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Rise of the Warlock !
Albus D. & Harry P. - Words: 18,175 - Rated: M - English - None - Chapters: 6 - Reviews: 23 - Updated: 11-10-2018 - Published: 05-06-2018 - by Kelorus (FFN)

Here's your little chapter :D


Harry and Dumbledore apparated directly to the Leaky Cauldron, filled with wizards and witches chatting and satiating. Albus led his now son to the bar behind which was Tom, the owner of the inn. For the occasion, Dumbledore had applied a spell on Harry to disguise him. The boy had blue eyes and chocolate hair.

"Hello Professor Dumbledore, what do you want to drink?" Tom asked with a smile.

"No Tom, maybe later, when my son and I come back," Dumbledore announced with bright eyes.

Immediately, there was silence throughout the inn while the wizards stared at Dumbledore, shocked by his response. Since when did he have a son? After all, everyone knew that Dumbledore was probably the oldest spinster in the Wizarding World, and most of all, that he had never had a wife or children.

Of course, all eyes converged on the seven-year-old boy next to Dumbledore.

"My word, I did not know you had a son, Professor," Tom said, surprised.

Albus nodded and smiled fondly. After all, it was better to introduce Harry immediately as his son rather than waiting for Hogwarts back to school, or even worse, that Rita Skeeter does discover and make a fuss to be lathered. This viper was able to know everything, and Albus sometimes wondered if she was using illegal spells to spy on.

"Let me introduce you my son, Hadrian Albus James Ater Fàil Dumbledore, though his name is simply Harry Dumbledore," Dumbledore said as Harry's eyes widened.

He probably did not expect to get a new name so complete, and thankfully that thanks to his research and especially his knowledge, he had managed to understand the origin of his name. Albus for his new father, James to represent his past with Albus in front, Ater to compensate Albus and Fàil for fate in Gaelic. It was a perfectly thought out name, and Harry was proud enough to wear it.

Tom chuckled under his breath as he heard the boy's name.

"My word, I see that you've passed on your long-standing habit to your son, well, congratulations to you Professor Dumbledore, and to you too, young Harry," Tom said before leaving them to take care of a customer.

Albus thanked him before taking Harry with him to go to the back of the inn to join the portal leading to Traverse Lane. He then opened the gate, but instead of heading straight for Gringotts, he decided to go to Madame Malkin's shop so that Harry could get a dress more suitable for him. Unfortunately, the boy only wore the old clothes of his youngest brother, and Albus did not agree at all.

When they entered the shop, they obviously came to meet the Malfoy family, surely present to afford a new wardrobe. Lucius Malfoy was the first to greet Dumbledore.

"Dumbledore, what a pleasure to see you here, are not you busy with the birthday of the ... survivor?" Lucius asked while spitting out the last word with lots of venom.

Dumbledore gave him an awesome smile, astonishing the Malfoys, before pushing Harry forward slightly with his hand.

"No, unfortunately, Lucius, I preferred to spend the day with my son, and we came here to offer him a new wardrobe," Dumbledore replied, while in the back, Madame Malkin came forward seeing the old man.

Lucius raised an eyebrow at the boy. 'Great…Now the goat got a son.' he thought.

Seeing the Malfoy's eyes on him, Harry decided to be courteous. He bowed then.

"Lord Malfoy, Lady Malfoy, nice to meet you, let me introduce myself, I'm Hadrian Albus James Ater Fàil Dumbledore, you can call me Harry, and it'll be easier." Harry said, carefully avoiding to say the houses he was heir to although he should have done so.

Although Lucius hides it expertly, his eyes betray his astonishment at Harry's politeness, and most of all, his respect for manners. Maybe Dumbledore's son was not going to be a lost cause after all.

Narcissa smiled when she saw Harry, but she noticed that her own son did not show up as he should have. She tapped him lightly on the shoulder, and Draco stepped forward.

"Nice to meet you, Harry, I'm Draco Malfoy," said the little blondie before shaking Harry's hand, glad to finally make a friend who is not a stooge of his father.

Harry then began to chat with Draco, amusing the adults present.

"I did not know you had a son, Dumbledore," Lucius commented as he continued to look at Harry.

Albus chuckled before shaking his head while eating a lemon sorbet mysteriously appeared in his hand.

"Indeed, I did not want to put him on the ballot of the people, after all, I myself am very much followed, and I do not want my own son to become a celebrity because he is the son of the Vanquisher of Grindelwald. I'm sure you can understand, "Albus replied as Lucius nodded.

"I suppose if you hid him, then your son had little contact with our society?" Narcissa asked, intrigued.

Albus kept nodding, already having an idea of where Narcissa was coming from.

"Well, why do not you come with your son to our annual Yule Ball so he could meet children his own age," Narcissa suggested, slightly shocking Lucius.

He did not want the old man at home, but when he saw the look his wife gave him, he decided to abdicate. He'd rather have Dumbledore at his house for a night than spend a week on the couch.

Dumbledore then grinned while clapping his hands.

"What a great idea, my dear, I'm happy to accept your invitation, and it will be a great opportunity for Harry to mingle with the children of his age," said Albus, mocking Lucius Malfoy's constipated face.

"In the meantime, we have a lot to do, Draco, we're going," Lucius said before leaving the room, closely followed by his wife and son.

Harry came near his father, amused.

"This is the first time I can make a friend," Harry said excitedly.

Albus gave him a big smile before beckoning to Madame Malkin to come. She quickly asked what they needed, and Dumbledore asked her for a full wardrobe for her son. He was very amused when Harry asked if he could have robes as colourful as his, and chuckled when he saw Mrs Malkin's horrified look. He did, however, accept his son's request.

An hour later, they came out of the stall. Harry wore a pretty blue wizard robe with golden stars wandering around. The rest of his stuff had been sent directly to Dumbledore Manor at Godric's Hollow. All along the path of Gringotts, several wizards and witches stopped to watch and murmur. The news about Dumbledore's son had already been around Traverse Alley, and surely the next day it would have been around the entire wizarding world. Dumbledore would not be very surprised if he received several letters to congratulate him.

The warrior duo then approached Gringotts' entrance guarded by two goblins armed to the teeth, and Harry was rather intrigued by the inscription on the big doors of the bank.

Enter, stranger, but take heed
Of what awaits the sin of greed
For those who take, but do not earn,
Must pay most dearly in their turn.
So if you seek beneath our floors
A treasure that was never yours,
Thief, you have been warned, beware
Of finding more than treasure there.

"In short, anyone who enters Gringotts is subject to Goblin law, but it's also a challenge to the wizards, so goblins challenge anyone to steal them and escape them, if ever a wizard succeeds in stealing anything and then decide to come back later, will he be rewarded or punished, knowing that he will have left goblin territory for the wizarding territory?" Harry exclaimed aloud with his eyebrows frowning.

Dumbledore looked at him, slightly astonished, just like the other two goblins. One of the guards decided to answer.

"Well, young wizard, you're absolutely right, if anyone ever succeeds in robbing us and escaping from the bank, then he'll receive a reward from Gringotts by bringing back his loot. Only a talented being would be able to steal us," replied the goblin.

Harry watched the goblin, intrigued.

"Where does goblin territory stop?" He asked.

"Goblin territory stops at that door," said the goblin, wishing to know where Harry was coming from.

Dumbledore decided to observe the situation, curious. Harry then approached the goblin that was right behind the door, and before the being could react, quickly grabbed his spear before leaving the Bank quickly, leaving behind a stunned goblin.

Harry then watched the second guard with a small smile and handed him the spear.

"If I'm not mistaken, according to the laws, I just stole your comrade's spear in goblin territory, and managed to escape without being caught," Harry said.

The goblin took the spear before bursting into laughter, shocking the wizards watching the scene, stunned. The stolen goblin then approached Harry before congratulating him on this successful tour.

"I did not expect such an act, and the most fun is that you're absolutely right, young wizard. You managed to steal and escape from Gringotts without getting caught. You are worthy of the title of Goblin's Friend! "Exclaimed the second guard as a richly dressed banker approached.

The goblin banker wore an excellent quality outfit with a gold G-shaped brooch on his chest. He had seen the commotion and had to admit that he was impressed by the intellect of the young wizard who had shown them great respect. It was then that he noticed that the young wizard was accompanied by Dumbledore.

"Ralgnuk is right, young wizard, your act is worthy of this title, after all, it's not every day that a wizard shows respect for a goblin, or courage. Please follow me I'll personally take care of your business," the goblin announced before leaving.

Albus was slightly surprised by the turn before smiling. He then whispered to Harry that the goblin was none other than Ragnok III of Clan Gringotts, the bank chief founded by his grandfather, Ragnok I. The two warlocks followed the goblin, leaving behind delighted goblins and shocked wizards.

They crossed a long corridor of Gringotts to finally arrive in a huge office. Ragnok settled quietly behind his desk while Albus and Harry sat on the proposed seats.

"How can Gringotts help you?" Asked Ragnok, interested.

"We want to proceed with blood adoption first," Dumbledore said before handing the contract to Ragnok, who took it in his claws.

The goblin arched his eyebrows, understanding that the young man in front of him was none other than Harry Potter, the 'survivor's brother'. Dumbledore then waved his hand quickly to remove Harry's glamor, revealing his messy black hair and green eyes.

"Very well, since the young Mr Potter has proved to us that he's a friend, the ritual is completely free to you," the goblin said before snapping his fingers.

Immediately after, a potion appeared on the desk. He handed a silver goblin dagger to Dumbledore.

"Please pour three drops of your blood into this potion. Once that is done, the young Mr Potter will have to swallow it in order to proceed with the adoption, "Ragnok explained quickly, looking at the two wizards.

Dumbledore did not waste time and slashed his index finger to pour a few drops of blood into the potion. The wound closed automatically, probably due to an enchantment on the dagger. He handed the potion to Harry, who was staring at the carmine mixture dubiously. He shrugged his shoulders before swallowing the horrible mixture.

The reaction was immediate, and Harry experienced a slight change. His hair became smoother and lighter as the features of his face changed to finally look like a younger Dumbledore with green eyes. Finally, the eyes eventually changed, becoming a strange mixture of blue and green, creating a unique and hypnotic colour.

Dumbledore watched his now son with a big smile, happy to know that his family's future is secure. He redirected his attention to Ragnok, who seemed delighted with the transformation. The goblin then took out a parchment from his drawer.

"How do you want to name your son?" He asked.

"Hadrian Albus James Alter Fàil Dumbledore," Albus answered confidently.

Ragnok nodded before writing the name on the parchment. Once done, the parchment lit up before disappearing into the Witch and Wizard Registry Department at the Ministry of Magic while a copy was placed in the Gringotts Archives.

"Would it be possible to do an inheritance test for Harry?" Albus asked, wishing to see if some things had changed.

Ragnok nodded before retrieving a golden scroll and a feather-drip. He handed it to Harry.

"Please write your full name with this pen," said the goblin, himself very interested in the result.

Harry nodded before taking the pen to write his name. He felt a slight tingle as he began to write in red ink, his blood. Once his name was written, Ragnok handed him a stone, which he had affixed to his hand to avoid the second effects of the feather, either scarification or throbbing pain.

During this time, various lines began to appear on the parchment. At the end of two minutes, the lines stopped appearing, and when Albus took the parchment to read the result, his two eyebrows arched to disappear under his hairy mass. He probably did not expect this result.


Hadrian Albus James Alter Fàil Dumbledore (Pureblood)

Former name:

Hadrian James Potter (Half-Blood)

Main Houses:

-Most Exalted and Ancestral House of Peverell (Father) (Sealed Heir) (Lord: None)

-Most Exalted and Ancestral House of Black (Father) (Designated Heir) (Lord: Arcturus Black)

-Most Revered and Archaic House of Gryffindor (Father) (Sealed Heir) (Lord: None)

-Most Revered and Archaic House of Slytherin (Conquest) (Sealed Heir) (Lord: None)

-Most Noble and Most Ancient House of Dumbledore (Father) (Sealed Heir) (Lord: Albus Dumbledore)

-Most Noble and Most Ancient House of Potter (Father) (Sealed Heir) (Lord: James Potter)


Father: Albus Perceval Wulfric Brian Dumbledore (half-blood)

Father (formerly): James Fleamont Potter (pureblood)

Mother (formerly): Liliane Jane Potter born Evans (Muggle-born)

Godfather: None (Formerly Sirius Orion Black) (pureblood)

Godmother: None (Formerly Alice Ursula Longbottom formerly MacMillan) (pureblood)

Brother: Marcus Fleamont Potter (half-blood)

Dumbledore handed the list to Ragnok, who handed it to Harry after reading. The old man did not really expect other families. He suspected that Harry would be the heir to the Potters and Gryffindors, but he did not know that the Potters were the descendants of the Peverell. He did not expect to see the Slytherin family in the pile, knowing full well that Voldemort was not theoretically dead.

"What does 'sealed heir' mean?" Harry asked, looking at Ragnok.

The goblin gave him a big smile.

"Sealed Heir means that you alone can inherit, and no one else, usually title-related titles, for example, Potter and Slytherin titles can only be returned to purebloods. Gryffindor title can only come back to someone who has shown courage, probably due to your victory against Voldemort. Yes, we are aware, and we will not say anything. Finally, the title of Peverell is very special. Only a pureblood with no fear of death can inherit it, I suppose that having received the death spell while surviving has allowed you to fulfil these conditions, "Ragnok explained quickly.

"What about House of Black?" Harry asked puzzled.

"You were named Black's Heir by Arcturus Black, because Sirius Black was rejected by Walburga Black from the Black family, but not being the leader of that House, she was not able to ban him of the family, just disinherit him. The Lord Black has decided to appoint you heir since you were the only being who he thinks is worthy to lead the Black. He will be delighted to learn your purity of blood, which will preserve the Black and Potter in the Sacred Pure-Blood Register.

Know that families sitting in the Wizengamot must be in this register, and therefore keep their lineage pure, to keep their seats and titles. Thanks to your Purity of Blood, the Black and Potter families will be able to keep their titles. In addition, the Dumbledore family can officially be reinstated in the Wizengamot, and Lord Dumbledore can officially recover his title.

Finally, as the heir to the Peverell, Gryffindor and Slytherin families, know that you control a huge part of the Wizengamot and British Magic World in general. Indeed, the Peverell are the owners of the lands of the Ministry of Magic and have a right of veto and total control of the Ministry of Magic if they wish. As a Gryffindor and Slytherin heir, you are the new owner of Hogwarts and its environs, including the Forbidden Forest and Hogsmeade.

Obviously, you must reach your majority to be able to take advantage of all this, or wait for your fifteen years with the authorization of your father to claim your titles. ", explained Ragnok to the two stunned wizards.

Albus watched Harry, impressed. He then noticed the appearance of the Dumbledore's Ring on his hand, which made him smile.

"Here are the heir rings of the Houses," said Ragnok, handing a box to Harry.

When the boy opened the box, he noticed six different rings. A platinum with a black diamond, that of Peverell. Another with a dark blue diamond, that of the Blacks. A third with a ruby for Gryffindor, while a fourth with an emerald represented Slytherin. The fifth was then a simple ring with a sapphire for the Dumbledore, and finally a ring with a smaller ruby for the Potters.

When he placed the rings on his right hand, he noticed that they merged to form one, made in platinum with a black diamond with engraved sigils of the six Houses. He smiled when he saw his ring, and even more so when he finally saw Dumbledore's Ring. It was a beautiful gold ring with two sapphires mounted on a capital D.

"So, my son is the current head of our government?" Asked Albus to be sure.

Ragnok nodded with a ferocious smile.

"When the Ministry of Magic was founded, the lands of the Peverell family were chosen to host the New Administration, and in return the Peverells were given full control of the Ministry of Magic, which they never used. In fact, this comes from the previous Charter, the Council of Magi, and most of the wizarding lands are currently Peverell, which means that most of the Wizard families swore an oath of vassalage to the Peverell family.

Some families are Malfoy, Black, Bones, Bullstrode or Crabbe, Goyle etc. A list will be provided to you to manage your vassals. Of course, most have benefited from the fact that there has been no Lord Peverell for more than six hundred years, well before the founding of the Ministry of Magic. The last Lord Peverell was Lady Iolanthe Peverell, who married Hardwin Potter, "the goblin explained.

Harry nodded. Unfortunately he could not take advantage of this most interesting power before his majority, but he could afford to wait.

"Would it be possible to have a report of finances and possessions of my son?" Asked Albus.

"Yes, however, you will have to come back later, we must make an audit. Contrary to common beliefs, we do not have a continually maintained registry. Do you want to receive your full audit by mail?" Asked Ragnok while Albus nodded.

He quickly wrote on a parchment before putting it aside. Surely a memo.

"Do you need anything else?" Asked Ragnok, interested.

It was then that Harry folded in half before screaming, while his scar began to bleed. Albus and Ragnok reacted immediately, and goblin guards entered the room, stunned by this unexpected event.

Suddenly, a sort of black and purulent viscous mass escaped from Harry's scar to form a sort of screaming head before dissipating as Harry fell to the ground while holding his head and crying.

"Get me a healer!" Ragnok ordered as one of the guards came out at full speed.

"Daddy ... it hurts!" Cried Harry crying as Albus tried to comfort him.

Soon after, a goblin healer entered before using analysis spells to probe Harry. After a few minutes, the healer gave his verdict.

"The young wizard was the container of a Horcrux," he announced to Ragnok.

The goblin whitens, just like Dumbledore.

"Surely Tom's work," Dumbledore commented as the healer gave Harry a healing potion and a soothing potion.

"This monster dared to stain Magic by creating these abominations?" Cried Ragnok, very angry, before turning to one of the guards, "Search all the Bank coffers. If you find one vault with a Horcrux, I want the object to be purified and brought here while the vault will be closed and all its property confiscated as compensation! "

The guard nodded quickly before leaving the room at full speed. Only five minutes later, the guard came back with a cup in his hands.

"We found this cup featuring a Horcrux in the Lestrange vault. The goods were confiscated and liquidated, the Vault closed and the Lestrange are now banned from Gringotts.", Then announced the guard.

Dumbledore was obviously the first to recognize the cup Ragnok held in his hands.

"It's Hufflepuff Helga's Cup, so Tom had killed Hepziba Smith," Dumbledore said, astonished.

Ragnok nodded before giving the cup to Harry.

"This cup goes to the Hogwarts owner, I'm sure you'll know what to do with it," Ragnok replied to the mute question.

Harry nodded, perfectly understanding the goblin gesture. They then resumed their place around the table.

"Can we do anything else for you, Lord Dumbledore?" Asked Ragnok then .

Dumbledore and Harry looked at each other before nodding.

"We would like to obtain blank Enchantment Tomes with metal bindings and covers and enchanted metallic ink, and if possible, we would also like auto writing quills adapted to the magic metallic ink," said Dumbledore.

Ragnok's eyes widened as he heard Dumbledore's request. Never before had such a request been made. He smiled while looking at the two wizards.

"Normally, I would have told you no for such a request, however, since your family is now the richest of Gringotts, besides the young Heir Dumbledore is a Friend of the Goblins, I will accede to your request.

I hope, however, that you know what you are doing, after all, such volumes can be used for many things, "Ragnok replied before giving them a big smile.

He got up from his desk and headed for one of the tapestries. When he put his hand on it, a chest appeared, which he opened with one of his claws.

The goblin then retrieved the requested materials before giving them to Dumbledore.

"I hope I have some information about your ... projects later," Ragnok said with a vicious smile.

Dumbledore nodded with his old grandfather's smile as Harry thanked the goblin warmly.

"May the gold flow forever and your enemies pass from life to death, Lord Ragnok," said Dumbledore before leaving with Harry.

"And let your enemies tremble before your fury as your riches pile up, Lord Dumbledore, Friend of the Goblin Hadrian," Ragnok replied as the two wizards left the Bank.

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