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Albus Dumbledore's Greatest Mistake
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Albus Dumbledore's Greatest Mistake

Sirius couldn't help but cry for James and Lily while he hugs Harry, Mandy watched for a bit until she took Harry from him. Harry looks at Pa'foot as Mandy placed him back within the play area, he dries his eyes a few minutes later to see Harry playing with his toys. Hippy the House Elf pops in with food and drinks for them, Mandy picks up Harry placing him in his highchair she gives him his food. Harry eats it all up and wants more Sirius laughs at this "Lily always said he has a healthy appetite and he knows when he's full as well." Sirius is proven right when Harry stops eating.

"Down, play," he points at his toys.

Mandy cleans him up then sets him back in the play area, he slowly walks to his toys and plays with them. Mandy smiles at him, she has never seen a human child so well behave, Sirius steps into the area and grabs the toy broom he bought Harry. Harry sees him grab it Sirius picks him setting on the broom, he powers the runes on the broom for Harry's safety. Sirius gives him a small push to get him going, he stands in the middle of the large circle play area as the broom only stays within the circle. Harry loves riding the broom although Lily didn't let him ride it much, Sirius knew when Harry had enough of the broom as Harry yells stop at the broom. As he picks up Harry Sirius smells something bad coming from Harry, Lily taught James and him the cleaning spell for children, he removes his wand and cleans Harry up then sets him back down to play.

Mandy watches as Harry's godfather played with Harry she thought this is good for them both, she can see the power growing within the boy soon he will need to be trained.

A few days later Remus Lupin walks in the play area with Sirius, Harry sees him "Remmy, Remmy, Remmy, up," Harry's little arms are up in the air waving at him. Remus laughs as he picks Harry up, he hugs him then harry yells "down toys," so Remus sets him down and watches him walk over to his toys. He walks over to Sirius sitting at the table and sits down next to him as Mandy walks into the room she sees the infection within the man.

As she walks over to them "I can remove your illness if you wish it. Friend of Sirius."

Remus blinks a few time at the woman "how I've been told Lycanthropy is not curable. And who are you."

She smiles at him "I'm Mandy high Elf, I'm here to oversee the care of the last Peverell. For your question yes there is no cure for you by wizards because the high Elves cursed a man with it so he changed into a wolf-man every full moon. This infection shouldn't be your punishment that thing that bit you as a boy should never spread this infection the way he does, I will put him down soon although you I can help now. However, your wolf form will change to a wolf animagi that is under your control."

Remus looks at Sirius he nods at him, then he looks back at Mandy "when can we start."

Mandy stands and moves over to Remus she placed her right hand on the bite area and her left hand on his head her hands start to glow a lite blue, it spreads into Remus when a black smoke in a form of a man-wolf leaves him. Mandy lifts her hands off him, the lite blue glow starts to fad from her hands, she moves back to her seat. "you will need to rest your strength will return to you soon."

Harry wakes up in his crib as he stands up a House Elf pops in to pick him clean him and change his clothes Nippy pops her and Harry to the table for his morning breakfast. Mandy is sitting there waiting for him so she can feed him after she fed him she placed him in his play area within the family room by then Sirius and Remus are at the table eating. As they Harry starts to pop around the play area, Sirius only caught a glimpse of Harry popping around his play area.

"Did you see what Harry is doing," he asked them.

"What are you talking about Sirius," as he turns to look at Harry, he pops out then pops to a new location within his play area. "Bloody hell how is he doing that."

Mandy with a big smile replies, "I thought he would do this soon. Harry as an ability that comes from the Peverell line, he can absorb abilities that one is Elf popping good thing I warded the area so he cannot leave."

Sirius listened to what she said absorb abilities, "are you tell us that Harry can absorb magical abilities."

Mandy turns he head to look at Sirius and Remus, "yes that is what I am saying. He could absorb your animagus form, now I will tell you not to show him pictures of any actual locations, he could pop there."

After a while, Harry stops popping around his play area and just plays with his toys until lunch. Sirius picks Harry up from his highchair as he holds him walking over to the play area Harry turns into a Grim pup, Sirius almost drop his godson. Mandy starts to laugh at Sirius' face "you need to show him how to change back, so place Harry down and show him how."

Sirius did as asked, it took a few tries for fifteen-month-old Harry to turn back to his human form although Harry did change back to the grim form for an hour to run around then as the grim pup he could Elf pop around the play area. That got Remus and Sirius laughing hard, Harry stops popping and changes back to his human form laughing and clapping. It is a good day for them, Mandy thought so as she watches them change forms together, at the end Remus could change into his wolf form just as well as Sirius can.

Meanwhile, in the alternate reality that Harry Potter came from it's July 31st, 1991 Minerva McGonagall is looking through the letters to be sent out she see the pile for the letter P, she for the first time remembers Harry Potter. She looks through the letters of new students she does not see his name at all, she stands up and heads to the door off her office that the Book of Names is in a room that's only big enough for one person to stand in. The book is set on a pedestal, with a step she at the book she flips the pages to Potter, Harry James what she found made tears flow down her face. She places a bookmark and closes the book heading out of her office to the Headmaster's office, as she rides the spiral staircase she spells the door open with a force that the sound of the door hitting the stone wall woke Albus Dumbledore to her present. She slams the book down on his desk right in front of him and turns to the page with the bookmark, "look at his name Albus baby Harry died at fifteen months old on the early morning of November 2nd, 1981 frozen to death. I should kill you where you sit although I think I will floo call the DMLE for your crime."

She floo calls the DMLE, Amelia Bones takes the call within a minute she walks out of the fireplace within the Headmaster's office to see Albus Dumbledore at wand point by Minerva McGonagall and Albus with a small smirk on his face.

Well, I think I will stop the chapter here, until next time.

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