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Albus Dumbledore's Greatest Mistake
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Albus Dumbledore's Greatest Mistake

Amelia Bones quickly cast a stunner at Albus just barely catching Albus off guard, Minerva fires off the same spell hitting Albus on his chest. He slumps forward Amelia grabs hold of his wand it shoots off golden sparks, a power flows into her, unlike her own wand she places it into her pocket. Minerva didn't really know what to think about it, she watched Amelia use magical cuffs on him, then she calls for help so they can move him. Fawkes lets out a song then flies out the open window never to be seen again, within a day the news broke on the death of Harry Potter and the Ministry of Magic trying to confiscate the vaults. King Ragnok of the Goblins told a reporter for the Daily Prophet that all vaults belonging to the Potters are sealed and have been after the death of the last Potter on November 2nd, 1981.

Albus Dumbledore is found guilty for the death of Harry Potter and his soul is sucked out by a Dementor, Minerva McGonagall becomes Headmistress of the school she has the Goblins remove any and all curses. The Goblin did find the Horcrux within the room of requirement they also killed the basilisk, many things changed for the better until the death of Quirinus Quirrell and the soul shard of Tom Riddle screams from the man. King Ragnok was able to destroy all Horcruxes by tracking them down with the Ravenclaw's Diadem and the cup of Hufflepuff found within the Lestrange vault, they found all of them with those two Horcruxes.

Meanwhile back at the new alternate reality Earth for Harry Potter-Peverell.

Eleven-year-old Harry Potter-Peverell wakes up the day of his birthday he rolls out of his bed nude and walks to his shower room to get ready for his day, his friends are coming over at noon for his party Sirius thought it would be good for him to have a few friends and for some reason four of them are girls, Susan Bones, Hannah Abbott, Tracey Davis, and Daphne Greengrass. Neville Longbottom and Harry became good friends when Mandy removed the spells on Alice and Frank before Harry turned two-years-old. Sirius and Harry meet Cyrus Greengrass at Neville's third birthday, a good friend of his father and Sirius, they're business partners for the Potters, Harry meets Tracey and Daphne at the party along with Hannah and Susan. Harry likes to talk with Tracy and Daphne as they like the same things as does Neville Hannah and Susan they studied all the first Year, books at the age of ten at five-years-old Daphne saw Harry pop out of her house to head home she told the others, so he taught them how with some help from his Elf Dippy, within a few months everyone could Elf pop to each other's Manor no wards could stop them.

Harry sat at the table where is breakfast awaits for him, Sirius walks in sitting across from him "we need to head to Gringotts as the last Potter-Peverell you will take your place as Lord of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Potter and Peverell."

Harry knew this day would come, Mandy and Sirius have been teaching him all about House Potter and Peverell, he just nods at his godfather. Mandy and Remus walk in just after their one-sided conversation.

Mandy looks at Harry after he finished eating "Harry, Golddigger will be waiting for us soon so we need to head there now by this portkey."

Harry shakes his head and pops out right to Golddigger's office just before the portkey sends Sirius, Remus, and Mandy next to him. "Good, right on time. I see Harry can still pop through our wards I need you to sign this written oath that you will not pop to any location other than the portkey arrival room or this office."

Harry reads the oath then signs it with a blood quill, Golddigger takes out a ring box from his desk drawer. Harry could see the House Seal of Potter and Peverell on the box as Golddigger lift the box open, Harry walks over to the ring laying on the red cloth. He picks up the ring placing it on his right ring finger, it shrinks down to fit his finger a gold glow engulfs him as three object fall to his feet. "Lord Potter-Peverell back away from those objects." Golddigger yells as he quickly moves around his desk but the wand jumps to Harry's hand, the ring laying on the floor is what Golddigger spells into a metal box. The other object Sirius knew well although it has spells on the cloak before he could say anything Golddigger waves his hand over the cloak and removes the spells then told Harry to pick it up.

"That Harry is your father's cloak and a family heirloom," Sirius tells him as he feels the fabric. "Golddigger what's wrong with that ring."

Golddigger didn't know how to explain one of these objects to a wizard, "that ring is a soul container that belongs to an evil wizard, the one that murdered your parents. I know an old spell that will find the other with this one, oh and Lord Black we found one in the Black townhouse, Elf Kreacher said your brother found it. Now we can find the others with these two soul pieces, I will keep you inform Lord Black and Lord Potter-Peverell."

After that meeting, Harry pops back home to find his five friends sitting on the two sofa's there in his living room that is decked out for his birthday party, gifts for him are laying on the coffee table in between the sofas. He smiles at them Daphne walks over and hugs him she whispers in his ear "daddy thinks we should sign a marriage contract now because Malfoy is trying to get me for his son. I will not be his plaything, Harry."

Sirius heard part of the conversation between them although Cyrus, Isabelle, and Astoria enters from the entry room, Harry thinks about what she said, "okay Daphne we can set this up after the party."

Alice and Frank walk out of the entry room to see Daphne hugging Harry then the others join in a big group hug. As the party ends everyone leaves except the Greengrass family, Harry asked Dippy to take his books to his room as his friend's know he loves to read. Neville got him a book on magical plants, Susan gives him a book on the care of brooms, Hannah gives him book on potions ingredient and how to use them as his potions are not as good as the others, Tracey gives him a book on Runes of the Old the Davis family has a few copies of the book he always reads it when he there, Daphne gives him a book on how and when to stir your Potions. Harry could see the message he is not that bad at potion it was just a few time he stirred his potion the wrong way causing the potion to explode all over them.

Harry sits next to Daphne as Sirius and Cyrus write out the contract for Harry and Daphne to marry after their nineteenth birthday, she must stay pure until that day if they have sex it will bond them together and they will be forced to leave Hogwarts. Neither of them liked that as both wanted their Newts, Daphne is the first to sign the marriage contract with the blood quill then Harry. She knew Harry would never be mean to her nor would she be a stay at home wife like Tracey kept on telling her. Harry stands up and pulls her up into a hug, "I will see you tomorrow so we can get are items for school."

As her parents and sister leave by a portkey she gives him one last hug "yes, we will meet at the Leaky Cauldron. See you then Harry," He watches as she pops out.

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