The Sorcerer
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Rated: T For swearing and some later chapters. This rating may change later for violence, however, no smut. Sorry.

Characters: Harry Potter, Severus Snape

Horcruxes exist, abused Harry, Slytherin Harry, manipulative Dumbledore, Ron bashing, good Draco, good Snape. Don't like? Don't read.

Summary: Takes place the summer after The Goblet of Fire. Harry Potter finds out about a powerful magic that was hidden inside him for years. When he discovers this new magic, will he be able to control it? Who can he trust enough to help him get through the horror story that has been his life so far?

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Chapter 1: The Seer

Severus was annoyed. He was currently sitting in a living room that looked like it might belong to a 100 year old lady, and it smelled like and old person's home as well. He was holding a flower patterned mug in his hand, the contents of which he was still not entirely convinced was tea. Across from him sat professor Trelawney, still adorned with the chain necklaces and the ridiculous glasses that she always wore at Hogwarts. Severus had been sent by Albus Dumbledore to check on the seer, who had not contacted the anyone in a while which worried Dumbledore. The potions master was not sure why Albus bothered with Trelawney at all, as he was fairly sure she was off her rocker, but Dumbledore seemed to think that she would be useful in some way. Severus had thought he would just knock on her door to make sure she was not dead and then get out of there, but apparently the seer had other ideas. This was how Severus came to be seated in an overstuffed armchair having a conversation with one of his least favorite coworkers, when all he wanted to be doing was brewing one of the potions from his new book back at Prince Manor.

"So I told Vector, I said, 'Well, if the girl cannot be both of our apprentice, then we will have to let her choose which of our subjects she likes better.' And can you believe it Severus, the silly little Hufflepuff actually accepted professor Vector's offer over mine! Can you believe it? She chose arithmancy over divination!"

Trelawney paused, obviously waiting for a response from Severus. She did not get one.

"How is your tea?" The seer asked, apparently unperturbed. "You do not seem to have had much of it, is it too cold? I can heat it up for you if you like."

"No, thank you." Severus responded. "I really must be going, there are some things that I need to attend to tonight." He said with a finality that clearly ended the conversation.

"Oh, must you go already?" She asked, ignoring his tone. "I never get company anymore and it has been so nice having someone to talk to!"

"No, I must leave now." He said, standing up and reaching for his cloak. "Thank you for theā€¦ tea." He glanced once more at the neon orange liquid and vaguely wondered if she had tried to poison him.

"And I was just going to get out some biscuits." She sighed sadly. "Well, I could wrap up some biscuits up for you to take with you if you want. I will get them now, they are just in the kitch-" She broke off with an oddly distant expression on her face.

"Sybil?" Severus asked after a moment, glancing over his shoulder wondering if she had seen something behind him.

Suddenly Trelawney went rigid, and her eyes became larger than usual behind her glasses. Severus quickly moved forward, thinking that the woman was having a seizure of some sort, until the seer started to speak in a raspy voice very different from her own.

"On the night of The Chosen One's fourth meet with the Dark Lord,

A great power was unleashed within him.

A magic so great it turns fame into legend and puts legend into history,

And turns a boy into a near God among others.

This is a magic only ever possessed by three in written history,

And two have never before existed on the same timeline.

If used correctly the power will rid the world of a great evil,

If the snake dressed as a lion is broken, the world as you know it will die.

The puppet master has turned a blind eye, but no longer.

The beginning of the end approaches.

Trelawney collapsed back onto the overstuffed couch. Severus gaped at her a moment longer before swiftly moving toward a desk where he grabbed parchment and a quill and started to scribble down what he had just heard.

Sybil sat up dazedly and looked around. Spotting Severus at her writing desk she frowned and exclaimed, "Severus, you are still here? I must have fallen asleep, it happens sometimes. What are you doing?"

Having finished writing everything down word for word, the potions master straightened up and glanced at the seer. Not wanting to stay and explain what happened, he said "I just remembered the title of a book I wanted to read, I jotted it down so I would not forget again. I have to go now, I have business to attend to. Goodbye." He deftly strode to the door and hardly had time to hear seer's hurried and slightly confused "Goodbye, Severus." before he snapped the door closed behind him.

Severus had to take this prophecy directly to Dumbledore. He desperately tried not to think about the last time he had heard a prophecy from that seer, and who he had rushed off to tell then. He tried even more desperately no to think about the repercussions of that act. He failed horrendously on both fronts, and as he apperated to house that Albus was staying in this summer, all he could think about was fining Lily's cold, dead body.

Severus would not make the same mistake again.

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