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Rise of the Warlock !
Albus D. & Harry P. - Words: 18,175 - Rated: M - English - None - Chapters: 6 - Reviews: 23 - Updated: 11-10-2018 - Published: 05-06-2018 - by Kelorus (FFN)

Hey there people, here's another chapter. So you may notice that I used some references to other universes that are Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV. They're only references, not really crossovers (maybe the sequel?).

I hope you'll enjoy it, and I don't know if I'll put Harry in a couple xD

Of course, if you want, you can submit some couples, it's no problem.


Cries could be heard, resounding like a melancholy symphony of sadness and despair. Hiccups of sadness sometimes mingled with these tears, expressing the misfortune of the person crying with all his heart.

This person was not very tall, barely 110 cm tall, with a thin, almost sickly body. The person who was crying was actually a young boy with tousled black hair and bright green eyes, like the Unforgivable of Death. Few people knew this boy, because few were interested in him. After all, why be interested in a commonplace boy, when there is the Boy-Who-Lived. Even his family thinks the same thing, because after all, that would explain why he is alone, in a cavern, crying of all his heart, on his birthday.

He contrasted a lot with Marcus Potter, who was an obese child with red hair and pale green eyes. He looked a lot like a Weasley.

This boy was called Harry Potter, the brother of the "Boy Who Lived". This title he hated, and unfortunately for him, this title was the only one he knew. He was not even credited with the title of 'Son of' or 'Heir' despite being the older twin of Marcus Potter, just the title of 'brother of'. Harry was someone very unhappy, not knowing what to do with his life, and his family did not cared about him, just his brother, but also because they thought he was only weak, forgetting his magic prowess before imposition of this seal on his magical core.

Harry remembered everything that had happened because he had an eidetic memory. But for him, this memory was as much a blessing as a curse. Because after all, to remember precisely the reasons for our abandonment can only be a curse. Harry thought back to the reasons that led him to these places.

It all started when he was five years old and was completely ignored on his birthday except by Albus Dumbledore, whom he often called 'grandpa'. It was a blow for him. He had been forgotten on his birthday, and most importantly, forced to wish a Happy Birthday to his twin brother, Marcus Potter. While the latter was receiving many presents and had plenty of guests, Harry had nothing at all. Fortunately for him, he later received a gift from Dumbledore, a gift he still had on him today. This gift was very simple, a chiselled silver necklace adorned with an enchanted aquamarine to protect him, allowing Dumbledore to check his health and find him at all times. But that did not stop Harry from deciding to leave the festivities in honour of Marcus, and so he found a cave not far from Potter Manor. Thus, he moved in this cave with the help of the House Elves to make it his home, far from all, and only one person was informed of the location of this place, Dumbledore.

This explains his presence on this day in this cave, commonly called the Phoenix's Lair. This place was very different since its development. It was large enough, with a clean floor with a carpet, brick walls and tapestries, and scattered furniture placed by the house elves. The most important thing in this place was the library, filled to the brim with some books more interesting than the others. He had managed to get those books back in the Potter Library, but also in the room of his twin brother who was not interested in reading the least. Other books had been provided by Dumbledore, who often came to this place to talk with Harry, but most of all, to teach him magic. Indeed, seeing his mistake, Dumbledore had decided that he would take care of Harry personally, and that's what he did, teaching him what he could about magic without a wand. Harry soon turned out to be a prodigy, and Dumbledore was eager to see what Harry would be capable of once his magic seal was broken.

But that does not explain why Harry was crying. The real reason was the announcement made by James Potter at the party in honour of Marcus. He had decided to name Marcus as the heir of the Potter family, despite Harry being the eldest, taking away the little he had connecting him to his family. That's the real reason Harry decided to leave the party to come to his lair and cry.

As he cried and lamented his unjust fate, a strange stone arch at the bottom of the cave began to tremble. This ark was present in the cave, and Harry finding it nice, he decided to keep it. The Ark was covered with indescribable runes, even for Dumbledore, and was still inactive. Yet today, this was not the case, and Harry finally noticed it when he heard an intriguing sound.

He lifted his tear-filled face to look at the place where the weird noise was coming from, and his eyes widened in surprise as he saw some kind of liquid or jelly, he did not know too much, covering the inside of the Ark. All of a sudden, the Ark started to shine, and Harry closed his eyes. He just heard a loud POP, and then nothing else.

When he opened his eyes, the ark was off again, and Harry frowned. He then decided to approach the ark slowly, and it was then that he saw on the ground an object that was not present before. The object in question was a very big book whose cover page was made of a silver metal but was not silver. He then observed the book, noting that it was covered with gold arabesques, with a large red precious stone in the centre of the First Cover Page. Harry did not know if it was a ruby, a red spinel or something else, but he could feel the magic coming out of it, so he decided to approach the book, taking it in his little hands, for the first time to take it to one of the tables near the library.

He then gently opened the book, not noticing then that the red gem, which was actually a red diamond, changed colour to become green, like his eyes. He then decided to read what was written on the Cover page.

"The Diary of the Great Warlock Ik'Thazar?" Harry said aloud, puzzled.

'It's certainly not human. It's more goblin than anything else,' he thought.

He decided to continue reading the book. He then reads the first three pages.

Who am I?

My name is Ik'Thazar, and I am one of the greatest warlocks ever to exist. This diary represents my legacy. But first I will explain who I am, because rare are those who know what a true warlock is.

I am an orc, a tribal race of shamanic origin with green skin following a gangrenous corruption. The orcs are tall, measuring an average adult size of 200 cm, and they are very muscular, explaining their weight greater than 100 kg. Apart from these differences, and the fact that they have sharp teeth, the orcs resemble the majority of humanoid races, so like humans.

As for me, I am the son of a powerful clan leader whose name I will not mention. I discovered magic, starting as a shaman, to finally become interested in magic as a whole, specifically arcane magic and the nether. My interest then allowed me to become what is called a warlock, giving me an incomparable power.

What is a warlock?

Contrary to the popular and absurd beliefs of the ignorant masses, warlocks are not monsters, nor drinkers of blood or killers of children bathing in the guts of their victims. A warlock is simply an arcanist who takes a deeper interest in the nether, and especially, its inhabitants, who are called demons. In fact, the term warlock is barbarism, because we are not only interested in demons, but in magic in general. The most appropriate name would be that of Netheromancian or Arcano-Netheromancian. I personally have a preference for Arcano-Nethermancian since Arcanism and Netheromancy are two things that are alike, but still different.

Harry's eyes widened as he read the text coming to him. Never before had he heard of Netheromancy, Arcanomancy, or Demonism. And yet, he held in his hands a book explaining that these areas existed. Harry wondered if these areas were really worth anything, and whether they were as powerful as they seemed. He then decided to continue reading the exceptional work lying before him.

What are demons?

Demons are vicious and intelligent creatures, capable of many feats, and they are divided into several sub-races. But first we must know that demons have not always been. In fact, demons were originally wise and powerful arcane creatures created by a higher power to regulate magic through one of the Universes. You understand correctly, I said ONE of the Universes, which means that there are several Universes, and so, it is possible that in the Universe in which you are, demons do not exist. This does not mean that they cannot come, just that you will have to invoke them.

But let's go back to the demons. They are therefore divided into several sub-races, each with very interesting specificities. I will describe in this diary the various demonic races that exist. I decided to describe only one in the immediate future, that of the imps.

The imps are very small magical creatures, measuring about 50 to 60 cm, with black skin of leather, two small horns, a very pointed nose, sharp teeth, and fucking annoying as they're worse than chatty women. They are above all arsonists, and are considered devoted servants. Their loyalty is exemplary, and an imp can always protect you, besides being able to infiltrate the most inaccessible places.

What is a "warlock" really capable of?

A warlock is capable of many things. Above all, he can summon demons, which earned him the name of 'Warlock'. However, it is not limited to demons, because it can invoke other arcane beings, such as arcane elementals, flying grimoires, carbuncles...

The warlock is also an arcanist, so he has a certain control over the magic that shapes all the Universe, it's called the Web of the World, or the Magic Canvas. The greatest arcanists are able to create anything from nothing, to shape landscapes, and for the best, to create worlds or even an entire race. They are often referred to as Gods or Titans, but rare are those who can reach such a level of power.

They are also knowledgeable pyromaniacs, capable of destroying entire worlds by triggering the apocalypse through rains of fire and meteor storms. They can also learn to manipulate people's fears, terrifying them to subject them to their will. Not to mention that they have great control of diseases, then able to make whole populations infertile, sick, then deploying plagues on whole races.

Finally, they are Netheromancian and Blood mages. The Netheromancian are Arcanists who are not interested in the Web of the World and in creation, but in two aspects of the Existence that are Time and Space. They can learn to create temporal bubbles, go back to the past and manipulate events, or create alternative dimensions without space limitations. They also have a very deep connection with the Distorted Nether, which some people simply call the Void or the Unknown Infinity. This link also allows them to draw some strength, which allows their connection with the inhabitants beings nothingness, that are the demons, or more precisely, some demons. As for the Blood Mages, they are specialists in black magic. They learn to use their own blood to sign a contract with an immortal creature (usually a phoenix), allowing them to release their full power, which boosts their powers. They excel then in arcane arts and pyromancy.

A true warlock has no limits!

Harry's eyes kept widening as he read, and when he reached the bottom line, his mouth opened wide, betraying his shock. He then began to calculate the possibilities offered by this book, and eventually came to a single conclusion: This book would allow him to reach the higher spheres of the World.

It had been a year since Harry wanted to get away from his family to discover as much as possible about the Magic World, and above all, to be completely independent. And he knew that one thing would make him finally independent of all, and that was Power and Money with a big 'P' and 'M'. After all, the families who followed Voldemort had been able to get away with their money, and Voldemort and Dumbledore were highly respected because they had great power.

He decided that he would not share this book, except with his grandfather, of course. He decided to turn the page, and what he saw delighted him to the highest degree.


Each warlock must be able to invoke a magical being to support himself or to help him in any of his business. This is the reason why I decided to write on this page the first summoning that will have to be realized so that you, my new apprentice, can continue to read this book. This book is now bounded to your soul, and each of your prowess will unlock the writings on the following pages. For your first summoning, you owe it to yourself to have the demon summoning circle whose diagram is provided below. The circle does not need to be chalk or other material, a simple trace in dust is enough, or any other material. Of course, if you wish to increase the magic quality and ease the summoning, you can decide to draw a definitive summoning circle, which will facilitate the summoning.

If you decide to be smart, then you will choose to draw a definitive circle. The best is to use a magic substance to create a very powerful magic circle. It can be magic ink, magic chalk, or if you have it at your disposal, a circle made of enchanted metal.

Harry began to think about what he could use for this summoning.

"Cliquis" Said Harry.

Suddenly, a house elf appeared in a resounding * pop *.

"Yes, Master Harry?" Then asked the elf who was always nice to Harry.

"Would we have enchanted metal, enchanted ink or enchanted chalk?" Harry asked.

The elf pretended to think before making a big smile.

"We have magic chalk, and magic ink, but no magic metal, only the goblins are entitled to it, Master Harry." Replied the house elf.

"Well, would it be possible for you to bring me magical ink, preferably ink mixed with a magic metal, I'm sure we have it, I need a lot of it though." Harry then said.

The elf just smiles before disappearing into a * pop * again. As for Harry, he decided to go to the back of his lair to find a place to adapt to this summoning. He found a perfectly clear place not far from the now extinct ark. Suddenly, he heard a * pop *, and when he turned around, Cliquis was right next to him with a box full of ink pots, several feathers and a pair of gloves in his arms.

"Cliquis found the ink that the young master wanted, the ink is made of liquid gold, and it belonged to former Master Potter, Master Henry." The elf declared with a big smile.

Harry's eyes widened when he heard the name of his great-grandfather, Henry Potter, who had sat on the Wizengamot. He then thanked Cliquis, who then disappeared to return to his obligations. As for Harry, he decided to put on the gloves provided. He then observed the ground, and he understood then that to draw the circle of summoning with a feather would be useless because it would be too fine. He wondered how he was going to do it. He then decided to simply dip his fingers gloved in the metallic ink and draw the circle of summoning without putting ink everywhere.

The summoning circle was not very complicated, looking like a simple circle with a kind of double superimposed pentagram inside, with runes all around the circle to be finally circled by another circle. Harry spent a good hour tracing the circle, being careful not to spoil everything. When he had finished tracing his circle, he took off his gloves and went back to read the book to find out more.

Once your circle is drawn, you will have to make your summoning. It will be that of an imp, although you can easily summon an elemental or a carbuncle, however, the imp will be the only one who can talk with you, making it an ideal servant capable of speech. You will have to come near the circle and pour a few drops of blood on the circle, which will activate it and bind it to you. It will then be enough for you to repeat these words thinking very strongly about what you wish to invoke, in our case, an imp. Above all, DO NOT try to invoke a different demon, you may not be ready and this demon considers you weak, which is not the case of a still-obedient Imp.

Here is the formula that you will have to recite, and once that is done, you can then go to the next page. Know that once invoked, the demon will be bound to you, allowing him to join you without need of summoning, and if you wish, can call him again with a basic summoning that will be "I invoke you (name of the bound demon)"

Here is the formula:

"Yfel m¯æran êow, magoðegn râd dôð forwerod, êow canne gieldan mîn h¯æs Beran st¯ælan me, dêmon."

Good luck, my dear apprentice.

Harry tried to pronounce the summoning sentence for a good half-hour, and when he was finally convinced of his accent, he hurriedly went to the circle of summoning with a knife, a silver paper-cutter that was on the table.

Once in front of the summoning circle, he cut the palm of his hand, letting a few drops of his blood run down the lines of the summoning circle. It was then that the circle of summoning began to shine with a golden colour, probably related to the ink. He then noticed a slight purple colour in the golden aura of the circle, surely this was a sign that the circle was indeed a circle of summoning? Harry decided not to worry too much, after all, according to the book, he was not risking much.

Harry began to think strongly of the word Imp, hoping not to mess up. He began to recite the words for the summoning.

"Yfel m¯æran êow, magoðegn râd dôð forwerod, êow canne gieldan mîn h¯æs Beran st¯ælan me, dêmon," Harry said, feeling the magic condense in front of him.

No sooner had he finished the summoning than a noise of crashing sounded, and a kind of portal leading to the Nether opened in front of Harry, frightening him slightly. He heard a laugh at last, slightly disturbed, and he saw it.

A little being, measuring just 55 cm, black with two little horns and green eyes like flames then came out of this portal leading to the void. He had hands with hooked fingers and claws, a tail, and his back was slightly curved. He looked like a little black goblin with horns, which amused Harry slightly. The imp had an amused smile, and he opened his mouth.

"Hey dude, ya summ'd me? I'm Nak'tiliz thy servant, and we will have fun together! Let the party begin!"

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