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Triangluar Fixtures
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Eleven Years Later

Hermione didn't know who were more annoying; the marauders or their groupies.

She groaned thrusting her hands into her bushy mane with her rising ire. On the other side of the common room, a gaggle of girls giggled obnoxiously at something James Potter had just said-no doubt recounting how he managed to embarrass some poor Slytherin yet again. As if that's so impressive. Hermione rolled her eyes at not only the marauders immaturity but at the stupid girls who feed into them.

She, rather, unfortunately, was stuck in the common room trying to concentrate on studying for her Ancient Runes exam since the library had kicked her out for curfew. For two hours straight she'd had to hear the obnoxious tales of idiocy of gargantuan proportions achieved by those egotistic nincompoops! She had expected them to go to bed a long time ago but no! they just loved to hear themselves talk.

"Oh, James that's so clever of you!"

Hermione grit her teeth. Merlin did she hate the sound of that Mary girls voice! A year younger, Mary was the worst of James fans, maybe because she was immature and thought to stand out by being the loudest?

Hermione didn't know. She couldn't understand the logic behind what girls did to get boys attention. It just seemed so pre-pubescent.

"Oi! Prongs! How dare you take the credit for that, mate! That was all me!"

Hermione growled at the sound of his voice. Merlin did Sirius Black get under her skin. She liked to pretend that she was above him, that his petty snide remarks about her hair didn't bother her because for the most part, it didn't.

But Sirius loved to harp on her about her loveless life, going so far as to say that she had a tree up her ass the size of a sycamore. His perverse ways of describing just how he would help her get it out would not only embarrass her but left her feeling very uncomfortable. He went on about it every day- how she needed a good long shag and when he's in a particularly foul mood he would tell her how he'd like to shut her up.

She had threatened many times to tell on him for sexual harassment, yet she never did. Not at all for the lack of bravery but because his words made her feel strange. She wanted to hear and simultaneously didn't.

She would never admit it out loud and even hated admitting it to herself but...she just didn't know how to handle Sirius. He was too sexual for her.

"Oh, fuck off! This is just like that time you said you banged Rosemerta-"

"I did bang Rose... Fucked her six ways to heaven, just ask her."

Hermione banged her textbook shut, throwing up the white flag to this ridiculous battle. The marauders and their groupies were not getting any quieter and she was not getting any studying done. In fact, all she achieved was just getting herself needlessly worked up.

"Oh! Leaving so soon, Granger? Is the topic of conversation too much for your little virgin ears?"

Hermione ignored Sirius's condescending drawl from behind her as she packed up her things. Mary laughed uproariously finding this insult particularly funny. Hermione rolled her eyes even though her treacherous little heart started speeding up in her chest.

"You don't have to leave so soon, pussycat."

Hermione's face turned into an expression of disgust as she turned her head to shoot Sirius a look without stopping her brisk pace. The expression on his face had its usual salacious quality to it by the devious upturn of his plump lips and those eyes fanned by thick lashes that he used to peer up with, darkened with promises of sexual satisfaction.

It never failed to make her angry whenever she saw that expression. Whore! was what came to mind every time she saw it. He would always get that look on his face whenever he saw a girl he wanted to 'fuck six ways to heaven' and then he'd chase after her with a fixedness that could never be denied.

She turned away as the other's laughed but carried on to different conversations. Same old, same old with that crowd.

She rolled her eyes again, about to enter the staircase when her rucksack went zooming from her arms. A surprised little cry fell from her lips before she spun and shot Sirius a spiteful glare.

"Give it back, Sirius!" she hissed at him threateningly. Sirius gave her a daring little grin, leaning back in his seat as the other's looked on in amusement. Beside him, Remus seemed highly uncomfortable with the situation. He shifted his long legs and shot Hermione an apologetic look but didn't try to help her out.

"No, I don't think I will-"

His words got cut off by Hermione's shoe launching toward his head. He quickly ducked and Remus easily caught it before it could hit his face. She was so bloody sick of Sirius Black. The stupid fan girls surrounding them shrieked indignantly giving Hermione baleful looks as James and Peter just laughed. Hermione couldn't care less about them and neither could Sirius or Remus.

"Oi mate, better watch out for this one! Worse temper than Lily, she has."

Sirius's eyes consumed all of her attention, the tension palpable in the air around them. The glint in his eyes was far from teasing but carnal, his smile lecherous. Behind him Remus seemed to have become stone, his eyes a bit too avid as he glanced between them.

"Will more clothing come off if I keep refusing you, kitten?" Hermione grimaced at the foul pet name.

Her patience with this boy had rung up. Ever since first year Sirius had always loved to pester her. It started whenever she'd order them to stop doing something stupid he'd moon her his naked ass much to her mortification. He had a fixation for making her uncomfortable. Once, she was pretty sure he cast a wind charm so her skirt would fly up and he could get a good look at her knickers. For weeks afterward, he would continuously harp on her about them, sending notes to her during class asking what color her knickers were that day.

She decided to ignore him. Nothing got under Sirius's skin more than her pretending he didn't exist. Instead, she turned her eyes to his companion behind him, giving Remus a hard fed-up stare as she crossed her arms.

"Remus, you need to put this mutt on a tighter leash before I put it in the doghouse." She said, a little smirk on her mouth at her jab at his animagus form.

She had found out about Remus's affliction during her first year at Hogwarts. Her curiosity at where he went every month led her to research possible diseases that he could have. It wasn't until the very end of the year after a lesson in astronomy about lunar charts did she realize he wasn't diseased at all, he was cursed with lycanthropy.

Later, in her third year, she overheard James and Sirius going on about transformations. She had latched onto them after that, warning them about the stupidity of letting Remus bite them so they could all be afflicted out of some warped notion of camaraderie. She had surprised the mickey out of them. They didn't even know that she knew until that moment and they had been outraged and concerned that she would use the knowledge against Remus somehow or treat him differently.

Of course, she didn't give a hoot about Remus's 'little furry problem' as the boys liked to call it. When she revealed that she had known since her first year the boys had looked at her with awe and respect. The only thing that she cared about was not letting them turn themselves into werewolves too. The boys had laughed her off but she hadn't let up on it, even threatening to tell the Headmaster of their ideas until they had been forced into telling her the truth that they were not trying to become werewolves but animagi.

That didn't sit well with her either but they had been animated about it, refusing to listen to reason. That had been a bad year for Hermione. It felt like every day she was getting into fights with them and Remus had stopped talking to her too after finding out that she knew. She had been alone and at her wits end with everything; schoolwork, the marauders and the growing animosity between Slytherins and Gryffindors. And then she caved, making it a part of her mission to at least make sure the idiotic, stupid, brash, foursome did it correctly.

It had taken years in which a semi love-hate relationship brewed between her and the marauders since she refused to let them bully her out of it. Finally, a couple of months before school had let out, the boys had managed to transform. Remus and she had been there when it happened and it had been magnificent despite all her misgivings about it. She had never been more in awe of magic until she saw James, Sirius and Peter morphing their limbs right before her eyes.

Peter had struggled through his transformation more than James and Sirius but she had talked him through it, reciting words from the animagus book she had ordered from Flourish and Blotts months prior as Remus tried to sooth Peter's panic. She had thought afterward that perhaps she could be actual friends with the four but that had quickly been crushed when Sirius went on as always.

She had become really good friends with Remus and Peter, even James was loads nicer to her than Sirius, sometimes sitting beside her in classes. After all, she had helped them become animagus illegally. She had not only broken about fifty school rules in doing so but her moral code as well just for the sake of them not killing themselves. Sirius did not change. If he sat next to her in classes it was only to annoy her incessantly throughout the lesson, distracting her with rude comments about the professor or making innuendos out of something said; the no-good horndog.

Remus smirked at her words, a rare expression on his face that attested to his true mischievous character. Her heartbeat involuntarily sputtered faster in her chest at the sight.

"I think a muzzle would do better to shut that mouth of his, don't you think?" He asked as he leaned over and plucked her things right out of Sirius's hand.

"Oi! Whose side are you on Moony?" Sirius cried with mock outrage as Hermione walked over to grab her things from Remus.

"Thank you, Remus." She smiled at him warmly as she reached out for the strap of her bag. Suddenly, Sirius's hand shot out, clasping around her wrist and pulling her forward so that she landed in a heap sprawled on both Sirius's and Remus's laps.

She gasped, blood pounding in her veins at being in such an embarrassing position as the marauder fan girls gave strained sounding factitious laughter. Underneath her hand that had landed on Remus's chest, she could feel his heat and the muscle that lay underneath. She sprang away from him as if scorched by fire, eyes wide like a deer caught in the headlights before turning in righteous fury onto the boy responsible.

"SIRIUS BLACK!" She screeched with real outraged. Sirius didn't bat an eyelash in the face of her anger and, in fact, had the gall to shrug, his light eyes peering up at her in that damn way of his.

"I don't take well to being ignored."

Hermione sputtered, at a loss of how to adequately convey her anger without resorting to violence when Sirius's grin grew impish. Boldly, he put his hands on the back of her thighs.

"But now I see I have your full attention." Hermione glared down at the hands touching her with disbelief before she shoved herself away, lunging for her bag and pulling out her wand. Promptly, she pointed it in his face.

Breathing heavily, she glared down at the lascivious boy before her.

"If you ever put your filthy hands on me again I'll hex your naughty bits off and throw them in the fire, you understand?"

Sirius just gave her an amused look, completely at ease.

"That isn't much of a threat if you don't even know where the naughty bits are located, but I'd be happy to give you a lesson-"

Hermione didn't listen to another word, turning on her heel she marched over to the staircases with her blood boiling. Sirius might think she was joking but she was seriously going to hex him if he ever pulled a stunt like this again. She was fed up with all the teasing. She didn't know what his problem was but she would not stand it anymore.

"Sweet dreams, Kitten!" Was the last thing she heard before the staircase slammed shut behind her.





She tossed and turned in her bed, the sheets coiling around her like snakes. She felt too hot, her senses too alert. She knew what this was- knew what her body wanted. She wanted to feel the touch of hands running down her body, she wanted a man to be here with her on this bed, pleasuring her, doing things to her. Wicked things. Dirty things. Her fingers trailed down on their own accord to her most aching part.

She needed to do this. She wouldn't get any sleep otherwise. Her body was anxious for it.

Flashes kept running through her mind, images moving quickly.

Fur, brown fur, soft to the touch and gleaming in the darkness. The naked flesh of a mans strong thighs thrusting between the slim thighs of a female in the pale moonlight.

She gasped a breathy moan, her fingers moving faster over herself, her hips slowly grinding in the air.

Two strong men standing naked at the foot of her bed watching her with a dark intensity in their eyes. The howling of a wolf in the night. A beast with midnight black fur running swiftly on the hunt. Tongues licking down her stomach heading lower.

"Sirius," she whispered, her breathing labored, her eyes closed as she used her other hand to slide a finger inside her entrance.

Bloody teeth of a beast opened in a growl, low and dangerous. Big hands holding open her parted knees as a light brown head moved from between her thighs, vigorously licking at her entrance, tasting her juices as her body arched upwards.

"Remus!" Her fingers pumped faster, more urgent and desperate for her release. She couldn't stop now. She needed more.

Two animalistic eyes glinting in the darkness, silent but watching, stalking her in slow calculated steps. Lips trailing down her throat-teeth biting into flesh- sharp gasps for air as two warm bodies surround her. Skin on skin moving up and down and all over each other.

"Mmm, yes!" Her thighs trembled, inner walls clenched as she gets so close to so close. She flipped over onto her stomach, her hips grinding onto her hand as she bit her pillow, seeking more friction.

The two beast slowly circled her, ready to pounce, dying to devour. Sirius and Remus are on their knees above her, both of them rubbing their shafts together. Sirius smirking down at her, licking his lips and Remus staring down at her unyieldingly as he slowly rubs their cocks over each other. 'Tell us that you're ours,' he demands, 'tell us that you're ours and we'll fuck you good.'

"Yours, I'm yours." she answered before she comes, her breath hitching as her entire body seized. "Oh god, oh god." she breathed as her inner walls continue to pulsate, still moving her hips so her fervent clit could be stimulated.

Damn, she wanted them. Both of them. There was no denying that.

When the desire abated, she retracted her wet fingers, her eyes languishly opening to find the peeking full moon in the distance. Right now, they were out there, unknowingly the cause for her need to masturbate as they play friend to the night. She felt shame, the weight of it dropping down on her like a two ton semi-truck but still, she was satisfied. She could go to sleep now.

In her dreams, those two haunted her some more but she fell asleep with a smile.

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