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Finding Love Within Darkness
Harry P. & Hermione G. & OC & Severus S. - Words: 14,228 - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 4 - Reviews: 4 - Updated: 07-09-2018 - Published: 10-07-2018 - by sshgforever (FFN)

The next morning you woke up to find another letter on your dresser next to your bed. You grabbed it while sitting up, it was again from your father. How were his letters getting to you like this? What was wrong with sending you morning mail at breakfast? You rolled your eyes but opened it and read it.

To my darling Daughter,
Professor Snape wrote to me last night to tell me what an extraordinary show you put on in DADA class yesterday. He says that your ability to block, on coming spells is the highest in the entire school. This is wonderful news. Your mother and I are proud. Professor Snape also tells me he's talked to you about evening classes with him. I advise you do this. You could learn alot from him, he is a highly skilled wizard. Your dress will be coming today at breakfast. Your mother asks me to have you to try it on to make sure it fits.
With love,

So Snape did actually tell your father. Which meant, you had no choice in the matter. Well you did but you were tired of being a disappointment to you family. Extra lessons couldn't hurt you, you thought. You were a prefect, so you had your own room which was nice. As you got up you started getting ready for the day. Today was Tuesday and you only had 2 classes today which were Potions, and Muggle Studdies. Both easy classes. You got dressed in a white bohemian off the shoulder dress. The off the shoulder part was lacey. It flowed slightly hugging your curves. The skirt part came down to just above your knees, and when you twirled your dress flew out around you. You wore white lacey shorts underneath so no guy could see anything. You did your hair half up half down. You had braids throughout it with small white flowers in them. You looked like the perfect flower child. Your sandals looked like what the romans wore in battle, but yours were cuter. You wore brown leather bracelets with beads. You could be the poster child for hippies. You looked one last time in the mirror, you were ready to face the day.

You walked out of your common room to see your friends waiting for you. They were also wearing bohemian styled dresses with their hair done up like yours. But you definitely were the most noticeable out of the three. "We look so freakin adorable, let's go to breakfast." Sirena looped on arm through yours as did Melanie on your other side. The three of you girls always matched. It was Sirena who suggested today's outfit. Tomorrow would be Melanie then you.

You girls always sat at the slytherin table towards the front near the teachers table. 20 minutes into breakfast, mail time had arrived. Everyone looked to the ceiling to see all the different types of owls that flooded the room. That's when you spotted both your fathers, mothers, and your brother's owls carrying your package. Your eyes widened, must've been super heavy, you thought. It landed with a thud in front of you, good thing you had cleared your space after eating. Both your friends received similar packages. All three of your mother's were best of friends and always had afternoon tea together. It wouldn't surprise you if they all went shopping for your dresses together. Sirena and Melanie had been your best friends since birth. You three all exchanged glances at each other smiling. "Come on let's go to my room and try them on!" you said out loud and both girls nodded in agreement. Your classes didn't start for another 35 minutes. You all got up and grabbed your packages. That's when you felt like you had eyes on you. Normally this didn't bother you but it felt different this time. You turned your head to see Professor Snape starring at the three of you. You gave a small smile towards him and turned to leave the hall. You swore you could feel his gaze on you the entire way as you left the hall.

"Oh my god! My dress is so adorable! How are yours?" Melanie gasped.

"Don't look remember we all agreed we couldn't see each others dresses until the night of the dance!" Sirena yelled happily. You had conjured a three way Japanese room divider, along with mirrors. That way you you all could see if the dresses fit without seeing each others.

"I'm just glad they all fit, good thing our mothers actually have amazing fashion sense." you laughed as you looked at your dress in the mirror. It was absolutely gorgeous. The perfect shade of emerald.

"Right I swear if my mother had the fashion sense of that Weasley family I think I'd run away." Melanie snickered.

"Honestly don't know how they even get by, I bet you Harry Potter helps them out. I heard when his parents died he was left a fortune. I bet he helps them with their bills." you said and you all laughed.

"Hermione on the other hand though, have you seen her hair?! I swear it gets worse every year!" Melanie chided.

"I know, she is the perfect mascot for Gryffindor. I mean all we gotta do is paint a nose on her and give her some lion ears and she'd be perfect." you doubled over holding your sides as you all laughed so hard.

"Oh my gosh stop making me laugh, I'm gonna ruin my makeup!" Sirena cried out.

"Ok, ok, ok I'm done let's get changed and go to class." you said fanning your eyes.

Your classes again flew by like they were nothing. All three of you were ahead so you all had the same classes, which meant you all had the same free time. You had an hour before lunch started so you girls decided to go down by the lake under a large willow tree. You threw off your robes and twirled in your dress feeling the wind around you. Your friends were giggling and joined you. You forgot you brought down your radio. You and another slytherin boy figured out how to pick up Muggle music through it. You grabbed it and switched it to a well known popular station. The song that was playing was called Never Be the Same by an artist named Camila Cabello. It was your by far your favorite song. Your friends were laughing and dancing with you while spinning each other around. Your life was good. It was a love song and you were in love with your life. Even if you were looked down upon by your parents. You were an intelligent girl, had good friends, and went to an amazing school. What could go wrong? The answer to that is almost everything.

The lunch bell had chimed signaling the end to your fun so you three headed up to the great Hall. As you were leaving the grounds you got that feeling of being watched again. You looked up to the castle as you were walking as noticed a pair of curtains moving, as if someone had just moved away from the window. The sun was shining brightly off the windows making it hard for you to see if any one was there. You shrugged it off and continued up the small hill.

Lunch came and went as did dinner. It was time for your private lessons with Professor Snape. You were still dressed in your dress and sandals. So you ran up to your room to change, but as you were rounded the corner you lost your footing and slipped. As you fell you landed on your side and hit your head pretty hard. Laying there for almost 10 minutes, you were still dazed and slow to stand back up. There was no time to cry over it, you had to be to his classroom on time or risk detention. The fall lost you time so you started to head towards his class room a floor below. You barely made it. Snape was staring at the clock and then to you, who was holding your head in pain as you walked in the door. His eyes narrowed as he stood looking you up and down.

"Do you think your attire is appropriate for these kinds of lessons, Ms. (Y/l/n)? And why are you holding your head." he started to walk around then desk.

"No, Professor I do not. I went to change but fell coming around the corner and hit my head, so I lost time. I didn't want to be late and risk getting detention." you huffed.

"I don't want to hear your excuses. Change now. Why must you be so clumsy. Broken arm yesterday and falling down today. Must I wrap you in bubble wrap?" he crossed his arms scolding you.

"But sir, yesterday my arm broke due to the lesson. That wasnt my fault!" You looked at him kind of mad. "And I'm not great at clothes transfiguration."

"You better be changed by the time I am done writing on the board." he scowled, then turned on his heel, making his way back across the room. Huffing under your breath you quickly grabbed your wand and tried to transform your dress into a tank top and sports leggings. It half worked you got you tank top but you still had the skirt. Your stomach was showing off your belly ring and a small tattoo of a white spotted leopard. Which happened to be your patronus. As soon as you saw them showing you freaked out! You tried to lengthen it to cover your midriff, but nothing was happening. Snape was going to kill you and tell your father and then your father would kill you twice over. You could hear his writing slowing. You panicked as you looked up and saw him coming to an end on the board. You took a deep breath and concentrated on your skirt. Two seconds later you were wearing sport leggings. Your tank top wouldn't go any longer so you gave up, but you remembered a quick concealing charm Flitwick taught you. It was a glamour charm. Under your breath so he wouldn't hear, you made your piercing and tattoo disappear. Thank God! You were ready, and just in time too. Professor Snape was turning around to see your progress. He looked at your outfit but seemed to stop at your stomach. 'Shit don't see the glamour! Don't see it! If he suspects anything he'll take away the glamour he'll see my piercing and tattoo. Oh God if he finds out and tells my dad, I'm dead.' You thought hard as you locked eyes with him. Which in your case was a very big mistake... You felt sick to your stomach as he stared at you for a long three seconds while scowling.

"I guess that'll have to do, at least you'll be able to move now." he motioned you to come to the front. "Now read the board."

It read Sectumsempra A spell that slices and maims the target, as if they are being cut by an invisible sword. Injuries may be permanent. Your eyes nearly popped out of your head. "Wha… why… why am I learning this professor?!"

"You know this upcoming year and next year are going to be very… dark. The dark lord grows stronger everyday gaining more and more followers. You need to be able to protect yourself from anything or anyone. So I'm going to teach you this spell until you can do it nonverbally then, until you can do it without a wand." He paused. "No matter how long it takes you, will know this spell before the war starts." he looked so serious, so passionate. It made you smile just a tad, which you regretted as soon as he saw your face. "And what may I ask is so funny?" he toward over you.

"No, um, no nothing funny sir, I just was noticing that, when it comes to Potions or DADA your very passionate on the subject. It's a good thing." you lowered your head scared to look at his face.

"Shall we get started?" he scowled at you. You nodded, "Stand over there and let's warm up. Just like yesterday you block and I'll throw hexes at you." Your eyes widened.

"Sir you're not going to use that spell on me are you?"

"Block it and you won't find out." he sneered. He didn't give you any warning, nor did he even move his wand. You got knocked back a couple feet. Jumping up you saw the next one coming your way fast. You blocked it and again the two of you were dancing around one another. This lasted for 10 minutes. You were almost out of breath when he stopped. "Good, now sit." he pointed to a desk that appeared in front of the board. "You will not need paper for this. Note taking is not required since this is dark magic. Now have you ever heard of this spell?"

"No sir I have not." you read the words over and over until they were basically fried in your brain.

"That's because this spell is not known to anyone but myself. I am the creator of this spell." he leaned on his desk as he crossed his arms in front of him.

"You made this?!" you looked at him then to the board, then back to him, who was now walking and beginning to circle your desk.

"Yes, it was something I made when I was here at Hogwarts. I also created the healing spell for it. Now this spell is not to be used for fun only in dire… situations." That last word sent shivers down your spine. His voice sounded as if he was 4 inches from your ear, words chilling you to the bone. Something about them stirred something inside your stomach. "Now this spell requires a few things, concentration, willingness, and hatred for your enemy." he was now walking back up to the board but slowly. Professor Snape spun on his heels and stared at you like a giant raven. His black eyes taking every inch of you, like he was silently judging you.

"I don't have a lot of hate." you looked down at your hands knowing it was a lie.

"Really now? The way I see it, you have hatred for your brother. Always being in the spotlight. Always number one." he began ever so slowly walking towards you. Every few words he'd take a step until he ended up in front of your desk, placing both of his hands on the top far corners of the desk. He really was intimidating.

"That's different, I hate him but I do love him. He's my brother." you looked at him sitting back, glaring.

"A brother that uses the Cruciatus on his own sister for fun, or for punishment?" he sneered at you.

"How… how do you know that?!" you yelled standing up knocking the desk over to your left. Leaving only a foot between you and him. "Who told you that!" you stared him down. Now you were angry. You were hurt and embarrassed that he knew that.

"Your brother brags about it at meetings. How his little sister is a pathetic Gryffindor and not a Slytherin. Bringing disgrace to the family bloodline." he closed the distance between you two and got in your face now clearly angry that you were challenging him.

"He wouldn't… You're making this up!" you had tears in your eyes. Stepping back now, you pointed your wand at Snape. You were angry. "You're lying!" You closed your eyes when you felt the locket slowly warming your skin. This made you fall to your knees, arms going limp to you sides. Looking back at your brother, you remembered how he wouldn't even look at you when you came home for the holidays. Wouldn't play with you, wouldn't even eat in the same room as you. More tears came rushing down your face. You whispered softly as you looked up, "You're lying."

"I'm afraid not." your necklace was still warm on your chest, making you grab it. He wasn't lying your brother really did hate you. "Stand up we have work to do." he extended his hand put to you and you reluctantly grabbed it. His hands were warm and nice. He helped you up and ushered you towards the middle of the room. He stood in front of you and grabbed your chin gently looking at you sincerely, "Focus that energy, the pain and hatred. Then point your wand at the target, and say slowly, Sectumsempra. I don't expect anything to happen for a week or two. Right now your focusing that energy and simply saying the words." he let you go and went to stand diagonally behind you.

"Professor, could you show me what it's supposed to look like?" you turned around to face him. He nodded and pointed his wand at the target.

"Sectumsempra," the target slashed and gashed in different directions. "if that were a human, they'd bleed out within 7 minutes or less." you turned to the new target that appeared to the right of the old one. You focused and thought about all the pain your brother caused you. Your hate for him grew and grew. Then you started imagining the target to be your brother.

"Sectumsempra!" you whispered. Nothing happened. It made you more mad. "sectumsempra!" you said between gritted teeth. Nothing. You attempted this for atleast an hour, saying it over and over. Suddenly Professor Snape grabbed onto your elbow.

"Stop… look." you looked, walking forward a little you noticed small dents in the metal target. You looked at him, and he looked back at you in awe. "I'm impressed." he said as he walked over to the target. "You may have this by the end of the week." you got so excited you turned and hugged your professor. You squeezed tight, and felt him stiffen. You let go immediately.

"I'm… I'm so sorry professor… I just was…"

"Curfew was 20 minutes ago, let me escort you to your common room." he turned and grabbed his coat putting it on.

"Sir you do know that I'm a prefect right?" you said frowning, knowing you offended him with the hug.

"That may be but I have to patrol the corridors tonight. Now… let's go." he went to open the door and held it open.

"Thank you Professor." you transfigured your clothes back to your dress, then walked out into the corridor. Half way through the walk back you were getting cold and started shivering like crazy. Suddenly warmth engulfed your shoulders and back. You looked to your professor and noticed he had draped his coat over you. You smiled. "Thank you."

"Next time bring your coat." you could hear the malice in his response. It made you smile.

"Why are you helping me sir? With the extra lessons?" you looked up to him.

He looked at you, "I see great potential in you. Your family doesn't. It's a pity honestly."

"So you're only doing this because you pity me?" you were taken aback by his words, making you stop walking.

"More along the lines of I pity the family. You have more skill then all three of them combined." he stopped and looked at you. "I have watched you and a few others at this school grow up, you all have parents who are death eaters. Which makes for a harsh upbringing for you all, like Mr. Malfoy for instance. I'm trying to help you all but none of them want help. I insisted with you because you are to be a great witch. Also you just turned what,"

"Seventeen sir." You replied.

"Exactly you're Seventeen now and that means the dark lord is going to come after you. He will want you to join his side and become one of his faithful followers." He sighed as he turned to you.

"But I dont want to become a death eater! I don't want to hurt people. I don't want to do dark things or magic." You started panicking, almost hyperventilating. You put you head in you hands and silently started crying.

Snape grabbed both your wrists and pulled them away from your face gently. Then put one finger under your chin making you look up at him. "You won't. I wont let that happen. Slytherin or not I will help you. I've known your parents for a long time. They've asked me to watch over you. As long as you do as I say, you will be fine."

"But why not help Harry? He is to defeat the dark lord. Don't you think professor Dumbledor would insist on you helping him." you grabbed his arm. Snape stopped and looked at your hand on his arm. You retracted and apologized.

"Professor Dumbledor is teaching him, himself." you both continued walking. The two of you ended up outside the Gryffindor common room.

"Thank you Professor. See you tomorrow." you smiled and turned to say the password. The door opened as you heard him clear his throat.

"My coat?" he extended his hand and waited. You smiled and didn't say anything as you backed up into the doorway. You continued to smile as he rolled his eyes and smirked. "Good night ms. (Y/l/n)."

"Good night professor." and with that, the portrait closed and you ran up to your room. It was a good thing you were the only one that slept there cause you ended up twirling in circles. Did he really mean everything he said? It gave you butterflies as you laid down on you bed with his coat. You pulled it up around you, thinking about him and his words. Wait… you sat straight up. What was wrong with you? He was your professor. He was rude and nasty and vile. But... to you he acted different. He wasn't as snarky or cold. You were so confused. But you liked that he gave you the acknowledgement you desired from your family. He told you multiple times now that he saw potential in you and you knew he never admitted that to anyone. You laid back down grinning like a fool. You pulled his coat around you once more drifting off to sleep. Butterflies in your stomach started to settled down. Things were changing...

Hey everyone! I hoped you liked this chapter, I kinda gave Snape a slightly different attitude in this story or chapter. he may go back to being super grumpy... maybe we shall see! please leave my feed back it honestly helps me. chapter 3 coming in a few days! stay tuned!

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