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Shards of A Badger's Heart
Lee J. & OC - Words: 14,159 - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 14 - Reviews: 4 - Updated: 11-01-2019 - Published: 10-08-2018 - by fanfictionfan1990 (FFN)

Full Summary: Fifth year at Hogwarts is hard. Everyone knows that. There are OWLs to sit, first crushes to experience and younger siblings to keep an eye out for. For Abby Albright, things become much more complicated than that, when her parents are killed in a car crash and she has to adjust to a full Muggle lifestyle overnight.

Fortunately, she has her doting sister April, and an adorable little brother, Jason to keep her company. And, surprisingly, Lee Jordan too? Abby doesn't know what's coming, but it's going to be nothing like any of her previous years. So much is uncertain.

WC: 1,484

Abby resembles - Vivien Cardone

Jason resembles - Ross Lynch

Lila resembles - Deanna Casaluce

Malcolm resembles - Calum Worthy

April resembles -Annie Clark

Birth Order:

Amy Louise and April Grace (b. 6.2.73, 20)

Abigail Helen (b. 8.4.78, 15)

Jason Timothy (b.4.11.81)

Abigail Albright stepped on Platform 9 ¾ with one of her older sisters April and their younger brother Jason who was a second year Hufflepuff. Their parents Ellen and James were trailing behind them. The older twin by three minutes Amy couldn't get the morning off. Though, in all honesty Abby didn't mind. She was a lot closer to April despite the five year age difference.

"I just hope your year isn't as dramatic as last year," their mum Ellen said as she adjusted the collar of Abigail's robe before moving on to fix her son's collar.

Abby recalled how dramatic last year had been since Jason had been petrified. She remembered hearing her parents argue over the summer about whether or not to send their children back to Hogwarts.

Just then, Cedric Diggory who was also a Fifth Year Hufflepuff, and a Prefect like Abby joined them.

"Hey Cedric," Abby greeted warmly running a hand through her light brown hair which was a few shades lighter compared to April's and their father's.

"Hey, Abby."

"I was so proud that Cedric got Prefect," Amos said patting his son's shoulder proudly.

Amos bragged a lot about Cedric and his achievements much to Cedric's embarrassment.

Neither one of her parents was too much of a bragger although they were quite proud of their three daughters and son.

"It wasn't surprising when Bebe got Prefect either," April boasted patting her younger sister's shoulder.

Abby stifled a blush at April's nickname for her as the train whistled. The two of them boarded the train and made their way to the Prefect's carriage. Abby stood next to Cedric, scanning the other Prefects. Gemma Farley and Ankur Dukes had been chosen for Slytherin, while Laura Vaughn and Caleb Kelly would be representing Ravenclaw. For Gryffindor, they had selected Patricia Stimpson, and-Abby was surprised to see-Lee Jordan.

"Hello Prefects," the Head Boy Percy Weasley greeted pushing his glasses up his nose.

Abby glanced over at Cedric. She knew Cedric had a colorful history with the Weasleys or at least Fred and George since they were on the Gryffindor Quidditch team as Beaters while Cedric was the Hufflepuff Seeker.

Percy handed out the Prefects' assignments for the duration of the train ride. He clearly seemed to enjoy his position of power as he stood in the middle of the carriage, giving them their orders in a loud, pompous tone.

"It's not a shock that Weasley is Head Boy, is it?" Abby asked as they started their assignment.

Cedric shook his head with a grin. "Not at all, Bebe."

"Hey watch it, Diggory. I have a good left hook and a good stinging hex," Abby teased back.

Cedric's grey eyes sparkled mischievously. Abby could totally see why he had most of the girls in Hogwarts eating out of the palm of his hand, though, she was never attracted to him.

Abby and Cedric started their rounds, narrowly stopping a second year Slytherin from eating a whole pack of Fizzing Whizbees on a dare and nearly getting decapitated by Fanged Frisbees before they reached Abby's usual compartment.

"Hey Abby!" her best friend Lila North greeted, a pureblood Irish witch with dark black hair and brown eyes.

"Hey, Lila!"

The third part of their trio looked up from his Arithmancy book pushing his bushy auburn hair out of his blue-grey eyes. "Hey, Abs."

"Hey, Mal."

"Everything okay, here?" she asked.


"How are your Prefect duties going?"

"They're going well, This poor third year Gryffindor boy can't keep track of his toad to save his life," Abby replied.

After visiting with Abby's friends, the two Prefects finished their rounds and then returned to their own carriage.

"I can't believe we have two muggle-borns as prefects and a Head Girl," Ankur complained.

Percy glared dangerously at Ankur. "Penn- Clearwater is perfectly qualified, Dukes. I'm not positive about Abigail and Kelly."

"I'm very qualified for the job, Ankur!" Abby exclaimed desperately wanting to punch him or something.

Though, her Ravenclaw tendencies were getting the best of her. Besides punching someone that was more of Malcolm's style.

"Of course a Gryffindor would get Head Boy, bloody favoritism!" he spat.

Lee and Patricia jumped up to defend their house before Penelope asked. "Does anyone feel cold?"

"Maybe there's another basilisk coming to petrify you and the rest of the muggleborns again," Ankur said hopefully.

"Take that back, Dukes," Abby threatened.

You can question her abilities but if you even think of threatening her brother, you're in for a world of hurt. She didn't want to go through that again. She hated seeing her baby brother so helpless.

"I feel kind of cold too," Laura said hugging herself for warmth.

A knock on the door startled the group even more.

A man entered the compartment, although he looked older due to his greying hair and slight wrinkles he's probably older than she thinks he is. Though, he looked kind.

"There's Dementors outside Hogwarts," he informed the students.

"Go check all the compartments, see if everyone is okay," Penny instructed as everyone ran around the carriage like chickens with their heads cut off.

Abby bolted out of the compartment to check on her brother. She wrenched open the door.

"Hey Abby," Jason greeted.

"Are you guys okay?" she asked him glancing at each of his friends.

"We're fine, sis," he assured her with a smile on his face.

She sighed in relief and sat down next to her brother for a few minutes until a knock sounded on the compartment door.

Cedric peeked in. "Everything alright, Abby?"

"Yes, I just wanted to stay with Jason so he would be protected."

"I"m a big boy, I can take care of myself," he assured her.

Abby raised an eyebrow at her brother before turning to Cedric. "How is everyone else?"

"A bit shaken, I suppose. A Dementor boarded the train to look for Sirius Black," Cedric informed them.

He nodded as the train stopped. Abby led her brother and his friends to their usual carriage and then went to her usual carriage and plopped down.

"Well, that was a dramatic train ride," Lila said.

"How much you want to bet Potter has something to do with this?" Malcolm accused.

"Why would there be dementors because of Potter," Lila argued. "We know Sirius Black is on the loose."

Before Malcolm could argue back the carriage lurched to a start. The trio rode to Hogwarts as they discussed the presence of the Dementor and Malcolm's theories about what it was doing on the train.

Once at Hogwarts, the three of them made their way to the Hufflepuff table for the start of term feast. Abby scanned the head table and caught the eye of Charity Burbage, the new Muggle Studies professor and her mum's best friend. 'Aunt' Charity gave her a warm smile and a subtle wink.

"Please welcome, Mr. Remus Lupin. The new Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor," Dumbledore introduced.

Abby recognized him as the grey-haired man who had come into the Prefect's carriage on the train. Unlike Lockhart last year she hopes he's qualified. Though, she remembers Lila having a small crush on Lockhart. After the feast, she said goodbye to Lila and Malcolm to go meet up with Cedric.

"Do you want to lead the first years to the common room or should I?" Cedric asked.

"How about we do rock-paper-scissors for it?"

Cedric nodded. "Best two out of three."

"Rock, paper, scissors - shoot," Abby said.

Cedric held out his fist and Abby covered his hand in triumph for the second time.

"You win this time, Albright," he sighed.

"Real professional, you two," a voice teased.

Abby and Cedric turned to see Professor Burbage.

"Well, I should get to leading the first years to the common room," Cedric said walking away.

"I forgot you were teaching this year, Aunt Charity," Abby smiled greeting her with a quick hug.

"You're known to be forgetful sometimes, sweetie."

"I am."

Charity teased. "You know this means that you can just rely on the fact that you're a muggle-born to pass my class."

"You're no fun, Aunt Cherry," she pouted.

They continued walking towards the Hufflepuff common room. Once there Abby said goodbye and crawled into the common room. Abby made her way to her dorm to unpack.

Other than her and Lila, there were two other girls in the dorm: Sarah Miller and Tara Kelso, both half blood witches. Sarah, a green-eyed brunette with naturally tanned skin, stood several inches taller than Tara, who couldn't have looked more different with her blonde hair, light blue eyes, and skin as pale as Professor Binns.

The four girls began catching up as they unpacked. About halfway through unpacking, Abby was getting tired. She'll finish unpacking later. She crawled into bed. She had missed how comfortable these beds were. She was tired but she had trouble falling asleep for a few hours.

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