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Historical Changes
Albus D. & Gellert G. & Harry P. - Words: 20,139 - Rated: M - English - Adventure - Chapters: 6 - Reviews: 16 - Updated: 11-10-2018 - Published: 03-09-2018 - by Kelorus (FFN)

Hey people, here's my new fiction. Time travel Harry, DARK Harry, pro goblin Harry etc.

Pairing undecided, maybe slash Grindelwald/Harry or no slash, no couple, don't know.

Info: 1G = 20£


Whispers could be heard in the hemicycle of the Wizengamot while the Lords sat down to judge one of the greatest criminals of the Wizarding World. All members of the Wizengamot were present, all divided into three parties: The Light Party led by Albus Dumbledore and including families like Potter (James Potter), Black (Sirius Black), Longbottom (Frank Longbottom) and many others. This party promoted the rights of muggle-born, muggles and condemned magical creatures.

The Neutral Party led by William Greengrass, featuring the Bones, Abbott, Zabini families and many others. This party promoted equity among all and represented a sanctuary for families in conflict with other parties.

Finally, there was the Dark Party, led by Lucius Malfoy. It was the party with the most Pureblood families, with the families Crabbe, Goyle, Parkinson, Smith, Nott, Rosier, Flint, and so on. This party promoted above all the right of the purebloods and certain magical creatures such as the Werewolves and Veelas. They were obviously against hybrids, like centaurs or goblins.

"Wizengamot's special session will begin, please take a seat!" Said Dumbledore in a loud voice.

The members of the Wizengamot then sat in silence, waiting impatiently for the next events.

"Today is the trial of the Black Mage, Hadrian James Potter, bring in the defendant!", Dumbledore ordered.

Once the order was given, a cage rose in the centre of the room. In this cage was a young man with jet black hair and head down. The young man was emaciated, tired and yet his magical aura was so strong that he overshadowed those of all the members of the Wizengamot. It was pretty scary.

When Harry looked up, several wizards recoiled, frightened by his demonic look. One of his eyes was a luminous green hypnotic like the Avada Kedavra while the other was a carmine red, shining like the spell of the Cruciatus. Finally, the man began to smile. This smile was not nice or friendly, no, that smile was cruel, vicious and unhealthy.

"Hadrian James Potter, you are accused of plotting with Tom Marvolo Riddle, also known as Lord Voldemort, you are accused of joining the Organization of the Death Eaters and having directed it as the right arm of Lord Voldemort. You are accused of murdering and torturing muggles and wizards in the name of Lord Voldemort. Finally, you are accused of organizing the Gobeline revolt which led to a total war in the Magical World as well as the economic downfall of the Wizarding World, what are you pleading? "Dumbledore asked, looking straight into Harry's eyes.

Harry snorted demonically as a grin spread his lips.

"Guilty, but do not hesitate to administer the Veritaserum, I have so much to reveal," Harry chirped as he continued to snort.

The members of the Wizengamot opened their eyes as the Death Eaters blanched. Dumbledore nodded, gesturing to the Aurors to administer the truth serum.

"What's your birth name?" Asked Dumbledore.

"Hadrian Charlus Potter," Harry replied in a neutral voice.

"When were you born?" Asked Dumbledore once more.

"On the thirty -first of July, one thousand nine-fifty-three," Harry replied in a neutral voice.

"Please name your parents," Dumbledore asked then to make sure he was taking the serum.

"Charlus Linfred Potter and Dorea Bellatrix Potter born Black." Harry replied.

Some members of the Wizengamot opened their eyes. Most did not know where Hadrian James Potter had come from, and now they knew it. It was long believed that the son of Charlus and Dorea died of an illness, and yet this was not the case. For its part, James Potter whitens slightly.

He knew perfectly well that Charlus Potter was the son of the elder brother of Henry Potter. Fleamont Potter, his father, wasn't meant to be Lord Potter. As a result, the title of Lord Potter should have gone back to Harry, but oddly, the latter had never challenged him. So, Hadrian Charlus Potter was his cousin.

"Did you join Lord Voldemort?" Dumbledore asked.

"No. I did not join his ranks," Harry announced with a big smile.

"Please specify," Dumbledore asked, frowning.

"I did not join Tom's ranks because I was not one of his underlings, I was one of his closest allies, so I was not a member of Death Eaters or Walpurgis Knights, "Harry explained.

Dumbledore nodded. It seemed comprehensible.

" Have you tortured muggles?" Dumbledore asked.

"No," Harry replied once again, shocking the wizards.

"Please specify," said Dumbledore once more.

"I did not torture muggles, I tortured ants, cockroaches, and rascals, tortured weak people, snatched all their secrets, promised them deliverance, and tortured them again. I took advantage of their cries and tears for my pleasure, I eviscerated, cut up and slaughtered these endless insects, "Harry explained with his disturbed smile.

Several members of the Wizengamot became green when they heard Harry's description. It was really disgusting, and many withdrew to throw up their meal. Dumbledore caught his breath before continuing.

"Did you rape muggles or wizards?" He asked then.

"No, I will never come down to intimately touching insects," Harry said with an air of disgust.

It was obvious that the veritaserum was almost no longer effective. The aurors gave him three drops. One of the members of the Wizengamot, Amos Diggory, sneered before asking, laughing if Harry was a virgin.

"Yes," Harry replied, shocking all the wizards.

It was probably the first time they saw a Renowned Black Mage being completely sexually innocent. Like what, miracles existed.

"Did you organize the Goblin Revolution of the year one thousand nine hundred and ninety-five?" Dumbledore asked.

All the wizards held their breath waiting for the answer. It was probably the pinnacle of the Wizarding War. After all, there were originally two camps: The Death Eaters and the Ministry of Magic. But in 1995, a third party came into play: The Goblin Kingdom, jointly led by Hadrian Charlus Potter and King Ragnok XII. It was a real massacre, and the wizards were quickly decimated. Fortunately, the ICW decided to intervene to help the wizards and the goblins were defeated, completely eradicated while the Gringotts Bank was taken by the wizards.

Unfortunately, most of the vaults were completely empty, and as a result, the Greatest Economic Crisis began.

"Yes," Harry replied with an unhealthy sneer that shook the audience.

"Why?" Asked Lucius Malfoy, intrigued.

The Death Eaters and Voldemort had not expected Hadrian to turn his wand against them. Because of him, hundreds of wizards were dead and all the big families had lost their fortune.

"The Goblins are faithful allies and deserve to be treated better, they are outstanding fighters, capable of destroying and healing like no one else, not to mention that they represented the entire economy of the magical world. You are nothing, and you will NEVER be able to get your moneyback. You are finished," said Harry with a mad laugh.

"Where's the money?!" shouted one of the Wizengamot members.

"It's a secret," Harry snickered.

Dumbledore's eyes widened. The money must surely be under a powerful Fidelius, which explained why Harry had not revealed the position of the gold. And being the only survivor, he must surely be the guardian of the secret. Once dead, the Fidelius will dissipate and they can recover their money.

"In this case, as the Great Sorcerer and Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards, I sentence you, Hadrian Charlus Potter, to death." Dumbledore said while all Wizengamot members shouted 'Hay' at the same time.

"I wish I could choose how I'm going to die," Harry said, looking at Dumbledore right in the eye.

"Ah, and how do you wish to die?" Asked James Potter, intrigued.

"I want to be shipped through the Veil for my body to disintegrate. I don't want it to remain on this filthy world." Harry said with a vindictive smile.

Several wizards took it badly before shouting 'Good riddance!' Albus Dumbledore looked around him, and seeing the agreement of the members of the Wizengamot, pronounced himself.

"Very well, Hadrian Charlus Potter, you are sentenced to Death by the Veil, and your execution will take place in an hour," said Dumbledore before beating with a hammer.

Immediately afterwards, Harry was taken to a cell to wait. During this time, he decided to remember his past.

Born in the Union between Charlus Linfred Potter and Dorea Bellatrix Potter, he was born on 31/07/1953 at the Stinchcombe Manor in Romania. He was raised not in England but in Romania, becoming a proud member of the Durmstrang Military Academy. He then showed an unusual aptitude for Black Magic and the basest and most dangerous spells that exist.

He became Durmstrang's best student, creating his own organization, The Wizarding Crusade. An organization aimed at ensuring the dominance of wizards over muggles. In 1970, he finished his studies and decided to return to England, taking advantage of an inheritance test. He learned to be the heir of the Pendragon family, the Old Royal Family of the British Wizarding World.

Unfortunately, he knew that he could never recover the throne expected that he should have the majority of Wizengamot on his side and that they would never agree to give up their powers. He also discovered he was the heir to the Peverell and Slytherin families and the secondary heir to the Potter and Gryffindor families.

Indeed, his existence having been hidden from the rest of the Potter family, Henry Potter was named Lord Potter and Lord Gryffindor upon the death of Charlus Potter in 1969. Harry could not do anything about it, having been blocked by the Ministry of Magic. That's why he proposed an alliance with Voldemort in 1971, creating panic in the wizarding world.

Harry tried to find love, but unfortunately no one matched him. Voldemort was too crazy, Bellatrix was just as crazy and Narcissa Malfoy was too snobbish, just like her husband. The only ones that were potentially interesting were Rabastan Lestrange, but he was so submissive to his brother that Harry found it ridiculous, and Andromeda Black, but she preferred to marry a muggleborn. In the end, he decided to stay alone.

When Voldemort was defeated in 1981 by baby Daniel James Potter, Harry decided to hide while waiting for his friend's return. He knew perfectly well that Voldemort had created horcruxes. As a result, he took control of the Death Eaters and organized himself to avoid jail time. He then revealed to the rest of the world that he was Lord Peverell and Slytherin, hiding his Pendragon heritage.

For several years, he prepared the return of Death Eaters. However, he also took the opportunity to create an alliance with the Goblins, an alliance not involving the Death Eaters. Goblins who were initially sceptical quickly accepted his proposal when he explained to them that he intended to make goblins of true citizens of the Wizarding World.

In 1995, Voldemort came back to life, and Harry was happy to help him. This was the beginning of the Great Wizarding War. However, Harry revealed his true goal to all: The Wizarding World control for him alone. He then decided to attack Voldemort, the Death Eaters and the Ministry of Magic with the help of the goblins.

It was a real success and Harry was happy to destroy the idiot's Horcruxes, but unfortunately Dumbledore appealed to the ICW for help, quickly ending the goblin revolution. Harry then remembered the day just before he was captured.



Harry watched Gringotts' doors from inside. These magnificent, enchanted doors trembled under the force of wizards' spells attempting to enter the Goblin Bank. Around him, dozens of goblins armed to the teeth, ready to fight. Harry turned to look at his old friend, Ragnok XII, Goblin King.

"I guess it's the end," Harry said darkly.

Ragnok nodded slowly as he watched what was left of his soldiers. Fortunately, he had ordered the evacuation of his people deep within the Earth, in areas inaccessible to wizards. After all, he could not risk women and children.

"Yes, my old friend, it's the end. Tomorrow we'll surrender, "Ragnok said, looking up to look at Harry.

Harry wore a beautiful enchanted armour specially made by the goblins. The armour was resistant to the majority of spells, in addition to being shiny and very light. But that was not enough in front of hordes of unleashed wizards.

"Maybe I have a solution," Harry announced with a smile that did not bode well for the wizards.

All the goblins focused on Harry as they heard his words.

"What's your solution Harry?" Ragnok asked, frowning.

He did not think there was any way out of this quagmire, but considering where they were, they had nothing left to lose.

"I was able to read a very interesting book in the Pendragon Vault, a book written by Merlin himself, and what I discovered there may save us," Harry began.

When he noticed he had the attention of all the goblins, he decided to explain everything in detail.

"It was actually Merlin's diary, and inside he wrote that he wanted to build a portal for similar dimensions, parallel worlds, and I understood why in the end only. Merlin was in love with Arthur, but the latter preferred a woman named Genevieve of Stinchcombe. For those who do not know, Genevieve de Stinchcombe was the great-grandmother of Alfred of Stinchcombe said the Potier, my ancestor Potier later became Potter, and we know what's next.

In any case, Merlin wanted to have Arthur at all costs, and he thought that if he could not have him in this world, then he would have him in another. That's why he built this portal. But he placed a safety mechanism in this veil to prevent anyone from crossing it. To cross this portal, you must have on you the Sand of Time. As I understand it, Merlin has indeed planned the portal to bring travellers back forty to one hundred years back to a parallel dimension to avoid collisions with our doubles, "Harry continued under the amazed gaze of goblins.

Ragnok pretended to think while grunting.

"And this portal, where is it?" Asked Ragnok.

Harry looked at him before giving him a big smile.

"This portal is none other than the Veil in the Room of Death," Harry replied.

The goblins snorted, understanding that the wizards had executed other wizards by sending them through an unstable interdimensional portal.

"What's your plan?" Asked Gripsec, one of the other goblins.

Harry's smile then became carnivorous, and the goblins could not help smiling in their turn.

"I intend to be executed through the Veil. On my arm is a storage rune in which I have placed a time-turner that will allow me to go back and set up our revolt. I'll need a lot of money, "Harry said winking at Ragnok.

Realizing where he was coming from, Ragnok burst out laughing under the perplexed gaze of the other goblins.

"And of course, since we have nothing to lose, we'll be happy to give you the gold stored in all the Vaults of Gringotts! I cannot wait to see the heads of these wizards when they'll see their Vaults completely empty! "laughed Ragnok as the other goblins burst out laughing.

On the other side of the door, the wizards shuddered as they heard the goblin laughter. They decided to redouble their efforts to knock down the door.

"In this case, to work, we do have wizards to pluck like fucking Geese!" Roared Ragnok while the goblins shouted "Hooray" and "Down with the Wands-weavers!"

"Take all the gold and jewels, I'll personally take care of the books and other useful scrolls," Harry shouted as the goblins rushed towards the Vaults.

The last thing Harry put in his rune was Caledfwlch. He did not need crowns, he knew they would be in the other dimension as well. But he really wanted to have two 'Excalibur', and it amused him a lot.

Shortly before his capture, Harry placed a Fidelius located on his rune, becoming the guardian. After all, the other wizards could not discover that Harry had on his arm the wealth of the British Wizarding World.

He chuckled in his cell, frightening the Aurors who guarded him. Yet the Aurors were right to be scared by Harry. The latter was known to be the greatest Black Mage of all time. Not for killing thousands of muggles (which he did anyway), not for instilling war (which he did too), but for permanently ruining the entire wizarding world economy. By ruining the Wizards of the British World, he unleashed a chain effect that led to the global collapse of the Wizarding economy. He had managed to kneel the entire Magic World by depriving them of their financial funds, and that made him laugh.

He then heard footsteps on the stone, and when he turned to look at the arrival, he saw none other than James Potter, followed closely by Lily Potter, Daniel Potter, Sirius Black and Remus Lupine.

"What do I see? My cousin honours me with his presence shortly before my humble performance. I'm quite exalted!" Harry snorted with a mad smile.

"Why?", Just asked James.

Harry frowned slightly before smiling.

"Why? Why so dark? Why so much racism? Why am I so bad? So many questions and so little answer, but I guess I can enlighten your lantern before taking the plunge.

Hm ... Did you know that the title you wear before so much pride comes to me right? Unfortunately, I was looted by the Ministry of Magic because the Great Albus Dumbledore, National nosey and All-Around decreed as is. But the question you should ask yourself is: why?

I'll tell you why, for you, your son and your friends. Because Albus Dumbledore had planned everything. He knew who Voldemort was from the beginning, after all, he created Voldemort. But he needed families to follow him and act, and he set his sights on the Potter family. Tell me, do you know the story of our family? "Harry asked, looking at James Potter right in the eye.

James shook his head. Harry chuckled.

"Then Dumbledore was successful, you see, our family comes from Arthur Pendragon in person, yes, you understand, we are the heirs to this Kingdom, and Dumbledore knows it perfectly. But his interest is in something else.

What you should know is that Linfred of Stinchcombe, the great-grandson of Genevieve Pendragon born of Stinchcombe, had several children including Hardwin Potter who married none other than Iolanthe Peverell. I'll let you look for the Peverell, but if I can give you a little advice, take a look at Albus' old wand and our cloak. Oops, I forgot, you do not have that cape anymore and Albus doesn't have this wand anymore. "Harry chuckled like a Hyena.

The Potters looked at him, shocked, as Remus and Sirius began to understand where Harry was coming from. After all, they knew the Peverell story perfectly.

"But that's not over, my dear cousin, the Potters are a long line of dark wizards, like the Blacks, and the Peverell are necromancers blessed by Death itself, but you, yes, YOU!", Harry gestured, pointing at James with disgust, "You sided with the light and married a vulgar mudblood, you destroyed our lineage and changed our magic into light magic! Filthy Blood-traitor, all because of Albus fucking Dumblewhore! "

The visitors recoiled hearing the venom in Harry's words. They did not expect that and did not know what to say.

"Now, leave me in peace, I wish to pay homage to my dead brothers before my execution," said Harry, kneeling.

"Brothers?" Said Daniel, tilting his head to one side.

He received such an acid look from Harry that if he could, he would surely have melted on the spot.

"Goblins may be just creatures for you, but for me, they were members of my family! Get out of here, blood-traitors!" Shouted Harry.

The visitors fled of the cell under Harry's deranged laughter.

An hour later, Chamber of Death, Department of Mysteries,

Harry was taken to the Department of Mysteries by Aurors to carry out his execution. When he entered the Room of Death, he immediately noticed the presence of the entire Wizengamot, some journalists, and of course, his family members.

Dumbledore advanced solemnly as Harry was led straight to the Veil.

"Any Last words?" The old man asked, looking at Harry.

Harry looked at the Veil, keeping his sadistic smile on his face. When he turned around, the wizards understood that there was something not very clear. When Harry opened his mouth to say his last wishes, they understood very quickly what the problem was.

"Yes, I just wanted to reveal the location of the gold hidden by my goblin friends, after all, you agreed to let me choose my death, I owe you that," Harry replied with a victorious look.

The wizards advanced to hear him better as Dumbledore gloated inside. He was finally going to get his money back. But he lost all illusion when Harry revealed the location of the gold.

"The Wealth of the British Wizarding World is in the Storage Rune on my right forearm," Harry revealed as a rune appeared in front of everyone.

He then jumped into the Veil, under the shocked and desperate looks of the wizards while many screamed in despair at seeing all their wealth disappear. They would remember forever the demonic laugh of the Greatest Black Mage of All Time!

Transition Zone, Interdimensional Portal of Merlin,

Harry continued to laugh with an insane laugh as he floated in the emptiness, amused. He looked around and saw nothing at all. Had he failed? He then decided to pull the time-turner from his rune, and it broke.

It was then that the sand began to surround Harry before shining, and he bent under the immeasurable pain he felt. It was worse than a thousand Crucios thrown at the same time, and he knew what he was talking about.

He saw around him images distort, a whirlwind appear and engulf him and strange noises. He felt like he was using a sort of overkill portkey, which was theoretically the case. After a few minutes, he lost consciousness.

Broceliande Forest, Brittany, France,

"C'va aller M'sieur?" (You okay mister?)

Harry opened his eyes, closing them immediately, being blinded by the brightness of the Sun.

"M'sieur? Vous allez bien?" (Mister? Are you okay?)

He turned his head to look at the person talking to him. He narrowed his eyes slightly to get used to the light, thus distinguishing a young woman. The latter was accompanied by a young man, surely his brother saw the resemblance, and looked at him with a certain anxiety. He immediately recognized the language used, it was French, and certainly not the most sophisticated.

"Je vais bien, merci de vous préoccuper de moi. J'ai un peu de mal à me souvenir où je suis, pourriez-vous me rafraichir la mémoire?", Harry replied as he stood up. (I'm good, thanks. It's a bit hard to remember what happened, can you help me?)

He saw the girl blush while the young man chuckled. Harry frowned before lowering his gaze, and then he realized why the girl had blushed. He was naked like a worm.

"Ah, désolé. J'ai dû trop boire et mes vêtements ont décidé de prendre de l'air Harry joked to explain his nakedness. (Oops, sorry. I must have drink too much and my clothes decided to leave me.)

The young man burst out laughing at Harry's excuse as the girl turned quickly. The young man took off his jacket and gave it to Harry so he could cover himself, the latter thanking him quickly.

"J'm'appelle Jean Morvan et elle c'ma sœur, Lisette Morvan. On est dans la forêt de Paimpont à 30 kilomètres de Rennes j'crois vers l'Nord-Est. M'enfin, c'comme ça qu'les autres l'appellent, nous on préfère son vrai nom, Brocéliande.", explained Jean Morvan. (Names' Jean Morvan and she's me sister, Lisette Morvan. We're currently in Paimpont forest about 30 km south-east of Rennes. Well, they call this forest like this, we prefer its true name, Broceliande.)

Harry nodded. Now he understood why he was here. After all, Broceliande was the place where Merlin retired, which explained that the portal leads directly here. He smiled, realizing that he had perfectly managed to travel to another dimension. He frowned as he realized he had no idea of the date.

"Je sais que ça peut vous paraître bizarre, mais auriez-vous une idée de la date? Je suis légèrement perdu."I said, looking slightly at the French. (I know it may seems weird, but can I have the date please? I'm a bit lost here.)

If he were to estimate their age, he would say that the girl is fifteen while the boy is sixteen. And considering the basket they held in their hands, they were probably picking mushrooms. He did not know much, but he thought he recognized some cepes and other boletes in addition to some truffles. On the other hand, their clothes made him understand that they were not sorcerers, and even less rich.

Their clothes were simple and rustic. The girl wore a floral dress that she had probably sewed herself with slippers while the boy wore a scruffy plaid shirt , worn leather shoes and a pair of trousers held by two buttons and a kind of rope that probably had to replace the belt. Not to mention that he wore a green beret.

Of course, Harry was naked except for the generously donated jacket that allowed him to hide his private parts. He sighed, puzzling the two young people.

"Ah, euh, on n'est l'vingt-six Mars m'sieur. Mil-neuf-cent-vingt-six au cas où vous avez aussi oublié l'année.", the girl said with a smile. (Oh, hum, it's 26/03. 1926 if ya forgot tha year too.)

Harry's eyes widened before giving them a big smile. He had succeeded, he was in the past of a parallel world, and better still, he had arrived long before the Grindelwald revolt! Oh, he was finally going to be happy.

Merci bien pour cette informations les jeunes. Vous méritez une récompense pour m'être venu en aide. Tenez!", Harry said, conjuring up a gold bar (which had belonged to Lucius Malfoy in the past ... future?) To finally throwing him into the arms of a stunned and shocked Jean. (Thanks a lot youngsters for these information. Here's a little reward.)

Harry decided to Apparate a little further, leaving behind two French people who did not know how to react.

J'viens d'rêver ou l'm'sieur a disparu en nous laissant une brique d'or?", Jean asked, looking at his sister. (Did I dream or tha man disappeared and letting us a golden brick?)

The girl looked at him, eyes wide. She then observed the gold bar on which was inscribed '1000G Fine Gold'.

"C'est…C'est du vrai?", She asked excitedly. (Is it for real?)

The boy looked at the ingot before looking at it.

"J'suis par bijoutier moi, qu'est-ce qu'j'en sais? En tout cas, ç'ma l'air bien vrai. On va enfin pouvoir payer les dettes de 'Pa!", Said the young man smiling, delighted. (Ain't appraiser, How could I know? Yet seems real. Maybe we'll finally be able to pay Da's debts)

The two young people decided not to ask too much questions and to leave the premises in the direction of their father's farm. After all, strange things were going on all the time in Broceliande. Maybe they had met Merlin without knowing it?

For his part, Harry watched the two muggles leave the scene. He was not going to kill them, these Muggles were still innocent. He then decided to transform some twigs into clothes before putting them on. He sneered, noticing that the Aurors had never been able to pick up his wand, and for good reason. Thanks to a very complex ritual, he had managed to implant the rod in his right radius, which gave the illusion of Magic Manu it. His wand consisted of Elder with a core of Thestral hair and measured thirty-eight centimetres (15 inches). In short, it was the Legendary Elder Wand that he won from Dumbledore by defeating him in Duel in 1996.

When properly dressed, he moved straight to Rue Claudel in Paris. It was the French version of Diagon Alley. Once there, he went to 'Le Sorcier Esthétique' (The Aesthetical Wizard), a ready-to-wear shop reserved for a demanding clientele. When he entered the huge shop, he was immediately approached by a well-dressed man with an eyeglass and a small moustache, which Harry found quite amusing.

"Bonjour Monsieur, et bienvenu au Sorcier Esthétique. Je me nomme Sébastien Demarlin. Comment puis-je vous aider?", Asked the French wizard. (Good Morning Sir, et Welcome to the Aesthetical Wizard. I am Sebastian Demarlin, How may I help you?)

Harry quickly thought about what he needed before answering.

"J'ai besoin d'une garde-robe complète. Il me faut des robes de soirées, des robes d'évènements, des robes de tous les jours, des gants, chaussures, chaussettes, caleçons. J'ai aussi besoin de capes et autres accessoires. Tout doit être enchanté afin d'être autonettoyant et autoréparable. Si possible, je veux aussi des résistances aux sorts mineurs agressifs. J'ai des fonds illimités, alors donnez-moi ce que vous avez de mieux.", Harry looking at the wizard in his eyes. (I need a complete wardrobe. I need evening robes, event robes, everyday robes, gloves, shoes, socks, underwear. I also need cloaks and other accessories. Everything must be charmed to be self-cleaning and self-repairing. If possible, I also want resistance to aggressive minor spells. I have unlimited funds, so give me what you have best)

The wizard widened his eyes as he heard Harry's command. He already imagined all the gold he was going to earn today.

"Dans ce cas, nous utiliserons de la Soie d'Acromantula pour les robes avec de la fibre de Tisse-mage, des fils spécialement conçus pour des enchantements persistants. Pour les gants et les bottes, je recommande fortement du Cuir de Pansedefer Ukrainien. Attendu l'immense rareté de ces dragons, le cuir sera extrêmement couteux, cependant, il est bien plus résistant que tous les autres cuirs. Sinon, nous pouvons utiliser du cuir de Basilic, encore plus rare et couteux que celui de Pansedefer.

Personnellement, je vous recommande le cuir de Basilic, qui est presque insensible à la magie et aux attaques tranchantes des lames. Enfin, je vous recommande des capes en plumes d'Occamy. Les plumes d'Occamy sont très fines, ce qui donne l'apparence de Soie d'Acromantula, cependant, elles sont plus résistantes à la magie et aux intempéries, sans oublier que les enchantements sont bien plus durables.

Evidemment, vos sous-vêtements seront en coton égyptien pour maximiser votre confort."the salesman explained with a commercial smile.

(In this case, we will use Acromantula Silk for dresses with Weave fibre, threads specially designed for persistent charms. For gloves and boots, I highly recommend Ukrainian Ironbelly Leather. Expected the immense rarity of these dragons, leather will be extremely expensive, however, it is much more resistant than all other leathers. Otherwise, we can use Basilisk leather, even more rare and expensive than Ironbelly's.

Personally, I recommend Basilisk's leather, which is almost insensitive to the magic and sharp attacks of blades. Finally, I recommend feather capes from Occamy. Occamy's feathers are very thin, which gives the appearance of Acromantula's Silk, however, they are more resistant to magic and weather, not to mention that the charms are much more durable.

Obviously, your underwear will be Egyptian cotton to maximize your comfort)

Harry nodded, and seeing Harry's agreement, the salesman motioned for him to follow him to take his measurements. Once the action was taken, he asked Harry to return in the next hour, and the latter told him he had to go to Gringotts.

Once out of the shop, Harry went directly to the Gringotts Paris branch. When he entered the Bank, he was nostalgic when he saw so many goblins working so hard. He then approached one of the counters to address one of the Bank tellers.

"May Gold flow and your enemies bow down to your blade. My name is Hadrian Charlus Pendragon and I want to open an account at Gringotts and do an inheritance test. I also have a letter for Ragnok XII. ", said Harry in Goblin language.

All the goblins of the Bank stopped when they heard for the first time in their lives a wizard speaking in their language. For their part, the wizards looked at Harry as if he was totally crazy talking in that language of savages.

The goblin at the counter recovered before bowing quickly to Harry.

"And may you never ran out of gold and enemies to feed your blade, I'm Nalgrek, a teller in the French branch of Gringotts, and I'll immediately contact his majesty so he can talk to you. Please, wait a bit! "Nalgrek replied before quickly leaving the room while placing a sign on which was written" close "on his counter.

The goblin left and returned five minutes later with a young Ragnok XII, which amused Harry a lot. He had forgotten that in 1926, Ragnok was only forty-two years old, the Goblins living moderately up to one hundred and twenty years.

"Mr Pendragon, please follow me to my office." Ragnok announced with a respectful smile.

Harry nodded before following Ragnok to his office in a very long corridor in Gringotts. Once in his office, the two men sat down in a chair, looking each other straight in the eye.

"It seems that you know me and our habits and customs while I do not know you. Could you explain to me? "Asked Ragnok, looking at Harry, intrigued.

Harry nodded before revealing a letter that was present in his storage rune. The letter was written by Ragnok just before his execution to substantiate and validate Harry's words. As Ragnok began to read the letter he had written in a parallel dimension, Harry began to tell everything that had happened.

Once his story was over and the letter read, Ragnok snapped his fingers, revealing two glasses of Firewhiskey for him and Harry. The two drank together before swallowing the alcoholic liquid in one go, rustling blue flames while sneering.

"All in all, you intend to start the Goblin revolt again by taking advantage of the future war that will take place by preventing Dumbledore from defeating Grindelwald, is that it?", Asked Ragnok with a smile.

Harry nodded with a smirk.

"That's right, but we can get on well, after all, it will be easier for both of us," Harry replied as King Goblin nodded.

"Okay, in this case, once again, Gringotts will support you, but I will grant my double's request," Ragnok said as he stood up.

Harry frowned, curious. Out of respect, he had not read the letter, and as a result had no idea what it contained. He was finally going to know what Ragnok was talking about.

Ragnok pressed a button under his desk to let in several guards. He then approached Harry with a goblin sword.

"Hadrian Charlus Pendragon, as King of the Goblins, I, Ragnok XII, declares you officially and in front of witnesses, Friend and Goblin Champion, may you ever be our friend, ally, and confidant," Ragnok said at the time with the sword on Harry's shoulders.

Harry was shocked as his eyes moistened slightly. He accepted the sword Ragnok handed him.

"I swear I will forever protect the interests of the Goblin Nation that I consider my own family, thank you Ragnok," Harry replied with a happy smile.

Ragnok nodded before ordering the guards to get the message across all goblin banks. He then went to his desk to take out a parchment of inheritance that he handed to Harry.

The latter did not waste time taking it and signing it with a blood-quill stretched by Ragnok. Soon, lines appeared on the parchment.


Hadrian Charlus Pendragon


Prince of Avalon; Duke Peverell,


-Lord of the Most Ancestral and Most Royal House of Pendragon (Head: Prince Hadrian Pendragon)

-Lord of the Most Ancient and Most Revered House of Peverell (Head: Prince Hadrian Pendragon)

- Member of the Most Ancient and Most Revered House of Black (Head: Duke Sirius Black II)

-Lord of the Most Ancient and Most Revered Slytherin House (Head: Prince Hadrian Pendragon)

-Member of the Most Ancient and Most Revered Gryffindor House (Head: Count Brian Potter)

-Member of the Most Ancient and Most Noble House of Potter (Head: Count Brian Potter)

-Member of the Ancient and Noble House of Fleamont (Head: Baroness Irene Potter)

Family members:

Father: Dead

Mother: Dead

Godfather: None

Godmother: None

-Pendragon: Brian Potter (Charlus' father), Charlus Potter, Marcus Potter (Henry's father), Henry Potter (Fleamont's father), Fleamont Potter.

Peverell: Brian Potter (Charlus' father), Charlus Potter, Marcus Potter (Henry's father), Henry Potter (Fleamont's father), Fleamont Potter.

Black: Elladora Black, Sirius Black II, Phineas Black, Black Cygnus, Belvina Black, Arcturus Black II, Arcturus Black III, Lycoris Black, Regulus Black, Pollux Black, Cassiopeia Black, Marius Black, Callidora Black, Cedrella Black, Charis Black, Lucretia Black, Walburga Black.

Slytherin: Marvolo Gaunt, Morfin Gaunt, Merope Gaunt, Brian Potter (Charlus' father), Charlus Potter, Marcus Potter (Henry's Father), Henry Potter (Fleamont's Father), Fleamont Potter.

Gryffindor: Brian Potter (Charlus' father), Charlus Potter, Marcus Potter (Henry's father), Henry Potter ( Fleamont's father), Fleamont Potter.

Potter: Brian Potter (Charlus 'father) , Victoria Potter (Charlus' mother) , Charlus Potter, Marcus Potter (Henry's father) , Irene Potter (Henry Potter's mother) , Henry Potter (Fleamont's father) , Melinda Potter (Fleamont's mother) , Fleamont Potter.

Fleamont: Irene Potter, Henry Potter, Fleamont Potter

Harry watched the parchment with interest before he smiled. He could prevent the near extinction of his family in this world. He also noticed that Magic had done its job, hiding the names of his parents and eliminating any trace of his origin. In the eyes of all, he would simply be Prince Hadrian Charlus Pendragon.

When he handed the parchment to Ragnok, he nodded before pressing a button to contact one of the goblins.

"Bring me the Pendragon, Peverell and Slytherin chests!" Said the goblin.

A minute later, a goblin entered with three boxes. The first box presented to Harry was that of the Pendragon family with a dragon on the box. When he opened it, he pulled out a splendid gold ring with a red dragon-shaped diamond on the top. The ring immediately fused with the one he already wore.

He chained directly with the Peverell ring. He noticed, of course, the lack of Stone of Resurrection, which quickly settled with an invocation of Gringotts. Finally, he placed the Slytherin Ring on his finger, Ring that had disappeared in his day.

"Congratulations your grace, you're officially Avalon's Prince Hadrian Charlus Pendragon," Ragnok then congratulated him with a carnivorous smile Harry gave him.

"I need a record of my finances and possessions, and I want to make a substantial deposit," Harry said, pointing to his storage rune.

Ragnok nodded before going out to ask one of the goblins to bring the Pendragon, Peverell and Slytherin family Account Books. Harry decided to read the three books to check the fortunes at his disposal.

Account Book: Pendragon

Vaults (Gringotts, London):

No. 4: 35,587,569 OG, 256,589 S, 265,458 K

N°5: Armor, weapons, books, jewels and various objects. Hogwarts Charter (original).

Transaction History:

No transfers in the last hundred years.

Possessions: Camelot (Renamed Hogwarts under the Charter between Tomlin Pendragon, Godric Gryffindor, Slytherin Salazar, Hufflepuff Helga and Rowena Ravenclaw), Village of Camelot (Renamed Hogsmeade under the Hogwarts Charter), Great Britain (Led by the British Ministry of Magic), Brittany (Directed by the French Ministry of Magic), Ireland (Led by the Irish Ministry of Magic).

Account Book: Peverell

Vaults (Gringotts, London):

N°11: 2658995 G 256 654 S, 256 K

No. 12: Books, clothes, furniture and other objects. Invisibility Cloak of Death (Current owner: Marcus Potter / Hadrian James Pendragon ). Elder Wand of Death (Current Owners: Gellert Grindelwald / Hadrian James Pendragon). Stone of Resurrection of Death (Current owner: Hadrian James Pendragon).

Transaction History:

Annual income of 500 G. (rents)

Possessions: Peverell Manor (Wales, Great Britain), 5% of Diagon Alley, 5% of Knockturn Alley, 5% of Horizont Alley.

Account Book: Slytherin

Vaults (Gringotts, London):

No. 26: 0 G, 0 S, 0 K

No. 27: Books and miscellaneous objects. Salazar Slytherin Wand. Slytherin Amulet (Current owner: Merope Gaunt).

Transaction History:

1835: Sale of Slytherin Manor by Carthin Gaunt to Nicolas Malfoy (Renamed Malfoy Manor). Gain: 500,000 G (undervalued)

Transfer: 500,000 G to Vault Gaunt.

1864: Sale of Traverse Alley, Knockturn Alley and Horizont Alley by Carthin Gaunt to Nicolas Malfoy. Gain: 20 000 G

Transfer: 20 000 G to Vault Gaunt.

Possessions: ¼ Hogwarts (Direction only).

Harry sighed as he saw the accounts of the Slytherin family. Like what, the Gaunts had managed to squander everything even before the beginning of the century, and now he knew FINALLY who had bought everything. In sum, the so-called Malfoy Manor was actually Slytherin Manor, and if what Harry read was correct, the latter had redeemed the Slytherin Manor at a discount.

"How could this bunch of morons have squandered half a million Galleons in less than a century ?!" Harry shouted at Ragnok's shocked but amused look.

"That's an excellent question, and I'm asking myself this question, especially when you know that the average salary of a wizard is 150 galleons," Ragnok snickered.

Harry sighed before smiling. He was going to become the Richest Wizard in a few minutes. That's when he noticed something he had not noticed before.

"Ragnok, what does OG mean?" Asked Harry, looking at the Pendragon accounts.

Ragnok's eyes widened in amazement as he rushed to Harry to read the Account Book. He almost fainted at the amount, which astonished Harry.

"Ragnok?" Harry asked, slightly worried.

The goblin then took a large glass of Firewhiskey before swallowing it in one go. When he resumed his seat, he decided to explain everything to Harry.

"OG means Old Galleon, an Old Galleon is worth 6,677 Galleons today, and if my calculations are correct, the value in Galleons of Vault # 4 is 237,618,198,213,250 current Galleons, which makes you the Richest Wizard of all time, and that without taking into account your deposit. Do not tell me you have Old Galleons to deposit by please." Ragnok then still in shock.

Harry's eyes widened at the mention of his fortune and he finally blushed as he noticed that he had about the same amount to deposit from the Pendragon Vault of his world. The fortunes had remained the same. He nodded slowly, whitening the goblin.

"You realize that we do not have enough gold to convert your Old Gallions into recent Galleons, and that such a fortune will inevitably bring down the entire economy. The only way is to hide your fortune to avoid a depreciation of Gold. Fortunately, no one has access to your accounts except for us," Ragnok explained slightly.

"And how much may have changed into current Galleons?" Asked Harry.

"We can currently supply a maximum of 100,000,000 Galleons, and besides that, in which vault do you want to deposit?" Ragnok asked.

"I think it would be best to deposit the money in a new Pendragon vault, away from everyone's eyes," Harry said.

"In this case, I propose to make the deposit at the Gringotts Bank of Ireland, which is surely the safest place we have since it is jointly protected by the Leprechauns and us. Is that sufficient? "asked Ragnok, looking straight into Harry's eyes.

Harry just nodded, and Ragnok popped up some papers to open a new chest. Expected fortune stored, he decided to give Harry the chest with the greatest protection available, protected by millennial charms as well as several dragon. Once the contract was signed, several goblins came to the office to retrieve Harry's repository, which had previously been prepared in Trunks. In a very short time, the deposit was made, and Harry's Book of Accounts was updated. Another chest was created for the recent Gallions in the two Banks.

Account Book: Pendragon

Vaults (Gringotts, London):

No. 4: 35 572 569 OG, 256 589 S, 265 458 K

No. 4 ½: 100,000,000,000 G

N ° 5: Armour, weapons, books, jewels and various objects. Hogwarts Charter (original).

Transaction History:

15,000 OG (Safe # 4) 100,000,000 G (Safe # 4 ½)

Vaults (Gringotts, Dublin):

No. 6: 28 058 595 OG

N ° 6 ½: 589 584 987 G, 56 874 256 S, 265 484 785 K

No. 7: Miscellaneous objects, books, armor, etc.

Transaction History:

Opening Vaults 6, 6 ½, 7.

Possessions: Camelot (Renamed Hogwarts under the Charter between Tomlin Pendragon, Godric Gryffindor, Slytherin Salazar, Hufflepuff Helga and Rowena Ravenclaw), Village of Camelot (Renamed Hogsmeade under the Hogwarts Charter), Great Britain (Led by the British Ministry of Magic), Brittany (Directed by the French Ministry of Magic), Ireland (Led by the Irish Ministry of Magic).

Harry smiled as he saw the status of his accounts. He then received a bottomless purse directly connected to the Vaults N ° 4 ½ and N ° 6 ½. Finally, he left the Bank with a big smile and many projects in head towards the 'Sorcier Esthétique'. He had to pay the total sum of 964 Galleons for his wardrobe, a real fortune. It was equivalent to £ 20,000 all the same.

Finally, he decided to go to England using an international portkey generously provided by Gringotts before going directly to the Peverell Manor.

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