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Finding Love Within Darkness
Harry P. & Hermione G. & OC & Severus S. - Words: 14,228 - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 4 - Reviews: 4 - Updated: 07-09-2018 - Published: 10-07-2018 - by sshgforever (FFN)

The sun was slowly rising over the hill, coming through the stained glass window to the right of your bed. You were in your seventh year at Hogwarts, and things for you were good. You were the popular girl everyone wanted to be. You were neck and neck with Hermione Granger, who was a year behind you, this time though you were ahead of her by a couple of points. Your parents work for the ministry, so their expectations from you were very high. Also they were both Slytherins that came from from a long bloodline of Slytherins, so you had to really keep up your status for them. The part that you hated was… you were in Gryffindor. When you sent them a letter your first year, you had told them that you were sorted into Gryffindor. You received a letter from a very upset mother telling you to go speak with the headmaster, for the hat had to be wrong… Your parents looked at you differently ever since then.

Being the prettiest girl in the school had its ups and downs. The ups were there were tons of guys that chased after you, and who doesn't like a little attention? You'd always get flowers or chocolates, but you were very smart girl and always checked them for spells or jinx's. the downs were plenty of girls didn't like you cause you'd turn their boyfriends heads whenever you walked into the room.

As you were stirring from your bed you noticed a small neatly wrapped box, about as big as the size of your palm, addressed to you. As you opened it a small note fell out from it. You picked it up and read it first.

To my darling Daughter,

I gave this to your mother our 7th year and now it's your turn to wear it. The pendant is charmed to help you know when someone is lying or telling the truth. It will become warm when someone is telling you the truth. It will feel like ice when someone lies to you. This necklace will go good with your dress for the back to school ball. With times getting as dark as they are, you need to know who to trust. Do not lose the pendant. For the welcome back to School ball your mother has picked out your dress, you will wear it and represent your slytherin heritage. I know you are a Gryffindor, but you will do this. The dress should arrive today or tomorrow.

-with love

Well that was that. Your father's word was always final. You looked at the necklace. It was stunning but you couldn't recall a time seeing your mother wearing it. You put the necklace on and got dressed into a tight pair of black jeans and black tank top. You threw your robes on and then did your hair and makeup which you barely had to wear any at all, due to your skin being so fair and beautiful. You were lightly tanned and just perfect. You stood there in the mirror looking at yourself, you noticed your breasts seemed to be getting bigger, 36 C's. You felt your bra to be a little to tight, great… So you adjusted them to give yourself more cleavage. Smiling you grabbed your books for today. Today's classes you had herbology, arithmancy, and DADA. You only had to take 5 classes to be finished with school completely, so you ended up with a lot of free time. As you walked down to the common room and exited the door, you noticed your 2 girlfriends standing and waiting for you. They were both in Slytherin.

"Hey (y/n), you ready for breakfast?" your friend Melanie asked.

"Yeah let's go." you said as you girls all walked away.

Breakfast was quick along with your first two classes. DADA was one of your favorite classes. You weren't the best in that class and it bugged you. As you walked into class you saw Professor Snape finishing up writing on his board. The top read Protego. You noticed that there were no desks, so you figured you were going to be doing an exercise. After everyone was there you noticed Harry, Ron, and Hermione were in the same class. They must've been bumped up this year due to the dark lord threatening the world again. After all Harry was supposed to be the one to fight Lord Voldemort on his own. He was going to need all the help in the world.

"Today… we are going to be working on the Protego charm." Professor Snape spoke slow and clear. "This spell is used to block minor to moderate jinxes as well as curses and hexes. This spell is used to protect yourself or ones behind you. The more you learn and go over this spell you will be able to rebound your opponents hex back at them. That's if you can even produce this charm. Now this spell is derived from the latin language, meaning 'I protect or I cover'." every word every syllable was clear and loud. "Now find a partner and stand 15 feet apart from one another." as he said that, students started lining up, and that's when you noticed your partner was Hermione. Damn it. You looked at her and she, you. You held you head high and smirked. She glared back. "Now the side to my left, will practice using the charm for defence against their partners on my right," you were on his right. "the ones on my right will be using the spell Stupefy. I trust you dunderheads know that spell and can do it your sleep…. With no… problem."

He looked at Harry as he said it, who was one person down from you. You saw Harry glare at Snape. There were only about 10 kids in the class because it was advanced. Professor Snape walked back up to the front of class, spun on his heal and muttered the word, "Begin."

You looked at Hermione who was in a defensive stance. You barely moved your wand and whispered the Stupefy spell and it shot at her like a bullet. She wasn't able to get her shield up in time and the spell hit hermione square in the chest. You didn't do it very strong, but it made Hermione fly backwards onto the hard floor. You smirked. Stupid girl. She got back up and got ready again. You lazily flicked your wand, this time without saying anything, and shot the same spell, only this came faster than the first. Again Hermione took it to the chest and flew back farther. Hermione was gasping as she sat up staring at you with daggers in her eyes. You smiled a nasty smirk at her. Professor Snape noticed this and watched for a good few minutes before calling out for everyone to switch roles. You were now to cast the protego charm. Hermione was mad and tried her best to knock you off your feet. But every time you blocked it she threw another one at you. They started coming at you like she was stuck in rapid fire mode. Still every one of them were blocked. Switching every 5 minutes, this lasted for at least 30 minutes.

"Enough, wands down." Snape walked around and picked out certain people. A boy named Baron, Harry, Hermione, and you. "You four come here and face each other." once again you were partnered with the bookworm. She was still glaring like hell at you. "Granger and Potter you will be performing today's charm. Wands at the ready," all three of them stood I'm defensive stances while you just stood there. This felt like 3rd year work to you. "begin." you smiled and threw the Stupefy spell at Hermione harder than you ever did previously. She again missed went flying backwards. It took her longer to get up and you were getting bored.

"Ugghhh, Professor Snape may I have a partner who's a little more challenging?" you rolled your eyes.

"Ms. Granger, go sit over with the others." He strode over opposite of you, "block me." was all he said and next thing you knew he was throwing spells left and right at you. You gripped your wand tight at blocked every single one of them. You saw him shoot a spell towards your feet, you jumped and it ricocheted off the wall behind you but you were very quick and casted the spell behind you just in time. You both started circling each other, as if you were waltzing. He threw spell after spell at you with such grace. You danced around them as if you were a ballerina on stage. At this Harry and Baron along with the rest of the group were watching in awe. You two were the only ones fighting now. Spells ricocheted behind you on every direction. He was speeding up, if that were even possible, and you were getting tired but determined to show everyone that you were the best. Not Harry Potter, or Hermione. You… Sweat was starting to pour down your face and down your back. But unluckily for you some sweat ran down into your eye, causing you to flinch. Next thing you knew, you were flying backwards spinning fast through the air. You landed with a very loud audible thud in the classroom. Every one swarmed around you making sure you were ok. After you told them at least 10 times that you were ok, the bell for dinner sounded and everyone started to head out of them class. You stayed behind cause you weren't ok. In fact you thought your arm may have been broken, something about it didn't feel right. You gently tugged off your robe and looked at your arm.

"Profes… Professor S..Snape?" he was erasing the board from the lesson. "I um.. I think my arm…" He turned towards you and looked at your arm. It was turning purple and black. He rushed over to you and gently grabbed your wrist, examining your condition.

"Here, sit down." you both walked up to his desk and he guided you to sit in his chair. He bent down onto one knee and laid your broken arm onto his other knee. "Try and hold still this is going to hurt. Ready?" the pain in your arm from the break was starting to creep up on you. You didn't feel it before because of the shock.

"WAIT!" you screeched as you grabbed his shoulder, tears rolling down your face. He looked at your hand on his shoulder, then to you. His face was sincere. "I need to bite down on something… please!" you cried out, the pain now almost unbearable.

"Here," he grabbed a small leather book off his desk, and you took it then, stuck the spine of the book in your mouth. "Ok ready?" you nodded your head no several times but he did it anyways. "Brackium Emendo." you both heard it snap back into place. You screamed as you bit into the spine and flew your head down into your lap. Then pain lasted for about 10 seconds, but all that remained was a dull pulsating ache. Professor Snape stood up and walked over to some cabinets and brought back a small vile. "Drink half of this now and the rest tomorrow morning." he said as he handed you the vile.

"Thank you Professor." you said as you stood up slowly feeling a tad light headed, wiping your tears away. You started to walk away when you heard his voice call out.

"Your father is going to be proud of you after today's lesson." his words made you turn around. "It's been a while since I've actually had a challenging student." you didn't smile, you just stared at your feet and nodded. Professor Snape knew your father very well. He's been to your estate multiple times for "business". You were always the tea girl. You brought them whatever they needed while they were in the study like a dumb house elf. Sometimes you'd catch the professor staring at you. Or at least you thought you did. You could remember the things your father would sometimes say about you as you left the room, about being a Gryffindor. Your entire bloodline was pure and all Slytherins and you just happened to be the only Gryffindor. Harry told you that you were just like his godfather, Sirius Black. Or your father would tell you to be more like your older brother Brackius. He of course was a death eater. Your parents pride and joy. "(Y/n) are you listening?" his tone sounded stern.

You snapped back to reality. "Yes sir. I was wondering actually, um, if from now on, if I can partner with you during lessons like today." you looked him in the eyes. He stared back and smirked.

"I'll consider it. I was watching you, you're very quick and I believe I even saw you using nonverbal spells at one point. Who taught you that?" he eyed you up and down, slowing his gaze at your breasts.

"From Brackius sir." you noticed his staring and cleared your throat. "Well, when your brother's a," you reluctantly looked up at him. "death eater, one needs to learn to protect herself from anything." you looked at him but looked back down. "I mean you should know better than anyone Professor." you interlocked your fingers behind your back, hoping you didn't cross a line with him.

"How about a proposal, after dinner I want to see you in this classroom every night 7:30 sharp. I am going to train you, that way…" he leaned in closely. "You can show up your big brother and finally step out from his shadow you're always living in. Make dear daddy proud for once in your life." his words kind of stung but they were laced with truth and you knew it. "I see more potential in you than half the best students combined here at Hogwarts. You know... very well I don't ever say things like that." You couldn't help but smile at this.

"You honestly think so?" you looked into his eyes as he stared right back.

"Yes." you knew he was telling the truth when your necklace started to warm your skin.

Hi there! Please note anything above was not mine but the OC. It all belongs to J.K. Rowling! Please leave me feedback and reviews they really help me. I hoped you liked it! Also have the next 2 chapters already done, but might post them a couple days apart!

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