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Rise of the Warlock !
Albus D. & Harry P. - Words: 18,175 - Rated: M - English - None - Chapters: 6 - Reviews: 23 - Updated: 11-10-2018 - Published: 05-06-2018 - by Kelorus (FFN)

Hey there everybody. Here's a TEST fiction, so I will not update it daily, only when I feel like it.

In this fiction, there'll be a lot of Bashing (Potter/Many Weasley/Sirius/Remus), a Grey!Powerful!Harry and a Mentor!Grey!Dumbledore.


It had been more than a year since the young Hadrian '' Harry '' James Potter and Marcus Fleamont Potter were born. Harry shocked a lot of people with his exploits of accidental magic. After only a month, he had managed to give life to his favourite fluff in the effigy of the marauders, which had delighted his parents to the highest point, not to mention the marauders who found it admirable. Unfortunately, the plush representing Wormtail was completely shattered by Padfoot's plush, which once again pissed off Peter Pettigrew. The cases of accidental magic had become daily with the Potters.

So, when Harry wanted something, he was able to attract him to him. When he was not happy, or even hungry, he even managed to summon one of the house elves to him. Once, he managed to turn the colour of James's hair, which ended with a very beautiful turquoise blue hair, which made Sirius laugh loudly. The latter regretted very quickly, because Harry changed his hair into a green colour, almost making the Gryffindor scream for fear, and laughing at the marauders. Harry had officially earned the title of Mini-Prongs.

Of course, it wasn't the case of Marcus Potter, who was much less powerful, but Lily and James didn't cared.

To prevent too much accidental magic feats of Harry from happening again, they decided to put a temporary block on Harry's magic core, which would automatically untie when he was seven, when he could begin his training with his father. Indeed, they had decided to train Harry after hearing the prophecy from Sybil Trelauney. Unfortunately, the Dark Lord, Voldemort, had heard this prophecy, and the Potters had to continue living at Godric's Hollow under a fidelius and Peter Pettigrew was the guardian. They ended very quickly to regret their decision, on this Halloween day, or Samhain, depending on the beliefs.

A crack like a thunderclap could be heard not far from the Potter's cottage, which immediately caught the attention of James Potter. The latter rushed to the door to look through the peephole. It was then that he saw the form of Voldemort.

"Lily! Take Harry and Marcus and go! It's him! I will hold him back!" James yelled.

Lily did not waste time, she grabbed the child and headed for the nursery. She knew that someday it would happen, and she had prepared everything. She had decided to use an ancient blood ritual, intended to protect an individual from all the spells existing by the sacrifice. She knew they were not powerful enough to defeat Voldemort, so they planned a last defence for their child. She did not waste time, and set up the ritual.

For his part, James prepared to face Voldemort. His wand in hand, he waited. Shortly after, the door exploded, and Voldemort stepped forward.

"You do not have to die, Potter. Let me kill the children, and you'll have your life spared." Fit Voldemort.

"Go to hell, monster!" Yelled James.

-"Avada Kedavra!" Hurray then Voldemort, James dodged the spell.

"Confringo! Impedimenta! Experliarmus!" James spelled, which Voldemort blocked with ease.

"CRUCIO!" Yelled Voldemort, touching James hard, who screamed in pain then passed out.

"Pathetic!" Then finish the evil wizard, letting an unconscious James Potter at the foot of the stairs leading upstairs.

Voldemort went upstairs to the nursery, whose door was protected by several enchantments. He had to admit that despite being a mudblood, Lily Potter was a very powerful witch. What a potential wasted, he thought.

"Fulgur!" The wizard shouted, pouring a lightning bolt on the door, which caused it to explode.

"Step aside, poor idiot!" Ordered the Lord of Darkness.

"No, not my sons, not my Harry and Marcus!" Supplied Lily, who could not finish the ritual.

"Don't be such a bother! Do not lose your life for these little shits, you can have another one!" Voldemort declared, getting upset.

"No Harry! Have mercy!" Yelled Lily.

"Crucio!" The wizard said, thus putting the young redhead, without mercy, on the floor. He had promised Severus to spare her, and he had kept his word. After all, even if she was tortured, she was still alive.

He walked over to the children. While Marcus was crying, trying to get out of his bed, Harry was looking at the Dark Lord with his bright green eyes. Voldemort could feel the magic that was in the child's body, and he had to admit it was incredible.

"Too bad I have to kill you. So much potential ruined. Alas, I will have kept you well, if only you were not predicted to defeat me. Your sacrifice will not be forgotten." Solemnly declared the Lord of Darkness before aiming at the toddler with his wand.

"Avada Kedavra!" He shouted. The green beam went to the child.

"No" Yelled Lily Potter, thinking it was Marcus and not Harry.

That's when something incredible happens. The child began to shine and shine, so much so that Voldemort had to close his eyes. When he reopened them, it was to see the child, surrounded by a green halo, and the green bream to go straight on him.

"Noooooo!" Voldemort screamed, before being sprayed by his own spell, which caused an explosion that ravaged the floor, except for the nursery.

The force of the explosion was such that the bars exploded, eventually injuring Marcus Potter in the hand, leaving an 'LV' on the top of his right hand. As for Harry, he obviously had a lightning-like scar on his forehead, above his left eye.

James Potter came to his senses a few minutes later, and remembering the situation, he rushed upstairs to his children's room, letting out a sigh of joy at seeing his two children alive, and his wife on the floor but still alive.

"Lily, are you OK, where is You-Know-Who?" James asked, rushing to his wife.

"I ... I do not know, James, he was there, and then ... he's dead, he's cast the spell of death on Marcus, but the spell has bounced back!" Said Lily, confusing Harry and Marcus.

Immediately, James rushed to Marcus, and he held his breath when he saw the mark on his son's hand. He instantly made the link with the prophecy. 'My son is the chosen one!' He thought, ignoring Harry.

Then the events came together. Peter Pettigrew made his appearance, to see if they were dead, and when he saw James, he barely had time to say 'Quidditch' that he was sauced on the ground, being kicked by a Lily enraged. Subsequently, Severus Snape appeared, explaining that he had received information about an attack from the Dark Lord, and that he wanted to warn them. Obviously, he was received with open arms by Lily (but not by James). Finally, it was Sirius' turn, followed by Dumbledore to arrive.

When Dumbledore saw Marcus, he frowned. After all, he had always been convinced that Harry would be the Chosen One. He eventually ends up declaring Marcus as Boy-Who-Lived, Vanquisher of Voldemort. He urged the parents to take care of both Marcus and Harry, but he noticed his mistake too late, seeing the Potter couple take care of Marcus, ignoring a silent Harry still in his cradle, piercing with his bright eyes that were the same color as the unforgivable spell of death his two parents and his twin brother.

That same evening, the Wizarding World entered a period of festivity in the face of Voldemort's demise, and the end of an era of terror. Everywhere in the UK, and even in the world, it was proclaimed loud and clear that the Dark Lord had been defeated by Marcus Fleamont Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived. Photos appeared, showing Lily's perfect family with James and Marcus Potter. Not a single photograph then had Harry, who during that time had remained either in his cradle or in the arms of the person he considered his grandfather, Albus Dumbledore.

Langue source

En effet, ils avaient décidé d'entrainer Harry et Marcus après avoir entendu la prophétie émise par Sybil Trelauney.

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