container for any soul other than is own."

Sally sees her light on Harry Potter light turn green "well Fate looks like Death did the job, I hope is life is better now."

Fate looks at the Soul Manager with a smile "Oh yes Harry Potter will be getting a special Elf that will take him to safety. So you won't see him until his fated death, have a nice day Sally."

Fifteen-month-old Harry James Potter is standing inside his crib holding onto the railing look at the man, that just murdered his mother with a green light. Harry smiles at the man right before a green light hits him on the forehead, then as fast as it hit him it bounced off back to the man. A small part of the man's soul breaks off and flies at the boys head only for it too scream and fad away. An Elf pops into the room to see Harry crying, she checks Lily Potter only to find her dead, she sees a yew wand on the floor she levitates the wand into a pouch she has. She sees a large rat run into the room she captures it in a cage, she snaps her finger and all of Harry things fill a trunk then shrinks down so she can place inside her pouch. She then looks at Harry then snaps her finger and he shrinks down so she can place him in another pouch. The next stop is the bedroom of Lily and James they have a safe with their will, money, and paperwork on Harry's birth.

The female Elf quickly removes everything from the house before anyone comes to the house, she pops out to Peverell Manor to store everything she collected, she then pops to the Potter Peverell vault manager at Gringotts Bank. "I have the last heir of the Peverell and Potter for an inheritance test and a lockdown of all vaults on all outgoing money."

Vault Manager Golddigger looks at the female Elf holding the young wizard "let me see his right hand so I can draw blood from him."

The Elf holds out his little arm so the Goblin can prick Harry's finger so seven drops of blood hit the parchment. Word started to form on the parchment, the only one Golddigger cared to see is the full name of Harry James Potter-Peverell. Golddigger rolls up the parchment and gives it to the Elf holding Harry Potter-Peverell.

A key ring appears on his desk he hands it to the Elf "I will lock down all Potter and Peverell vault's now, he does have his heir vault, you may take money out for his upkeep but only if he is with you and you see me first."

"I have the will of James and Lily Potter with me that should be read within the week I have sent letters to Remus Lupin and Sirius Black. Also if Albus Dumbledore tries to interfere with the will reading charge him for interfering with the Most Ancient and Noble House of Potter.

Golddigger gives the Elf a smirk in a Goblin way "yes that will be done. Please bring him to my office at age eleven so he can claim his Lord ring good day to you both."

Mandy pops out of the office, back to Peverell Manor. Six House Elves are standing there waiting for Harry and the Elf to pop in, "high Elf we thought all have left this realm." Dippy said as the oldest of the six Potter-Peverell Elves left alive. Mandy stands at a height for a female human witch, she takes Harry to the dining room to feed him his breakfast. She cleans him up then sets up a playpen Lily has for him within the family room that has a large soft rug for him to play on. "I'm the only high Elf here and only for Harry," she replies.

Sirius Black walks up the stairs to Gringotts on November 6th, 1981 he is there for the hearing of the will for his friends, the night before Rabastan, Rodolphus, Bellatrix Lestrange and Bartemius Crouch Junior attack at the Longbottom Manor. They are all killed by the wards the three death eaters didn't know of.

Sirius sits down right next to Remus he looks around the room to see a clerk from the Ministry of Magic. A Goblin enters then sits at the raised table at the front of the room, the door opens and Albus Dumbledore walks in. Golddigger looks at the man "Albus Dumbledore you have no business entering this meeting, guards escort Mr. Dumbledore out," Albus interrupts the Goblin.

"I ask you not to read the will of the Potters I have sealed it,"

Golddigger smirks at the old man. "Guard, place him inside a cell for interfering with the Most Ancient and Noble House of Potter will, per Goblin law. Your Phoenix will not save you thief guards take him away if he uses his wand kill him."

Golddigger returned to the will reading telling Sirius Black as the godfather of Harry James Potter he will be giving a portkey to the location he will be staying at.

Remus Lupin has been given four million galleons and the hunting lodge within the Dark forest. He must give an oath to never follow Albus Dumbledore as he is responsible for our death, as is our secret keeper Peter Pettigrew and is a death eater.

"Well, that is what Lord James and Lily Potter have stated. Your oath Remus Lupin is required at this time." Golddigger said to them. Remus stands and gives his oath to never follow Albus Dumbledore or betray Harry James Potter.

Golddigger gives the key to his new vault and a portkey to the hunting lodge to Remus Lupin and a portkey to Sirius Black for Peverell Manor. Golddigger takes them both to the transportation room Sirius use his first. He lands at a Castle, well it looked like a Castle maybe a large Manor, he walks to the door it opens before he could knock a house Elf is standing there.

"I am Dopey, you can follow. Mandy is waiting for you," Sirius does not say a word as he follows the House Elf.

Sirius see a very beautiful young woman sitting at the table watching a little boy play. Sirius' eyes became wide at the dark-haired boy "Harry" he whispers.

Mandy looks over her shoulder to see the man standing there, he then saw her ear, a pointed ear.

A high Elf. He thought to himself "you took him from Dumbledore's house. Thank you."

Mandy waves him over "sit Sirius before you fall over, I have been chosen by the High Elf council to help guide Harry."

Sirius just sits there watching Harry play with his toys, Harry looks at the man that just sat down "Pa'foot Pa'foot" Harry said over and over as he walks to Sirius "up up up."

Sirius picks him up and sets Harry on his leg "hey, little man," is all he got out.

Harry looks at him "bad man hurt mommy and daddy." Sirius has tears rolling down his face while he hugs Harry.

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