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Gaia's Boons
None - Words: 5,097 - Rated: T - English - Adventure & Mystery - Chapters: 3 - Reviews: 2 - Updated: 02-09-2018 - Published: 08-06-2018 - by Archangel630 (FFN)

To reader r. tidmore , I would like to thank you for bringing up those abhorrent stories I wrote, before my literary maturity. I stare at them and feel shame, I was immature and had a bit of an ego, but sadly I wrote those for the little trolls, like yourself, and forgot to write what I loved. Sadly I had become to hate Kishimotos direction with Naruto, and felt my stories would somehow make up for the utter crap kishimoto was dishing out to us weekly, but that was the fan boy in me and stubbornness.

To the rest of the readers: I am a father and a husband, and my number one priority is my children and my wife, I will strive to put out chapters as much as I can and keep the story fresh. Thank you for the true readers and I truly hope you enjoy my story.

A scene of abuse

...Gaia's Boon...

The trip from Little Whinging, Surrey to London was to little as 60 minutes on that Wednesday. Dudley and Harry were kept from school on this day, which made it even more special for Harry, as he was never supposed to miss a day from school. For Harry this little day trip was everything he ever wanted, and yet while Harry enjoyed himself, a little part of him, the part Harry was ignoring, was blaring warning signs. Warning signs as: the blatant absence of sound, the tiny looks of glee that His uncle Vernon was flashing him in the rear view mirror, and among others the way his aunt seemed to vibrate with joy.

All Harry saw was the scenery around, and how it shifted from the suburban aesthetic to the modern urban, not that Harry could understand that. The trip was not without its stops, Dudley being only five years old and quite large for his age needed frequent trips to the loo. Harry was forced to stay in the car when he himself did not have to go to the loo, but Harry let that pass over him do the the changes. Harry never even paid attention to his Aunt and Uncle as the talked in whispers, never knowing the truth of what today was for him.

Once it seems they, the Dursley plus Harry, got closer to the destination, there seem to be a euphoric feeling between Vernon and Petunia and when the vehicle finally stopped around the corner from a giant park. Vernon ordered Harry out of the car and followed behind him, and guided him to a small alleyway. Harry looked around and found nothing worth of note and turned to look at Vernon.

As Harry stared his uncle, a very primal urge surfaced in him. Like a gazelle staring at a charging lion, but in this case it was the sadistic grin that seemed to reach his uncles eyes and displayed the yellowing crooked teeth partially covered by the large mustache and the eyes that seemed sharper, bloodshot and the iris pin point, gleaming almost over enthusiastically. Harry known only as 'freak' in the household and almost everywhere else, was in so much fear that his breathing stilled, his muscle froze and his heart felt like it was pressing against his ribs with how much it was beating.

With a speed Harry could never believe his uncle could obtain, within a blink of an eye Harry felt something impact the left side of his face. With the force of the blow, Harry's head turned to quick for it and resulted in the gas bubbles in between the cartilage of his neck popped and made a crackling noise. That noise did however mask the cracking noise that originated from the cheek bone that now had multiple fractures. The sudden stop for Harry's head though caused his brain to shake unnaturally and caused delirium and lightheadedness. The signals travelling to the rest of Harrys body were interrupted and Harrys body collapsed under its own weight.

Once Harry fell to the ground, a loud grunt and sigh of satisfaction pierced the air. For Vernon that hit was a wave of peace that seemed to wash away several years of repressed anger and oppression. The site of a crumpled form of the freak was cleansing. Vernon tossed the bag that Petunia had prepared for the freak. No food of survival items, just the items that the freak had been given or had acquired himself.

"Lord that was cleansing... now look it here here freak, you probably wondering why? Tell you the truth, I hate you. I hate what you are and I hate where you come from. You are evil, you are unnatural, God created us but the devil made you and your kind." Vernon said with every word dripping with hatred and disgust.

"We were forced to take you in, you freaks can do things that no one should be able to, and instead of putting my family at risk, tryin to stomp it out of you, I'm going to let the world do that. Do not search for us, if you do I will kill you. You somehow get the authorities involved I'll deny ever knowing you. If those other freaks try to bring you back, well you wont make it to the next day." Vernon said as he lowered himself closer to Harry.

"You were a burden, an unnatural parasite forced on us, but I am a good Christian, so I will give you this. Your name is Harry James Potter, you were born to freaks just like you, James and Lily Potter and somewhere out there is a place for freaks like you... goodbye Harry." A fake sincerity ebbed off of Vernon's words.

A newly or renewed named Harry stayed on the ground, frightened to even move. Harry knew better, this was the last time he would see the Dursley's, Harry was scared but also happy. No more beatings, no more lashings from them. Yet Harry was stuck, he didnt know where he was or what to do, it was this thought as he stared into nothing. It would be several hours later when a soft clacking noise captured Harry's attention. Harry looked up and found a male walking towards him, this male was wearing black trousers, a black jumper over a white button up shirt with a black tie, on the jumper itself were badge on the right and a name plate on the right. The male had clean shaven face but you cab see the short brown hair under the peaked cap.

Harry was hesitant, of course Harry knew of the police, it was one of the things the Dursleys informed Harry to never talk to. Harry wanted to beg for help but Vernon's words stopped him, Harry began to chew his lip in anxiety. Harry didnt want to die, so Harry would keep his words to himself. The police walked almost all the way up to Harry and then stopped some six feet away from him and crouched to a lower level.

"Afternoon, what ya' doin in this alle'way?" A slight ting of a scottish accent could be heard when the police constable spoke.

The constable waited for a response and when he didnt get one all he did was nod.

"Scared are ya, I understand... I'm Constable McClenon, whats ya name?" Said the police constable in slight concern.

The constable notice the hesitation coming from Harry, but then just sighed when Harry shook his head. The constable shifted slightly to be in an angle away from Harry.

"I'm one of the good ones, see the badge... it means I got protect ya... How bout ya follow to me car, and I get ya some water and food?" The constable thumbed behind him in the general direction to the street.

Harry looked behind the constable towards the entrance of the alleyway but the way that the alley angle Harry could only she the flashing blue lights. Harry stared back at the constable and nodded and moved himself into standing position, the constable smiled slightly and stood up straight himself. When Harry moved, he notice that the constable gave him some distance, which Harry liked. Once the moved to the entrance of the alley, Harry notice the revolving blue lights on top of a white vehicle with an orange stripe with a blue crest and a word that Harry assumed meant Police. Harry stopped right at the entrance suddenly feeling nervous, the constable seemed to continue to the boot of the car and opened it with a key and seemed to rummage through it. Harry noticed that the constable pop back up from inside the boot and hand in onr of each of his hand a bottle of water and a bar of sorts.

The constable moved towards Harry and reached his hands out with the items in said hands and waited. Harry felt a little better knowing that he wasnt being forced to take the items and gladly took then. Being very hungry, seeing how he only ate jam toast this morning, he attacked the bar, but a dryness accord and Harry had to take gulps of water not to choke. The slight chuckle that Harry heard put him on edge, it wasn't like the Dursley's laugh but more something.

"If you eat that fast you'll choke and then where we'll be." The constable stated.

Harry nodded slowly but found that the way he said it, didnt seem like how he meant it. Harry hesitated eating the bar so fast and slowed.

"So whats your name?" The constable asked softly.

Harry knew he should if answered but he didnt and he didnt understand why not.

"Alright... how bout where ye from?" Again the same soft voice, but it seemed forced.

Something made Harry scarred of the constable; Harry didnt know why but he was and that was enough.

'...and why does this water taste funny?' Harry's thoughts seemed to echo in his head, a slight buzz was heard and he had a hard time keeping his eyes open. Harry heard a soft 'Finally' and slowly moved his head to look the constable. The constable had a smirk, a smirj he recognized on his uncle, all Harry knew was that was not a good look for him. The constable had moved into leaning against his car. Harry had a peace of mind to try to call for help but his mouth was dry and the way the street was the car blocked him.

Harry lost his battle with unconsciousness and collapsed on the ground and black screen seemed to cover his eyes.

XxGaia's x BoonsxX

Garbled voices and words were all Harry could recognize as he had a brief moment of lucidity, Harry could recognize the voice of the constable, but another voice was odd and unknown. It was in this moment that Harry learned new things, somehow he was gifted to the constable named McClenon, he somehow cost 10k pounds and his new "owner" was someone named Lojack. For Harry it was a new world for pain and suffering and the Harry that could have been died on 31st July, 1995.

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