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Rise of the Warlock !
Albus D. & Harry P. - Words: 18,175 - Rated: M - English - None - Chapters: 6 - Reviews: 23 - Updated: 11-10-2018 - Published: 05-06-2018 - by Kelorus (FFN)

Hello everybody, here's the next chapter of this delightful fiction. As you may notice, this fiction is quite different from my other fictions. Also, I'd like so say that I'm looking for a beta for this fiction, someone knowing about Warcraft and Final Fantasy Online would be better of course.

As some may notice, in my fiction, a Warlock is quite different from typicals warlocks as mine is a mix between Mage (wow), Warlock (WoW) and Arcanist (FF14). Ha, I could even mix some Occultist but I don't think so, there's enough with these classes.

Also, many asked about friends, so I prefer to say: Hermione will not be a friend (maybe neutral or an ennemy), Luna Lovegood will not be a friend (too manipulative), Neville WILL be a friend (I like him), Fred and George Weasley will be friends (I love these twins), and I know that it may astonish you, but Percy Weasley will be a friend (you'll see).

Also, in this story, even if I wrote that Harry IS NOT dishinerited, he WILL NOT be the Potter heir (James is not that stupid please). So, good reading my dears x)

Know, about the couples: I don't have decided, but I think a loveless fiction is better as everybody can read it. So I may write some inuendos without a proper couple, hope you like it. Of course, I may create a couple and it may be a very rare couple so beware hehehe. Yeah, I'm evil.

So here, enjoy this chapter.


A little being, measuring just 55 cm, black with two little horns and green eyes like flames then came out of this portal leading to the void. He had hands with hooked fingers and claws, a tail, and his back was slightly curved. He looked like a little black goblin with horns, which amused Harry slightly. The imp had an amused smile, and he opened his mouth.

"Hey, who has called me dude, I'm Nak'tiliz, your new servant, and we're going to have fun!"

Harry's eyes widened in the face of the Imp's outspoken voice, then he chuckled as the Imps grin grows.

"Hey dude, are you going to let me out of your summoning circle or are you planning to let me rot here? Not that I do not like the place, but hey, it's not terrible here." Then said Nak'tiliz.

Harry continued to snort.

"And where are the succubus? And the disco ball? And the music? Your party is not worth a Wyrm-tongue fart, I say!" Said the Imp, looking disappointed.

Harry rolled his eyes at the Imp's derogatory comments before deciding to stop his ranting.

"My name is Harry James Potter, but you can call me Harry. I am delighted to meet you, Nak'tiliz. And sorry, I had not even planned to party, maybe later?" Harry replied then with a smirk and sparkling eyes.

The Imp jumped for joy, clapping his hands.

"Finally, for once I do not have a master with a broom in the ass who treats me like shit! By the way, where am I? Not that the place is dirty, but I do not recognize the surroundings, and the magic bah ... It is really not here!" Said Nak'tiliz, looking puzzled, looking around him.

Harry frowned. It seems that his hypothesis has proved, the imp does not come from this Universe. Harry wondered if Nak'tiliz was the first demon to come to this Universe.

"Well, you're right now on Tellus, which the majority of muggles call Earth, specifically in the UK, in the Wales area on the Potter lands, my family, where we're in a cave that I laid out and I call the Phoenix Lair." Harry explained briefly.

"Nope, I do not know, say, Azeroth, does that tell you something, or Draenor, besides Argus?" Then asked Nak'tiliz full of excitation.

Harry shook his head.

"Shit then, either I'm on a world we've never ever invaded, or so, I'm not in my Universe, so what?" The imp asked with a big smile.

"You're right Nak'tiliz, you're not in your Universe right now, at least I do not think so, and would it be possible to check this theory?" Harry asked, curious to know if they are actually in another Universe.

Nak'tiliz nodded his head before concentrating on whispering inaudible words. He frowned (Well, as much as he could without eyebrows), before jumping joyfully.

"Bingo! I'm no more in my home universe! Cool!" Then shouted the Imp, ecstatic.

Harry just smiled, amused by the more impious behavior of the imp in front of him. He already suspected that he must be in a different Universe, and now that the Imp could confirm his hypothesis, he began to think of what to do next. He was, however, taken out of his thoughts by Nak'tiliz.

"Hey, are you young as a master, it's a normal thing for your people, or are you just too interested in us?" Said the imp.

"I'm really young, I'm exactly seven years old today, it's my birthday, and I'm a wizard, we usually live up to a hundred years, and for the most powerful, up to two hundred years." Harry then replied, motioning the imp to follow him.

The Imp shook his head, and they both headed to the Den's mini lounge where they sat quietly on the very comfortable loveseats present.

"Well, what if we introduced ourselves?" Harry offered with a small smile.

Nak'tiliz smiles then.

"No problem, master Harry, hihi, come on, I'll start, my name is Nak'tiliz, and as you can suppose, I'm an imp, well, normally, if you knew how to summon me, you know what I am so I do not need to say more about myself. I would like to point out that although I am a legion imp, I am not as much addicted to fel as the others... it's really jab!" Then Nak'tiliz said gesturing in all directions.

Harry tilted his head to the side while frowning.

"Fel, are you talking about a disease?" Harry asked, wondering how one could be addicted to an illness.

Nak'tiliz burst out laughing before recovering.

"But no, not sickness, otherwise I'll be dead! I'm talking about Fel magic, but I do not know if you know what it is. Well, I will explain it to you quickly: There is a very powerful magic called Fel Magic which is a corrupted version of Arcanic magic or fire, I never know ... Well, in short, there is a big Titan in my Universe who invented this form of corruption to change what we were in demons and bind us to it, giving us more power but in exchange, we're so fucking dependent of it that we now must obey him. You see the kind?" Nak'tiliz explained then.

Harry nodded, understanding the principle. It reminded him vaguely of a mix between House Elves and Death Eaters. He burst out laughing, imagining the Death Eaters with ragged clothes like the House Elves, all four-legged in front of Voldemort, and talking like mentally retarded beings. Nak'tiliz smiles at the laughter of his new master.

"I see you got it, so much the better." Fit the imp.

"And tell me, is there not a solution concerning this problem of addiction? I mean, I immediately understood through your remarks that you would like to no longer be dependent ... And by the way, is it possible to get this 'Fel magic' without the negative effects?" Harry asked.

Nak'tiliz watched him stunned before nodding slowly.

"Yup, it's possible, for the addiction, I'd have to find a source of arcane magic that would allow me to feed myself to slowly wean myself off. Usually, it's a point of convergence of the telluric lines or the magic of a very powerful wizard. To get the Fel Magic, yeah it's possible to have it without the addiction, but hey, it's not your level. You should be able to summon a big demon like an Ered'ruin or an Infernal, as long as you've summoned the demon, you'll just absorb his magic without absorbing his soul, and now you'll be able to control the Fel magic. I know, only two warlocks who managed to do it so...' Nak'tiliz said, snorting diabolically.

Harry nodded slowly, deciding he should look into the matter later. After all, it would not be a good idea to try to summon a demon if he is not powerful enough to defeat it. He did not want to become a pancake either. It was then that he had an idea.

"But if you come to feed on the magic of a wizard, would not that tie you to that wizard?" Harry asked curiously.

Nak'tiliz nodded.

"Yup, I'll be bound to the wizard, like a pet, except that I'm smarter than a vulgar animal, Hehehe."

Harry frowned for a moment.

"And me, could you bind yourself to me, I mean, do I have enough magic power to bind me to you?" Harry said.

Nak'tiliz narrowed his eyes before focusing on Harry. He opened his eyes wide before a huge smile appeared on his impish face.

"Yeah, you're pretty powerful enough, and then, I'll reassure you, as soon as I'm bonded to you, I'll be able to feed on the surrounding magic, so ... Yeah, and there's nothing to do in my world, we're bored like dead rats so I do not mind staying in this world, plus, it looks interesting. "Nak'tiliz replied, cackling.

"Okay, and how can we do that?" Harry asked curiously.

The only answer he received was an amused smile from the imp who then approached Harry. He then grabbed the boy's hand before approaching his mouth with the delicate index finger of Harry's right hand and biting his finger with his canines, causing a few drops of blood to bead, which he eagerly swallowed under Harry's intrigued look.

The reaction was not long in coming, and the imp then moaned, that made Harry blush, before licking his lips, as if he had tasted the most delicious wine. Nak'tiliz then said that Harry's blood, his new master, had a very pronounced taste and was quite spicy, probably due to his magic. The Imp began to shine, and all of a sudden, his green eyes turned blue, and his black skin with a slight green aura became a brown diviner with a bluish aura.

"It's done, we're now linked by blood, and I'm your servant forever, but I'm not a succubus, so do not expect this kind of service from me!" Said Nak'tiliz smiling.

Harry just nodded with a big smile. Having no usefulness for Nak'tiliz for the moment, he then proposed to go to discover the world, and the Imp was then happy to leave the scene at full speed. It was timely, because a few minutes after he left Albus Dumbledore came in, with his hands behind his back, vainly trying to hide a gift package, which made Harry smile a huge smile. He could always count on his grandfather.

"Happy birthday Harry." Then exclaimed the old wizard winking at Harry before handing him his present.

"Thanks grandpa!" Shouted the young man, excited.

Without waiting, he threw himself on Dumbledore to be caught in a hug before being released to seize the present. He momentarily forgot the book that was still on the table, and he began unpacking the gift. Meanwhile, Dumbledore approached the table, having noticed the book, and then read the first page. His eyes widened when he saw that this book was about demonology, a term he had never heard before. He wondered then how Harry could have done to get his hands on a book that must have been unique, and came out of his thoughts with the cry of joy of his grandson.

Harry was standing with a huge smile with a parchment in his hands. This parchment was very different from the usual parchments. It was not made of animal skin or with plants or anything else organic. No, this parchment was made of gold paper, and what mattered most was what was written on it. Indeed, the parchment was a waiver.

We, James Fleamont Potter and Lily Jane Evans, accept on our magic and by this writing to definitively give up the custody of our son, Hadrian James Potter for the benefit of Albus Perceval Wulfric Brian Dumbledore. We hereby authorize Albus Perceval Wulfric Brian Dumbledore to magically adopt Hadrian James Potter. So mote it be.

Signed: James Fleamont Potter

Lily Jane Potter

Albus Perceval Wulfric Brian Dumbledore

"They ... they really accepted?" Harry asked, surprised.

"Indeed, Harry, they accepted, but they did not decide to disinherit you, being convinced that you are the second born, forgetting that you are the eldest and not the youngest. They will have a very bad surprise, but it's just a reward for their misdeeds." Dumbledore replied with his old grandfather's smile.

Harry did not waste time and rushed back to Dumbledore to hug him. Although Harry has become known to be quite removed from social actions and interactions, considered a kind of recluse, this is not the case when he is in the presence of Dumbledore, and so he can open his emotional valves and to become the child he really is. Thus, Dumbledore willingly accepted the embrace of his grandson. Obviously, the parchment was only a step, as they now had to go to Gringotts to finalize the adoption.

It was then that Dumbledore redirected his attention to the book he had previously read.

"I noticed you were reading a very interesting book, I've never heard of such a subject before, my boy, and I'm really intrigued. Where did you get that book?" Dumbledore asked with twinkling eyes.

Harry did not waste time and explained everything that had happened, from the appearance of the book to the departure of Nak'tiliz. He was first quickly reprimanded by Dumbledore for performing a potentially dangerous ritual before being commended for successfully completing this potentially dangerous ritual.

"I see, tell me, does it bothers you if I quickly observe your memories to see this 'Imp'?" The old man asked.

Harry just nodded before looking at Dumbledore right in the eyes. The latter did not waste time and used Legilimency to enter his grandson's mind. He was very astonished by the Imps' first appearance, and again amazed when he changed after his binding to Harry. For the old wizard, whose knowledge was very numerous and deep, it seems strangely like a link between a master and a magical familiar. However, from the little he had learned from Harry's conversation with Nak'tiliz, many demons could be linked to the same source of magic, but a wizard can only have one familiar at a time. He wondered if Harry could have a real familiar, an animal, in addition to demons, or just demons.

"Tell me Harry, would you mind if I watched your book more closely?" The old man asked.

"I do not see any problem with it grandfather, but Nak'tiliz told me that the book was bound to me, and if I understood correctly, it is in some way related to my soul, so I do not know if you can use it. " Replied the young child.

Dumbledore reflected on the dilemma. He was very intrigued by this magic, and what's more, he did not want Harry to be alone in this kind of ritual. It was then that Dumbledore had a genius idea, a brilliant and fantastic idea, worthy of him and his lemon sweets. He then went to the book, and then taking out his elder wand, cast the spell Liber Duplicare to create a perfect copy of the book. He did not expect to feel completely drained of his magic, which made him sit down quickly, worrying his grandson in passing.

"Grandpa, are you okay?" Asked a worried Harry.

Dumbledore slowly took a breath, feeling weakened and tired.

"Yes, it's okay Harry, I was not expecting such a drain of magic, and from what I've learned, this book is first and foremost a completely magical book, and so to replicate it, it takes a lot of. I think I'm currently the only one able to replicate such an object, except maybe you, one thing is sure, I will not do it again." Finally answered the old man.

Harry just nodded, while Dumbledore decided to grab the copy of the Diary. No sooner had he caught the copy than the gem began to shine to turn blue, like his eyes. He could read exactly what Harry had read, so he was stuck at the imp's summoning ritual. He wasted no time, and made his way to the circle of invocation that Harry had made, not forgetting to swallow an invigorating philter followed by a fortifying potion as a precaution. He then used his wand to create an identical invocation circle on his side and pour a few drops of his blood into it. So, he made the invocation for an imp.

As with Harry, a portal to the Void opened, revealing a completely red imp with flames around him.

"Damn, I hope it's worth it! No, but what is this mess! I was with a beautiful succubus, and here I am with an old crouton, I want to be reimbursed! I'm not into gerontophilia!' shouted the imp.

Dumbledore blinked several times as he watched the creature in front of him, while behind him Harry was slumped on the floor, holding his stomach and laughing at the imp's behavior. Dumbledore then cleared his throat to stop the imp in his tracks.

"I'm Albus Perceval Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, and your master in this case, I've summoned you here to start the warlock's path, what's your name?"

"My name is Ilk'thaz, old master, so I had a quick visit from my brother, Nak'tiliz, and from what I can see looking at the kid who's been laughing his ass off, what he told me about this new world, or rather universe, seems right, so I want the same contract as him, and I swear I'll obey, does it work?"Answered the imp with a small smile.

Albus just nodded, and the Imp lost no time before literally biting Dumbledore's right hand to bind him. He then changed slightly, his skin remaining red, but his eyes and flames turning blue. He exclaimed then.

"With that, I'll explore the world, ciao!"

He then disappeared in a small shower of flame, leaving a stunned Dumbledore who closed the wound on his hand, while Harry continued to laugh. Once calmed, the two then went to their respective books to read the next part.

Congratulations my young apprentice.

Now it's time to move on to the spells. In a warlock, spells are of utmost importance, not the invocations, because after all, the advantage of a warlock is his ability to fight in sync with his demon. For that, he must know a lot of spells, and I decided it was so much to train. For that, I'll give you a list of simple spells, some of which may already be under control, depending on the education you received. Here is the list of spells:

Fireball - Just imagine it in your hand and throw it.

Fire Strike - Instantly burns an opponent, weak little powerful.

Frostball - Idem

Ice Javelin - Send a spike of frost flying on your opponent, instant.

Immolation - Just imagine an aura of fire around your opponent.

Armor Magic - Passive, it becomes automatic after a while. It helps to better resist enemy spells.

Energy Exchange - Very important, heal your demon in exchange for your energy.

Here are the spells that will be useful to you. However, to proceed with the instructions, you will need to be able to use the following spells:

Fear - Illusion spell that plunges his enemy into an illusion showing him his greatest fear.

Drain life - Spell that absorbs the vital force of a living being to heal itself, this spell is not mortal.

Once these spells are done, you can move on. Good luck.

Albus Dumbledore looked at the list of spells, and he noticed something rather interesting. Each spell was cast manually, without the use of a wand. Fortunately, he knew he was capable of wandless magic, and since Harry no longer had a magic lock and had never been used to wands, he knew it would not be a problem for him.

As for Harry, he was totally excited to test these new spells, though he notices that he could not immediately test the Energy Exchange spell as his demon was wandering around the world like a tourist in need of vacation.

"Hm ... This spell seems very interesting, but given the last two spells, mere models will not be enough, so I guess I'm going to have to make a few things out of rabbits, that should be enough." Fit the old man.

Harry just nodded, eager to see what their spells would give. Albus got up then, and made flutter several useless objects which dragged then to transform them into adorable rabbits. He then ordered Harry to stand next to him, which he did with great pleasure.

"Well, I think we should start with frost spells, they seem less lethal than fire spells, and you have the honor, Harry." Affectionately the old man rubbing Harry's hair.

Harry closed his eyes, holding his right hand in front of him, palm up, and then imagined a Frostball, and he was not disappointed. Well, he had to think about it a few times and concentrate, but he knew that with time, it would become easier. He felt a fresh feeling then, and when he opened his eyes, he noticed a kind of icy sphere floating above his hand. In a trance, Harry moved his hand to the side, and the ball followed, remaining suspended above his hand. He then redirected his attention to one of the rabbits, and without losing a moment, he threw it on the innocent rodent, who widened his eyes as he saw the ball go towards him, but alas ... The rabbit died on the spot.

"Grandpa, I think this lethal story is not right ..." Harry smirked as he smirked while Dumbledore stared at the rabbit's corpse, which then became an object, which he retransformed into rabbit without losing a moment.

"Indeed, I thought it would just be frozen ... Maybe the rabbits are too weak ..." replied a pensive Albus.

He decided not to linger too much, and just like Harry, he concentrated before sending a Frostball on the transformed rabbit, killing it on the spot too.

"Well, let's continue." Just fit the old man.

Harry jumped in joy before imagining an ice javelin and throwing it straight at one of the rabbits, who was pierced and killed instantly. Albus did not waste time and did the same, not wishing to linger over the carnage before him. Once the rabbits died and become objects, broken ... He repaired them with a simple Reparo before giving life to cute idiots rabbits.

"Well, let's go to the fire spells, try not to burn our lair, Harry." Dumbledore said with a snort.

Harry did not answer, just sending a Fireball on one of the rabbits. He was not surprised when the rabbit died, however, he was surprised when the corpse went black.

"I charred it?" Harry said incredulously, while Dumbledore chuckled.

"Harry, the furs are combustible ..." the old man simply replied.

Harry blushed to the top of his ears, having forgotten that little detail. Evidently, Dumbledore gave life to the rabbit before he too charred it like a piece of coal. They chained by a Fire Strike that surprisingly, did not carbonize rabbits, but killed them all the same. Harry particularly enjoyed the Immolate spell he found awesome, seeing one of the rabbits be surrounded by a halo of flame. Well, he found less awesome when the rabbit writhed in pain before dying, charred, to finally explode.

"Ierk" Harry shouted as he saw bits of rabbit everywhere.

Fortunately for him, the pieces were transformed into pieces of objects that Albus reassembled before recreating a rabbit.

"Well, it's time for this Fear spell, I wonder how it's going to affect rabbits ..." Dumbledore said while eating a lemon drop appeared from nowhere.

Harry looked at one of the rabbits, and tried to follow the book's instructions. The principle was very simple, it was enough to launch an illusion on the target wishing strongly that the latter sees his own fear. The result was instantaneous, and the rabbit's eyes widened. It was then that to Harry's biggest shock, the rabbit collapsed to the ground before dying.

"Oh ... your rabbit had a heart attack, Harry, I do not think that kind of spells are made to be used on fragile creatures ..." Albus snickered.

He did the same with one of the rabbits, and like the first, he died of a heart attack.

"There is only the Drain life left, but how do we know if it is effective?" Dumbledore said thoughtfully.

"Why don't we just cut our palms? If the spell really works, we should be healed, right?" Harry answered then.

Dumbledore nodded, and used one of the paper cutters to make a nick on his hand, and so did Harry. For the occasion, Dumbledore was the first to use the spell, and he then directed his right hand to one of the rabbits, concentrating to actually drain the energy of the artificial creature. The result did not wait, and a kind of green ray left Dumbledore's hand to crash against the rabbit, who seemed to tire visibly as Dumbledore's wound closed.

"Fascinating!" Dumbledore exclaimed, his eyes twinkling like blazing supernovas.

Harry did the same with one of the rabbits, and his wound closed. It was then that their books shone, surely to announce to them that their task was accomplished. Dumbledore waved his wand to turn the rabbits into objects before repairing them and replacing them where they were. Finally, he went back to the two books with Harry.

Once again, my congratulations for successfully casting basic spells.

Now it's time to change the register, my dear apprentice. We will leave the classic areas of the warlock mafic to enter the sacred arcanist's domain. However, it must be known that it will be very difficult to launch some destructive spells. I will have to explain a little more about the arcane domain. First of all, we must know that the arcane domain is divided into two parts, Magic Manipulation (Creation, Destruction) and Arithmancy.

Magic Manipulation has already been explained in the previous pages. Yes, my dear apprentice, if you are not stupid, then you will understand that I am referring to the creation and manipulation of the web of existence, the magic canvas. The principle of Magic Manipulation is simply to direct and shape the Cosmic Energy to do what we want. The sub-branch of Magic Manipulation, or I should say, the Archetype, is none other than Netheromancy.

Regarding Arithmancy, magic is manipulated in a different way. First of all, it is manipulated by the use of various methods of calculation which then make it possible to establish a complicated diagram making it possible to accurately predict the reactions and effects of our spells, but also to develop and put in place ploys allowing then to defeat our enemies. Arithmancy is an extremely important part of the arcane domain, which is why mages consider Arcanism to be an elite domain. So you have to be very intelligent, even a genius, to be able to master Arcanism.

Arithmancy has two very interesting subdomains. There is first the Field of the Summoner, which can summon magical creatures representing elements of fire, earth, water, wind and favoring raw power. Finally, there is the domain of the Scholar, who is thus specialized in the accumulation of knowledge and which privileges the practical knowledge, allowing them then to be associated with magical creatures with the capacities of extraordinary care and healing, such as the fairies but also the unicorns. They are therefore exceptional healers.

I assure you, my dear apprentice that it is perfectly possible to master all these areas, but it will take time. Fortunately for you, arcanists and warlocks are aging much slower than most mortals, due to the magic we use. So, I can assure you that you have at least three hundred years before you die of old age. Of course, if you manage to master all the magical realms, then you could potentially reach such power that immortality would be at your fingertips. But this is a story for another day.

Now, let's focus on the most important tool for an Arcanist: His Summoning Tome!

Yes, Arcanists have Summoning Tomes in which they write complex arithmetic formulas, allowing them to create magical creatures related to their souls. But before creating such a creature, my dear apprentice, you'll need a Summoning Tome. No, you cannot use my diary for such a thing because it is not suitable. Therefore, you will have to create your own Tome, Hehehe.

For that, you will need: An enchanted book (preferably with an enchanted metal binding like its First Cover Page and its Fourth Cover Page and enchanted pages, preferably in parchment and not in paper), an enchanted quill (it can be automatic) and finally, enchanted ink (preferably metallic). Metal is desired as it is an excellent conductor of magic.

Finally, you will have to copy the next two hundred pages of this diary in this new tome. Once that's done, you can finally move on, so, have fun, my dear apprentice.

Harry raised his head.

"Where are we going to get enchanted metal books?" Harry asked curiously.

Dumbledore's eyes twinkled. He says so brilliantly.

"It's time to go to Gringotts!"

So, did you like this chapter? I hope so. Also, I'd like to say that I may update this story more than my other stories as this one is quite fun to write.

Also, I really need someone to correct my fiction, so please, don't hesitate to review about it to submit yourself, or just to say what you think about it. For the moment, I didn't received a bad review on this fiction, maybe because there's no couples (yeah, I noticed that many bad reviews on a lot of fictions are just because people don't like the couple and want another one)

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